FKA Twigs is really into astrology & the ‘scientific’ idea of the ‘Saturn Return’

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FKA Twigs covers the latest issue of ES Magazine, the Evening Standard’s weekly mag. Twigs is still with Robert Pattinson, it’s just that their relationship is now pretty low-key, and they’re mostly flying under the radar this year. Twigs carefully avoids discussing Sparkles in this interview, but I don’t think she’s avoiding the discussion because there’s drama and an impending breakup, I think it’s genuinely about privacy. Mostly, she talks about her new ROOMS concert/Halloween experience or something, and about life, dancing, race and more. You can read the full piece here. Some highlights:

She hated being a video girl, a dancer for hire: “It became a chore. Dancing isn’t a job, it’s an existence, you know?”

When asked “how old are you?”: “In human years, I am like 28. But how old are we really? We don’t even know. In time that humans have set, which isn’t real, I’m 28. But like how old am I? You don’t know how old you are. Your son could be older than you. What are we talking about? Human years? Soul years? Creative years? Years of what? That’s how I see things. I don’t know how old I am. I can’t say.”

Who did she admire when she was young? ‘Nobody.’ Who was on her wall? ‘I’ve never done anything like that. I think it’s weird.’ Was she inspired by anyone at all? ‘No. People always ask me that and I can reel off names, but none are true.’ Early Gaga? ‘Not really.’ What about Prince? ‘I was aware of Prince and David Bowie, yeah,’ she says, ‘but I grew up in a house where I listened to acid jazz from when I was like, five, and Latin. So I never appreciated someone like Prince as boundary-pushing because for me, I was like, “This is natural.” I bought his album and thought, “Yeah, course he’d be doing this.”’ Now she gets why he was such a one-off. ‘But when I first discovered him it wasn’t like, “This person is so different”, because that is what I was brought up with.’

She’s into astrology: “The stars are an alphabet to a whole language we haven’t even discovered yet. [ROOMS is based] on your Saturn Return. It happens when you’re around 27 to 31. Have you noticed a lot of people do well in their careers when they get to 27, or that something happens? It’s like this sudden awakening that you get. All the little seeds that you’ve been planting, good or bad, come together.”

The 27 Club: “That’s not a coincidence that all these amazing artists die when they are 27,’ she says, adding that it’s ‘scientific’…She goes on to tell me that Capricorn, her star sign, is ‘pretty good’ with Taurus, ‘but Taurus has his own space’. Isn’t Taurus Pattinson’s sign? ‘Good luck with that,’ she laughs. ‘No questions. No chance. I’m not getting involved.’

Sensitivity: “I’m proud of being sensitive,. It’s not a bad thing. The opposite of sensitive is insensitive. You are presenting something to me in a way where you’re saying: “Is it a bad thing to cry easily?” It’s not bad.’

She was in an emotionally abusive relationship: “In the relationship I couldn’t communicate. The person I was with was stopping me from explaining how I felt. So the physical manifestation is someone putting their hand in your mouth. But there’s an element, too, of liking that as well. It’s messed up. It’s addictive….It’s kind of sexy, like emotional abuse can be tender. That’s why it’s messed up. If you are in an emotionally abusive relationship, it can be tender, that’s why you stay. And you stay because there’s a poorly part of your mind that likes it.’ Does she fear returning to that kind of troubled relationship? ‘Yeah. I think, also, that is part of growing up, part of becoming a woman.’

When she was young, she wanted to be a ballet dancer: ‘I was told point blank that no matter how hard I tried, no matter what I did, I couldn’t be a ballet dancer. Because I’m half Jamaican, I have certain things in my body which aren’t technically good for ballet in the old tradition. Like my pelvis tilts back. I don’t have arches in my feet. My legs don’t fully extend.’ Can that be right, I ask, that black dancers are discriminated against for their shape? ‘You’ll have to do your own research.’

[From ES Magazine]

There are moments when she comes across as Jaden Smith-esque, which is just funny to me because now I’m imagining Jaden and Twigs talking at each other about moonbeams, water and vampires. I don’t mind the astrology stuff either – at worst, it’s completely harmless and at best, I want to know more about Saturn Returns. I don’t doubt her story about being discriminated against in the ballet world because I’ve heard Misty Copeland say similar things about her journey. As for the rest of it… Twigs needs to “discover” Jaden so they can collab.


