Rosie Huntington Whiteley gets anxiety attacks: ‘It’s a horrible feeling’


The photo above is Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s January’s Elle UK cover. I’m not going to pretend like I have an argument for that outfit. The sweater looks like it was caught on something and mostly unraveled before the snag was discovered and the pants, even though not shown full length, cannot be flattering. On anyone. Are they leather? Something nice – her hair looks pretty. The issue is being touted as the Biggest Ever Fitness Issue so many of the quotes coming out are about Rosie’s workout and diet. But Rosie also opened up about grappling with anxiety. She doesn’t say much on the subject but what she does say, about how it affected her, is really interesting.

On how often she works out:
‘Somebody asked me how many times I go to the gym the other day and I said, “You know, five or six times a week, it really depends, but I try to be physical or get my heart rate up at least once a day.” They couldn’t believe it, but you have to make exercise part of your routine.’

On having suffered from anxiety:
‘It’s a horrible feeling; there was one particular time when I had terrible anxiety attacks. But I got through it. Those rough patches are always times you can look back on and in hindsight, you can be quite proud of … It gives you a deeper understanding of yourself. Each year, that understanding gives me so much more. It’s true what they say: you get more confident, and grounded, and just weed out the bullsh*t.’

On keeping details of her relationship with Jason Statham private:
“People say to me that we’re always so private as a couple. And I think, “Are we?” Maybe it’s just because I don’t think we are. But it seems like more effort to put ourselves and our relationship out there to the media and to the world. I just kind of met someone, and we fell in love, and we’re together. It’s normal to me, it’s my home life.”

[From Elle UK and print edition]

As I have said before, I don’t suffer from anxiety so I don’t want to presume anything about it. I was intrigued by her saying that going through her rough period made her feel more confidant. My issues fall within the depressive disorders and I’ve not felt that way after an episode, if anything I am rattled by it. However I did have a similar feeling about my relationship after I finally confessed to an episode. I am not saying the two disorders are the same, just that I kind of get what she’s talking about and I think it’s great she can view it that way.

Elsewhere she discusses her diet, which involves a lot of juices, something I wish I could do. It would solve so problems I have with food (like how I love to eat it and in great quantities). She also discusses not only her exercise regime but whether she works out with boyfriend Jason Statham and it was pretty funny. She gave an emphatic “No!” Primarily, she points out that going to the gym is her time for herself, like a form of meditation. But she goes on to say, “I don’t like to be told what to do by my other half. If he’s like, ‘Do another squat,’ I’m like ‘No! You get down and do another f**king squat.’” We’ve all dated that person, I think. I do like her views about their relationship, in general. I know relationships take work but I agree that they don’t take as much thought.



Photo credit: Elle UK and Fame/Flynet Photos

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  1. jerkface says:

    I really really like how open people can be about their anxiety and related issues. Honestly when I read comments like Hecate just shared and others I kind of say to myself well thats just one more person who knows that h*ll we aren’t alone or alien. I think going forward its important to be open with such things because a lot of people are experiencing anxiety for the first time since 2016 was so completely freaky. It will help newbies so to speak figure out their situations faster. Maybe.

    • Aces says:

      Yes! Thank you for your post! I am also a sufferer who has kept it under cover because it’s easier to do that sometimes then to share what’s actually going on. And the worst part is sometimes you don’t even know why it’s happening! So how do you explain that to someone in the moment without sounding like a self-obsessed drama queen? It’s just hard. And when you get around to evaluating the cause and source of the anxiety, that moment has often passed. I know hindsight perspective is fantastic but it doesn’t help you cope when it’s happening to you. I’m getting anxiety just trying to explain it all!!!!

    • Jennifer Jones says:

      In 2008, I was finally diagnosed with panic attacks/anxiety. I went to the ER several times because I thought I was having a heart attack (I also have SVT) or a stroke. They kept hooking me up to the EKG machine and saying I was not having a heart attack and my potassium was low. Well, it probably was considering how much I would sweat during the events. I truly thought I was losing my mind. I was in a very dark place for a very long time and it became difficult, and at times impossible, to leave the house and go to work for fear of it happening, which I learned only increases the likelihood that it will happen. Talk about a self fulling prophecy.

      I am an extremely proud woman (Aren’t we all?) and have been through so much in my life. When I was 26, I became strong enough to leave an abusive husband with whom I had three children. At first I felt the diagnosis meant I was weak so I had to get past that. I was able to do so with help from a therapist. For a very long time I believed therapy was only for people who were too weak to fix themselves, until I realized how broken I was and I needed help. I was prescribed an anti-depressant and a sedative to treat the sudden onset of anxiety but I struggled with this because I was/am scared of anti-depressants. I chose to not fill the prescription for the anti-depressant but did fill it for the anti-anxiety medication. In the end, for me, it was the right choice.

      I am now 43 years old and I have not suffered from a panic attack for a very long time. Through therapy I learned what my ‘triggers’ (I hate that word) were and I had to remove people (even my own family) from my life because they were causing my decline in mental health. Over the years I slowly allowed them back into my life but I did not do so until I was stronger and better able to set healthy boundaries. If they would step over those boundaries I would take a stand and let them know. Today, I am a much healthier adult who is more useful to not only myself but to those around me.

      So, there is my story.

      • Aces says:

        Oh my god! We have some similarities! Also had an abusive husband, three children, and I finally left at 31. Thank you for sharing you story. It really made my day so much better to hear from an eloquent and strong woman like yourself. It gives a sense of hope and a renewed feelings of empowerment. Mine were pretty low today. I love your handle too!

  2. detritus says:

    This is the most I’ve ever liked Rosie.
    I like what she says about working out. I like what she says about mental health, and I like what she says about relationships.

    That cover is a travesty though.

    • tealily says:

      Agreed! I particularly like her comments on her relationship. She seems very grounded.

      That sweater, though…

  3. Kimma says:

    I actually think she is beautiful and I love the sweater and the cover. I really like her and I love Jason Statham…overall I think all is good! :)

  4. Escaped Convent says:

    Where is the rest of that sweater?! I have never seen a sweater missing its entire midsection.👚

  5. Sunnydaze says:

    I really like her statements on her relationship. I’m so annoyed by people who clearly do pap walks or eat out at the known hot spots or post cryptic messages on instagram saying how hard it is to keep a relationship low profile. Seems like her and Statham are just two happy people content with not sharing it with the world, and because of that, the world doesn’t care.

  6. anna says:

    wow i wouldn’t have guessed that this is something she struggles with. very brave of her to admit. it’s superficial, but i always thought rosie is one of the most beautiful women on the planet. i could look at her all day.

  7. isabelle says:

    My SIL is a celebrity hairstylist. She told me one story of one of her clients, a model. The client has panic attacks and so much anxiety she pulls out her hair. So she tends to keep her hair short/shoulder length because of it, she ends up pulling a lot of it out. Don’t know why but this story has stuck with me and the awfulness of anxiety. She says it pretty common for a lot of celebs to have anxiety. Imagine its from being in the spotlight and having to “pretend” your life is perfect and you are perfect.