Kanye West has not been released from the hospital, he still hasn’t recovered


All weekend, sources were telling TMZ that there was every hope and belief that Kanye West would be discharged from the UCLA Medical Center. The hope was that Kanye would be able to return home and receive what I guess would be outpatient care, plus he has his own private physician. But Kanye was not discharged yesterday. TMZ says he might not be discharged for a while.

Kanye West is not out of the woods — not even close — because we’ve learned he will not get out of the hospital as planned. Sources with direct knowledge of the situation told us over the holiday, the plan was to release Kanye today, Monday. We’re told his personal doctor was going to take charge of him upon release.

We’re now told Kanye is still not stable and will not be released today. In fact, there is now no release date set, because he has not recovered from his breakdown a week ago. As we reported, Kanye has had a rough time at UCLA Medical Center, struggling with extreme paranoia — at one point he would not even let the doctors touch him. Kim is still by his bedside … which is where she has been almost nonstop for a week.

[From TMZ]

I guess it’s worth saying again, even it’s completely obvious at this point: this isn’t just exhaustion. This isn’t dehydration. This isn’t a combination of physical factors. This is an emotional/mental/chemical/psychological issue, and it’s an issue that has been plaguing Kanye for some time now. He just reached his breaking point this month. And what was the breaking point? Sources tell Us Weekly that Kanye really began spiraling after Kim’s Paris robbery. He was so affected by it, he was the one having nightmares.

Kanye West “was having nightmares” about his wife Kim Kardashian’s terrifying Paris robbery in the weeks before he was hospitalized for exhaustion, a source close to the rapper exclusively tells Us Weekly.

“He’s been shaken up ever since the robbery in Paris. It did a number on him as much as Kim,” the insider tells Us. “The mere thought that anything could happen to her sent him in a tailspin. He wasn’t sleeping and he was having nightmares about it.”

As previously reported, West, 39, was admitted to Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center on November 21 after an incident at his personal trainer’s home in Los Angeles. TMZ reported that West was behaving “erratically” and was “handcuffed to a gurney during the transport to the hospital.” The news of the health scare came hours after West canceled the remainder of his U.S. tour, which Kardashian, 36, often attended before (and occasionally after) the robbery.

“He really couldn’t do his shows without her around,” the source explains. “That’s what made him worse. He didn’t want to be away from her … [The robbery] was just as hard for him, but he tried to keep going. He would never have canceled the tour unless things were bad.”

The “Fade” rapper is putting everything on hold and focusing on moving past his wife’s October 3 raid, in which she was robbed of more than $10 million in jewelry while tied up and held at gunpoint inside her private residence in Paris.

“The robbery triggered everything,” the source says. “Kim is his family and the only family he really has now. They took him in and embraced him. So seeing Kim traumatized did a major number on him.”

[From Us Weekly]

Yeah… I think I believe this? Like, I believe the basic story, which is that Kanye was and is so wrapped up in Kim and the fact that she fell apart sort of revealed that their marriage is a house of cards, when you think about it. Their marriage only works when Kim is the strong one, the together one. As for Kanye having nightmares… I would imagine Kim had nightmares too, considering she was the one held at gunpoint, for the love of God. If he wasn’t already locked down on a psych ward, I might say something rude about how he made her trauma all about himself.


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  1. Lucy2 says:

    The robbery might’ve been the tipping point, but this is someone who has been unwell for a long while.
    I can’t stand him or her entire family, but he’s clearly struggling with something serious, and I hope he recovers soon.

    • anonymous says:

      He is struggling with something serious and deep. This has nothing to do with Kim or the Kardashian because when he went after Taylor Swift in 2008 , he wasn’t even with her, but she should have put him on medication long time ago. Because mental health is going downhill.

      • pepperoni says:

        OR…. #Pizzagate 👀

      • PrincessMe says:

        She should have put him on medication? Is Kim a doctor?

      • Laurita says:

        Yes Pepperoni!! Yes Pizzagate! Everybody needs to be talking about this ! Everybody go look in to Pizzagate and spread that info EVERYWHERE!
        We need to stop being blind to this and wake up.

