Kanye West went after Beyonce & Jay-Z in an epic Saint Pablo tour rant

What’s going on with Kanye West? Who even knows at this point? Following last Thursday’s shenanigans – which saw Kanye declaring that he would have voted for Donald Trump, had he (‘Ye) voted – Kanye was back at it again last night. Kanye’s Saint Pablo took him to Sacramento, where he apparently performed three songs, ranted for a really long time about Jay-Z, Beyonce and politics, then left the concert. At one point, Yeezy declared: “This is a moment in the Matrix, bro!” I’ll say. Kanye ranted, in part:

“Beyoncé, I was hurt! ‘Cause I heard that you said you wouldn’t perform unless you won Video of the Year over me, and over ‘Hotline Bling.’ In my opinion—now, don’t go tryin’ to diss Beyoncé, she is great. Taylor Swift is great. We are all great people, we are all equal. But sometimes, we be playin’ the politics too much and forgettin’ who we are—just to win. F–k winning! F–k lookin’ cool! I’ve been sent here to give y’all my truth—even at the risk of my own life, even at the risk of my own success, my own career. I’ve been sent here to give y’all the truth. Jay Z, call me, bruh! You still ain’t call me! Jay Z, call me! Jay Z, I know you got killers, please don’t send them at my head. Just call me! Talk to me like a man!”

[Via The Daily Beast]

In case you couldn’t follow his train of thought, he’s saying that he was disappointed that Beyonce only agreed to perform at the VMAs this year when MTV promised her that she would win Video of the Year. His point, I guess, is that the fix was in for Beyonce from the beginning, which… even if it was true, who even cares? Is there some way that Bey was undeserving of Video of the Year? No. I tend to think Bey won VOTY fair and square, but even if she didn’t… again, this is JUST the VMAs. It really doesn’t matter. As for Jay-Z’s “killers”… bruh, check yourself.

MTV released a statement about Kanye’s accusations too. They basically say no, MTV went to Beyonce back in June and wanted her to perform at the VMAs no matter what she was nominated for or what she won.

Here’s a partial video of Kanye’s NSFW-ish language rant. You know what’s funny? Kanye and Donald Trump both use “people are saying” and “I heard” as a source. What’s not so funny is that it feels like Kanye is actually detached from reality in this video. Like, he’s having some kind of episode and he’s in a fugue state. I hope the Beyhive doesn’t go after him too hard because I’m legit worried for Kanye’s state of mind these days.

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  1. Ayra. says:

    That playdate is soooo not happening.

    ETA: notice he said “I HEARD”? Yeah, I feel like he got some false information.
    His tickets are too damn expensive for him to only sing two songs and leave. The buyers don’t care about your personal issues.

    • Anna says:

      A *nice* Kanye moment that recently happened was him reuniting with Kid Cudi on stage and them hugging. With Kid Cudi’s recent mental health problems and Drake mocking them, it was a nice moment.
      Too bad it was overshadowed by this foolishness

  2. Jaana says:

    He is having an episode again or he’s on drugs or something. Someone needs to get him to take his medication that would help him a whole lot.

    • als says:

      I don’t think he needs meds, he needs constant attention and at the moment the main provider of it, Kim, is busy handling her own trauma.
      Nice to see Kanye keeping it together when times are hard.

    • Placebo says:

      I think he is really mentally ill.

      • Nameless says:

        He reminds me a lot of my brother, who is bipolar. He loves to rant when he is manic. He can also get paranoid and verbally aggressive with his friends.

      • Selena Castle says:

        Narcissistic Personality Disorder is my guess. Honestly…. he seems like that.

      • asd says:

        It does seem possible. But it’s a personality disorder and I’m pretty sure there’s a mood disorder there as well. Bipolar would be my guess. He seems manic often.

      • Keaton says:

        I think he’s mentally ill as well. Perhaps bipolar.

