“Lady Gaga had some interesting shade for Madonna this week” links


Lady Gaga had some interesting shade for Madonna during her Beats 1 interview. Gaga claims she’s different because she “plays a lot of instruments.” [Jezebel]
Any day now, Mila Kunis. Put your feet up! [Moe Jackson]
Cobie Smulders in Alessandra Rich… this is not good. [Go Fug Yourself]
Prince Harry met a little boy with wild ginger hair. [LaineyGossip]
Justin Hartley has a really great body. [Dlisted]
Reactions from the Al Smith dinner. [Pajiba]
Jenna Dewan: the butt shot. She has such a great figure. [Popoholic]
Real Houswives accusing each other of assault and such. [Reality Tea]
Scott Eastwood dressed up like his dad for Halloween. [Wonderwall]
This vandalized statue made me LMAO. [OMG Blog]
Kim Kardashian is building a panic room. Sure. [The Blemish]


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  1. G says:

    Gaga may play instruments, but Born This Way ripped off Madonna’s 80′s career, which is why the comparison is there to begin with.
    So maybe she shouldn’t be throwing shade.

    • Lightpurple says:

      Express yourself
      You’ve got to make him
      Express himself
      Hey, hey, hey, hey
      So if you want it right now
      You’ve got to show him how
      Express what he’s got
      Baby, ready or not!

    • Bridget says:

      Same thought. Perhaps you shouldn’t shade someone that you’ve blatantly ripped off. But then again, Lady Gaga doesn’t have much to say otherwise other than to try to convince us that she’s an “artist”

    • hannah89 says:

      I think Gaga is very talented but…I just listened to her new album that dropped last night.

      There isn’t one hit on it. What the hell is she going to play at halftime? her greatest hits of 2009?

    • Skins says:

      Not huge on Madonna, but she is 10 times the star Lady Gaga will ever be.

    • lucy2 says:

      So true, BTW is definitely a rip off of Madonna’s song.
      I think Gaga is the more talented singer, but they’re both annoying and self important.

    • milla says:

      Gaga can sing and play instruments, so she is a musician, while Madonna is a showgirl.
      A singer should know how to sing. It is their job.

      • G says:

        Gaga has more musical talent. That being said, she had an entire album that ripped off Madonna’s 80′s catalog, so her talent didn’t lead her to producing more original material. I loved Gaga during The Fame Monster and I have heard good things about her Jazz album but this wasn’t necessary.

    • Veronica says:

      I think Gaga is the better musician, though there’s no getting around the fact that Madonna was an electric performer when she was younger who produced some really classic pop hits. Both women take themselves way too seriously, though.

      (I’ll admit I do find it impressive that Gaga is so passionate in her on stage performances given that she has lupus. Not an easy disease to live with.)

  2. atorontogal says:

    I’m not a huge fan of either of them – but imho Gaga has way more talent than Madge.

    • Aren says:

      Absolutely. I was a huge Madonna fan when I was little, but I admit Madonna lacks talent, she’s ambitious and hard working, but talentless.

    • LeAnn Stinks says:

      I saw her on a PBS special with Tony Bennett and I have to agree, as much as I HATE to admit this, she can sing Jazz, well. Her voice is good and far better than Madonna’s. However, Madonna was really a dancer/performer, not a singer.

      That being said, it still doesn’t take away from the fact that Gaga has bought into her own hype. She acts very affected, seems very impressed with herself, and sends mixed messages to her fans, like “love yourself the way you are, but ignore all the plastic surgery I have had over the years.”

      Finally, it is obvious that she was extremely influenced by Madonna. Also, “Born This Way” is a Madonna rip off, so I think she should remember whom came first. Without Madonna, there would be no Lady Gaga.

      • Bridget says:

        Madonna was always so much more than her voice, though. Through 3 decades, she was the cutting edge of music and trends and performing. Madonna has countless songs that we can all sing along to. Gaga? Had one good album and then spent the rest of the time telling us how great she is.

      • LeAnn Stinks says:


        I am not sure if you were responding to my comment or atorontogal’s.

        If it was to me, I simply meant Gaga, indeed has a better voice and can actually sing. Additionally, sing a genre of music well, that I would never think she would be able to accomplish based upon hearing only her dance music.

        While I cannot say the same about Madonna’s voice, she was a pioneer, started many fashion trends (good or bad) and was an all around entertainer/personality.

        Also, I wholeheartedly agree, that while she may not have written her songs, unlike Gaga (whom I am no fan of), her songs stand the test of time and are memorable. I was a huge Madonna fan, and still am, of her older material and her “Ray of Light” record.