      • swak says:

        @PrincessMe, no she’s not a doctor, but she could have encouraged him to get counseling and/or put on meds. My daughter started counseling right after her fiance od’ed on heroin. At first she wasn’t on meds but when it became apparent she needed them, she went on them. Kim, up until the robbery, was all tough love and told Rob he needed to suck it up.

      • Ennie says:

        Once I gave a loved one an ultimatum either it was therapy and to follow through with indication or else we were over.
        It worked.

      • odbindjohn says:

        Publicity stunt.

  2. swak says:

    Once again, who is putting out this information? I find it just wrong. If (and I believe he has mental health issues) he is that bad then the publicity should stop and let him heal in peace. But we all know that is not the Kardashian way.

  3. RussianBlueCat says:

    Let’s face facts the “sources” ” insiders” are Kris Jenner on her kPhone to TMZ. The stories seem way too “personal” only things a family member would know about.As for Kanye, he was dealing with a lot way before he met Kim. His mother’s death, serious car accident and recovery, must have contributed to doing a number on his mental state. Not excusing his behaviour at times( he can be a jackass )

  4. als says:

    I wonder where their marriage will go from here. Kim is down, Kanye is down.

    To be held at gunpoint is no joke and the details of that robbery are horrific. Kanye definitely knew that was horrific for his wife and a trauma in a family is a trauma on the entire family.
    However, a family cannot stand on just one person, in this case, Kim. I’m not blaming Kanye, because he obviously couldn’t do any better, it is what it is.

    I wouldn’t want to be Kim right now. She was forced to suddenly feel better and get over the trauma because her husband and the father of her kids is falling apart and his episode was triggered by what happened to her. (yes, he had problems before, but Kim’s trauma was the breaking point) I can’t see how they will go back to the fairy tale they presented to be public before all this.

    • Erinn says:

      I hate to say it, but I do feel bad for Kim. It’s a lot going on all at once. I think their marriage would be more rocky if it was just Kanye who was on a downward slope right now – but she’s already hit a low. This could potentially make them closer.

      The sad thing is – the people who tend to need help the most are not the kind of people who are about to rationally sit down and think about it. Not always, but often, they don’t see that something is wrong, and they think the people who suggest it are just crazy.

      I don’t care who’s leaking the info – I don’t care if it’s the tabloids running with a hint of something and creating a story around it. If Kanye needs help, and he’s finally receiving it -GREAT. It’s not an easy thing to deal with, and I’m not going to slam him or Kim here. He’s an adult – she couldn’t have FORCED him to get help, so I don’t understand why some people seem to think it’s that easy.

  5. Alexis says:

    I think the only reason why the Paris incident affected him was because afterwards Kim needed support and he wasn’t there to give it (can you picture Kanye comforting anyone, really?) So now she’s probably drifting away, realizing he’s a loon, and he’s realizing that he’s about to become a nobody, 40-years old and with a belly wearing massive t-shirts ike an old man and calling it “new fashion” Get a grip Kanye, you’re old news.

    • ria says:

      Your writing is hard,but i agree. Mostly.

      I don’t think he is old news, and his problems should be treated respectfully, which is not happening now, by whoever talks so much to the Media.

      But he was not a good husband, nor do i believe he will ever be one.
      If his wife was that hurt mentally and shocked, he should not ranted that he felt disrespected by his ‘brother’ JayZ for only calling and not coming over.

      He shouldn’t care about feeling disrespected, he should have cared about beeing helpful to his wife and helping her feeling good again.

  6. lightpurple says:

    He is in the hospital because he hit someone, not because he realized he couldn’t cope without Kim or the robbery. He has been building up to this with erratic behavior and crazed rants for months BEFORE that robbery and she ENCOURAGED AND EXPLOITED his behavior. And she is exploiting him now with all this Saint Kim garbage.

    The guy is mentally ill. He needs help. He has needed help for a very long time. He needs help so that he does not harm himself or other people, like the person he attacked last week or the women he obsesses over with his wife’s encouragement. What he does not need is a parasitic wife making his illness all about her.

