Kanye West reveals his friendship with Jay-Z is pretty strained these days


The tabloids are always trying to make it sound like Beyonce and Kim Kardashian are beefing. I’ve long believed that Beyonce simply doesn’t care enough about Kim to “beef” with her one way or the other. But what if the long-simmering beef was actually between Bey and Kim’s husbands? We all knew this was coming. We knew as soon as we heard that Beyonce and Jay-Z couldn’t be bothered to attend Kim and Kanye’s wedding. We knew as the years ticked by and there was no Watch the Throne Vol. 2. And now we know for sure, because Kanye told the world at a concert in Seattle this week. Apparently, Jay and Yeezy are no longer tight. There’s some Tidal bulls—t. And their children have never played together. Some assorted quotes from Kanye – he actually stopped his concert THREE TIMES to rant about Jay.

The song “Pop Style” was supposed to be a collab between himself, Jay-Z & Drake: “I wasn’t on this song because of Hov. You didn’t get what you were supposed to get because of some TIDAL-Apple bullsh-t… I start freestyling to it. Jay thought of a couple lines … I said, ‘Man go ahead and throw it on there. [Drake] will be so surprised, he probably wasn’t expecting you to be on there.’ We sent it back to him and he said, ‘Oh sh-t, the Throne is on this sh-t.’ Then Jay thought of it and out of respect for Meek Mill, he didn’t want to be on the track.”

Kanye offered to call Meek Mill to quash the beef between Meek and Drake: “But then out of that paranoid, it went into TIDAL, some political sh-t, some sh-t about percentages on songs. I can’t take this sh-t, bro.”

Their kids: “Our kids ain’t never even play together.”

Watch the Throne 2: “[There] will never be a Watch the Throne 2.”

On Jay’s reaction to Kim’s robbery: “Don’t call me, after the robbery, and say ‘how you feelin?’ You wanna know how I’m feelin? Come by the house. Bring the kids by the house. Like brothers.”

[From Consequence of Sound & XXL Mag]

I mean… this isn’t Kanye’s usual style of ranting. Usually when a Kanye Rant starts up, I have pause for a moment, dig in and concentrate so I can follow his train of thought. Not here. He’s offering some juicy gossip straight-up about his strained relationship with a man he thought of as a brother. He’s saying Jay let him down. That Jay didn’t treat him right. That Jay cares more about some Tidal bulls—t than making a good track. That Jay would choose Meek Mill (who is signed to Jay’s Roc Nation) over Kanye. That Jay’s daughter doesn’t even play with North West. That Jay didn’t reach out sufficiently when Kim was robbed.

I’ve said before that one of the big reasons why Kanye loves Kim so hard is because she offered him an instant family, the kind of big, close, crazy family that he needed following his mother’s passing. His family – the Kardashian-Jenners – are very important to him. And he always thought that Jay and Beyonce were his family too. I don’t know… it’s just interesting to me.

Meanwhile, Page Six has a juicy story from Jay-Z’s perspective, using sources close to Jay. Those sources claim: “Jay can’t stand him. He looks at him as this crazy, eccentric motherf - - ker he can tolerate in small doses. Kanye is a nut job. Everyone knows that.”



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  1. Nev says:

    Not calling after the robbery? That’s cold.

    • detritus says:

      I got that he called, but Kanye didn’t think that was enough.

      • roses says:

        Yeah he said he called and asked him how he was feeling so I don’t get what else was Jay-Z to do.

      • Rhiley says:

        This, and the part about their children not playing together, is the only part of this I can understand. The stuff about the music loses me. Also, I think Jay’s response kind of ends any discussion. Kanye is nuts and Jay got fed up with his mess.

      • mar_time says:

        This comment is to back up Kanye a little bit (although I don’t think he should have said these things in concert, it may have been as a Hail Mary because Kanye knows Bey and Jay are all about appearances) he has always seen Jay as a big brother (check out the song with the same title) and I think this has been escalating for years. How many of us have still had to smile and be civil to our friends’ partners even if we weren’t their biggest fans? And to not go to their wedding and call the paps to get yourself shot riding bikes is pretty shady, let’s be honest… Kanye always always always supports them so there’s an imbalance there and I think it’s easy for people to blame Kanye cause he’s Kanye but the lack of love comes from Bey and Jay I think…this said I love all of them and wish they’d be close again (see Lainey article about this yesterday lol)

      • ladysussex says:

        @ mar_time: I get your optimism and desire for unity, but there must be a reason Jay distanced himself, right? I know in my own life there have been 2x in my life when I realized I needed to create a distance between myself and a friend or family member, and it was always with much careful thought and trepidation that I did so. A lot of people think Kanye is unbalanced and a bit delusional. Maybe Jay is making a decision for his child/family to distance himself from Kanye personally and just tries to keep it work only.

