Jennifer Garner wore a sweatshirt with a broken heart on it after the election

Jennifer Garner Out In Brentwood With Her Son
I will admit that I’ve been so devastated following Trump’s win that I have to force myself to eat. I have absolutely no appetite and as a stress eater it takes something major to get me to lose interest in food. It’s good for my diet but it feels so bad too. It also feels like someone died so I’ve been wearing black, although I realize that sounds silly. I even tweeted about it. So when Jennifer Garner stepped out in a black sweatshirt with a broken heart on it the day after the election I could relate. I also thought “where can I get that shirt?” but realized it’s likely out of my price range. The Daily Mail has the details and it’s a Rag and Bone sweatshirt which retails for $195. Forget that. I’ll just buy one from Columbia and get an iron-on.

On election day, Garner voted with her maybe-estranged but probably reconciled husband, Ben Affleck. We don’t have those pictures but TMZ does and she’s wearing the exact same black broken heart sweatshirt as she did the next day. That means she was either prescient on election day, that she realized that the sweatshirt had meaning and chose it again following Hillary’s loss or that she just picked the same sweatshirt to wear for two days in a row and didn’t think about it. My money is on the middle option.

Garner campaigned for Hillary in Nevada at the University of Reno last month, when everything seemed like it would go Hillary’s way. Affleck praised her for this and said “I’m so impressed by her and everything she does.” So are they back together? It sure looks like it, although every time I pose that question a bunch of new commenters come out from the woodwork with a suspicious amount of information about them. I will say one thing – she surely wasn’t thinking about Hillary when she bought that sweatshirt.

Plus here she is in the same sweatshirt on 10-31. She just likes it.
Jennifer Garner out and about in Brentwood

Here are Ben and Jen out together on 10-4.
Ben Affleck & Jennifer Garner Out For Breakfast With Their Son

Ben Affleck & Jennifer Garner Out For Breakfast With Their Son

Jennifer Garner Hits The Gym For A Work Out

Photos credit: FameFlynet and Pacific Coast News

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  1. Hejhej says:

    She got a LOT of shit from her followers on facebook for supporting Hillary so I’m impressed with her too. I think she went against her fanbase there.

    I doubt they’re back together but I wish they would be. Either way: with all the shittyness in the world I’m glad they’re doing things a peaceful and boring way. We need more peace!

    • JoJo says:

      Yeah, her minivan supporters are interesting people. They seem to hate Hillary (and Bill), yet they applaud and encourage Jennifer to stay in a seemingly very similar marriage with serial infidelity, etc. I think they’re back together. Their camps seem to have gone completely silent all of a sudden – even Gossip Cop can’t get denials. Jen seems to be trying to create a more separate but prominent public image – albeit one that aligns with Ben’s advocacy work. (Remember the blinds about her wanting him to respect her mind?) My theory is that it’s part of her therapy – working on herself so she can go back into the marriage more independent. But I don’t think she ever intended to go through with the divorce.

  2. Bichon60 says:

    As a liberal, 65 year old, white woman, retired English teacher in the Midwest, I, too, am heartbroken. And I live among the enemy.

  3. Froggy says:

    If I paid $195 for a sweatshirt, I’d wear the hell out of it too.

  4. JustJen says:

    Love her. I would wear that sweatshirt like crazy!! My husband had the chance to meet her and said she is incredibly kind yet notably strong and sweet.

  5. hey-ya says:

    …all Im thinking for every Jen story is “Justice League…Justice League….”…so so long away…

  6. mire usted! says:

    “Garner campaigned for Hillary in Nevada at the University of Reno last month”

    She should have campaigned in her beloved West Virginia. Her home state voted overwhelmingly for Trump. The lid is off.

    • J says:

      She has said in the past that she comes from a conservative background and that her mom is quietly blue

    • Christin says:

      Not sure about Jen personally, but the HC campaign seemed to ignore places like WV and southern VA (even with Kaine onboard). This probably just reinforces the idea that certain areas have been ignored by Dems.

      What someone needs to say is, where in the Bible does it say or suggest to vote *only* the GOP? We are supposed to help the widows, the poor and infirm.