    • Tris says:

      Wow, you’re right. These ‘sources’ are likely the smother, and the narrative is being turned into how wonderful Kim is, and how long will she put up with this, etc etc. I got sucked in for a sec, but this makes much more sense.

      • Sarah says:

        @ tris and light purple : yes, the divorce narrative or story arc has begun. Poor Kim, oh how she tried, but then she couldn’t do anymore, etc. perhaps followed by a dose of “she had to protect the children”.

    • Kitten says:


    • GingerCrunch says:

      Absolutely, lightpurple. For whatever reason(s), he was “allowed” to spiral out of control and I hope for the sake of his kids he CAN regain his mental health. I hope we don’t see or hear from either of them for a long-ass time. Please stop the exploitation.

      • Jag says:

        He could’ve afforded to get help long before this. No one “allowed” him to spiral out of control.

        He’s an adult and made his own choice to not seek help, or either he was going to useless doctors and he didn’t take charge of his care to find someone who was competent. (I say that because I”m between psychiatrists and medical doctors due to having had to switch due to insurance and not finding good ones yet.)

        I do hope that he gets the help that he needs, and I agree that the KKlan are setting up a narrative by which Kim won’t be seen in a bad light if she leaves him.

      • Lightpurple says:

        He made the choice in the past not to get help. She made the choice to encourage him in his twisted misogynistic obsessions about other women and used those obsessive relationships and the abnormal behaviors associated with them to bring attention to herself for her own profit.

        And now, he is in a locked ward because he attacked another human being.

        A friend had her adult son involuntarily committed about a year ago. It IS an extremely difficult thing to do both legally and emotionally but it saved his life. And unlike Kanye, my friend’s son was never a danger to others.

      • GingerCrunch says:

        That’s a tough one, you guys. I lost someone to mental illness even though they’d sought help, but it was too far gone, so that probably informs my viewpoint. No one realized the potential for disaster and in a moment he was gone. Unfortunately for Kanye, he’s a celeb surrounded by yes (wo)men who might have let this go on for reasons people are speculating about right here. And was he really capable of helping himself? Idk. From my own varied experiences dealing with mental illness, family and a sincere support system can be a lifesaver.

    • Pandy says:

      Can’t argue with you. While I think he is a tool, the Klan are much more destructive.

    • frisbee says:

      Agree, it’s exploitative to the point of being abusive. I have no time for the man usually but I am genuinely feeling sorry for him, for his illness and for that family – he made such a poor choice there.

    • KatnissforKaepernick says:

      @lightpurple- Kanye’s been erratic for a long time, long before he married Kim. He & he alone chose not to seek help. He’s an adult, 39 years old & capable of making these decisions…up until he had a breakdown. Plus, the robbery was probably a factor in his breakdown along with not sleeping and not dealing with his mother’s dearh.

      • Lightpurple says:

        I said above he has been erratic for a very long time. Yes, long before he met that parasite but he has become increasingly bizarre over the past year and she has very publicly supported and encouraged his outbursts and disgusting behavior for her own gain. She filmed herself mocking the genitalia on the figures of the women he put in that disgusting Famous video; she sat there smirking and congratulating herself when he went off on Taylor again at this year’s VMA ceremony; she inserted herself into that obsession again in her GQ interview; and then there was that whole childish Day of the Snake mess of her going after Swift with a crudely edited tape timed to promote her own TV show and Snapchat account, all months after Swift’s actions when it all should have been irrelevant. These were the acts of a manipulative person exploiting someone else’s problem for her own gain, not the acts of a caring person trying to steer a troubled spouse away from danger. Even now, she is spinning this saintly wife story. He is where he is now because he tried to hurt another person. I feel for that person and I feel for their kids.

    • Kri says:

      Lightpurple…a thousand times yes.spot on.

    • Matomeda says:

      I’m curious about this! I never read and can’t find anything about him hitting someone. Can you explain more?

