Page Six: Brad Pitt actually spent Thanksgiving with a friend in Turks & Caicos


Last week, I theorized that after a rough few months, Brad Pitt might want to return home to Missouri for Thanksgiving so he could spend time with his parents, his siblings and his nieces and nephews. We heard that Brad wasn’t going to see his kids for the holiday, and considering he had just wrapped up his European promotional tour, I thought a trip to Missouri sounded completely possible. But after Thanksgiving, we heard that Brad actually spent the holiday alone in LA. Now that turns out to be wrong too – according to Page Six, Brad spent the long holiday weekend in Turks and Caicos. Hm.

Brad Pitt spent Thanksgiving weekend “hanging out with one of his buddies” because Angelina Jolie wouldn’t let him see their children over the holiday, Page Six has exclusively learned. Reports had said Pitt might join Jolie and their brood in spite of their bruising divorce battle. But the two were 3,000 miles apart.

A spy said, “He was at Amanyara in Turks and Caicos over Thanksgiving in a private villa,” adding, “Angie wouldn’t let him see the kids.”

Another source said, “Brad was with one of his male buddies for the weekend.”

Villas at the posh island retreat reportedly go for up to $34,000 per night. It’s the same getaway where Kelly Ripa headed with husband Mark Consuelos days after the bombshell news that her “Live With Kelly” co-host Michael Strahan was headed to “Good Morning America.” Chelsea Clinton took time off there during her mother’s campaign this year while she was pregnant, and other stars who’ve stayed include Olivia Wilde, Emily Ratajkowski and rocker Bryan Ferry, who got married at Amanyara in 2012.

Pitt and Jolie were known to be guests at Amanyara’s sister properties Amanpuri in Thailand and Amangiri in Utah.

[From Page Six]

I was looking through some Instagram photos of Amanyara and it looks so beautiful and sunny (it’s rainy and dark here in Virginia right now). It also looks like a perfect romantic getaway. I wonder about that. If you go to a romantic honeymoon-esque place when you’re just trying to relax and not think about a bruising divorce, how does that work out? It probably doesn’t matter in Brad’s case. I imagine he and his bro friend just got drunk a lot.


Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Mar says:

    Where was Kate Hudson for Thanksgiving?

    • annaloo. says:

      She was at her Cali home making Thanksgiving dinner and getting the new Snapchat spectacles. She was snapping her table, cheeseplate, and trying wine….being very hostess with the mostess. I hate her dining room wallpaper, it’s this gross gold flocked brocade and it looks dated. I can’t believe I know this and I hate myself for it.

    • almondmilk says:


      Nice attempt at starting B. S. with the unrelated topic lead off- but honestly that’s the most boring tabloid rumor this side of a Brad and Emily Blunt hook-up.

      Even the Marion fiction was more interesting, and that was like watching paint dry.

    • HeidiM says:

      That young Joe Bro is way HOTTER than Brad. And I think Kate follows that hot!

    • NotSoSocialButterfly says:


  2. Fa says:

    This the island the whole family and his family side went together in 2012 before Angie had her surgery, he had great memories there I don’t think he went there

  3. Carmen says:

    Not buying that Angie would not let him see the children. Since it was a major family holiday, I think if Brad had wanted to see the children badly enough, he could have petitioned the court and the court would have backed him up. I am getting a feeling that Brad is not as anxious to be a major part of the children’s lives as he tries to make himself appear.

    What is more interesting is that in all this time there has not been a word out of Bill and Jane Pitt. Usually when a parent is going through a traumatic divorce, he leans on his birth family for emotional support. The senior Pitts are very fond of Angie and the kids and perhaps they have taken her side in the whole mess, and maybe Brad resents that. Maybe that is why he did not go home to his parents house for Thanksgiving.

    • almondmilk says:


      Only way Angelina would keep her kids away from Brad is if he were being a raging drunk and scaring them – oops.