Photos courtesy of ES Mag, WENN, Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Erinn says:

    Who did she admire when she was young? ‘Nobody.’ Who was on her wall? ‘I’ve never done anything like that. I think it’s weird.’

    I kind of get that. I never really idolized celebrities the way that my friends did. I remember being in like… 3rd grade when Titanic came out – and all my friends were just painfully in love with Leo. Like – 7 year old first real celebrity crush idol worship love. And I remember we were talking about it before classes started one morning and our teacher (one of my favorites) looked at me and said “what do you think of Leo, Erinn?” and I just blinked up at her and was like “Oh. I don’t care. I’m 7 – and he’s old.” and I remember her just looking at me for a moment with a tiny shimmer of hope.

    I never really looked up to celebrities. I never had posters of them on my walls. I’d read magazines sometimes – I think I had a couple of Tiger Beat magazines or one of those when the Hanson’s were featured on it haha.

    Even my ‘favorite’ celebrity guys as an adult aren’t like… some beautiful, perfectly sculpted men. It’s like… Charlie Day, Dave Grohl, Mark Hoppus, Adam Pally. As far as characters on TV/Movies – I always like the guys who are funny, but a mess the best; Charlie Kelly in Sunny for example. Which – hey. Maybe that speaks to my standards of men, or something, but if you can make me laugh, you’ve got me.

    • ds says:

      I get you. I used to put up photos from magazines that I found inspirational, or some fun articles. just kind of like a mood board. And I did put up the only ever poster and it was Leo and Titanic but I took it off quickly ’cause I didn’t like it and never understood the hype. But all of my friends had it so I was like; ok. let’s give it a try.

      • Erinn says:

        haha – I was like that to a degree too. I have to say… when I was around that age I absolutely learned a dance and the lyrics to Spice Girls “Stop Right Now” because my cousin convinced me that we needed to perform it for our family.

        I never got the whole pandemonium (fandemonium?) kind of levels of hype that people get for bands or actors or whatever. I like stuff – but I don’t get crazy into anything.

      • ds says:

        oh yeah the Spice Girls; I once went to a singing audition with a Spice Girls cover of 2 become 1 and Madonna’s Frozen. I passed :) but I think Frozen got me further. Never had a fandemonium (nice choice btw) either. Of course you have your favorite band but I never really knew the names of the musicians. I think it’s because I’m the generation that got the internet at the age of 16 and it was more like browsing through forums than googling, so I’d be more into music and digging it up than actually reading about the band or the actors. I had a friend who used to burn me the CD’s and one time I just gave him a note saying “Rough trade” – everything. He replyed: you know that’s a label with houndreds of artists right?

    • Sixer says:

      I never had a poster on my wall either. Nor been a committed fan of anyone.

      I don’t think it’s outright weird as Twigs suggests, though. It’s just what a lot of people like to do.

      If tumblr had existed years and years ago, my mum would have had one all about Boy George. What do they call the mothering type fans? Nannies? My mum would have been a Boy George nanny. Bless her, she was endlessly mocked about it by the entire wider family, but she’d never hear a word against him.

      I’m often the one defending ol’ Twigs hereabouts but here she sounds too precious even for me. My eyes are stuck in the back of my head, they’ve rolled so much!

      • Erinn says:

        Oh boy, isn’t it precious though? To the extreme. I had to call it quits when she hit the “it’s not a coincidence that all these amazing artists die when they’re 27″.

        I like Twigs for the most part. I think she’s interesting, and she seems to not give a fig about a lot of the usual things that celebrities get so worked up over. She also gets so much ridiculous backlash/abuse from Twihards, that I feel somewhat protective of her.

        But then she gives an interview like this and I’m kind of just like “sorry girl, you’re on your own this time”. Parts of it are good – but then parts of it are just so… tiring. If someone wants to believe in all the astrology stuff, and really get into that sort of thing because it interests them – cool! But there needs to be a balance between that kind of thing and actual… science and facts. Talk all day long about what saturn is doing, or mercury being in retrograde… but don’t act like the rest of the world is just silly for not buying into it.

      • Sixer says:

        I think we are as one on Twigs! I’ve defended her on here loads of times but y’know. There are limits!

      • lightpurple says:

        My mum would have had a Boy George wall too. But she didn’t let us put stuff on the walls.

