Beyonce & Jay-Z were trying to get pregnant again for ‘a few years’

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In case you’re wondering, I am absolutely still enjoying Beyonce’s pregnancy announcement and her pregnancy photoshoot. I maintain that Beyonce understood that we were having a really difficult time with Emperor Baby Fists, and she wanted to give us something joyful, silly and Bey-tastic. That’s why so many of the photos are made of WTFery. They’re supposed to be entertaining. Plus, Beyonce REALLY wants us to know that her bump is real this time. No pillowy bumps. No collapsing bumps. No weird size-changing bumps depending on the day.

Obviously, Beyonce will likely not say much about her pregnancy in any interviews. She’s not going to be on the cover of People Magazine, talking about her cravings. But she will allow someone to inform People Magazine that she and Jay-Z had been trying to get pregnant for “a few years.”

Beyoncé‘s always talked about giving her daughter Blue Ivy siblings to play with, and now with two babies on the way, the super star is on cloud nine.

“They wanted another child and after a few years of trying, it’s a great feeling,” a source close to the “Formation” singer and her husband Jay Z tells PEOPLE exclusively. “Beyoncé’s very happy.”

And though the release of her last album Lemonade sparked rumors of marital strife, the source says the couple are stronger than ever.

“They are a power couple and they make a great team,” says the source. “They know they are more interesting together than apart.”

[From People]

“They know they are more interesting together than apart” isn’t a reason to stay married!!! Couples that stay together forever never say “well, we did what was best for our couple-brand.” As for Bey and Jay trying for years… I believe that. I believe they probably had some help with this pregnancy too and there’s zero shame in that.

Meanwhile, Beyonce is set to perform at the Grammys on Sunday, but sources tell TMZ that she’s not going to be dancing all over the place. Sources say she’s “very pregnant” and she’s looking to slow down the pace, although “there will be an elaborate digital screen onstage, which we’re told will create movement that will cover the slower pace onstage.” And she’s bringing in some guest stars too! Maybe the Dixie Chicks? Or Nicki Minaj? Or Jack White? Or The Weeknd? Oooh, I hope it’s The Weeknd. I need Bey singing “6 Inch” at the Grammys.

What else? Bey is being sued by the estate of the late Anthony Barre (aka Messy Mya) for sampling a line from his video for “Formation.” You can read about it here.

2016 MTV Video Music Awards

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  1. Miss V says:

    Beyoncé and Adele. Please and thank you.

  2. Yesteryear says:

    People Magazine doesn’t know anything about Beyoncé. It’s all just speculation. Beyoncé and her people haven’t spoken to the media in years and she doesn’t need the mini van majority.

  3. Tiffany27 says:

    Her photo on instagram is at 10 million likes. I’m so so happy for her. Blue will be such a good big sister. Loving, but always reminding them who’s boss.

  4. Mia4S says:

    OK, again it’s no one’s business but if anyone (whether a Beyoncé Stan or hater) has anything negative to say about the possibility being brought up that she had IVF and/or fertility assistance I am going to blow a gasket. If she did? It’s fine, good, wonderful. Period. It doesn’t make her less awesome/more awesome, whatever! It’s normal these days.

    Some people will easily fall pregnant at 41, some will need assistance at 29. There is no rule. It is time to normalize this as no big deal.

    • doofus says:

      I agree, and I’m so happy when celeb couples talk about problems with conception and using IVF. granted, they have the $$ to do it as much as they want to, but it definitely helps lessen any stigma attached to it. and rightly so.

    • MissyLynne says:

      Thank you! My husband and I started trying when I was 30. I had my baby at 37. Without help we wouldn’t have our daughter. One of the worst parts was sitting in the waiting room at the fertility center surrounded by other women in the same position and no one talks to each other. It’s silent. Even in an environment that should serve as a support system there is a huge stigma.

    • Otaku Fairy says:

      Agreed. Abortion and birth control aren’t the only issues where people on both sides politically could stand to be better about women’s reproductive rights. You might or might not be surprised by how some of the same people who are all about agency, respect, & women’s rights when it comes to abortion or birth control can sound or act just as nasty, entitled, and anti-woman as the right when it comes to subjects like fertility issues or surrogacy.

  5. ElleBee says:

    Tehehehehehehehe I can’t wait for her Grammy performance. Her preggers VMA performance was EVERYTHING!!! Her background visuals have been amazing since that comeback concert she did in Atlanta after she had Blue, they’ve improved since then so I look forward to it.