      • Lindsay says:

        Kanye seems like he is very obsessive about relationships. He targets someone, courts them, kisses up, does anything he needs to to convince them or wear them down to the point they let you into their life. I don’t thinks it is malicious but he pursued Kim for a long time, including when she was married, he obviously respects and admires both Jay and Bey so he wanted to establish a personal and professional relationship. However, when you doggedly peruse someone like that to develop a connection and build a relationship you begin to put that person on a pedestal, overlooking flaws, over emphasizing strengths, and filling in the blanks with what you want to be rather than learning who they really are. Also, relationships that start that way tend to have a huge imbalance of power with one person bending over backwards to make it work. Plus, the two individuals usually place a different value on the relationship. Naturally anything you strived and struggled for is going to have more intrinsic worth than something handed to you on a silver platter. He may view Jay as a big brother but has there every been any real confirmation Jay appreciated/enjoyed being given that title? Or conversely he saw Kanye as a little brother? One side relationships suck and are painful for normal people, for Yeezus and his huge ego it really has to really sting.

        “How many of us have still had to smile and be civil to our friends’ partners even if we weren’t their biggest fans?”

        The tabloids are obsessed with pitting women against another woman. I don’t think Kim is really the problem. She may not be Beyonce’s ideal dinner guest or every destined to become her best friend but Kim is bland, inoffensive and nice enough. She is probably on her best behavior when she is with Queen B. I think he has changed a lot in the years following Jay befriending him. It happens to coincide with his relationship with Kim but I don’t think she was the catalyst. His ego and ranting really escalated. He became erratic and unfocused. He repeatedly made a fool out of himself (and for two people so hyper vigilant about their image maintaining distance probably seemed like best route to take.) Who knows maybe he kept hitting Jay up for money so he could change the world. There is very little you can do, beyond encouraging them to see a professional, if someone starts appearing to have an inflated ego, some of the tell tale sign of manic episodes, and a God/savior complex, if they don’t want help.

        Dealing with that is draining and as a friend if you know he has family support, a closer friends that can monitor his day-to-day mental health, the only thing you can do is set healthy boundaries and offer your support if he ever needs your help. Kanye didn’t just get a family. He got a Kanye-centric family. He is top dog. They will go to all his events wearing clothes he picked out for them. Everyone, especially PMC, want to keep him happy. He is the artist and visionary among mere reality TV stars. If the Kardashians are happy with the bed that they made for themselves great. They can prostrate themselves to assuage and massage his ego to their hearts content. Jay and Bey are under no obligation to play along. It is not their mess. Remember, this rant happened because Jay had the audacity to merely call and check on Kim and Kanye instead of rushing right over.

        “And to not go to their wedding and call the paps to get yourself shot riding bikes is pretty shady, let’s be honest…”

        Yes, that is awful, rude and completely unnecessary especially if they were the ones that informed the paps as to their location.

      • Lahdidahbaby says:

        I love Kanye and have a lot of his music, but he has got to learn that the quality of any friendship is a highly personal matter, not a public one, and the way to make things deeper and realer and more intimate is NOT to announce your grievances to thousands of people at a concert. Any chance he had of achieving the relationship he wanted with Jay and Bey is probably gone-zo now, and he nuked it himself. But I do think the Carters were never gonna be besties with Kanye and Kim anyway, because they have a penchant for deep privacy, while K&K are the diametrical opposite. That alone would be enough to shut down the possibility of actively associating with K&K. Also, the Carters are raising Blue with as traditional a childhood as their schedules can allow, so they might not want her around the K bunch too much — that pic that someone posted last week of North wearing black lipstick is a perfect example of the sort of childhood that Jay and Bey would never want for their own daughter.

    • lightpurple says:

      He called. He just didn’t drop everything in his life and visit.

    • Scar says:

      It says right there that he called but apparently Kanye wants something more like a visit.
      But here’s the thing; Jayz was right there beside his wife who was touring and I’m sure he didn’t want Solange to beat his dumb ass again nor does he want Lemonade 2.0. just kidding.
      Kanye should be content with the friends he has in John Legend, Teigen etc. I’ve never thought they were “close friends” like Kanye always projected. And perhaps getting with Kim “I publicise my life for a living” Kardashian (who is the exact opposite of the Carters helped deepen the rift.

    • Colette says:

      He did call him.
      He wanted Jay to leave Beyonce’s tour to come to the house and hold them(Kanye and Kim) as they sobbed in his arms reliving the traumatic event.
      As for their kids playing.I don’t trust them they may sneak a hidden camera in North’s doll to capture footage of Blue Ivy playing with North.There are too many pics online of North’s play dates.

  2. Astrid says:

    Kanye is an angry petulant child.

    • naughtycorner says:

      Kanye does not understand the difference between a good business acquaintance and best friends, I know business associates that work very well together and have done so for years but are just not personal friends. and even if the business association could have grown into friendship Kim torpedoed that
      In the music biz even if people didn’t like Kanye at least they respected his talent, now he is seen as a tabloid fodder and a joke, he thought getting with Kim would makee him the talk of the town it has but not in the way he expected

    • ronaldinhio says:

      I felt sorry for him
      I’ve had situations where I have felt tighter with people than I am – where I have always been there for them and I have been returned 1/10 measures back. I believe most of us can relate to that.
      It is hard when you finally realise. Sad hard hurtful

  3. detritus says:

    Kanye loves him and is hurting because Jays not acting like the friend he wants. Poor dude, but really poor Jay.

