Ashley Olsen, 30, spent the holiday in St. Barts with her 58-year-old lover


When we last checked in on Ashley Olsen’s love life, she was acting coupled-up with 59-year-old artist George Condo over the summer. Both the Olsen twins like older men, and Mary-Kate is already settled down with Olivier Sarkozy, who is 17 years older than her. MK and Ashley turned 30 years old this summer, so I guess that makes their fixation on older men a little bit less creepy, because now that they’re 30, it doesn’t feel like they have a thing for grandfathers (just daddies). Anyway, Ashley’s thing with George Condo was probably short-lived, or just a summer fling (as much as one can have a summer fling with a 59-year-old). Ashley’s current “squeeze” is a youthful 58 years old! His name is Richard Sachs. They’re currently vacationing together in St. Barts.

You can see more photos of Ashley and Richard Sachs here at E!. They spent the Thanksgiving holiday holed up in St. Barts, and E! reports that they actually did normal couple-activities. They went for a hike, they went grocery shopping together, they rode around in golf carts.

Ashley has been seen out and about with Sachs for about a month now, and they don’t seem to have a problem with PDA, which says to me that she really likes this guy. Sachs is described (in the gossip press) as a “financier and art collector.” Sure. I think the Olsen twins really do have the same taste in men: older daddy-types with lots of money. Ashley tends to go for the guys with more of an artsy vibe, but otherwise… it’s the same type of guy.


Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Nameless says:

    I think if you’re an adult, you can date whomever you please — gender, race, or age.

  2. Patricia says:

    For whyyyyyyy??? I don’t get it but if she’s happy then that’s what matters.

    I have to say, she doesn’t look very happy in those photos. When I’m in the Caribbean I can’t pry the smile off my face. She looks kind of miserable and it makes me sad.

    • Nancy says:

      Yep. I don’t stop smiling till I’m on the plane going home. She and her sister always look miserable, smiling isn’t their thing. If a 58 year old man does it for her, cool I guess, I’m sure he’s happy with a little 30 year old. I give a big high five to Elizabeth Olsen who can act and doesn’t look like she lost her Barbie doll on a rainy day.

    • QueenB says:

      to be fair both twins look like they are in constant pain all the time. thats not something that has anything to do with this relationship.

      • Wiffie says:

        Queenb- they are miserable all the time in PHOTOGRAPHS. she could have been laughing and jolly, until the paparazzi and cameras caught up with them, killed the fun and brought on a somber, disappointed side.

        Or, anyone remember Chandlers awful camera smile on Friends? Maybe their involuntary camera face is pained?
        You really never know.

    • Lena says:

      Are you usually followed by paparazzi?

  3. Loopy says:

    Well let me say atleast these girls handle their business and stay relatively quiet and scandal free. Many folks think they are weird but I like how they conduct themselves,they could have gone off the rails even worse than Lindsay.

  4. NotSoSocialButterfly says:

    These gals are aging like SJP. Must be the cigs.

  5. Monsy says:


  6. Alleycat says:

    They have been in the industry their whole lives, so I think it’s probably normal that they go for men more established. And since they have so much money of their own, why shouldn’t they go with men that have the same? I don’t see this as a fetish or anything. I’m also incredibly biased because I grew up loving them.

    • INeedANap says:

      But surely there are young men who have also led lives full of experience. Other grown up former child actors, Silicon Valley types who started their first company at 18, or war veterans. Dang I’m the same age and I am looking to get as much mileage out of my youthful body as I can.

    • Kitten says:

      Reportedly, they’ve also had a strained and contentious relationship with their father so yeah….could be daddy issues.

      That being said, they are adults and it’s their choice, their prerogative who they date.
      Plus they get to ride around in that cool Jeep and for that, I am quite jelly.

      • rtms says:

        I was going to ask this because having never really bothered with them I know nothing about their family life. Were the parents parent managers, was the dad or mom even around as they grew up, what’s the story?

  7. lkj says:

    As someone recently wrote… somewhere, it might be that they go for guys who they know didn’t grow up watching their films and crushing on them, just men who see them as former actresses-turned-$38k-backpack-designers.

    That said…. what’s the story with their father? Just curious.

    • Goldie says:

      I grew up watching the Olsen twins, and from what I know their father was very much involved in their lives. He helped create Dualstar, the company that produced all their movies and products. He negotiated a deal that ensured that the CEO of the company couldn’t make any deals without MK and Ashley signing off on it first. Then the girls would become CEOs of the company once they turned 18. I also remember hearing that he made sure to get MK admitted to a clinic for her eating disorder before she turned 18, while he still had the legal ability to do so.
      In interviews their father talked about how the girls went to a normal school when they weren’t traveling and did chores etc.
      I thought he did a pretty good job at managing their careers, without turning into a creepy, exploitative stage parent.
      I don’t think they have daddy issues. Probably just relate more to older men.

