Kim Kardashian will celebrate her 36th birthday quietly with some new jewelry


Kim Kardashian was and is the celebrity that people love to hate. And not surprisingly, she’s not interested in playing that game anymore. Kim has been very quiet since the Paris robbery on October 3, and it’s looking more and more like Kim is going to be quiet for a while. Sources told People Magazine this week that Kim “is still having a difficult time” and that “she has zero desire to resume her old life.” She’s cancelled her upcoming public appearances and she’s been spending most of her time in her house, with her children. Kanye is still on tour, but in between gigs, he flies home to see her. She’s also nervous about being photographed, which makes sense to me because I believe that the robbers were able to track her because of the paparazzi documenting her comings and goings, and there were also some reports that one of the robbers had even posed as a paparazzo to track her.

It seems pretty clear that Kim is legitimately traumatized and she’s still dealing with the aftermath of the shock. Apparently, her family is being incredibly supportive and much of Kim’s business interests and reality show appearances have been left hanging. I suspect that by the end of the year, we’ll be seeing more of her, but for now, she’s doing what she needs to do. Meaning, her birthday is October 21and Kanye has already canceled the big party he had organized:

An extravagant party organised in honour of Kim Kardashian’s 36th birthday has reportedly been cancelled by concerned husband Kanye West amid fears for her security following her terrifying multi-million dollar robbery in Paris. The American TV personality will celebrate her birthday on October 21, but sources claim the party has been significantly downscaled and will be a subdued affair following the ordeal, during which thieves escaped with an estimated £8.5 million in jewels after posing as police officers and breaking into her rented apartment in the French capital.

But while Kanye, 39, has reportedly moved to cancel plans for a lavish celebration, the rapper has sought to ensure her big day is still memorable by buying her a pair of ruby drop earrings from designer Lorraine Schwartz, understood to be worth $50,000.

‘Kanye is devastated he has to cancel – but his family’s security come first,’ a source told The Sun Online. ‘He had gone all out for Kim’s birthday and it was going to be all expenses spared with champagne and canapés. Now they will do something low key instead. He’s made sure he will still spoil her with the stunning one of a kind earrings though – as he doesn’t cut corners when it comes to his missus.’

[From The Daily Mail]

Just as well, because the Kardashians have already done flapper-themed parties before! Go with something original! As for the party cancelation… yeah, that sounds about right. Kim probably won’t even want the earrings too – allegedly, she doesn’t want Kanye to replace the diamond ring that was stolen, and I do wonder if she’s going to really cut back on wearing jewelry in public now.


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  1. justme says:

    This people are ridiculous. One robbery (?) where no one was hurt in the least and they think the whole world is out to rob, murder and/or rape them.

    • HH says:

      You’re right, in saying that THAT robbery didn’t end terribly. However, one can’t be too cautious and I can see where she was traumatized. It only takes ONE murder or rape to eff up your whole life. If one can decrease their chances, why wouldn’t they?

    • Cee says:

      Just because she wasn’t hurt or rape does not take away from her experience and how she reacts to it later on. She was invaded, bound and gagged, and did not know if the men were going to hurt her or even kill her.

      Show some empathy. I know what it’s like to be held and gun point and it is not something you get over so quickly!

      • caitlinK says:

        11 years ago, I was raped (the ultimate robbery–of oneself) at gunpoint, and many other people around the world have been as well. Still more have been robbed of material possessions in this way. While I have, implicitly, some sympathy for Kim, and understand she must be traumatized, I have little patience for her, still. She *will* be back again–I’m nearly sure of it–polluting social media, too soon, and the robbery will be worked into her vile show, probably with the crime worked into an integral “plot”, and honed and aimed to make Kim look like a hero/martyr for her misfortune. While NO ONE deserves to be robbed, and clearly no one EVER “asks for it”, Kim’s vanity and habit of flaunting her wealth and extravagant whereabouts has always put her in the eye of potential danger. I believe now she will think twice about such behavior–which is a good thing for her. She has a *lot* of factors in her favor, for overcoming this trauma. I work as a counselor for girls and women who are victims and survivors of rape, many of whom have NO other genre of support, and empathy is not just a benefit for my type of work, it’s essential. So I get tired of people being lectured that they “lack empathy” if they’re not–as I’m not–especially harrowed by Kim’s plight. She has the financial means and physical protection and family support to aid her through her distress, while so many who have suffered *far worse* violations than she has lack that crucial sustenance and protection. While I feel that victims of *all* crimes deserve support in the aftermath of them, I hear so many worse, unreported stories which will never garner much interest, focus, or attention, so it’s a little hard for me to worry much or feel terribly badly about a spoiled narcissist who has never cared about the misfortunes and victimization of others—or about others at all. I see her as being very, very fortunate, compared to so many whose tremendous and countless misfortunes and traumas are, for the most part, unknown. Of course, I do wish Kim, as I’d wish anyone, healing–and, in her case, I hope she learns some insight and compassion as well. She’s lived in a little shiny bubble her whole life, a nearly opaque one, completely uninterested in other people except for how they react to and reflect on HER. Perhaps ultimately this emotional trial will help to make her a kinder and more empathetic person. Or perhaps–and more likely–not. It’s hard, if not impossible, for a true narcissist to “learn” empathy. One either has the capacity for it—as most do–or lack it. She does appear to lack it completely, and it is the main reason why I find it so daunting to feel all but the most token concern for Kim.

      • Ange says:

        Caitlin it kind of scares me that you are a counsellor in this area yet you refuse to acknowledge Kim’s humanity in all this. Her trauma doesn’t fit on the scale that you decide, she’s not the ideal victim that you require therefore she’s due little sympathy. A rich trauma victim is still a victim.

      • YOMAMASON says:


    • Dominique says:

      You say “one robbery” like it is something that is so casual. As if she stubbed her toe. If what she said was true she or anyone would be traumatized. God, I hope nothing like that ever happens to you because even though you would then be more empathetic you would be experience the horrible feelings too.

      • justme says:

        How do you know it hasn’t? You don’t. You want to feel sorry for her, be my guest but I don’t. And I don’t think they will ever catch the “Parisians thieves on bicycles.” I’m not defending a woman just because she’s a woman.

      • Dominique says:

        No one said anything about her being a woman……I didn’t factor that into my thoughts at all. She is a HUMAN. That is what matters.

      • YOMAMASON says:


      • YOMAMASON says:


    • Wellsie says:

      What?! Really?! You think she should just suck it up?

      If this report of how she is acting is true, it’s exactly how I think I would react to such an invasion.

    • detritus says:

      Are you kidding? In some way?

      She was robbed AND assaulted in a private residence. She was tied up and manhandled and put in a bathtub, that is assault, and I bet you donuts to dollars it hurt like hell.

      What I’m getting from your comment is that you are legitimately questioning a woman’s recovery from a traumatic event because you think she is over reacting.

    • Crowdhood says:

      You are ridiculous. The odds of her having the outcome of that situation that she did are so small. It is completely understandable that she would be traumatized. I respect her for scaling back.

    • Zip says:

      People can already be traumatised by someone breaking into their house while they are not even there. It’s a invasion of privacy and invasion of a SAFE SPACE (where else can you feel safe if not at home?!). I have no idea what happened to you that made you so cold but I can’t help but feel sorry for both Kim and you.

      • Dominique says:


      • swak says:

        So true. Had my purse stolen out of my car at night (the one night I didn’t lock it). Two weeks later someone mailed all my pictures back to me (no return address). I was completely freaked out by it.

    • deevia says:

      “One robbery”. So how many is enough? “No one was hurt in the least”. So how many should be hurt? Gosh the hatred for this family makes people ignore common sense sometimes. Anyone would shut it down after that incident Kim experienced.

    • Eleonor says:

      Just because someone is famous and incredibly rich doesn’t mean she can’t be traumatized.

      She feared for her life, she feared to be raped, she had a bunch of men menacing her…good grief.

    • crujonomub says:

      you have clearly never experienced a robbery @justme.