      • Lightpurple says:

        The original news reports, the ones before his in-laws got involved in controlling the spin. He assaulted someone at the trainer’s place and that is when the doctor was called and the doctor had the police summoned. This was initially an involuntary hospitalization. All this dehydration, exhaustion, upset over Kim, Kanye knows he needs help, Kim is helping Kanye rhetoric came later.

    • Erica_V says:

      I’ve read (sadly) every article on this and I don’t see anything about Kanye hitting someone – where is that story from?

    • what's inside says:

      This has a ring of truth to it. I believe he is very ill and has been for a long time.

  7. Jessie says:

    I’m not a Kimye apologist (though she did go up highly in my estimation after The Great Swift Snapchat Smackdown of 2016), but I don’t think they are faking what is going for publicity. I just read on The Daily Fail (I KNOW, EVEN I AM JUDGING ME) that filming on KUWTK has been postponed indefinitely while this is going on. I honestly hope that not only Kanye is getting the help he needs, but that Kim is getting some support, too. What they’re going through is no joke.

    • swak says:

      It was also suspended and possibly cancelled when the robbery happened but they were back at in within I believe 3 weeks. I don’t believe it is suspended indefinitely. I think they will start filming the minute Kim is available (whether Kanye is out of the hospital or not). JMO.

  8. paolanqar says:

    Keeping up with the Kardashian has been cancelled ‘for the rest of the year’ because Kim needs to concentrate on healing after the robbery.
    Translation: no one was watching that krap-fest and it has been finally axed.

    It is finally the beginning of the end!
    *rubs hands together*

    • original kay says:

      Hmm. If only it hadn’t come at the expense of someone’s mental health- Kim, Kanye, and the kids.

      Sorry if I don’t share your glee.

      • Jessie says:

        Same. If it had been people got bored of them, then fair enough, but I don’t think what’s going on with them right now is being made up for a storyline–and it’s really sad people are celebrating their demise in this way.

      • paolanqar says:

        You really think the show would have been axed if it was still a hit, despite the mental sanity of its main cast?
        If so you are a fool. They would have milked it for all it’s worth.The Kardashians are a machine that only stops where money stops. No other reasons.

      • original kay says:

        Well you are certainly a lovely person. Thank you for calling me a fool.

        It’s true, I am a fool (or naive) at times, but it’s very Trump of you to say it to me in such a dismissive manner.

        Have a great day, paolanqar.

      • paolanqar says:

        Hi original kay

        didn’t mean to sound offensive calling you fool, naive sounds better indeed.
        I just can’t believe people still believe that this group of people is actually genuine and with the best interests at heart.
        we will have to agree to disagree on this one. I believe Kim wasn’t robbed and all of this is only a scheme to have time off air for many reasons: low ratings for their show, new surgeries, new business plans, maybe a divorce too.
        Kris will never exit quietly without trying everything in her power to have her girls on every front page every day.

    • Snowflake says:

      Oh, God, I hope so! I was sick of Paris when she was popular but looking back, I would take her in a heartbeat over what came after, Kimmie poo

    • Chinoiserie says:

      Or it has still viewers but they really just can’t do it now because of their issues. It is not great to rejoice if that is the case.

    • me says:

      The ratings have been down for years. I mean if the show was still a hit they would film without Kim. She’s not the center of the show.

  9. original kay says:

    I hope the kids are ok in all of this, though they are probably used to their dad being away I think?

    Having kids affects men too. It’s a huge life change for them as well, though rarely talked about. He might have wealth and stability that way, but it is still a life changer, the pressure to parent, plus doesn’t he have a tumultuous relationship with his father? That affects as well.

    I don’t care for him, at all, and this has been going on for years, not months so… I hope he gets the help he needs and then makes amends to those he has hurt along the way.

    • anna says:

      my empathy for the effect the unduly burden of fatherhood can have on men is very limited. sorry kanye that someone had your kids and and now you’re a parent. pffft.
      kanye’s mental illness doesn’t excuse his misogyny and misogynists don’t deserve to have women carry and raise their children. misogynists don’t deserve to have children period. and women who have these men’s children contribute to their own submission. by shackling themselves to men that are unfit or unwilling to parent, they will always end up supporting and enabling these men’s behaviour bc in the end it’s the kids that would suffer. sry if my anger is misplaced but i’ve seen a**hole men use the kids to pressure and blackmail their wife or partner one to many times.