    I also hope she brings back the braid (or two for significance).

    For those who still don’t believe she had Blue, they’re plenty pictures of her first pregnancy. She also looked significantly more wide in the hips and full in the bosom and face at a JayZ concert shortly after Blue.

    Coachella will be interestiing

  6. reg says:

    Another surrogate is pregnant, they are using the left overs from the freezer.

  7. Grinling Gibbons says:

    I used to work at Yale, and heard through the grapevine that the photographer who created Beyoncé’s pregnancy shoot is a young artist named Awol Erizku (who graduated from Yale in 2014 and is making big waves). As much as we’d like to pin this all on Bey, looking at his work makes me think it was much more of a collaborative effort!

  8. QQ says:

    I vacilate, Sometimes I want two Girls cause DUH!! Two Beyonces in Beyonce!

    But Then I wan Boy Girl Cause DUUUHHHH Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy ( Lemonades!)

    but Two Boys afford me the Pleasure of Beyonce Raising a sex from the ground up, , reverse engineering the baby Matthew/Jay z and Also She can give em the Absolute Most Power Black *ss Names Like Malcolm and Martin or Garvey and Gil Or Jamal Or Something Extraordinary Like Theophilus FAMMMMMMMM

    • ellebee says:

      I think Malcom Carter would be super cute if she has a boy. Do IT BEYONCE!

    • Jensies says:

      Cosign to how interesting it would be to see her raise a boy after all she’s been through. I’m still calling them Luke and Leia but I suspect it’ll be something mysterious and clever (Ivy still gets me) with multiple meanings. Jaykipya Dikinyapants Carter. Dereona Bybeckies. She’ll do better than this.

    • NotSoSocialButterfy says:

      Boys, for the win ( full disclosure: mother of twin boys, singleton girl ), because that is two future men who will be GOOD men under her tutelage.

  9. thaisajs says:

    Glad it worked out for them, whether it was natural or with help. Also incredibly glad she posted those photos because it means we all won’t suffer thru another months-long “is she pregnant or is it a pillow” saga.

  10. NeoCleo says:

    This woman is a PR genius!

    • Shijel says:

      She really is, isn’t she. We all know the rumours that surround their marriage, her pregnancy(ies)But Bey doesn’t give in. Beyonce is a rock. Beyonce probably cares, but she will find a way to make things play out in her favour. Her business and PR acumen are brilliant and deserve mad respect.

  11. Crystal says:

    She looks just like Jayz in the bottom photo. They are turning into the same person!

    • Cherrypie says:

      @ Crystal Ive often wondered whether there are any explanations as to why people who have been married for years start to look alike overtime. lol. I have personally seen alot of couples morph…..heck, Im beginning to hear now that my husband and I look alike!

  12. Cherrypie says:

    I always wondered why her Formation tour ended so quickly while some artistes seem to go on never ending tours…especially considering that Lemonade is such a successful album I thought it odd that the tour was over in a hot second! But seeing that she is pregnant Im now in awe at how she managed all that dancing, singing etc with the changes that were taking place in her body. I admire her even more now as I could hardly even roll out of bed during the first trimester of my three pregnancies. Congrats to the Carters!

    • NotSoSocialButterfy says:

      I can’t imagine being on tour with multiples. Before my ultrasound, I suspected there were twins growing because I couldn’t keep my blood sugar up and frequently browned out when I stood up, necessitating a head-between-the-knees maneuver. I can’t imaging dancing through a concert. She must be made of steel.

      Good luck with the Bey-Beys!

  13. Chingona says:

    I never got the hate that Beyonce gets. So what if she did or did not have a surrogate. So many people get on her for not being educated and having a poor vocabulary, well a lot people in this world are not able to go to college and that doesn’t make them less than. And yes this photo shoot looks tacky to me but if she is happy than good for her. I am not beehive looney, I just don’t get why she gets called out for every little thing that other women(white) don’t.

  14. velourazure says:

    “They are a power couple and they make a great team,” says the source. “They know they are more interesting together than apart.”

    I think Jay Z makes her much LESS interesting.

  15. A says:

    I don’t know how much I believe that this is “a bad reason” for them to stay together. Marriages are much more complicated than that. I think maybe she believes that they’re better as a unit, a cohesive front, and that being committed to each other as people is more important? Who knows. I don’t want to speculate, but I think if she can channel her emotions about her marriage so brilliantly in her art, she can do it in real life as well.