        As I stated above, without Madonna, there would be no Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, Katy Perry, etc., etc.

      • marley31 says:

        Every song Madonna made before her Ray of Lite album was a hit. EVERY song.

    • lightpurple says:

      Actually, Madonna is a marketing genius. That is where her real talent has always been.

    • Gatita says:

      Gaga can sing and play instruments and is a good performer but she is also extremely dependent on working with good producers–as is Madonna. But I think Madonna has much better instincts in terms of who she works with. Gaga dumped the producers who created her first album and her music has been mediocre ever since.

  3. pinetree13 says:

    I figure the links section is a good off-topic area….what happened to GoodNamesAllTaken? I haven’t seen any comments from her lately. Hope she’s okay. Though I suspect the politics may have driven her away.
    My work blocks most sites (somehow CB gets through!) so I can’t see the Jenna Dewan pics but she’s my girl-crush. They are the cutest couple.

    • lisa says:

      i have been thinking that myself. i hope she’s ok.

    • Lalu says:

      Politics? Sorry, I am being nosey. I remember seeing that name.

      • pinetree13 says:

        I recall reading that she thought very poorly of Hillary but I think she is a democrat, but didn’t like all the praise for Hillary on these boards? Not sure.

      • antipodean says:

        I have been thinking that for a while, that we haven’t seen GNATTY for ages. I miss her. Maybe she has changed her name or is waiting out this atrocious election cycle. I am firmly for Hillary, but the unseemly shenanigans from the Tangerine Troll have me wanting to hide under a rock until after November! Please come back GNATTY.

    • MC2 says:

      I have been wondering that too! I miss GNAT and she was a great commenter…..I do think she stopped commenting before the politics exploded though. I also miss taterho & Abbott.

    • Snazzy says:

      I was wondering about that too. Miss you GNAT!

  4. Jayna says:

    I listened to a bunch of her new country pop songs off of her new album that came out today. I’m just not moved nor impressed by her songwriting these days nor her vocals on some of the songs. She’s just not for me. I don’t think she’s the great songwriter she thinks she is, and, thus, the soul for this type of album doesn’t come through. I felt like I was supposed to be moved but wasn’t.

    • Miss Grace Jones says:

      I’ve seen pretty mixed reviews on it both sides have strong reactions to it. The only album i ever listened straight through from her was the fame monster .

  5. Luca76 says:

    Love you guys but that isn’t shade it’s just a straight up diss. Check out Shade Court every Friday @ Jezebel.

  6. Miss Grace Jones says:

    Well I really really loathe Madonna and Lady Gaga can definitely sing much better so even though everyone is always saying she ripped her off*( and Miss Grace Jones)….I’ll allow it.

    • Aren says:

      Gaga does have an amazing voice and knows how to use it live. It’s a shame her new stuff sounds… like nothing.

  7. Sasha says:

    I was hoping Celebitchy would cover the Mary J. Blige/Kendu Issacs divorce and alimony request. His list of expenses seem so inflated.

    • Sigh... says:

      I literally LOL’d when I read that he wants roughly $130k A MONTH and they have no kids together. I didn’t know there was a list of demands, I MEAN “expenses” out there. “Accustomed to a lifestyle,” indeed…

      How does that work? When would his payments ever end?

  8. Sigh... says:

    I’m at the point where if the pic isn’t labeled/headlined/captioned with GaGa’s name, I can’t readily recognize her face anymore. Barring sunglasses, hats, etc, does she just keep having “work” or…?

  9. CoKatie says:

    Does anyone put their arms inside a coat anymore? I am SO outta style.

    • Angelica says:

      Idk, but I love putting my arms in my coats. Why would you buy a coat just to drape it on one shoulder? Or around two shoulders? A cape? Idk, but I’m sticking with the old fashioned way, haha!

  10. Elle says:

    It always amazes me that Cobie Smulders is a former model. She makes some weird fashion choices and looks as uncomfortable as Twilight-era Kristen Stewart on a red carpet.

    On a more positive note: Loved Jenna Dewan on Supergirl last year (she can act!) and need her back on my TV. Preferably not in a procedural show or with her playing wife to a fat guy old enough to be her father.

  11. Happy21 says:

    Madonna was my obsession straight through the 80′s and 90′s. I have books, tapes, LP’s, magazines, posters still. Hell, I had a shrine to the woman in my bedroom! However, after her album ‘Music’ or was it ‘Ray of Light’ I just didn’t relate anymore. The last 12 years or so she has been so desperate to keep herself relevant. She is talented in the sense that she’s a mediocore singer, a wonderful dancer and she always knew how to keep people engaged.