    • Ellie says:

      Where are you getting he has problems with his dad?
      He’s written several songs about this dad. He compared the relationship he has with his father to the will smith movie pursuit of happiness. His father by all accounts didn’t have much money but was an inspiration to him in other ways.

      • original kay says:

        Oh I am misinformed then, I thought I read he has no contact with his father and was quite close to his mother, hence the breakdown after she died.

    • jwoolman says:

      Neither Kim nor Kanye have the normal parental pressures. Their kids do fine without them – there are other adults who actually take care of them, including their Aunt Kourtney and sometimes Khloe as well as all the nannies. There are people on Kanye’s side as well. Their parents are more in the role of visitors even now. They’re actually very lucky kids. Their parents are both immature and self-absorbed, but that won’t have as much of an effect on them as it would for kids who really only have their parents. Eventually they’ll have some confusion about their role as props, but they’ll manage.

      I’m sure Kanye enjoys being with them when he’s in the mood for it, but he really doesn’t have the responsibilities that wear other men down when they first become parents. His problems are not coming from that. This does mean he can focus on trying to heal and stabilize long-term and doesn’t have to rush to “be with the kids”.

      The same is true for Kim – she’s delegated the work raising her kids to others long ago, because she can. She strikes me as a very young and easily distracted teenage babysitter when I’ve seen her attempt to interact with Nori. But this means she doesn’t have to rush to get well herself after Paris.

  10. Snowflake says:

    So basically, the article is saying Kim went to all his concerts and without her support, he fell apart? Hahaha hahaha!

    • original kay says:

      See I read it like, he lost his mom and then Kim was robbed at gunpoint and it’s like, it triggered?

      Not that he needed her at his concerts, though he certainly could have.

  11. Cool Character says:

    Saint Kim laying down the ground work for the divorce.

  12. Hannah Gleave says:

    I’ve followed celeb news for years and he hasn’t been the same since his mam died. He really went weird after that.

    • Belle Epoch says:

      How come nobody ever mentions the traffic accident? I read he got frontal lobe damage. This is a common (and awful) result of car accidents. There is a lot of literature about losing the executive functions of the brain – permanently – plus personality changes.

  13. Menlisa says:

    I can believe this.
    He got worse after losing his mom.
    I think the possibility of losing Kim whether it was the robbery or as someone said her distancing herself was the tipping point.
    Despite his faults I pray that he gets better.

  14. Darlene says:

    I don’t think he “made it all about himself,” I think he’s in the throes of a mental breakdown that’s been a long time coming. He didn’t plan this and it’s not in his control. When traumatic things happen to those close to you, you’re going to have a reaction too, and it’s not something you can just say “this isn’t a good time, I’ll have these feelings later.”

    • Lady Rain says:

      +1…to think that Kanye had this breakdown for attention is kind of an insensitive assumption. Hope he gets better.

    • Cee says:

      Especially when what happened was traumatic and out of your control. He was miles away while his wife was gagged and bound by armed men. Their security precautions were lax and their bubble was burst in a horrifying way.
      I truly, truly wish him well. Mental illnesses are no joke and should not be speculated about.

    • MiniMii says:

      Agreed. I know if something like what happened to Kim happened to me, my husband would be stressed to the max too, just as I would be if it happened to him. I do think, for all their BS, that Kim & Kanye do love each other, and I think the trauma of what happened pushed his already unstable mental health to the breaking point.

      I’m not a fan, but no one deserves to suffer, and I do hope all involved get the care they need and that Kanye recovers fully.

      I also hope whoever is leaking such personal information just stops. I’m all for some fun gossip, but this is crossing the line.

