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Jennifer Aniston directed a movie which will be screening at the Palm Springs International Festival of Short Films & Short Film Market later this month. Well, I guess she co-directed it, though no one is writing it as such. It’s just casually mentioned that it’s also directed by Andrea Buchanan. I know everyone and their mother loves Jennifer Aniston, and I was a total “Friends” addict, but she never struck me as someone who was super smart or insightful. I’m guessing her directing involved sitting in the fancy chair while telling people to bring her stuff.

“The Hollywood Reporter says that Aniston co-directed the short film ‘Room 10′ with Andrea Buchanan.

“The romantic drama stars Robin Wright Penn and Kris Kristofferson and will be shown at the Palm Springs International Festival of Short Films & Short Film Market, which begins on 23 August.”

[From RTE Entertainment]

Alright. More proof than ever than Jennifer has moved on from Brad Pitt, and is still living a meaningful existence. In other Aniston news, once again everyone and their mother is reporting that she wants to start a family. Apparently her relationship with Paul Sculfor ended because he wasn’t ready. Didn’t they date for about two minutes? If she was already pressuring him for a marriage and kids at the point, I think a lot of guys would run away. Then they would realize they ran away from Jennifer Aniston, and really, really regret it.

“A source reveals, ‘Jen and Paul’s relationship had been moving very quickly and she decided she’d better make sure she knew where it was going and sat him down for a serious heart-to-heart . Sadly, after explaining her wishes for a family, it seems she realised Paul was not at the same stage in his life.’

“Friends of the 36-year-old model claim Paul didn’t feel ready to commit to becoming a father so soon into his two-month relationship with Jennifer.”

[From Times of India]

Relationships progress at different speeds, so while that looks fast on paper, maybe it made sense (at least to Jennifer) within the context of their relationship. Jennifer needs to start choosing her boyfriends more wisely. Brad Pitt was a good choice, and I don’t mean that just from a vanity perspective. He’s funny, smart, nice, socially and environmentally active, has interests beyond Hollywood, etc. Okay now I feel sad for her again. Anyway, then she moved on to Vince Vaughn. I’ve never understood what the attraction was, or why people think he’s so cool. He seems really full of himself, and should have realized how lucky he was to have her. In fact, ever since Brad, Jen seems to have only dated guys that treated her poorly. So cheer up, Jennifer Aniston. You have a house by the beach and nice hair. What more do you need in your line of work?

Picture note by JayBird: Here’s a chronicle of Jen’s crappy relationship choices and a another picture of her from an article about her relationship with Paul Sculfor. [Star Magazine, print edition, August 20, 2007]. Header image of Jen at the People’s Choice awards. Image thanks to PR Photos.



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