    It’s BS to air your dirty laundry to thousands of strangers at a show, its BS to expect a specific response from a friend without communicating that.

    I hope he said all those things to Jay first at least? I dunno. This is like your friend bitching about you to a party of people, but multiplied by 100.

    • MissMerry says:

      yeah, if Kanye thinks that ranting to millions of strangers about his ‘friend’ is the way to fix things, he’s an idiot…

      then again, maybe he has no want or desire to fix things between he and Jay-Z and that’s why he brought the rest of the world into it…because that’s what Kardashians do, they look for sympathy (oh, and money) from strangers

      • G says:

        I have had something like this personally happen to me on a much smaller scale. It sucks. The other person is basically airing all your dirty laundry to strangers for sympathy and won’t admit that the issues might also involve them too. That kind of behavior ends strained relationships pretty fast.

    • swak says:

      I saw a video of the “rant” and wondered how do these people see him perform when he is up in the air so far? Looked like they couldn’t see him up there.

    • I Choose Me says:

      +1 to everything you said. This is probably why their relationship is strained in the first place. Because at the end of the day, Kanye just can’t act right. And based on previous history, I do believe that he’s the type who can’t confront you to your face if he’s mad but will sit and stew on it then drag you behind your back to anyone who’ll listen.

      • detritus says:

        Ye is a brilliant and petty DIVA. Huge fragile ego, sensitive and giving, but expects his level of extra to be reciprocated by everyone else in his life.
        Most people have had this friend in their lives. They are wonderful when things are good, but hell its a lot of work.

    • Amber says:

      He’s done this before too. Do ya’ll remember when Kanye omitted any references to Jay in his songs. http://dev.celebitchy.com/371001/boy_drama_kanye_west_omits_jay-zs_name_from_all_of_his_lyrics_during_a_show/ I remember reading that headline at the time and thinking how many songs has Kanye written about him? How many mentions of Jay-Z could there be? LOTS! (It seems like such a one-sided relationship.) That was post-Jay and Bey skipping Kim and Kanye’s wedding, but pre-Tidal. So I really don’t know what we should even make of this. If it’s nothing more than Kanye trying to get attention. Or if they really have had a falling out again. But if they did, there’s no real “out” for Jay, because he hasn’t been that “in” in a while, and Kanye’s acting out this little drama all by himself but will hop-to the minute Jay wants him to.

  4. BeBeA says:

    Ok, he has more issues than vogue, and it gets old. If he had a problem with jay-z he should have called him like a brother. And Kanye it’s the company you keep and married into. They knew how to deal with you , but you wife and in laws snap, tweet, gram, chat, and post everything (including their vaginas ) so no control freak Beyonce does not want her daughter around north.

  5. als says:

    I think the close relationship was in Kanye’s mind. Jay is all smiles like a business man that he is and Bey would never allow in her circle someone that is this erratic. Fair or not. But Kanye misread everything.

    Kanye just keeps receiving and receiving and he’s not giving anything back. He obviously lashed out on Jay because of the stress that Kim must be under with the robbery. In his mind, the Kardashians need to step up for him, Jay has to step up, everyone but him.

    If Kim did not have her own supportive family I don’t know how she would have dealt with everything going on now. Kanye is obviously not keeping himself together (which is understandable up to a point), much less help others through hardship. People like Kanye are funny and interesting when all is well, in moments of crisis, they fall apart.

    • Allie B. says:

      Things change. Jay Z does have very close, decades long friendships so I do think it used to be more than business. Kanye and Jay go back what, like 17 years? Kanye’s track ‘Big Brother’ on Graduation was a sweet ode to his relationship with Jay Z. I am a Kanye Stan and based on his videos and interviews from before 2000 and after, he is the exact same person. Jay Z knows who he is. I think Jay Z questioned the robbery like everyone else. He knows more of the dynamic at play than we do. It says a lot that they don’t have “play dates”. Bey and Jay are suspicious of KK, as they should be. The fact that they have allowed their friendship to suffer in opposition of his marriage speaks to how toxic they must think it is.

      Ps, I didn’t mean to respond specifically to this comment!

      • naughtycorner says:

        Also remember in the beginning Jayz did not want Kanye to rap he thought he should stick to his strenght (still is ) producing/ doing tracks, it was Dame Dash who pressured Jayz to give Kanye a chance to rap
        Kim may have been the deal breaker but Kanye (an only child ) seemed to have seen it way deeper than Jay from the start

  6. Tiffany27 says:

    Come to the house???? People got sh*t to do and he did call! Whatever. All of Kanye’s rants have the same theme; people who he thinks are his equal treating him like he’s not. Make sure your wife is OK and take a nap Kanye.

    • Deedee says:

      Exactly. The robbery was about Kim, not Kanye. He makes it all about himself. If anything, if JZ did call, he should be inquiring about Kim, not Kanye.