    • mcfee says:

      my impression is he is bipolar or has a mood disorder and he probably mixes drugs/alcohol with his meds, or heck, he probably decides ‘what he wants to take that day’….which is seriously bad news.

      I believe he is mentally ill. I have something myself, and I also know bipolar people and borderline personality people and….he checks a lot of boxes.

  3. Jess says:

    He only performed 3 songs last night at his concert. Apparently he ranted for a really long time and then walked off. The other day he only played 7 songs. People are stupid to pay for his gigs.

    • Nicole says:

      Wow that’s terrible. Kanye was great when I saw him…back in 07 when he eccentric but still amazing on his college tour. One of the best concerts I’ve ever been too…even with one 10 minute rant. I wouldn’t pay a dime to see him now. 3 songs?! Tickets were probably $100? I would be livid

    • swak says:

      I’d be asking for my money back – not that I would go in the first place as rap is not my genre of music.

      • Nicole says:

        Before his mom died and he lost hold of…something I would’ve paid to see him. The concert at my school was sold out in a few hours and it was great. Now? Definitely not. While I was on his side on his last Taylor feud his picking fights with everyone is ridiculous.

    • Livealot says:

      Agreed. I will never

  4. respect says:

    I have friends who were at the concert and spent alot of money to be there….he lost a handful of fans that I can confirm.

  5. IlsaLund says:

    Kanye is a spoiled entitled twat. He needs to get him back on his meds and not be allowed to roam unsupervised.

    I’m so over privileged people saying stupid stuff.

  6. really says:

    if he dose have bi polar, in a manic episode you really can believe your god, it does not help that the life he leads would only cause more manic behavior. example have group of YES people, loud music, lights, crowds can only cause more heightened manic thoughts and behavior.
    I feel sorry for him at least most manic people don’t have their episodes as entertainment for the rest of the world. If the people around really loved him they would not let him on stage will that.

    • Reza says:

      I agree a lot of manic episodes present with delusions of grandeur but I dont know if Kanye is actually bipolar. I definitely see a mental hyperactivity, mood fluctuations within minutes of each other and impulsivety which could just be ADHD. I also think he is consumed by emotion, in clinical terms “emotional disregulation”. His clinging to Trump goes against every ideology he has ever attached to (racial and LGBT justice for example). I instantly thought he was aligning with Trump because he feels rejected by Obama, Beyonce and Jay Z. Rejection sensitivity dysphoria is also an ADHD symptom. And emotional dysregulation is actually also called emotional hyperactivity, again another often ignored symptom of ADHD.

      To be clear, I am not a doc. Just a woman who struggled with all of these symptoms (at a much lower scale) and who was misdiagnosed with bipolar for a few years. I can see how had I also been “cursed” with fame, money and larkeys, I could be standing his shoes today.

  7. jferber says:

    In the first pic, it looks like Jay is physically shielding Bey from both Kanye and Kim. Bey must dislike them both so much! I have so much love for Jay. Respect the hell out of him for his talent, brains, business ability and poise. He seems like a great father and husband, too.

    • minx says:

      Meh, I think they (Beyoncé and JayZ) have a business arrangement and that’s it–which certainly is their right.

      • Reza says:

        You must not pay much attention to them. They spend far too much time together away from paps to be a business arrangement. One of the things they do together a lot is eat at soul food type joints that may be popular wit hipster types but are far from high end joints. I know this because they’ve been to my relatives joint in Brooklyn several times in the last two years. Those two genuinely love each other. I wonder why thats so hard for some people to accept.

      • minx says:

        That’s nice, I certainly hope they are in love.
        I’m just offering up my opinion on how they appear to me.

  8. Britta says:

    Why don’t you be a man ye and call them instead of ranting at your brief concerts.

    His a moron of epic proportions.

  9. Jess says:

    He also ranted about Taylor Swift and Drake.
    AND he was booed by his fans. Deservedly so

    • Verona says:

      His obsession was Taylor is beyond scary. The only real loser here is Kim who is married to this egotistical man child. There goes her social life…….