      That said, I think Brad is trying to get himself clean in the midst of his professional obligations so he can mend the rift with his family. From Angelina to his kids to his own parents and siblings perhaps.

      Theres no way i see Angelina being vindictive and having some tabloid divorce/custody drama play out publicly just because she and Brad have split.

      The implication at the outset was that the arrangement was temporary until things were cleared up and cleaned up (meaning Brad probably) so this fiction about them fighting each other for custody and her wanting sole physical rings as fake as a lego Christmas Tree.

      I think the issue is still Brad’s sobriety and working on repairing things with his children.

    • almondmilk says:


      Also, maybe Angelina and the kids went home to Missouri while Brad steered clear while he gets himself together.

      As you mentioned the whole Pitt Mizz brood are very close with Angie and the Jolie Pitt cousins, Brad’s sister Julie even adopted two Ethiopian sons several years ago.

      • Carmen says:

        @almondmilk: wow, wouldn’t that be something — Angie and the kids spending Thanksgiving with HIS parents while HE stays away?!

        It’s an interesting scenario but I’m just not seeing it.

    • doofus says:

      it might not be “taking her side” as much as it’s that he doesn’t want to hear about it from his family during the visit…

      “What went wrong?…Is it possible to work it out?…surely this isn’t the end?…but what about?…”

      as much as he seems to love his family, that kind of visit could get REALLY old, REALLY quickly. maybe, esp after the promotional tour, he just wanted a tropical sit-around-and-do-nothing vaca.

      • GoOnGirl says:

        @ Carmen: The senior Pitts COULD have spent the holiday with the Pitts. After watching a documentary on Brett Favre, his mother told him, “if you and Deana ever divorce, we’re (the Favre family) keeping her.” So anything is possible.

      • Carmen says:

        It’s very unusual for a parent to side with their child’s spouse instead of their child — unless they know their child was egregiously in the wrong. Makes you go “hmmm”.

    • Pam_L says:

      Nothing is ever really one-sided. This seems to be a matter of their different parenting styles more than anything else. Angie has temporary sole custody of the kids until the Judge makes a decision on Brad’s co-custody request. Do you really think it would just be a matter of Brad wanting/demanding to see the kids to make it so?

  4. Sage says:

    If he is there, I hope he had a nice relaxing time. That resort looks gorgeous.

    • Carmen says:

      All those Aman-whatever resorts are gorgeous. There’s one in Indonesia I’m dying to go to if I ever hit the lottery.

  5. LAK says:

    Going by his appearance, it’s quite clear that he is not hitting the booze.

  6. Zut alors! says:

    I see Pitt will be using the “Angie won’t let him see the kids” excuse a lot in the coming months. How convenient for him.

    • Carmen says:

      Thank you. Every time Brad is off drinking and drugging and having fun with his friends, it will be because “Angie wouldn’t let me see the kids”.

    • Lalu says:

      Well, she made it very easy for him to do that by filing for sole custody of the kids. So most people believe it.
      If he didn’t want to see the kids, she wouldn’t have felt the need to file that way, unless she was doing it for some other reason.
      Since everyone else here is making up scenarios like they know them… I will throw my speculation in. I think they have a super tumultuous relationship and those kids are just caught in the middle.

      • almondmilk says:


        She filed for temporary sole custody because Brad was inebriated and fighting in public on a plane with their kid. Quite possibly because he needed treatment and/or to be in rehab.

        The kids went with mom while he was investigated hopefully while he also gets himself together.

        Already people are saying he looks better and dried out.

        Your agenda seems to be paint this as an uneventful breakup between the two of them that Angelina deviously fictionalized to steal the children away from the non-drunk non-fighting Brad.

        Er, no.