    • yuck says:

      I imagine dropping by the house is something like arranging a state visit. Yeah, just pull up and knock on the door, LOL.

    • detritus says:

      I don’t drop by unannounced or invite myself to a friends house.
      That is rude, is it not?

      • I Choose Me says:

        Definitely rude. And a huge pet peeve of mind.

      • swak says:

        I see it differently. While growing up, our front door was always open and people came in without knocking. So it doesn’t bother me.

      • detritus says:

        I guess I’m a lot more private.
        If someone stopped by and I wasn’t expecting them (outside of maybe 3 people in the entire world) I would probably pretend to not be home.

        My house is not presentable for company and I am not wearing pants unless I have notice.

      • anon33 says:

        @detritus, LOL I am never wearing pants either unless notified!

      • Beer&Crumpets says:

        Omg, SO RUDE. I was bitching to a friend about this the other day. All My People know that there’s no “dropping by” my house. Unless you have a key, you can’t just come over here and, like, get on me out of nowhere. That shit will make me hate you.

        I overheard my best friend tell someone that if they were going to come over unannounced they may as well take a dump on the hood of my truck while they were at it, since to me those 2 things are about the same in terms of awfulness.

  7. spunk says:

    1. Jigga and B are nice to everyone.
    2. Will a call from the man who didn’t even come to his wedding ease things for him and his family?
    3. Jigga probably thought his call would be documented/videographed /loudspeaker things e la Swift.
    Someone change Kanye’s diaper.

  8. RussianBlueCat says:

    Let’s hope Kanye and Kim have a solid, happy marriage. Because if one day Kim decides to pull the plug, Kanye’s reaction will not be pretty.
    As for the part about North and Blue Ivy not having play dates maybe Beyoncé and Kim are part of the problem( if there is one) Kim might still be pissed that Beyoncé and JayZ did not attend their wedding. Also Demon Mother might have wanted to film the play date for KUWTK, Beyoncé and JayZ may said no.

  9. Cool Character says:

    Love Jay-Z.

    Kanye and Kim and their children I am sure and ‘good’ people.

    But I can’t imagine why Jay-Z and Beyonce would want Blue Ivy around them.

    • MissMerry says:

      agreed, if your “good friend” doesn’t want his kids around your kids (because of the way your kids are or, you know, because they have cameras on them all the time), then that’s the parents choice.

      I wouldn’t let my kid hang out with Kardashians either.

      And maybe Kanye should look around and spend his time and effort with the people who love and accept him the way he and his family are, rather than mope and complain about a couple and their kid who he WANTS to be close with, but clearly they do not share the sentiment…

      it’s like Kanye wanted the ability to say he had a close connection with the Knowles-Carter family and when he didn’t get it (for good reason, they’re VERY different families it seems), he got offended and embarrassed.

  10. Scar says:

    So lemme get this straight. Jayz was supposed to abandon his wife and family (who was on a tour) to fly halfway across the country because Kanye’s wife (who isn’t his friend by the way) got robbed? lol Kanye had lost it. Even Kanye went back on tour the very next day so I don’t know why Jayz should come over to see Kim! Keep in mind that Jayz is a New Yorker from Brooklyn, everyone gets robbed in Brooklyn and expecting him to put his life on hold cos your wife got robbed of her jewelry is pretty inconsiderate.
    Re: Blue and North not playing together…. man y’all ain’t even living in the same city. And maybe Beyoncé doesn’t want her kids around yours because it would get documented on instagram. I think Beyoncé didn’t have any problem with Kim till after Kanye started pushing the friendship by saying stupid things (lies) like “Beyoncé has a picture of Kim in her studio for inspiration while she records”. I’ll be creeped out and I’ll keep my distance too.
    I applaud jayz for considering Meek Mill first. It’s business and Jayz is a businessman before anything.
    Kanye sounds Hella stupid for airing this shit out. They ain’t even attend your wedding man. They were in Tribeca riding bicycles…. they didn’t even pretend to be fake busy. Meanwhile there are lots of pictures of Blue with the Paltrow-Martins.
    All I’m saying is ; if someone ain’t attend your wedding and y’all kids never met and generally don’t care for you beyond a few phone calls, then maybe y’all not as tight as you think and the friendship is mostly in your head. Perhaps just work friends
    And ranting about a friend on stage will not make him act better towards you. Kanye seems like one of those people that need constant validation but he should get a grip. The world does not revolve around your family, your friends have their busy lives too and if they still make out time to call you like Jay did then it ain’t so bad. Methinks he just hates being out of the inner circle

    • Moonstone says:

      I agree 100% with what you just said.

    • Thank you! Now, would you please go and repeat this to Kanye. He needs someone to explain what everyone else can clearly see.

    • Taiss says:

      “Beyoncé has a picture of Kim in her studio for inspiration while she records”. I think that when Bey was really done with them.
      And kim would have never let north and blue play date go undocumented.
      Kanye needs to understand everybody’s word doesn’t revolve around him and kimmy kakes.

    • BTownGirl says:

      “And maybe Beyoncé doesn’t want her kids around yours because it would get documented on instagram.”