  15. Jade says:

    Did anyone see the article tmz posted a few days ago about the renos on their house? Basically it said that Kim paid for everything bc Kanye was constantly changing his mind. To me that was Kris starting the campaign to make Kanye look terrible in case Kim divorces him, typical when Kardashians are done with someone

  16. Nancy says:

    Wow, what a headline, he STILL hasn’t recovered. This man, however annoying, is ill. You can’t just take a pill and relax and whamo you’re good as new. He needs therapy and counseling. We forget these people are human beings who suffer from mental illness issues just like the rest of the human race. I wish him the best, not for Kim, or his career, but for himself so he can be a better person, a healthy person.

  17. me says:

    This family is so gross. It’s obvious who is leaking all this info and making Kim out to be some sort of angel. The truth may be they don’t want Kanye home. They don’t want to have to deal with it…they’d rather he stay where he is. Kim is not anyone’s rock. She sure didn’t give a sh*t about Rob. Also, why didn’t anyone try and help this man before he reached his breaking point? We as strangers saw it but the Kardashians didn’t??? Come on.

  18. Cee says:

    I hope he gets better and gets all the help he can get. His children need him and I’m sure he needs them, too.

  19. Ellie says:

    “If he wasn’t already locked down on a psych ward, I might say something rude about how he made her trauma all about himself”

    Well isn’t Kim and her family doing the same making his breakdown ALL about them?

    • me says:

      Bingo ! It’s funny that the leaked “stories” aren’t mentioning Kanye’s family at all…only Kim’s. Interesting.

      • Nancy says:

        He is a married man and Kim and their children are his family. I believe both of his parents are deceased. It doesn’t appear he put up much resistance to accepting her family as his own, since he lived with her mother for a long time and did help Kourtney with her kids when she had troubles with Scott.

      • me says:

        @ Nancy

        His dad is alive and he has a relationship with him. He is also close with his aunts and cousins. When you get married, you don’t cut ties with your own family. You don’t forget your parents. It’s like the Kardashians expect Kanye to cut all ties with his own family. That’s ridiculous. They spend Christmas, Thanksgiving, and every other holiday with the Kardashian/Jenners. That is not fair.

        Kanye did NOT take care of Kourtney’s kids. Come on now…he was in the house with them AND the nannies. He didn’t have to do anything.

  20. Amelie says:

    I am not a fan of Kim or Kanye and this family has a history of milking family drama for the cameras: Lamar’s overdose, Rob’s depression, Scott’s issues with alcoholism, Caitlyn’s gender transition (though that was more her choice), the various divorces/splits each woman has had over the years… This is the first time though that one of their own (Kim) endured a traumatic episode which threatened her safety (robbery at gunpoint and tied up). I can’t imagine Kim who is probably dealing with PTSD and now a husband suffering a psychotic break would want to film any of this. It’s already plastered all over the media for everyone to see. I feel sorry for Kim but I can’t help but feel they are still trying to profit from this in some way, even if none of it is on the show. Kanye needs professional help, not a reality TV camera in his face or sources from the hospital leaking info (ie Kim or her mother). I just don’t think this family understands how to cope with tragedy/traumatic events without having a camera to capture it all. They are just as dysfunctional as Kanye.

  21. Grey says:

    Man, I usually agree with a lot of the things said on this site in the comments, but I am finding this one hard to agree with. I get it, people think Kanye is a d bag, and I don’t even really like the Kardashians that much. I am looking at it from a personal viewpoint that is colored by things that have happened in my own life. My hubby has lost a lot of family members in his life, but he lost a cousin that he was INCREDIBLY close with in high school. That was 16 years ago and it still affects him and often he just shuts down when I try to talk to him about it. He was sent to counselling by his mom (long before I met him) and I guess he just refused to talk about things with even a neutral party. It has taken 7 years for him to open up to me enough to even admit that he had a hard time getting married and falling in love because he was worried that I would just leave or something would happen to me like it has to so many other family members. I can only imagine how Kanye, who was so close to his mom, might feel. And I can ONLY IMAGINE, I do not have any clue how he did or did not deal with it. But if you don’t talk about it and it gets all bottled up and it just explodes out of him, what he is going through is real and he needs a break. I have seen it happen when finally all the stuff you don’t deal with comes to the surface and all of a sudden you have to deal with it or it does awful things to you. Maybe people don’t think he deserves one, but come on, there is enough hateful crap in the world right now. Maybe the thought of losing Kim, like he already lost his mom, was enough to push everything out for him again. For Kim to be patient enough to help him deal with that, maybe she will go up a few notches in my book. I don’t know. I just know that if that was my hubby, knowing what he has gone through, having problems that were being judged by the whole world would be enough to make me see red. I am always open to thoughts on this though, I might still be a bit out to lunch, but I guess I just wish the world had more compassion for stuff like this. I’m already having a hard enough time reading about Trump and the terrible state of our leadership, I feel like on this one, Kanye gets a pass.