      • Lalu says:

        Agenda? Um… I don’t really care that much. I have my own family to worry about. Everything I have to say is speculation and I don’t even follow that closely. I don’t think I know them or anything.
        You are right about me thinking it was an uneventful breakup. Meaning, I think they were over/ ending things prior to the plane thing. I don’t think that she filed for divorce just because of that. And I think the deterioration of the relationship could have been the cause for him being away instead of vice versa… But maybe not… Again, I don’t know them.
        I don’t feel the need to paint either of them as a villain. I think the relationship played out… As they do sometimes. And people act out when they are hurt.

      • MichLynn says:

        Lalu-thank you for speaking some sense in this thread.

      • Nicole says:

        Hear, hear! I am SO sick of people acting like they know them!

      • almondmilk says:

        As i mentioned @Lalu and @Michlynn

        By describing an uneventful separation, and tumultuous relationship, or one where they were separated already (that @MrsBPitt suggests), you’re ignoring evidence like date nights, living together etc.

        – you’re describing what happens to many, if not most couples. Which of course seems reasonable.

        However, because of the incident in the plane – and what occurred afterward- that supposition, in and of itself, is done to slam Angelina and only Angelina.

        It’s quite simple: we all know she immediately took the kids, filed for divorce and moved out of the family home after the incident on the plane.

        Either you believe Brad gave her cause to protect her kids well being and an impetus to get his own sobriety….

        Or, you believe she had nothing to protect them from.

        That they were just a ‘tumultuous’ twosome and Angelina bolted with their kids because a) you know how angry vindictive women behave and b) angry vindictive women love using their kids as pawns when they’re really mad at their husband.

        The tabloid narrative of “War of the Roses!! ” “custody BATTLES!!” PLAYS into the angry Angelina making poor Brad’s life hell – it makes some women angry that this doesn’t appear to be a nanny gate or a co-star gate – when the news first broke and no one knew about the child abuse allegations and the ‘incident’ some women were besides themselves that Angelina was getting what they thought was Karma.

        That’s what is still happening.

        People want to make the sobriety and drunk rage incident (what seems to be the impetus to all of this) go away, and somehow turn this into Brad & Jen redux. You know, nah nah nah nah nah Brad left Angie too nah nah – except OOPS! SHE left him first… Angelina and her children, the DCFS, Police and FBI, had to ruin their vengeance narrative by telling the real story.

      • Lalu says:

        Almondmilk… You are inferring a lot from what I said.
        Of course, you always lose me when you have to throw a Jennifer Anniston reference in there.
        I am just here to talk some trash about some celebrities for fun. And give some opinions. I don’t feel like I am doing God’s work by educating anyone or arguing. I am not that invested. You will always win because I am sure you follow these two way more closely than I do.
        I am not a woman hater or an Angie hater. Just putting in my two cents. And it isn’t even worth that!

      • Snowflake says:

        I think you are reading way too much into this. I don’t think anything major happened either, I think they were growing apart. They were arguing on the plane, Maddox stepped in to defend his mom and Brad accidentally struck him. I don’t think Brad was beating on anyone. As a couple, they were probably already arguing about stuff and this was just the final straw. She had already rented so she was planning on leaving him, this just stepped up the timeline a bit. I don’t think Lalu or I feel Angelina is a crazed woman, snatching her kids from Brad. I think she took the kids because tensions were high already and maybe Brad had/has some issues so she took the kids with her. Please do not read too much into our comments. We are not the ones saying the nasty things about her.

      • GoOnGirl says:

        I’m like you almondmilk: When are people going to realize Angie filed for sole custody to protect her and Brad’s six children so they would not be taken away and placed in foster care. The same six children Brad claims to love so much. You are going to check the box on an initial pleading after DCFS has become involved and say “oh, and by the way, I will be sharing custody with the alleged abuser, my soon to be ex-husband”. Wow, that will go over real good. And in no way, shape or form is Angie keeping the kids from Brad. If anything, he just couldn’t be bothered.

    • YepIsaidit says:

      Yep. I can’t wait for her to give an interview because I’m sure she will debunk all of his lies. What a creep he is.