      PREACH. Hell, there are people I never invite to my house because they can’t drink a glass of water/eat a sandwich/have a conversation/let a fart go without documenting it in on Fbook/Insta and I’d rather not have my house plastered online for god knows who to see.

    • Kath says:

      “Then maybe y’all not as tight as you think and the friendship is mostly in your head”.

      Ha, that made me laugh!

  11. G says:

    I don’t hate Ye, but this is some bull. Call him. Put in some work if you want to fix it. Don’t do a one-dided public rant. That isn’t going to fix anything and shows that you might be the problem too.

  12. LiterallyaShambles says:

    This makes me a little sad. Kanye is Kanye is Kanye, but I still feel bad for him. He obviously romanticized his relationship with J to the point that he saw them as brothers, and it was obviously one-sided. Kanye talks a lot of shit, but he obviously needs love.

    • Josefina says:

      I’m not sure talking shit about Jay in front of a whole live audience is the best way to get his friendship back. Kanye very obviously needs love and attention, but it’s Kanye himself who makes it really hard to give it to him.

  13. paolanqar says:

    Kanye, it is not rocket science : the Carters don’t like you or your wife. And thei daughter probably has a much more normal life without having a camera in her face every single moment of her day.
    It is that simple.

    • Ennie says:

      I do think Blue Ivy has a camera on her everyday, remember her mother documents everything about them, she just releases only what she wants(i.e., her “documentary”, lemonade, etc), the rest goes on the archives.
      They are somewhat similar, the big difference is that the west- ks sell everything and have no sense of privacy, while both of the carters sell their music, talent and use what they wants about their lives (lemonade, documentary) to sell and promote themselves, but they are more calculating and private.

  14. Donna Martin says:

    I feel sad for Kanye. It sounds to me like he’s lonely which is how he ended up with this family in the first place. Where are Kanye’s friends? :(

    • me says:

      Kanye has family…aunts, uncles, cousins…and a father ! The Kardashians like to isolate the men they are with…it has happened to ALL of them.

  15. Almondjoy says:

    Jay-Z also became the first rapper to be nominated for the Songwriters Hall Of Fame, I believe yesterday or either the day before. So there’s that. I’m sure Ye is feeling kind of salty about it.

    Jay is a business man, first and foremost. This isn’t the first time Kanye has ranted against him and it probably won’t be the last. Kanye will apologize at some point, Jay will keep it moving like he always does.

  16. MissMerry says:

    “Our kids ain’t never even play together.”

    Yeah? That’s a sentence…

  17. Anilehcim says:

    Hasn’t it been said for years that Jay and Beyonce both separated themselves from Kanye once he got with Kim? I mean, he used to be good friends with Beyonce also. It’s pretty obvious when your friends distance themselves from you and make no effort with your girlfriend that they’re not exactly fans of her. I love Kanye, but Jay has his own family to worry about. Kanye thinks that the world should revolve around his family now that he has one.

    On a more relatable note, one of my best friends moved to another state a few years ago and slowly phased me and our group of friends out of her life as she made new friends in her new state. I was deeply hurt by that and still have a bit of a soft spot over the fact that she didn’t make the effort I wanted her to to maintain our friendship, especially since she really let it dwindle down into nothing and we don’t even speak now. I’m not Kanye and she’s not Jay, but on a more “common” level, people catch feelings when their friends disassociate from them all the time. We just don’t all have a concert stage to complain about it on.

  18. Lana banana says:

    Kanye seems like a genuine person with some artistic eccentricities and i think he is really hurt by the distance Jay Z puts out ever since Kanye became involved with Kim. It seems like Jay low key ghosted him rather than explain his issues with Kardashian Khaos which would be lame if Kanye wasnt the type of person to rant publically like he does.
    Kanye is complicated, but i think he has a big heart for the people in his circle.

  19. ElleBee says:

    It must be so exhausting being Kanye’s friend. He’s so damn needy. I phone call should have been sufficient. Why would Jay leave his family to go and visit Kim? Also my mum has plenty of friends with children that I never played with and I turned out OK and those friendships are still in tact. Adults don’t have to be in constant contact with each other to be friends, people have their own lives. A real friendship is one that can survive even though the parties don’t talk every day. I think Kanye ruined whatever was left with blasting Jay publicly since that is the one thing that the Carters hate.

    • Luca76 says:

      I honestly used to hate it when I used to have to play with one of my mom’s friends kids in particular. She was an awful brat and would try and make us do dumb stuff like prank calls (this was before caller ID). Just a flashback to the late 80s this particular gossip item gave me.

    • swak says:

      My kiddos and my best friends kiddos didn’t necessarily have play dates either. That really isn’t a big deal. And you’re right, a real friendship will withstand the test of time.

  20. Sam says:

    Why would Jay Z or Beyoncé want to be friends with Kanye now? Maybe ten years ago, yes but right now? This is the same guy who gets into catty fights with Taylor Swift and married a woman who is as thirsty as can be. Nobody has time for that. But the writing was on the wall when Jay Z and Beyoncé called the paparazzi to come take pictures of them riding their bikes in Tribeca on the same day of Kanye and Kim’s wedding day. Like they’d rather ride their bikes than go to your wedding.