      • Lady D says:

        Do you get the feeling they are going to divorce soon? Kanye was attracted to her fame, her flash, her whole world presence. Not having the attention magnet by his side might be making him unhappy. He does love attention and everyone was watching her, and him by association. Now?
        Of course, I could be way off base with this theory too. I pay very little attention to Kanye.

  10. Adorable says:

    Jeez Kanye!..they’re your “show biz aquaintances”..Not your friends….I do feel bad though,the fact that she’s ranting shows that he cares about them..but if anything Jay-z will def NOT be calling…

  11. OriginallyBlue says:

    No wonder he’s losing money. No one goes to your shows to hear you rant about nonsense.

  12. OSTONE says:

    I used to be a Kanye apologist because he is legit talented. Now, he is just a clown in my opinion. Going after the Carter-Knowles is a dumb, dumb move and I bet Kim and Kris do not know how to stop him.

    • SophieB9 says:

      Two things:
      One, he seems to reign it in when Kim attends the concerts. She may have to do that for the next few until this particular cycle passes…after having a serious talk to him about the major financial and Brand damage he’s causing.
      Two, it’s variations of the same rants: political leadership, Taylor, the Carters, Taylor, his genius, Taylor. This stuff goes round and round in his head, in-between highs of composing great music and performances, and lows of dystopian fashion design and dissed concerts.

  13. LA says:

    I love that Bey and Jay won’t even be bothered to respond to this silliness. I think that will drive him even more crazy; that he’s not even worth their time.

  14. Shambles says:

    So he’s pissed when Beyoncé doesn’t win, a la “Imma let you finish…,” and he’s pissed when she does win?! He can’t get no satisfaction.

    He’s got a serious messianic complex going on, and I can’t imagine being in the public eye is good for people with these delusions. Feeding the beast.

  15. huh says:

    The Kim/Kanye divorce will be entertaining…

    • k37744 says:


      Like everyone duck if she ever files for divorce. He’s often said he chased her for years. She was his “prize.” I can’t imagine the meltdown if she were ever to get sick of his shit.

    • RussianBlueCat says:

      Maybe this is why he is acting up? Kim might have pulled the plug on the marriage

  16. my3cents says:

    He and Trump are so alike. Big bag of delusional crazy. Run for president Kanye, you’ll probably win.

  17. kiki says:

    Kanye West can share a bed with Donald and his mail order bride Melania Trump for the next 4 years. But first, Donald Trump … I have one good thing to say for you. If you want someone to perform at your inauguration, you can call Kanye West. Forget your favorite singers or rock stars, just call Kanye West for decent celebration. This will go smoothly, after all you are least like and Kanye will not be liked after that performance, and I will sit back and relax and watch Kanye West fall from his demise.. LOVE IT.


    • minx says:

      + 10000

    • Dlo says:

      Seriously this is Our country and Our president. Why would you want him to fail Us? Whoever is elected deserves all of Our support for all of Us!

      • Lady D says:

        Not so much wanting him to fail, more of a sickening surety that it will happen.

      • mayamae says:

        Seriously? I think you need to re-read the comment.

      • lightpurple says:

        The President-elect’s policy are all about failing us. He has no intention of doing anything but fail us and this country. For his policies to fail, there would be hope for the country and its citizens to succeed.

      • Lena says:

        Because him succeeding would mean no more planned parenthood, no choice for pregnant women, deporting of millions of people, a registry for muslims, the killing of whole families if just one of them is a terrorist, the building of a wall and so on. Those are his goals. Diy out really want him to fulfill his goals?

  18. Jayna says:

    Far more important and disgusting than his rant is he ended his concert after only ten minutes. Some fans fly in for concerts, get hotel rooms, some drive many hours, all fans shell out money to see his show, hire babysitters for some.

    The fact that he couldn’t care less about his fans and didn’t give them a concert and just walked off is what is the story.