      • Locke Lamora says:

        I never had posters either. I never want to meet musicians after concerts. I just never got that invested into any celebroty.

        I full on can’t stand her. Hippy dippy people generally annoy me, and she’s pretentious on top of that.

      • Timbuktu says:

        @Locke Lamora
        Seriously, I’d fall asleep talking to her.

    • Nicole says:

      Wild card!

    • QueenB says:

      i am the same. its the same when someone asks me for my dream dinner guests. i enjoy certain authors and artists but why would i want to have dinner with them? i also reckon most of them would be so full of themselves that it would not be a pleasure. who knows if Oscar Wilde would be a good guest?

      i love gossip but i dont particularly care about any celeb nor do i have a famous role model.

      • tmot says:

        Just don’t invite Truman Capote, unless you want to wind up in one of his books!

      • g says:

        So you’re a pretentious twat too?

      • betsyh says:

        I think Oscar Wilde was a better dinner guest than a writer. But I like self-deprecating humor and that doesn’t describe his.

      • Lady D says:

        My dream dinner was a toss-up between J.R.R. Tolkien and Robin Williams. Other than that, I’m like you. I’ve never wanted to meet the musician after a concert, or touch their leg or even get an autograph. I appreciate the entertainment you provide and would thank the artist if I did meet them, but I wouldn’t search them out.

    • LoveIsBlynd says:

      There is something “sexy” about a controlling relationship, because the sex may be the sole means of intimacy. That said, it’s extremely unhealthy and I agree that moving on to something more substantial is part of realizing the addictive component and hopefully growing up.

    • Tiffany :) says:

      I don’t know. If she’d have said she didn’t “idolize” someone (posters on the wall), I totally get that. But to say that she never “admired” someone? Was never “inspired” by anyone? No one, really? That ties in with respect and humility. I feel bad for the person who goes through life thinking there is nothing anyone else can teach them that they don’t already know. There are great and amazing people in the world worthy of admiration.

      • katie says:

        That was beautiful Tiffany

      • Bridget says:

        Not to mention, not recognizing the talent and artistry in another person. Someone doesn’t have to be completely groundbreaking to be great, you know?

      • marjiscott says:

        If you observe people who think they have gotten “IT” (whatever) when they are young, they kinda think less.. They stop being intellectually curious. I hope she grows up . There’s lots more out there to explore and learn from in every direction.

    • paranormalgirl says:

      She exhausted me a little.

  2. Colleen says:

    Her comment on emotional abuse disturbs me. It’s anything but sexy.

    • annknows says:

      I don’t think that she means it is sexy in a way that glamourizes it. It’s an unfortunate thing, but some people are addicted to the danger, the adrenaline, or even the person. Tenderness is actually a very interesting word to use, because it suggests something that isn’t really love, but isn’t really intimacy in a sexual sense… Idk I probably know nothing about what she meant, that’s just what I think.

      • Tiny Martian says:

        I don’t have any personal experience with this, but I’ve known women who were in abusive relationships with men who became incredibly tender and apologetic after or in between any abusive incidents. I’ve witnessed some of that “tenderness”, and I can see why some women might become addicted to that, although I personally would never put up with even a hint of abuse.

      • G says:

        I understood what she was saying because I’ve been there. The hating yourself, always your fault, you’ll never be good enough and you are a awful person parts? Those sucked. But the fun times, having someone know you on another level, the tender love parts? Those were why I stayed so long. The crappy bits happened more frequently than the good times but you get so stuck waiting for the good that you end up staying.
        The only way to get out of those situations is to make changes to yourself too. Otherwise you do go from abusive relationship to abusive relationship.
        Might not have been her complete point though.

      • squee says:

        Tiny Martian – I know you have no reason not to say that, as like you said, you’ve not had any experience. But it’s quite naive, and some would say offensive, to say ‘personally I wouldn’t put up with even a hint of abuse’ as you would, at first, not recognise it as such. There’s awful lot of careful legwork put in by the perpetrator before anything that you would consider abuse begins, so that you don’t realise or notice what’s happening: pre-conditioning you to accept it as normal and not realise you’re ‘putting up’ with anything. I used to say the exact same thing as you, and a year ago i ended up having to literally escape the man who threatened to kill me, my parents, and kidnap our daughter. It’s very easy to say that when you’ve not been there, and what you said suggests an element of responsibility on the victim’s part, or that you think it’s only stupid/silly women who this happens to. You probably didn’t mean that, but i’m just saying that’s how it reads!