    • Belle Epoch says:

      Grey – same thing happened to me. My brother committed suicide when I wa 13 and ever since then I worry that when I say “goodbye” to someone, they could disappear off the face of the earth forever. It’s a curse. I don’t understand how regular people an take so much for granted. Please tell your hubby I totally get it!

      • Grey says:

        Hugs to you. I’m so sorry. It seems like its one of those things that never really is ok, even after a long time. I hope you have lots of people to love on you.

  22. serena says:

    He has psycological issues, that’s for sure, and they’re not going away in a week or two. Nope, he needs serious medication and above all, he needs to realize it.

  23. Erica_V says:

    I do feel bad that Kim is not able to heal on her own terms because the focus is now Kanye. I really dislike when people take someone else’s trauma and make it about them. It’s not about you.

    That said – I do believe Kanye has had a psychotic break that he had no control over so it’s not his fault on the timing.

    In regards to the show production shutting down – I would bet money PMK is working on a spin off show to keep paychecks coming in.

  24. Flying V says:

    What happened to Kanye, you do not recover from. You manage it, you medicate and meditate. You cannot run from your brain..

    • Me43 says:

      I personally think that a lot of this was brought on by the death of his mom which he has never gotten over.

  25. GenevieveNatalia says:

    I find all of these ‘sources’ ie Kardasians, releasing private information about a mentally ill individual (who is in distress) to be repulsive. I realize it is their thing, but still… it’s absolutely disgusting to make dollars off the back of a struggling individual. Shame on them.

  26. Karen B says:

    Someone may have brought this up already but if he had the huge breakdown where he was handcuffed to a gurney, and is having major psych symptoms, wouldn’t he be in a psych unit? And if he is in a psych unit, how is Kim there by his side non-stop feeding him? You don’t get an entourage in a psych unit, and some you can’t even see visitors. Heck, in Bellevue it was 2 days before I was even allowed pants. I have experience with psych units and psych hospitals in the Midwest, South, and Northeast both as a patient and a group facilitator, and access to visitors and family varied from little to none. Maybe West coast facilities have different rules.

  27. Anare says:

    I read that John Legend said he saw Kanye the day or two before Kanye was hospitalized and he said he was “concerned” by Kanye’s behavior. If Kim was spending time with Kanye she would also have noted that he was going off the rails. I don’t think Kim and Kanye spend much time together unless it is for publicity. If she was spending time with Kanye she would have been worried and would not have left him to fly to NYC. Something just doesn’t add up with these folks and the story they are spinning. I am also curious about how he can be hospitalized psychiatrically and she can be with him 24/7 and feeding him and all this nonsense. Granted they have money so Kanye is probably not on a normal psych unit. But what kind of mental health treatment is he getting where his wife can be sitting with him the whole day. I have a 20+ year career working in mental health treatment and civil commitment law. I’ve seen very wealthy people on involuntary holds but have never seen family members being able to camp out with the patient in the hospital. That is typically not helpful or encouraged. Again, the story being spun here just doesn’t sound right IMHO.

    • jwoolman says:

      Kim might be there just during regular visiting hours. What can happen is that a one-time thing (maybe she encouraged him to eat once) gets spun into a continuing thing (that she is helping feed him). They latch onto a tiny bit of truth and expand it to a huge lie.