    Lastly, I know this is old but I’m bringing it up. I have always said this and people have called me out on this but I still think there is way more to the Taylor vs Kanye situation that we don’t know about….things that don’t make Kanye look all good. And I bring it up now because you have to wonder what kind of “friend” Kanye is. Did he actually call Jay Z and explain to him how he felt about everything or did he keep his mouth shut when everything happened and then went ranting on to his audience? Because if it’s the latter….yea I totally believe there’s more to what happened with Taylor. Just like I’m sure what happened between him and Jay Z isn’t exactly how he’s describing it. It’s like Kanye becomes friends with people and when things go sour, he just points the blame at everyone but himself. He doesn’t understand the concept of hey maybe there’s something that I did that would make Jay and Beyoncé distance themselves from me and my family. Which the Carters started doing when he got with Kim. Hence why they didn’t go to the wedding.

    • Luca76 says:

      Oh I said it then I totally think Jayz/Bey would be horrified at those tapes getting released. And not necessarily out of loyalty to Taylor just the idea of a celebrity exposing private conversations and demolishing her rep via reality show swipe down. I’m sure among Alisters there are doors closed due to lack of trust.

      • Sam says:

        Exactly. That level of trust that was once there, is no longer there. And while I don’t think Jay Z/Beyoncé are friends with Taylor, I do believe that they’re probably scratching their heads at the fact that Kanye taped their conversation and had his wife release it. Meaning if he did that to a supposed friend….which yes he videotaped the convo between him and Taylor when they were friends….why wouldn’t he do something like that to them if things go sour? And before someone says he would never do that to Jay Z….he just aired their dirty laundry to a crowd of strangers. So that’s the way Kanye rolls and I imagine that’s not the way the Carters roll so they distanced themselves. Add to the fact that he’s married to a reality TV star and yea I can totally see them distancing themselves from him. They have shown they’re not about that life.

      • anon33 says:

        Couple things.

        One, if there was “more to the story with Taylor,” Taylor would have let us know. I simply do not believe that she would have allowed herself to end up looking as bad as she did if she had the possibility of not looking bad via some kind of proof or releasing “her side of the story.” Hell, I’m not convinced she wasn’t in on it!

        Two, it’s my understanding that Kanye has ALWAYS recorded/videoed when he is in the studio, and has done so for some time. You speak about the incident as if Taylor didn’t know she was being recorded, but the fact is that she did know, and that’s why she could not take any legal action. Thus, I’m sure Jay has been aware of it for some time. I doubt that had any effect.

    • Lightpurple says:

      Things like the earlier version of Famous in which the lyric was that Taylor OWED him sex? Or whatever else went on in that hourlong phone conversation?

    • Sam says:

      @ANON33 1) you have no idea whether Taylor knew she was being recorded or not. Just because she didn’t take legal action doesn’t mean she knew. It’s been discussed here by many that taking legal action would be long and tedious and for what? The damage was done. Just because Kanye claims he records all of his sessions doesn’t mean it’s true. This is you taking Kanye and his team’s word without any concrete evidence to show for it. 2) Just because Taylor didn’t do anything else doesn’t mean the story is closed and Kanye is right. You nor I have no idea what happened beside the little snippets that Kim released. And I have a hard time believing that what Kim released was “it.” She just released what happened to make her husband look good and make Taylor look like snake. In the end, there’s a reason why folks who I consider high up, distance themselves from the disaster that is Kanye West. Between recording Taylor and then airing out his dirty laundry with Jay Z, it’s pretty clear that Kanye isn’t the guy people think he is. He isn’t the victim and is just as much to blame for the things that happen to him. Just my take. You can disagree but his actions on several occasions, speak volumes to me and as always there’s always two sides of a story and the truth lies some where in the middle. And that’s how I think the Taylor debacle is. And also how I think things went down between him and Jay, as well.

  21. Josefina says:

    My boyfriend has a term for guys like Kanye – “boyfriends”. Guys who are so needy, being friends with them feels more like dating. I imagine that was just the case. Jay had enough in his hands with his own unstable family and business to pay attention to Kanye. And we all know how much KKanye hates being denied of attention.

    Reading his rant was funny because I was just thinking “lol I bet he just got tired of you like most humans would”. And then voila. Last paragraph was just that.

    • Crimson says:

      Josefina – I wholeheartedly agree with your bf on this. I have three brothers who are totally “guys guys.” It’s a biological (or psychological?) fact that males usually do not discuss feelings with their male friends. Their relationships are deep, yes, but feelings (unless in times of turmoil) just aren’t spoken – yet they remain friends over decades.

      Females, on the other hand, have friendships based on their ability to communicate their feelings with each other. It’s a basic need females have – to be able to communicate and nurture. When he is at home, Kanye is surrounded by only females. That has to play into his rants … females are more expressive (esp all those sisters, oh the drama!) and he has possibly learned to do this by example. Did KW used to have these frequent rants onstage before getting with Kim and his new family?