    • Jennah says:

      From what I understand from myself and others, emotional abuse will often build you into a mindset where you can cannot conceive of being worthy of anything else but what you are in. It is nefariously difficult to conceive how it has happened to you, because (insert the reason) – you have kids with the person, the sex is good, they financially help you, etc but it doesn’t change the fact that they are abusive.

      I do think that for myself I was very confused about what real love and sex mean in a lens of respect versus in a relationship that’s imbalanced and abusive.

      I can see someone with internalized misogyny – someone young or immature or who was raised in a family where emotional abuse was prevalent – subconsciously or consciously reenact the abuse patterns because that is what has been modeled for them and somehow think that the sex is worth the up and down nature of abuse.

  3. BeBeA says:

    I bet if we put her in a room with the Smith kids the world would implode. Lol

  4. ds says:

    I’m into astrology. I think it’s fun. Of course I don’t believe that all people born in the same month have identical situations but it’s kind of like a therapy to me. It amuses me. Also I really like Susan Miller. She’s pretty good at it.

    • Luca76 says:

      Yeah I know somethings about astrology. Progressive charts and Saturn returns. (But not enough to read anyone’s chart). I don’t necessarily say I believe in astrology. I find it to be a good shorthand for certain human behaviors and nature. I’ve had some people look at my chart and tell me eerily accurate things about my life. But I’d never claim to believe it’s scientific.

      • tmot says:

        FWIW, Astrology is the basis of modern day astronomy, just as Alchemy is the basis of Chemistry. They are ancient arts which – at the time – were as scientific as they could be. ¯_(ツ)_/¯
        I’ve always loved the work of Rob Breszny – a poet and an astrologer.

      • ds says:

        @tmot I haven’t heard of Beszny; will check him out. I have an astrologer I visit sometimes; he even told me I was Ophichus and that he had a fight with one famous USA astrologer about it. Turn’s out he was right :)

    • adastraperaspera says:

      Susan Miller is lovely! I haven’t read her scopes in a long while.

    • Mae says:

      I think it sounds kind of fun too lol. Just as a game.

  5. mbh12 says:

    She’s stunning.

  6. Gugu says:

    I love this woman… And I didn’t know anything about her till I read about her here on Celebitchy more than a year ago and now I’m like a stalker.. lol.

    I was curious about herb relationship with Rob and then I stumbled on the HKN website where they call her “It”. My word. Talk about pure insanity and hatred and conspiracy theories.. I then tweeted the owner of the website calling her out on describing a beautiful young Black woman as an IT. I’ll never get back that hour of my life tweeting back and forth with this obviously mentally challenged woman..

    Anyway, I wish her, Twigs, all the best… Her talent is amazing

    • Fallon says:

      You’d think they’d be nicer about describing her, considering that she’s part of the very successful “cover story” for Rob and Kristen Stewart’s marriage and however many babies they supposedly have – I lost track. I fell into a black hole on that website once and it was terrifying.

      • Another Anne says:

        LOL! That’s a good point, if she’s just helping Rob with a cover, why do they hate her so much? That group is seriously a cult at this point, you have to suspend all disbelief to agree with their nonsense.

  7. Neelyo says:

    When is she going to do another album? LP1 was amazing.

  8. Locke Lamora says:

    Well, I find her incredibly annoying and up her own ass. She might be talented ( I don’t know, her music isn’t my cup of tea) but she talks so much nonsense. I could let the astrology slide ( I also think that’s nonsense), but “I’m 28 in human years”? Girl please. She tries so hard to be different and artistic it comes across as very try hard.

    How do people like her and Jaden even function in the real world?

    • Myrto says:

      Agree. She sounds like an absolute moron. The astrology crap is bad enough *first eyeroll* but then the human years stuff *no just no. She tries to sound deep but she only comes off as very dumb. Exhausting.

    • Robin says:

      Agreed. She really sounds like an idiot with her comments on age and astrology.

  9. QueenB says:

    ” I don’t mind the astrology stuff either – at worst, it’s completely harmless ” in most countries its legal to discriminate based on star sign. its also really crazy to put people in boxes based on the day that they were born.

    • Timbuktu says:

      Seriously! God forbid we define ourselves by “human years”, but by all means, let us define the world by astrological signs.