  7. molly says:

    Page six don’t know anything. Their last story was angie hired a private eye . That was debunked. Nobody but those close to them know what they did for thanksgiving. Tabloids have all contradicted each other,not only since the split, but for last 12 yrs.

    • Kori says:

      This. I think all the stories are pulled out of the tabs’ ass and we don’t really know squat about what is or isn’t happening.

  8. crogirl says:

    It’s Pax’s birthday today. I’m surprised the tabloids didn’t follow that with another round of “poor Brad is crushed beacuse he couldn’t see his son” stories.

  9. Ana says:

    This whole story of custody is pure BS. The final agreement will be something like 70-30 with Angelina taking primary custody. In the long time the kids will be with her most of the time which is something that happens in 90% of the cases. They always want joint custody in the divorce process to save their faces but after they want to live their life’s with the women taking the hard job. This is exactly what’s going to happen. We talk again in one year or two.

    • YepIsaidit says:

      Exactly. I don’t think he wants the responsibility of raising kids and never really did. He depended on ange and nannies while he flew around the world and Angelina was blamed for it. Lol

      It is very convenient for him to pretend to want custody and big meanie Angelina won’t let him. Meanwhile he is busy partying it up. Lmao also this is not the first time he’s skipped out on his family during a holidays – he skipped Father’s Day and some of their kids b-days this year but the media doesn’t say much about that. If it was Angelina skipping b-days and holidays like Mother’s Day sh–t would hit the fan in tabloid land.

      Hope Angelina and her kids have a great day celebrating Pax’s B-day.

      • Lalu says:

        If he isn’t interested in raising the kids why would she file for sole custody? That makes no sense. It made the whole thing a lot more salacious. And makes it sound vindictive too.

      • MrsBPitt says:

        @Lalu…you make too much sense…don’t you know that you have to fall in line with the Saint Angelina agenda???? lol Brad has ALWAYS said he wanted a big family. If he wasn’t with the kids on certain holidays, my personal opinion is that he and AJ have been separated for awhile and maybe, it was for the peace of the children, that he stayed away. Having parents at each other’s throats on your birthday would be really disturbing!

      • YepIsaidt says:

        MrsBpitt, what an odd name. No there is no saint Angelina. Angelina is very far from perfect – I think the obvious Saint in many eyes is Brad Pitt aka the absent dad.

        Celebrities say a lot of things doesn’t mean it’s true. I’ve never bought into the image Brad Pitt and his team try to sell us. It’s a bunch of bull-sh—t!!!

        For someone who wants kids so bad he sure was ready to dump them every chance he got.

        I believe she filed for sole custody for legal reasons so DCFS wouldn’t take her kids from her.

      • O.o says:

        @MrsBPitt Have you ever wanted something and then got it and realized it wasn’t what you wanted after all? Big family sounded good in theory, but failed in execution, sort of … .
        I don’t remember the exact quote, but a few years ago in one of his interviews Brad said that after a long day all he wanted to do was relax on a couch and Angie being constantly active and creative with the children, motivated him to get up and help her with them.
        Maybe lately he started to like the chilling out part more…

      • almondmilk says:


        Yea. I don’t recall that interview, and I’ve been a fan of both for a while. Only ‘couch’ interview i recall, is him saying in the late 90s early 2Ks he was a ‘doughnut on a couch’ and bored.

        I remember because Jennifer Aniston supposedly was enraged and felt he was calling her boring. She even got her power PR flack after Brad and he, er, clarified. Lol

        Maybe you’re confusing ‘couch’ interviews?

        Bottomline, Brad and Angelina were together for 12 years. Near constantly. I’d remind you that she filed, not him. So what’s this about what Brad supposedly didn’t want? Why isn’t it about what Angelina got fed up with? That is, if you’re dismissing the whole ‘inebriated jack hole on a plane with alcohol problems he can’t control anymore,’ narrative. It’s just weird that if you’re so willing to dismiss that important part of the story (possible alcoholism) why is it sooo many women have Angelina as the one getting left because Brad wants out.