    • Adele Dazeem says:

      if you recall, she presented at the CMA (country music awards) recently and pulled out her “new” Southern accent (and for what its worth, Chas isn’t really all that southern, more midwestern if anything) and talked small town values and heartland crap. She never had that accent growing up. She panders to her audience.

  7. J says:

    I think back together – but maybe in a new more independent and mature way.
    She has been pushing a very “public service” image for herself – being honored by several charities this year, her work with save the children, her work on the flood in west va. Being named one of people mags 25 women who made a difference etc. I think she has found her stride in this – and maybe will focus on this as her core image instead of movie star and movie star’s wife.

    I’m waiting to see if she will be part of the promo for Live by Night – that will be very telling.

    • ravensdaughter says:

      Well, if Ben has pulled his s–t together-I think gambling was a bigger problem than women-it just might work out. He loves his kids and Jennifer is a great mom, so if there is any leaving to do, it will be her, not him.

    • Kate says:

      Nah, she won’t be part of his movie’s promotion, why should she? He’s proven that his image as a married man has no impact on the success of his movies, he doesn’t need her to sell his movie, in fact the pictures of them together are distracting and confusing if anything, what’s the point of getting pictured together when you look like you can’t stand each other’s company and want to kill each other, I mean really? What exactly are they accomplishing by showing a supposedly “united” front but both look miserable af!! I wish Jen would face reality and leave Hollywood, because she pretty much is done, and the longer this goes on the worse it looks for her. BTW, both Affleck brothers will probably be a part of the Oscars next year, Casey for sure as a nominee and maybe Ben if LiveByNight is any good, especially since Ben’s producing partner is producing the Oscars this time. I guarantee you this Jen Garner will not be a presenter, for sure, she shouldn’t be anyway, but you know how they like to invite “popular” stars, well, with Ben’s producing partner calling the shots, Jen will not be a part in these Oscars and probably future ones.

      • JoJo says:

        I think they’re back together, but agree they won’t use the Oscar’s to go public. They never really did many red carpets together before, and I’m sure they’ll try to avoid media scrutiny now more than ever. Still no rings back on though – my guess is she’s still putting him through his paces until some point in time when they will deliver a public story that makes it clear how Ben begged and pleaded. I also think it’s interesting how they seem to be backtracking on all of the stuff Jen’s camp said after the split about Ben revealing infidelitis and her decade-long trust issues, etc. Now it’s being messaged as them just having disagreements and how they’re now figuring out how to better communicate. The spin machine.

      • J says:

        The news has been that Ben and Matt will be part of the oscars in 17. That does not mean Jen Garner won’t. She has been a part of them pretty consistently including last year as a presenter.

        Also they might not be “back together”. But they are seen together alot. Bringing kids to school, getting coffee and this week going to the polls. Either they really are trying to save the environment by using one car, or they actually like being together whether as friends or something more. So I don’t know why Ben’s producing partner would deliberately not include her in the show (at least not on his behalf). Just look at brad / Angie – I don’t think you will find them going to the polls together any time soon.

  8. Down and Out says:

    I’ve completely lost my appetite, too. Also sleeping at weird hours–like in blocks of 10 hours then awake for 20.

    • Jess99 says:

      Same here. No appetite and completely messed up sleep patterns.

      My husband who is usually pretty stoic and who is something of a foodie hasn’t eaten a meal since Tuesday. He’ll eat a handful of chips with salsa, if he starts to feel sick, but that’s it. He is just deflated. We’ve been together 25 years and I have never seen him this way. It hurts my heart.

    • Adele Dazeem says:

      Ive been struggling too this week, but I decided late yesterday to focus on the positive and turn over a new leaf for my kids and my family’s sake. I view this as an opportunity to become more politically active and involved, get my kids involved and more politically aware, volunteer, do charity work and make this world a better place DESPITE the negative forces at play.

      That, and I want my daughter to experience the inauguration of the first female president. Or BE AT THE INAUGURATION being INAUGURATED.
      (wicked stage mom/tiger mom laugh!)
      Happy Friday everyone. Let’s try and enjoy the weekend. Levity is important in bad times.