      • Lisa says:

        And God forbid we actually take the time to educate ourselves on something we’re intent on mocking rather than making blanket assumptions about what it actually is. I can’t imagine an astrologer (or client of a legitimate astrologer) “defining the world by astrological signs.” Seriously? Most astrologers are highly educated. They have Masters degrees, PsyD’s, LCSW’s, PhD’s and more . They’re not a bunch of bored housewives sitting around yammering about Sun Signs.

        It’s fine if you don’t “believe” in it. But at least know what it is you don’t believe in rather than perpetuating the myth that it is people defining themselves by astrological signs.

  10. LaraK says:

    The Jaden reference is very true.

    I find them both harmless, but endlessly pretentious and exhausting.

  11. Nibbi says:

    i can t make up my mind about her. here she seems totally flaky and spacey and weird, and like someone else said up her own a** , but, like, pattinson is looking so *good* these days. like they seem stable and good, and that is likeable. that makes me think, too, that he likes ‘em kinda self-involved and “edgy” and weird, huh? cuz kstew has some of that going on.

  12. sue says:

    Since when is abusive sexy?

    • Another Anne says:

      I don’t think she was saying abuse is sexy. And I think she was referring specifically to her past relationship, and how she used it to create one of her songs/videos. She was saying that in an emotionally abusive relationship, your thinking can become warped. You confuse the intensity, the controlling personality, for affection. I’ve heard people who’ve lived through that say similar things.

  13. Scar says:

    Okay I’ll say it….She’s full of shit. Pure unadulterated shit. I like how everyone glossed over her comments on emotional abuse. Having hone through it yourself doesn’t mean you can say such shit. I only know her off what I read on this site and I read a lot about how she’s talented. She’s very average at best. She can’t hold a note to save her life. Rihanna holds a note about 3 seconds longer than Twigs and that’s saying something. She goes on about how she’s a real dancer unlike the other pop girls while she does the same pussy-popping moves but she’s not as curvy as Beyoncé so it comes off as weird (read eccentric). I’m tired of her. I think Sparkles is in for a long pretentious ride.

    • Robin says:

      Her comments on abuse are appalling. But she’s pretty popular on this website so people aren’t calling her out on it.

      • Anname says:

        I think she expressed herself badly and her point was lost. A lot of these headlines are leaving out the part where she said how messed up is. That’s an important part of her quote, imo. I read it as her acknowledging that the abuser manipulates your mind to see things like tenderness and sexiness, you can convince yourself to want these things, and that is the part that is messed up.
        The whole interview is unfortunate, she did not come off well at all.

    • Scotchy says:

      At last someone on my wave length. I feel you Scar.. I feel you..
      I do not get it and I have tried to listen to her stuff.. nope..
      I am not a fan of pretentious over hyped weak vocalists with poor lyrical abilities.
      As for her emotional abuse romanticism, ugh..

  14. Cristina says:

    “In human years, I am like 28.” And to think I used to like her.

  15. Jess says:

    I’ll be honest I am not a huge fan of her music. But I find her refreshing as celebrity if that’s what she is ( she would probably say she isn’t) . She’s just very contrary on a lot of things which I kind of enjoy because women are supposed to be so nice.

    • Timbuktu says:

      Yes, like space-time continuum…

      I’m all for questioning authority, but surely we can aim for something else between “nice” and “out of touch”?

  16. Verona says:

    I genuinely don’t understand how an easy-going grounded and overall positive man like Sparkles can be attracted to this moody and pretentious girl full of drama. She may be talented and interesting to look at but living with her and listening to all this shit on a daily basis must be frustrating to any normal human being. In the interview she says he has his own space – I guess he needs one to recover from the fucked up stuff she surrounds him with.

  17. The New Classic says:

    All I ever see when I look at her is her Bucky a$$ teeth. She’d be gorgeous if she just shut her damn mouth..

    • GingerCrunch says:

      Hmmm. But look at the shape of her mouth. I don’t think it’s possible for her based on that.

  18. echophoebe says:

    What’s happening in the picture? Is she mad at him?

  19. KL says:

    I hope she has more than one facial expression in real life.

  20. Willa says:

    I had one poster ever on my wall when I was young. It was of Ariel the Little Mermaid. ;-)

  21. LAK says:

    I had to develop a sense of humour about those Ballet teacher comments.

