Brian Austin Green on Megan Fox: ‘My wife makes beautiful babies’

Bodhi as a red head :) )

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The Instagram above is from Brian Austin Green, who went on a Dadampage on Instagram Wednesday. That adorable child is Bodhi Ransom, his two year old. After posting this one, Brian gave us another Bodhi shot, this time pictured with older brother, Noah Shannon, four:

I miss being young :)

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I admit, I’m a sucker for curly hair on kids. I took countless photos of my daughter’s soft curls when she was that age. Following the joint pic, Noah got his own standalone shot in which he is showing off his best distant stare modeling pose:

Crazy how good looking he is

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Okay, he’s probably just looking at something – we know he’s not watching TV. And last, but not least, three-month old Journey River. In this post, Brian enlightens us on whom he credits for these lovely children, his wife Megan Fox:

My wife makes beautiful babies :)

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Well he’s not wrong – those children are gorgeous. This is the second time we have been blessed with Journey’s appearance. Last month, Megan shared a pic of her and Journey hanging out:

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Doesn’t it look like he is critiquing her angle? ‘Mom, come on, your framing is all off – sheesh!’

As some may remember, Journey was an unexpected pregnancy, which Brian said was the case with all three of their sons. But since this pregnancy happened in the middle of their divorce proceeding, at least we, the public, were shocked as hell. But, Megan and Brian reconciled and from the looks of it, everyone’s content. You know what? It’s Friday. I could spend a few sentences giving my thoughts on the complexities of Brian and Megan’s dynamic but it’s been a long, lousy week on the heels of a devastating week and I don’t feel like being negative. Congratulations on the beautiful, healthy babies. I wish everyone all the best.

Now let’s look at some cute baby pics and move into the weekend.

Bodhi: Stunner. Clown. Unicorn.

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I will give you roots and I will give you wings.

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This is a throwback pic with Brian’s son with ex Vanessa Marcil, Kassius Lijah, who is now 12:

Can't believe this one is 12 now……. CRAZY!!!

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Photo Credit: Instagram and WENN Photos

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  1. Tourmaline says:

    Cute kids. Hope their parents are able to make it work.

  2. kay says:

    Love the roots and wings caption! It is one of my fave songs, and is a beautiful thing to wish for anyone (heart emoticon here)

  3. kimbers says:

    Love them!

  4. huh says:

    Cute kids. Sucky names.

  5. original kay says:

    My son had gorgeous light blonde curls as a toddler.
    Last year he finally clued in to one of my favourite snaps (as in, finally realized it was in a frame and on display) and he was aghast.
    He wants me to take it down because he says he looks like George Washington!! He doesn’t but damn, it was so cute.
    I miss his curls.

    Adorable children in the above pics :)

  6. Keaton says:

    They have a weird dynamic but I hope Megan and Brian work it out. They seem like devoted loving parents.

  7. Penelope says:

    Those are some seriously gorgeous kids.

  8. Neo says:

    All four of his kids are lookers. It’s a shame his wife believes in leprechauns and magic star nonsense but her heart is in the right place.

  9. Angelica says:

    I might be the only person who actually likes their names. And yes, absolutely beautiful little boys. I love their little cherub hair!

  10. Amanda DG says:

    Beautiful family. He has aged well IMO. I have always rooted for them!

  11. serena says:

    They really do make beautiful babies!

    • Lauren II says:

      Very inspiring message. I wish them well. It’s comforting to see a content + happy family. Megan is very beautiful.

  12. coffeeisgood says:

    those kids are adorable

  13. Porsha says:

    Usually I get all mushy over puppies but good god dam this kids are so adorable makes me smile and a bit of hope considering recent events