    And even though there is shade thrown, Lady Gaga is talking truthfully about herself. She plays instruments, she is musically talented and she is a good singer. I don’t see much of a comparison except for the need to reinvent oneself for every album.

    I am a fan of Lady Gaga, have been listening to Joanne all morning which is still growing on me. It is a million times better than ArtPop which was CRAP which is what I hoped she’d accomplish but whether it is The Fame or even Born this Way I’m not sure yet. She sounds more raw, more real and less gimmicky which is also good since she is using her singing voice here.

    • Aren says:

      Your opinion on various points sounds a lot like mine so I guess I’ll give Joanne a listen and see if I can get anything out of it. I only heard a single, and had to change the station because it seemed extremely poor and empty.

    • Veronica says:

      I’m liking the sound of Joanne, too, so I’m probably going to download it. I agree that ArtPop has been the low point of her career thus far, even if I do find “Applause” obnoxiously catchy.

  12. Anilehcim says:

    I like both Gaga and Madonna. Madonna deserves her daps for what she accomplished in the 80s, 90s, and early 00′s. People love to call her a has-been now, but they forget she was the queen of music during that era. Her music videos were always top notch–like mini movies, and this was in a time when stuff like that really mattered. People always have pop culture moments that really stick with them, and for me, so many of those moments involve Madonna’s music. I remember where I was when I saw the videos for “Like a Prayer,” and “Oh Father.” Madonna isn’t really an original herself, though–she ripped off a lot from other artists, namely BOWIE with her constant reinvention of herself. This is something she has openly admitted to.

    There is a quote attributed to Banksy that is something along the lines of “Bad artists imitate, great artists steal.” I’m just trying to say that it’s ALL been done before and truly innovative thinkers are so few and far between. Though I love her, Madonna did not invent what Gaga is stealing from her.

    On another note, Gaga can’t seem to win. She makes a jazz album with a living legend and her fans turn on her because they don’t like that kind of music. With that album, she showcased the genuine talent she actually has unlike the pop stars people put her in line with. Then she puts out a shitty pop album, and people accuse her of being too much of this, not enough of that. I think she has brilliant talent, her voice blows my mind when I hear live performances. I’m very happy she stopped with all the stupid costumes because it really was overkill and took away from her talent. From where I’m sitting, Gaga has done jazz, pop, and even operatic singing when she did the Sound of Music medley. She is not being bitchy when she says that she doesn’t belong in the same category as Madonna… This is a fact that has been proven time and again.

    I just personally don’t understand all the hate she gets, especially when there are tons of other pop artists out there who don’t have even a fraction of her talent and they get a pass.

    • Aren says:

      That’s a very interesting quote, and it could also fit Bowie considering how many artists he blatantly ripped off.
      As for the Gaga hate, I think it’s because she’s privileged like Taylor, and even lied about being an outcast when her father bought several pages of the school yearbook to put photos of her and her friends and talk about her accomplishments.
      I think she’s super talented, but a bit of honesty would’ve been better in the long run.

  13. Lama Bean says:

    Amen Justin Hartley. He was Adam Newman on the Young and the Restless and constantly getting it on with his TV wife. Ample opportunity to enjoy his amazing body.

  14. frisbee says:

    Can’t bear either of them but that said Madonna was a self made women who was in charge of her own career when it was incredibly difficult to pull it off. She was a brilliant business woman and was aware of her own limitations as a singer and dancer.She once said all she wanted to do was ‘shake things up’ and she achieved that. If the stories are to be believed Gaga is a manufactured pop star who stole her act off other people.
    I have no idea how true this is but the stories been around for a while now and keeps popping up here and there.
    Gaga is a better singer and may be a better musician but she lacks Madonna’s self awareness and is just not as good a ‘star’. She is clearly in no position to diss somebody she has blatantly ripped off, even if Madonna bought in songwriters and producers she was still in charge of her output.
    I have heard the Gaga album and thought it was dire, her whole ‘getting back to reality shtick’ and ‘exposing her real self’ has conveniently emerged after Adele’s success – whose popularity is built on the back of her ‘realness’ and whose break out album, 21 was full of very personal songs.
    This is just another one of Gaga’s promotional angles, and another one she’s stolen off another performer who is currently more successful than she is.