  22. Nicole says:

    Hmmmm I agree and disagree with Ye here.
    1. No Jay wasn’t going to drop by when he was touring with his wife and child. Maybe he could’ve called more than once but beyond that? Eh
    2. The fact that their kids never played together is telling
    3. Jay blocked a track between jay, Ye and Drake?! Dumb business move dude especially over Meek Mill. Maybe check Meek next time he wants to destroy his own career via twitter. That track would’ve been fire. Ye should just do another collaboration with Drake himself.
    4. I know everyone thinks Ye is crazy (I think his mothers death broke him in a way) but this seems…real? As in not petty crap but he’s actually upset about his friendship with Jay. Kinda sucks
    5. Ye should stop with the concert rants.

    • Erica_V says:

      Not doing a track with Drake over Meek really has nothing to do with them – it has to do with Nicki Minaj. ‘Feeling Myself’ was the biggest Tidal exclusive to date.

  23. me says:

    Kanye is always playing the victim. Just stop. Jay called and asked how they were…what else was he supposed to do? The world does not revolve around Kanye and Kim jeez.

  24. Lolo says:

    If I were Beyonce (yeah, I wish), I wouldn’t let Blue play with Kim’s children as well. Yes, generally children are innocent, but have you heard Kardashians talk? “and then I was like oh my god he was like”. They have a vocabulary of 100 words. Not the best environment for a growing child

    • Rosie says:

      @Lolo I totally agree. I always remember watching an episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians where Rob and his girlfriend Adrienne Bailon brought her parents to a weekend away camping. All the Kardashians were there too. The way they spoke around the campfire infront of Adriennes parents was vulgar, Khloe was especially vile and seemed to enjoy making them uncomfortable knowing they were traditional and conservative. Kendall and Kylie were not even teenagers then and all they spoke about was sex. Adriennes family looked visibly horrified. If I remember correctly Adrianne had to ask rob to have a word with his family to be more respectful of her parents as they were really uncomfortable with their behaviour.

      It is no wonder Beyoncé does not want Blue around that family. Children in that family become too old for their age. I believe the Carters feel they can’t trust the Kardashian Wests to be private and not leak info.

  25. Pandy says:

    Well Kanye is unhinged. Who wants to hang with that except in small doses? Very small doses.

  26. Leah says:

    Jay is private. Kanye and the Kardashians are not. Of course Jay doesn’t want his kid around the kardashians and the camera crews. Kanye choose a very public way of living he can’t blame his old friends if they do not want to participate in that.

    Kanye has always idolised Jay, but to Jay i think its become more and more just a business relationship.

  27. Bridget says:

    I think there’s more to it. I’ve never been a big believer in Jay’s “business acumen” – to me, it’s always looked like he took a look at where he (or people he knows) was paying out the most money and figured ‘I can do it myself’. Hence the sports agency, Tidal, etc. And these ventures have been poorly managed and rolled out. For this to potentially factor in to a break between Kanye and Jay is really interesting to me, especially because who backs Meek Mill over Kanye and Drake?

    And like Jay Z and Kanye are the ones scheduling playdates.

    • Leah says:

      “especially because who backs Meek Mill over Kanye and Drake?”
      Meek Mill is on Roc Nation so of course hes going to back him over Drake ( they had a well publicised beef).

      • Bridget says:

        I mean, I get that part. And obviously we know that the beef is pretty bad, considering that Nikki severed her friendship with Drake over it. But… still, I think it’s a bit of a reach, and that if Jay had really wanted it to happen he would have made it happen.

    • Erica_V says:

      It’s not about Meek – it’s about Nicki and keeping her happy with Tidal/Jay-Z & Bey.

  28. hey-ya says:

    …also by his own admission Kanye would welcome finance…maybe Jay Z keeps clear of the needy….

  29. Amelie says:

    Ugh I have a friend a lot like Kanye actually. She is bipolar (has been officially diagnosed and told me). We were BFF in kindergarten and first grade but she changed schools and we lost touch. Reconnected as adults and her erratic behavior really confused me and eventually I put two and two together and realized she is bipolar (even before she told me). She always introduced me as “her oldest and best friend” and acted like we were super close and the bestest of friends when really this was all in her head.

    She was exhausting to be around, constantly changing plans and canceling at the last minute, interrupting conversations and derailing them with her wackadoodle train of thought, getting offended and mad at things I said that were not meant to offend her. I was constantly walking on egg shells afraid to set her off. She was so emotionally stunted and immature. Eventually I stopped returning her texts because it became too much.

    I see all of these things in Kanye and I don’t blame him for cutting the cord. Kanye needs professional help.

  30. original kay says:

    All Kanye accomplished here is guaranteeing that’s the last phone call Jay-Z will ever make to him.

    • Amy says:

      Hahaha, right? “Waaaahhh! Our kids don’t play together!!!” What?! If I was Beyonce, I’d be like, “You’re damn right they don’t, you lunatic!”