  19. Louise177 says:

    I doubt that Beyonce cares enough about an MTV award to demand that she win. She was on tour or just finishing her tour so she was likely to perform anyway. MTV is still important enough where performing is good publicity.

    • BJ says:

      I totally agree,Beyonce has 22 VMAs I doubt if she even knows where they all are.This is not a Grammy or an Oscar it’s a Moonman.She performed for more buzz.If anyone should be pissed it should be Britney who performed after Beyonce mini concert.
      On a side note Beyonce(at VMAs) probably performed longer than Kanye performed at his concert .

  20. EMAu says:

    He is not all there.

  21. Margo S. says:

    I think beyonce and Jay are sketchy and fake as hell. Yes kanye is crazy, but at least he’s honest about who he is and how he feels.

    • lightpurple says:

      Sure. He is pathologically obsessed with Taylor Swift and Beyonce and is not afraid to whine about them both endlessly when he should be performing music for the thousands of people who paid hundreds of dollars to hear him do so. Sure, give him credit for being a deranged misogynistic rip-off artist.

    • BJ says:

      Nothing like a honest, delusional person.
      Well Kanye is obviously attracted to fake,sketchy people that’s why he is a Kardashian now.

    • me says:

      He may seem “crazy” but he always holds his tongue about the Kardashian/Jenners. He doesn’t say a word about them. A real insane person wouldn’t have that control.

      • Bashful says:

        @ME I think you may be right. Clearly he suffers from a personality disorder but he’s not nearly as mentally ill as he is presenting: it smacks of “Oh you think I’m crazy, I’ll show you crazy”.

        The Carter-Knowles have known Kanye a LONG time, I’m sure Jay at least has seen this behavior out of Kanye before, just not directed at him. Very smart of Jay & Bey to go all “Gray Rock”.

      • Mae says:

        Eh, mental illnesses lie on a spectrum. I’m acquainted with someone who was always aware when they were having an episode of paranoia or hypo-mania, but because their condition was mild and therefore they didn’t lose self-awareness, they had a measure of control over how they acted. You’re thinking of a full on break from reality I think? That’s only one way to be ‘insane’. Wanting to show people you are ‘crazy’ when they call you crazy is not how a mentally healthy person thinks. And he’s bringing up the matrix . . ya.

  22. kri says:

    Uh oh. Right now Kris Jenner is gaming the divorce and looking for another man whose name beings with a “K”. You watch. Kanye is messing with $$ and connections now. She will NOT be having that. I give it 6 months.

  23. Zoe says:

    I don’t feel sorry for people who pay to see that troll. At this point it’s well known his shows consists of 90 % speeches” and not much music.

    • Chaine says:

      I don’t feel sorry for them either. I wouldn’t know his music from Adam, and even I have a pretty good understanding that his concert behavior is erratic and arrogant.

  24. Tiffany27 says:

    Kim, come collect your husband.

  25. minx says:

    He is insufferable.

  26. Otaku Fairy says:

    With Kanye it sometimes gets hard to tell how much of his behavior is being high/deluded and how much of it is him being desperate for attention.

  27. Sam says:

    Kanye West wishes he was Jay Z and he can’t stand the fact that a woman could possibly be more successful than him. He’s always mentioning Taylor Swift for no reason and always talks about how great Beyoncé is and then talks crap about her too. It’s no coincidence that they’re two of the biggest names in music. His misogynistic self can’t bear the fact that Taylor isnt giving him any attention anymore and that Beyoncé is paying no mind to him now. Like Beyonce stood up for him so many times and he does stuff like this?

    I’d say I’m surprised but Taylor Swift warned us that Kanye is a backstabber this summer but we all fell for Kim Kardashian and her “receipts.” PS no it’s not normal to video tape yourself on a phone call with someone you call a friend whether you’re in the studio or not.

  28. me says:

    He’s just having a tantrum because him and the Kardashians haven’t been in the news lately. No one cares Kanye…NO ONE.