        Women are our own worst enemy. Many of us like seeing other women humiliated. When that doesn’t appear to be the case (no French actress, no bored Brad scenarios) just a fed up Angelina…

        …we’ll then make up our own version of events that makes her the one eating Brad’s dust even though the facts say otherwise.

      • Lalu says:

        I happen to remember back in the day, when Brad was considered the epitome of husbandness and fatherdom on this site, that Mrsbpitt was a big brad and Angie fan. And when the junk first went down with the divorce and plane I believe I remember her speaking out against brad etc. My point being, she isn’t some Angie hater. I think she is just speaking common sense at this point. As I was trying to do.
        You guys don’t know him and you’ve labeled him an abusive drunk that doesn’t want his kids. I was making the point that if he doesn’t want his kids, why would she file sole custody and risk being seen as keeping his kids from him? And please stop with the junk about filing so they wouldn’t take her kids away because of the plane incident. If it had played out differently and he had been charged with something, I might buy it… But it doesn’t sound like it was what it was blown upto be. You guys are so over the top with your dislike of someone that you don’t know. It’s irrational.
        I doubt either one of them are great parents. How about that? I don’t know why you guys think she’s some great mother. Is it because she adopted some kids? Or she talks about them all the time? I know people who put their kids first… And that isn’t these two. And I thought that even before their dramatic divorce hoopla.
        The need to put her on the pedestal as the all protecting mother… And make him some child abusing abandoning bad man is weird. At the end of the day… I am pretty sure, they are both flawed individuals that love and want their kids.

      • MrsBPitt says:

        @YepIsaidt….I like Angelina and Brad, and loved them together. What I don’t like is all this speculation, that after all these years of AJ saying what a great Dad that Brad is, and all the pics of them doing things together, and seemingly having fun, that Brad doesn’t care about his children!

      • O.o says:

        @almondmilk You’re picking on a wrong person. I’ve been Angie’s fan since before Brad and I wasn’t trying to attack her. Maybe I didn’t make myself clear (English is not my 1st lg so you have to give me some credit) , all I wanted to say is that Brad might have dreamt of having a big family, but it doesn’t mean that he still wants to face the responsibility. And judging form his behaviour this year it might be truth. I don’t believe he stayed away from the family for “the peace of the children” as MrsBPitt said. If that was right why he always went alone, never took any of the kids, as he used to. Something had changed in Brad’s attitude/ behaviour and whatever happened on the plane must have been its final point. And to be clear, I’m not justifying Brad, not by any means. As for the interview, I do recall it and it’s not THAT ‘couch ‘ quote. I remember it because when I read it it reminded me exactly of the JA “situation” and it irked me the wrong way. I think it might have been ‘Fury’ or ‘BTS’ interview and maybe for a foreign press but I’m sure I read it. Maybe someone else remembers it?

      • Bitchy says:

        So 3 years ago Pitt was the perfect husband and father and his wife praised him.
        Now she has separated the kid from their father who hasn’t done anything wrong as the investigation against him was closed because there was no evidence.

  10. joannie says:

    My guess is she’s making things as difficult as possible. Key word “guess”. I also think he’s thin because of stress. Divorce is difficult no matter the state of marriage prior to separation.

  11. Gwen says:

    Page Six doesn’t know if Brad spent Thanksgiving on the moon or Mars. Just yesterday they said he spent it in L.A. Which is it?

    Page Six is the same mag that printed that BS story about Marion Collitard, a private eye, and Russian hookers. Angelina can’t deny Brad his kids. He has as much rights to them as she does, but I guess creating the “Poor Brad can’t see his kids because Evil Angelina wouldn’t allow him” narrative gets more headlines.

    • YepIsaidt says:

      Everyone used to trust people magazine and they are reporting it now,too. People magazine have been kissing his behind from the beginning why would they lie on him now?