  31. Asiyah says:

    I can see both sides to this. Jay-Z perhaps grew tired of Kanye’s erratic behavior and Kanye is hurt that Jay-Z has distanced himself from him. Kanye probably saw Jay as more of a friend than a business associate, and Jay-Z had the reverse opinion. I can understand where Kanye is coming from preferring a visit over a phone call, but I can also see why Jay would call instead of visit. This really is complicated. Just because Kanye is a narcissist doesn’t mean his feelings are NEVER valid. This has probably been eating at him for a while. Ok you don’t like Kim but you go support your friend anyway. Unless, again, Jay never saw Kanye as a friend, and that’s what hurts Kanye the most.

  32. Ayra. says:

    It’s been strained for YEARS now, so I’m not surprised. The Carters are relatively private, they do things on their own terms.
    While I get Kanye on Blue and North not playing together, this did no have to aired out in a concert. Hell, if my “friend” aired out this much information about me in public, they wouldn’t get anything but a dial tone from my phone. They’re a private family, while a total opposite of your own, understand that and CALL Jay.
    Genuinely, does Kanye even have friends?

    ALSO, Drake said that he took out both Kanye and Jay from the song, the official version has longer verses for both of them, so who’s lying?

  33. Bluesky says:

    “This is Kanye West reporting to you live from Crybaby Land”

  34. Sassback says:

    Gotta stand up for Kanye here:
    Why do people act like Jay Z and Beyonce are so above Kim and Kanye? Kim has an insane amount of money and even if people think she’s trashy, she’s insanely influential on the culture, and Kanye is an amazingly talented producer (admitted total Kanye fan, have all albums.) Jay Z has a disastrous music service (that I patronized like a fool for three months and keep checking in on to see if it’s improved-IT NEVER DOES) and is basically Mrs. Beyonce and then Beyonce, who is amazing yes, has an entire album about how her husband cheats on her. Jay and Bey don’t mingle with the common people anymore and so people assume they’re inaccessible royalty. IDK about you, but I would rather have Kim and Kanye’s life/marriage than Jay Z and Beyonce’s. Kanye is can be crazy pants but he is constantly working and loves his family to pieces.

    **Not to mention, when Kanye hyped Yeezus for months, Jay Z dropped Magna Carta…Holy Grail like two weeks later? Kanye was upset because he didn’t know it was going to be released right after Yeezus. Magna Carter blew him out of the water on sales, it sold more than twice as much, but Yeezus was the more critically acclaimed album. I really think that started the beef too. Kanye was getting a ton of attention with Kim at that time and Yeezus was gearing up to be the biggest album of the year.

    • naughtycorner says:

      It doesn’t natter if the Carters are above , below beside Kanye and Kim, it clear THEY dont want to be friends that way which is their choice .Kanye needs to accept that move and stop having these emotional outbursts IN PUBLIC over this , Naw Bruh

      • Sassback says:

        I just think they used to be real friends pre-Kim and pre-Yeezy and when Kanye calls Jay Z out for being unsupported ive, Jay Z very embarrassingly says that Kanye is a fool and they were never friends or Kanye is just some crazy guy he puts up with. That is just insanely hurtful, celebrity or not. Like Jay and Bey were cool with Kanye as long as he never got bigger than they were and stayed within the perimeter they set for him. It’s very Mean Girls.

      • naughtycorner says:

        Well I think they were cool pre Kim but Kanye read too much into ..After all Jay dropped R Kelly with a quickness after his pedo scandal (to his credit ) and he also dropped Dame Dash co founder of Roc Nation quite harshly and they never came to Kanyes Wedding . I mean take a hint
        You are right its very mean girl Cuz Kanye is acting like a high school girl and not a grown man with public emo outbursts

  35. Sasha says:

    It seems Kim is unwell and Kanye is not getting the emotional support from her the way he used to. And he doesn’t know how to deal with it.
    Kim also is probably not getting the support she needs from him. He is very needy. And on top of it she must be being pushed by her family to restart the show.
    This could end their marriage.

  36. Amanda G says:

    Maybe Jay wants nothing to do with you because you’re obsessed with his wife Beyoncé.

  37. Eric Bloom says:

    LOL what sort of “artist” stops a live performance to whine about his kid’s playdates? Talk about lame and weak, what a feeble human being.

  38. Amy says:

    Kanye has Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Him ranting about this onstage is only going to worsen this strain. Jay is a smart, well-balanced man who is distancing himself from an erratic megalomaniac for the sake of his family and business. And I’m sure you’re right about Beyonce wanting nothing to do with the Kartrashians and their reality TV clan.

  39. JenniferJustice says:

    JayZ totally made Kanye famous. Now Kanye boo hoos because they aren’t tight and their kids don’t play together. I don’t think JayZ owes him diddly squat. Hasn’t he done enough for this nutball? just because someone is obsessed with you doesn’t mean you owe them the same level of adoration. I would have less respect for Jay if DID take his children to Kanyes b/c Kanye is unpredictable and emotionally unstable. Who in their right mind would allow Kanye/Kimye into their children’s lives, their family life, their business?