      • Kitten says:

        That might be so but I also remember the story about their father incurring a ton of debt and having to file for bankruptcy and the twins refusing to bail him out. That does not speak to a close relationship between them.

        There have been unsavory rumors about his level of involvement in their careers. Additionally, their parents divorced when they were 9 and dad went off and found a new family probably still stings a bit.

      • Goldie says:

        Ah that’s right. I had forgotten about their father’s bankruptcy. I thought their parents seemed pretty normal compared to a lot of horrid stage parents, but I guess the dynamics are always complicated when you put your children into show business at such a young age. It can definitely create an unhealthy parent/child relationship.

  8. QQ says:

    Lainey had a pretty compelling theory of why they are into these old guys, something about not being into their viewership audience but as well heeled and into privacy as they are ( most of these old farts probably don’t understand social media)

    • QueenB says:

      sure but there are also hot older guys.

    • GingerCrunch says:

      Fascinating. I guess they’re still public figures with a following? So that would make a difference? I just figured their childhoods made them extremely eccentric. Shrug.

      • QQ says:

        I assumed as much but Lainey was bringing it around to reclusive level privacy, and if we think of Guys in their 30s, well heeled… they love throwing things up on the ‘gram, being loud and flashy with money, and these two pretty much live a Death Eater/ Little and big Edie all black everything type of lifestyle

    • Goldie says:

      Interesting theory. Although fwiw, a lot of middle age men watched Full House and their other movies, especially if they had children. My dad is about the same age as Ashley’s boyfriend, and he was certainly familiar with the Olsen twins when they were child stars. But I don’t know if Ashley’s boyfriend has children.

  9. Who ARE These People? says:

    Hey, I was recently 59 and fully capable of summer flings…but not with someone half my age.

  10. dq says:

    I could understand this if he was hot. But he is…not. Very not hot.


  11. Bell says:

    It just occurred to me that these girls are BILLIONAIRES… they probably date older men b/c they know these men aren’t after them for their money or wrong intentions. I can see why they would skip dealing w/ young and immature guys when they could go straight for more serious and successful men in their own right who have nothing to gain from dating an Olsen. Meh. If she’s happy she should be free to do whatever she pleases. This site preaches a lot about not judging people & their personal life decisions like gay/straight/whatever.. yet judge about this? Hypocritical IMO.

    • Tris says:

      Interesting point. It does seem weird until you think of it in that context. Oh, and this site is SOOO judgey about some things (making fun of Brad Pitt for crying and looking to his mother for support during his divorce) and yet my go-to for rational and open dialogue about other things (LBGT community, women’s empowerment, body acceptance). Strange.

    • Kristen says:

      Agree with this. I don’t think it has as much to do with age as it does with finding people of similar professional accomplishment and financial status. There probably is a limited dating pool of 30 year old guys who have billion dollar corporations to run.

    • lkj says:

      Being gay is not a “life decision”. At what age did you decide to be straight?

      • Bell says:

        At 22 I started dating my soon to be wife. Not a “decision” to be gay but I did make a choice between her and the other guys I was seeing. Don’t take everything so seriously m8

  12. Evie says:

    Their choice in men may get less creepy as they age, but it’s still a little…off-putting.

    Also, I like the idea of instead of a middle-aged swapping one 20-yo model type girlfriend for a carbon copy, it’s a young woman swapping out one old man for a carbon copy, lol. Way to flip the script, ladies! I dig it.

  13. Krakken says:

    I love Olsen twins but their shared attraction to ‘granddad types’ make me want to take a long hot shower. So much creep factor.

  14. FrenchGirl says:

    There isn’t any Nicholas Sarkozy!
    Mary-Kate, however, is married to Olivier Sarkozy, brother of Nicolas (without the H), former French President :)

  15. Loo says:

    I have no issue with them liking much older men. It’s not my preference but I’m not them. I figure Hollywood/ immense fame made them older than their Years anyway.

  16. jerkface says:

    I wouldn’t hump up on that man but some people might look at my hump partner and say hmmmm why is that woman doing the sex on that thing and i might say, “Yeah well who asked you to think about it” and then that person might reply back to me, “If you don’t like it then maybe buy some curtains for your house!” then I’d say “Oh my bad.” Thats just how life works sometimes.

  17. MforMangosteen says:

    I think this fixation on older men is somewhat Hollywood #pizzagate related. Creepy.

  18. Miss B says:

    I’m the same age as the olsen twins and would never date or marry a guy that old. I find it creepy and weird. I could kind of understand if he was good looking, but that guy is balding and has a fat gut. Uhh! Disgusting.

  19. susiecue says:

    I didn’t see any PDA in that daily mail link, but I did see some very disturbing pictures of Mary Kate. She looks like she may be struggling with eating disorders again?