      Shows what his priorities are. Promoting movies and making sure he relaxed and is rested. Forget about Angelina and her kids. Lmao

      Brangelina fans hate page six because they claimed Angelina caught Brad Pitt cheating with hookers while under the influence of alcohol and pills. LoL

  12. nina says:

    Page Six is not trustworthy. People should know that by now.

  13. green says:

    No picture no proof. Don’t believe the story.

  14. sandy says:

    So…..Angelina agenda is finally revealed, it’s not a popular opinion on these thread, but it was already stated what was going to happen, so we believe some reports when it favors Angelina, but when its contrary to angie narrative don’t believe it,? Maybe this story is true, why is brad painted as the bad person and Angelina had never done anything wrong, she sounds vindictive?

    • YepIsaidit says:

      If he wants more time with Angelina kids why doesn’t he go to court to change the agreement they both signed? Angelina can’t be his therapist during his supervised visitations… Something his “sources” refuse to acknowledge.

      Oh, I know- it’s because it’s easier to go off on a party trip “with an old friend” rather than put in work for Angelina’s kids. Duh.

    • almondmilk says:


      I dont know about you, but i don’t consider *alcoholics* or people with *addictions* as “bad people.”

      I’m sure Angelina feels the same way, especially about the father of her children.

      Why does there have to be a ‘bad’ person in anyone’s scenario?

      To be clear, saying someone isn’t bad because they’ve succumbed to the disease of alcoholism or other substance abuse issues – does not absolve them of messing up or wrongdoing either – it just makes it explicable.

      That said- what are you referring to…when you say Angelina’s agenda is revealed? This is a post about a Page Six piece claiming Brad went to T&C with a guy friend. Even if true, and Page Six who’s usually wrong, got one right – how does this reveal Angelina’s agenda? Doesn’t make sense.

      • Bitchy says:

        There are alcoholics who become violent and there are alcoholics who don’t.

        And no, alcoholics or people with addictions aren’t “bad people” but merely suffering from a medical condition.

      • GoOnGirl says:

        Well almondmilk, this is all according to Angie’s plan. I don’t know how in the world people can actually think Angie turned Brad in to DCFS. All she has to do is divorce him. All he has to do is say yes, wait the six months and they are done. It just boggles my mind how people can’t see that Brad did anything. You’re right. Some of the nicest people are alcoholics, they just have a problem. The problem is when they refuse to acknowledge it. I have a problem with Brad because he never came out and said I’ll be seeking treatment for my problem . . . and everyone should quit blaming Angelina. Brad is a grown ass man. This is on him.

    • Paige says:

      Her agenda is finally revealed because it came from Page Six. Lol Page Six isn’t a reputable source. They have been proven wrong many times and not just about Brad or Angelina but other celebrities.

      As a fan of both, I don’t believe any story about this divorce or custody agreement unless it comes directly from them or through a spokesperson. The rest is pretty much gossip and speculation. I hope you realize that. And did you read the Page Six article. Of doesn’t paint Brad as a person. It paints Angelina as a bad person that’s keeping Brad from their children. It takes two people tto make a relationship work and fail. Both Brad and Angelina have their problems, neither is innocent or a victim in this situation.

  15. patrick says:

    She can be doing parental alienation.

  16. candies says:

    it is getting Boring When will the divorce get finalized and the custody deal settled and somehow a way to have all this go away?

  17. molly says:

    Just because brad was cleared by dcfs, doesn’t mean they are out of their life. People seem to have forgotton that a plan was put in place for brad to continue to have theraputic visits with the children & he signed that agreement. Angelina doesn’t say when brad can & can’t see the children when that plan is still in motion. I’m sure the therapist was with their own family instead of having thanksgiving dinner with jolie pitt family during a therapy session. Tabloids have no interest in reporting the truth when their narrative makes them a lot more money, eg Poor brad, Evil Angelina. Public fall for it hook line & sinker.