  15. frosty says:

    Gaga’s right. Believe it or not, there’s actually room for more than ONE great female artist and performer at a time. I also think this bulls**t controversy trivializes them both – which come to think of it is probably the point.

  16. LeAnn Stinks says:

    I am sure I am going to get flamed for this, but Scott Eastwood looks so hot dressed like his father. Wow…

  17. Adrien says:

    Madge can play the guitar. She can also dance.

  18. JRenee says:

    When did the comparisons begin?
    Gaga is better singer.
    I give Madonna her just due, she’s still an icon, albeit try hard, she’s an icon!
    She’s been surprisingly quiet since she lost custody of Rocco.

    • Jayna says:

      Not really. She’s active on twitter and shares things with fans, what she’s up to.

      She has a home in London not far from Guy, and there’s been lots of pap photos over the months of Madonna and Rocco together in London, Rocco going to Madonna’s house, even Guy coming over to visit back in the beginning when they were hashing out custody, bringing a bottle of wine. Rocco was home in NYC for part of the summer, and then Madonna brought Merci and David and Lourdes over to London for the other part of the summer to be close to Rocco. There’s been photos of Madonna with Rocco and his friends coming over to her London house or out so that she could get to know his London friends. I think she is making sure she’s an involved mother in his life still.

      Recently, when school started back up, it showed Rocco and Madonna out in London together smiling and several photos of Madonna at Rocco’s school with the head if the school. They seemed to be on very friendly terms. It shows Madonna still stays very involved in his education.

      I think Rocco is very happy, and also happy his parents are now getting along.

  19. Spiderpig says:

    I’ve been listening to her first two albums a lot lately and I think she is genuinely a major talent. But it’s sad she needs to diss Madonna to get headlines.

  20. antivogue says:

    Madonna is a hasbeen, but she is still a legend. And many of her songs have no expiry date.

    Gaga has like – what- 3 fantastic songs that most people could name. She was relevant in 2010. Only her stans and the media still want her to happen. Her new songs aren’t even worth to discuss, if they all have the ‘quality’ of Perfect Illusion she is done.

  21. Fancy Vagabond says:

    LOL Madonna just got nominated for the Songwriting Hall of Fame. You can only get a nomination after 20 years of songwriting, so yes Madonna and Gaga are very different artists.

    One has a legendary career spanning four decades, of writing and producing iconic pop songs while pushing sexual/gender boundaries as a performer and out lasting all scrutiny in the world to emerge as the undisputed Queen of Pop.

    The other made 2 successful pop albums by being an over the top parody of a pop star, which worked for her until she broke down under the pressures of fame and released a terrible third album that ended her career. Now she’s trying to go the genuine artist route and her new album is also flopping.

  22. Neelyo says:

    Gaga emulated Madonna’s career except she rushed over the fun pop phase and headed straight to the pretentious part after The Fame Monster. She should have just enjoyed being a pop star and let others decide she was an artist. Instead she announced it herself and the response was ‘no you’re not’.

  23. Ruby says:

    I miss GNAT too!

  24. Ozzy says:

    She’s still a pretentious git who buys awards and works together with scum like r kelly and dirty uncle terry while profiting of rape victims. I don’t care much about Madonna, but I’ll take Madonna over her any time.

  25. Jag says:

    Why would Kim K. mention that she’s building a panic room? Doesn’t that defeat the purpose? Now any intruders will know that they have x seconds to get to her before she gets inside. Sheesh…

  26. DetRiotGirl says:

    Madonna plays the guitar and the drums, and has more solo songwriting credits on her first album alone than Gaga has had in her entire discography. So, I think Gaga would do well to stop yapping about her. That said, I like her new album. Joanne is a massive improvement over artpop.

  27. JenniferJustice says:

    It doesn’t matter who the better singer is. It’s pretty well-known that Gaga ripped off Madonna’s 80′s album(s) and her attempts to garner attention were pretty Madonna-ish too – the meat dress, boob cones, all the shock value tactics and controversy for the sake of relativity….Gaga has been the knock-off version of Madonna for this younger generation.

    Did anybody see Gaga on SNL? At the end when all the cast and guests are on stage waving goodbye to the audience, Gaga literally stood right in front of Alec Baldwin. He moved to the side and she moved to the side – in front of him again. This isn’t the first time this dumb self-important woman acts like it’s all about her. When she accepted that Grammy award with Tony Bennett, you’d think it was a only her that received the award. She doesn’t know her place and keeps blatantly trying to upstage legends. Take a seat Gag Gag.

  28. JulieB says:

    She stopped copying Madonna and now she’s copying Kesha. Wow.