    Ballet Dance teachers are so locked in the one body type for dancing that it blows their minds when they encounter a different body shape. The only way to square it is to blame the dancer for nature.

    Jazz Dance teachers don’t give you those BS comments.

    • Tiny Martian says:

      Well, this may be true of some ballet teachers. But for dancers who are looking to become professionals, the higher up the ladder you climb, the more specific the expectations for body type become. And those specifics have to do with:
      - weight (because a male dancer is expected to be able to press a female dancer over his head with one arm),
      - height (because a female dancer en pointe can’t tower over her male partner, and he has to be able to reach her hand when her arm is fully extended over her head),
      - line (because ballet is a classical art, and the ballet dancer has to be able to create very specific shapes with their body),
      - and ankle/foot structure (esp. for female dancers who dance en pointe, because if the ankles are tight and the foot doesn’t fully extend in a pointed position, then it is impossible for the dancer to retain the proper placement with the knees lining up directly over the ankles which are directly in line over the toes. And not only is this ankle position not aesthetically pleasing, it’s actually dangerous for the dancer,makes them ripe for all kinds of injuries, and limits their pointe technique.)

      Jazz dancing doesn’t have any of these qualifiers, so it can be more open to various body types.

      • Wren33 says:

        Yeah, I’m white but don’t have the body for a professional ballet dancer because I don’t have a good arch and my knees always look slightly bent even when perfectly straight. The ballet aesthetic definitely bleeds over into other styles, but jazz and modern are much more flexible.

    • Kate says:

      I’m white and have the tilted back pelvis issue too, so there was only so far I could go with ballet. I should have listened and given up far earlier.

      The nature of ballet is that you have to be able to achieve very specific positions, and the vast, vast majority of people just aren’t born with the body for it. You can be 99.9% there and it still just doesn’t look right. It’s like the specificity of other sports x1000. If you’re a runner or a tennis player or a basketball player you can get away with bad or ugly form if you’re getting results, but with ballet the beauty is the whole point.

      There’s definitely racism in the ballet world, but the physical demands apply across the board. What would be nice is if more inclusive dance styles could be as exalted and respected as ballet is.

  22. QQ says:

    LOL Twigs Management BESIDES LETTING HER AND JADEN MEET SO THEY CAN FUSE LIGHT BEAMS AND EXPAND THE CONSCIOUSNESS, should just let her take Exquisitely weird Pics/and Create Music!! She just doesn’t give a F*ck about doing the press circuit and she comes off always as being as short curt and odd as possible (Currently on a Morning Playlist that includes her/Big DRAM, Kilo Kish , Solange, Raury and Blood Orange … It’s all very Black and Carefree and Purely excellent

    • I Choose Me says:

      Right. I’m here for her just as I’m here for the Smith kids. I might not believe as they do but people like her and Willow and Jaden and even Shailene, make life and celeb gossip more interesting imo. I don’t reall gaf how kooky they come off as I find them all entertaining and talented in various degrees.

  23. Robin says:

    Twenty-eight in human years, huh? How old is that in pretentious twit years?

  24. squee says:

    Her comments about abuse are pretty irresponsible and offensive. I’m sure she was just explaining it how she saw it in her experience but she’s been famous long enough to have thought about the effect of her words in publicly published interviews.

    • Another Anne says:

      She was talking specifically about one emotionally abusive relationship and how she used the experience as inspiration for a video. I think the media is twisting what she was actually saying. As they do.

  25. Tig says:

    Yikes- is this a Kate Middleton post? Seriously, other than “human age years” (?- I feel like I am aging on dog years-LOL), what was so awful? I agree that she was pointing out what I have heard many women say re abusive relationships- when it’s good, it’s great, but eventually (at least for those you get out/quit them)- the bad starts to far out-weigh the good. Totally shallow comment- I would kill to have her legs! That last photo in the gown is amazing.

  26. Deniz says:

    I’m actually a part-time Astrologer and can explain Saturn Returns in depth if anyone is interested :) To summarize, it’s a turning point everyone reaches when they are 29/30 years old. It greatly influences a person’s life development. In some cases, you become more “comfortable” in your own skin, and really come to understand who you are and what you want in life. If you believe in Karma, everything that no longer suits you before the return is expunged from your life. Like relationships, jobs, moving etc. However, if you are where you’re supposed to be, then the return won’t affect you as much. Right now I have Saturn RIGHT on my ascendant, and let me tell you, my life is CRAZY. It feels like this one big fog. But I am hoping once Saturn leaves my ascendant things become clearer for me.