    • lily says:

      Yes I agree. I don’t think supervised visitation is something that the mother can request on a whim either. There has to be something serious even though not criminal to have taken place. Maybe the childrens best interests are being taken into account. And i don’t buy the narrative of the whole – Brad has nothing to hide so sure its no big deal let a supervisor watch – for a second.

  18. BonnieJean says:

    I just replied to a comment from respect and now that comment is gone.

  19. YepIsaidit says:

    Actually you’re the one repeating gossip from tabloids made for women who hate Angelina.

    Jane Pitt was always on Angelina’s red carpets and flashing bracelet gifts Angelina gave her. She actually did a little interview on the red carpet about it and when Angelina had her mastectomy Jane Pitt released a statement in support of her.

    Also, I believe the kids probably told their cousins, grandparents and aunts/uncles exactly what happened on that plane.

    Too bad for Brad he can’t use his Pr team to shut his kids up when they talk to his family. Lmao

  20. Carmen says:

    I bet the senior Pitts just loved Aniston when she refused to attend their 40th anniversary celebration with Brad because it was more important for her to go to some party in Hollywood that night. Brad ended up going to his parents’ celebration alone.

    As a doting grandma myself, I can give you one good reason why the Pitts are so fond of Angie (I’m sure there are others besides): she gave them six vibrant, beautiful grandchildren. Grandparents care about things like that.

    (P.S. Next time you post on here, try using spell check and grammar check, and refrain from sobriquets like “slutangie” which make you sound like a ten year old.)

  21. L says:

    “slut Angie?” Really? Ridiculous!

  22. Zut alors! says:

    That’s really rich of you to admonish other posters for “repeating gossip” when you’re guilty of it yourself. You should familiarize yourself with the term “cognitive dissonance”.

  23. Carmen says:

    I remember Jane Pitt and that bracelet on the red carpet. It was a gold bracelet with 14 baby shoe charms on it, one for each grandchild. She was so excited she was flashing that bracelet in front of the cameras going “Look what Brad and Angie gave me!” and telling everyone it was her proudest possession.

  24. GoOnGirl says:

    @ lynn: So when Jane Pitt gave the statement of “we love angie” after her surgery, is Jane Pitt lying about that? That quote was widely quoted for all to see.

  25. GoOnGirl says:

    People make it seem like nothing happened on that plane. The whole single isolated incident that the public only knows about. Something did happen and that something involved Brad and one of the children (not going to name names cause I don’t know). So if nothing happened, Brad is completely innocent, the noncharges have been dropped, even though Brad signed an agreement agreeing to supervised visitation, etc., why would he do all this? If it is his intention to smear his wife and make her look bad, and he’s doing a terrific job of it, and his PR team too, and just divorce her, why not just do that? And I do recall that couch interview. I think it was the one given to Parade Interview where the Parade interviewer likened Aniston to a fattened tick that never goes away (the writer’s words, not mine). So almondmilk, yepisaidit, and Carmen, we are all crazy cause Brad did nothing, he just decided to leave for the heck of it, even though it meant missing Pax’s birthday, which I guess to his fan base doesn’t really matter cause he’s not a “bio” child (how stupid can you get?). And Angie is just being Angie and decided to divorce him for no reason. SMDH!

  26. Bitchy says:

    Currently Jolie accused Brad Pitt of things that triggered an investigation. That investigation was closed because there was no evidence for any wrongdoing.
    Now Pitt can’t / doesn’t spend time with his own children thanks to Jolie.

    Let’s see what the Pitt family thinks about Jolie now.

  27. Carmen says:

    There is a big difference between “can’t” and “doesn’t”. Do you really think Angie would prevent Brad from visiting his son on his birthday, knowing what a shitstorm would ensue?

    I’m willing to bet Brad didn’t even try to visit Pax yesterday, and he’s going to let Angie take the blame for “keeping him away”.