  29. Redgrl says:

    He’s mentally ill methinks. Unpopular opinion here but I find Beyoncé totally over-rated. Good for her for her success, by not my cup of tea.

  30. cakecakecake says:

    people who are still buying tickets to his concert at this point, should know better now.

  31. ria says:

    Some people here still feel sorry for him.

    Kanye says if he would been voting, his vote would have gone to Trump.
    170 comments more or less angry.

    Susan Sarandon voted for 3rd Party.
    More than 320 comments, way more angry in style than against Kanye West.

    Women shaming at its best.

    Sure you Sarandon haters and Kanye West apologists are the better people than the unwashed Mobs of evil white men and women that voted Trump?

    Some of the words written down here against Sarandon for using democratic given rights to vote for whom she wanted, idiotic and wasted or not, were in the same degrading sh#t writing like from Trump supporters against other thinking people.

    Some of the words written here in try to still defend the mannerisms of Kanye West are the same delusional behavior as shown by Trump Supporters, just not as dangerous for your nation.

    • MellyMel says:

      “Woman shaming”? Please stop. There were more comments on the SS post because Kanye is crazy and a lot of people don’t like him and his nonsense and don’t take him seriously. Stop making this about male vs female or black vs. white. And to answer your question…are we better than Trump voters? Yes, yes we are.

  32. MellyMel says:

    I miss old Kanye…

  33. hey-ya says:

    …stop diluting yous genius Kanye with this endless touring…

  34. Anilehcim says:

    I saw him in concert and it was amazing. I guess I got really lucky because I would’ve been FURIOUS if he ended the show after only a handful of songs and I had to sit there and listen to his bullshit.

    This dude needs to get a grip because treating your fans like shit is exactly what’ll end his career. Does he really not understand that he’s nothing without fans? Delusional on so many levels.

  35. serena says:

    Does he have mental issues or is he on drugs? God, I would be so pissed was I in the audience, to pay for a pricey (I imagine) ticket and only get 3 songs and one long stupid rant.. wtf??!!

  36. jinx says:

    Nice! Another celebrity meltdown! Omg, I can’t believe he said winning. Totally CS feel to all this. The pressure of actually having to ‘work’ seems to be catching up to old West. Maybe all he wants is a nap….a dirt nap that is. Oh well. Sux for the ppl who paid and wanted to see his show. Personally, I think he didn’t want to do the show so he opted to be a bitch.

  37. virginfangirl says:

    Watching the AMA’s. Ariana Grande dancing like a stripper and Nicki Minaj was even worse, literally rubbing her finger up her v***** with legs spread eagle. Yep, now I know why as a mom of a girl teen I like Taylor more than many of these pop singers.

  38. MissMerry says:

    love beyonce, but we (the public) will never really know if she had an agreement to perform for being given a certain award.

    I wouldn’t put it past MTV and/or Beyonce, I think they need each other in some ways at this point, MTV needed beyonce more than she needed their awards show, but beyonce loves beyonce, she sits in her own fart clouds b/c she likes the smell so, of course she thinks that if her videos don’t win awards, then art is dead and nothing matters…beyonce loves beyonce. kayne loves kayne and to be looked at, so this sh*t was bound to happen IMO.

    And I know ‘its just the VMA’s'…but they’ve been around awhile, they aren’t totally ‘not important’ especially to musicians who make music videos and would appreciate recognition or hearing from the public on what is good, what is art, what is trending, what is appreciated…why should she win by default?

    If that’s true, or if Kanye is ‘worried’ about that, I get why he would. I get why he would want to tell the public ‘hey, you think this awards stuff reflects what ‘you the people’ feel, but really, it’s all fake’

    i mean, we all know it’s all fake in the end, but maybe kanyes the only one left who thinks it shouldn’t be that way?

  39. Erica_V says:

    I really hope his friends and family get him the help he so obviously needs and don’t just push him away. Something seems very wrong within him.