    I know many people don’t believe in Astrology, and I was skeptical when I was younger. But as I’ve gotten older, I see how the planets and the universe really connect with all of us.

    Namaste :)

  27. senna says:

    I love Twigs to death. I think she is a gorgeous creature of moonbeams and starlight, love each one of her EPs and LPs, have been super excited about the ROOMS project, and she seems to be an amazing leader and visionary of incredible collaborative efforts when it comes to her music and art. However, even I cringed pretty hardcore at how she came off in this interview. It sounds so try-hard and overly precious! Human years?! Sexy emotional abuse?! Girl, please.

    I know she’s probably in the camp of “I cannot have a PR manager to suppress my delicate self-expression and REALNESS” but sometimes it doesn’t hurt to have someone else working on your image, and on how you’re coming across to the press, because she probably doesn’t realize how she sounds. I am to the point where I pretty much give Jaden a full pass over anything that falls out of his mouth, but this seems extra next-level alien-innocent, right? (I would fully support a Jaden-Twigs performance art collab, though! Just don’t let them talk to the press about it :) ).

    I get that she might have built a bubble around herself where she doesn’t really engage in media, but when one is doing media and promotion, it pays off to be a little more self-aware and prepared. She works super hard on every other aspect of her performances, but this is a really essential piece of the puzzle which she seems clueless about.

    • Anname says:

      Rob does not have a PR rep/team, and totally resisted media training. I bet twigs has a similar attitude – be yourself, don’t have others speak for you. But I agree with you in that she probably could benefit from some guidance in how to manage her interviews.

  28. LR says:

    She lost me on “In time that humans have set, which isn’t real.” I can’t tell you how many people I’ve talked to that have legit mental health issues that think time is an illusion. Nope. No matter how you cut it the earth has laws of nature that are put into place, time is one of them (Gravity is another etc). Maybe there are places outside of our planet where time does not exist but unfortunately (or fortunately however you look at it) time is real and we know that by many ways. A few of which are the changing of the seasons and the fact that we are all aging physically. Maybe she doesn’t like the label that humans have put in place to measure time but that doesn’t make time a non realty. In that way she comes off as completely delusional.
    I have no problem with astrology and have read a lot about Saturn returns but I do have a problem with people advocating astrology that don’t explain it properly. The way she described it was confusing at best and saying things like “so many artist died at 27″ …and?! That doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with a Saturn return and she’s giving people a confusing definition of what a Saturn returns represents. Like some of the other commenters mentioned I think she comes across as out of touch and pretentious. And that assessment as nothing to do with who she’s dating, I’m definitely not a Twihard. The ballet comment was over reaching in my opinion. Ballet is considered a sport and just like any sport you have to have the physical components in order to achieve in that field. It has nothing to do with skin color, but sure lets add that to the list as well.

    • Wilma says:

      You are taking her way out of context here. She doesn’t think our system of timesetting is real, and she’s right about that. Time-units like seconds, minutes and years are not from nature, but are an arbitrary man-made decision. Then she explains that to her time is relative, which is an accepted idea. You can be young in experience, old in experience etc. It’s why we talk about some kids having an old soul.
      Please don’t ignore the racism in ballet, it’s very real and it’s why there are so few black ballerina’s at the top. Google for the article ‘Black dancers, white ballet’ to start with. If you want to keep believing that the world of sports is an actual meritocracy you should invest in some blinders.

  29. TOPgirl says:

    OMG she sounds like her brain is in the clouds. Can’t understand anything logical in there. How do they even talk!

  30. GreenieWeenie says:

    Can it be right that black dancers are discriminated against for their shape?

    Begging the question. The premise is false: black dancers don’t have a “shape” peculiar to their race. And eugenics isn’t a science.

    So no, you don’t have to do your research. Black dancers are obviously discriminated against or they wouldn’t be all but non-existent in ballet.

  31. Shivad_Irons says:

    The horrid combination of ignorant and being abjectly unaware. Speaks very poorly for the boyfriend she’s with.

  32. Beer&Crumpets says:

    I find pretty much everything about her annoying as hell. She *does* remind me of the Pinkett-Smith kids, and they irritate me, too.