      2 years ago I took an alleyway shortcut at night, after work, as my car was parked behind it, when 2 men attempted to mug me. I’m pretty alert and screamed and outran them before they even got close to me, but ever since I am so scared when I walk alone in the dark.

      They were both white men, dressed in goth attire, one with a mohican. For months after that I would get panic attacks if I saw punks or goths. I remember one night I saw a group of punks on a dark street walking towards me, I started screaming for help and running, my panic and irrationality just took over. For months I was terrified of even taking buses and trains with men. When I would have to walk home late from work, my heart would be racing, my head thumping, I was on constant alert and always looking around nervously like a jumpy rabbit. I’m over it, but to this day walking late makes me nervous and scared.

      Bear in mind… this was an *attempted* mugging I escaped. I can’t imagine what a wreck I would be if an armed gang in masks tied me up and robbed me. Have you never heard of PTSD?

      • THIS. She has undoubtedly got some residual PTSD that is going to be around for a while. Time will heal it, but I have no doubt that what she is feeling is VERY real. Just because she is a wealthy, entitled…whatever you want to say about her. Underneath all that artifice, we all bleed when cut.

    • Fluff says:

      JustMe – what an insensitive comment. I would like to see how you would fare after being thrown out of your bed in the middle of the nigtn and held at gunpoint, not sure if you will live or die. You would piss your pants every nigth at the sigth of sun set, and would wake up in sweat drenched bed for quite a few weeks. Stop shaming victims like Kim and others who have gone through trauma.

  2. Alleycat says:

    Why is her team spilling the details about how much jewelry Kanye is giving her? Like, I feel like that’s really counterproductive right now. I already read that they will resume shooting KUWTK, so I feel like this silence break will only last a little but longer.

    • swak says:

      I don’t get why they are spilling the details about the jewelry. Did they not learn from the robbery to keep it quiet – at least a little bit?

    • MissMerry says:

      to me it’s basically saying “we still have money and jewels…but we’re not going to wear them in public anymore to continue to make sure nobody forgets Kim was robbed for jewelry…”

      every time she DOESN’T wear jewelry, we have to re-think about the robbery.

      it’s all part of the storyline….

    • MoochieMom says:


    • Zip says:

      Maybe they just want to say that it’s not multi-million-dollar jewellery but just something for 50k which is not worth taking the risk of going to jail.

    • YOMAMASON says:


  3. The Original Mia says:

    Why the need to tell the world what he’s giving her? We don’t need to know. This flaunting of wealth is the reason she targeted.

  4. paolanqar says:

    Yeah because jewelry is all she needs to feel better.
    If I am honest i don’t miss her AT ALL.
    On the other side, Kylie is making the most out of KIm’s time off and she’s parading around as though she was the hottest celebrity on earth.
    I can’t wait for the Kardashian wave to blow off.

    Me thinks she is in hiding because she is having something done. I do not believe Kardashians have souls or feelings, so..

  5. Ursaline says:

    I can’t believe that after all this time hating her for having such a crappy public persona that it’s hard not to feel sympathy after the trauma of the robbery. I hope she finds enough piece of mind to eventually resume her normal life to some extent so that we can resume laughing at her terrible clothing choices. Outlandish is much more fun than legitimately sad and fearful.

  6. Donna Martin says:

    Lucky for them they can afford as much security as they wish. A sheltered life for sure, meanwhile there is hardly basic security for regular women who face everyday danger. Life goes on for the rest of us. Scary and sad.

    • caitlinK says:

      Donna Martin: this exactly!! So many people–the majority–in the afterlife of violent crime, have NO physical protection, no means of financial support w/out having to, every day, go back out to work with the stalking, steadfast terror of being victimized again. I was raped 11 years ago and not only was the PTSD shattering, so were the very real risks that I NEEDED to take: I did not have the option of holing up in my mansion, I still had to go outside, to work, in order to pay rent, every day, so that each day was another ambush of emotional terror. This is true of many–of most–victims of violent and traumatizing crime. Kim doesn’t have to endure any of this; in fact, there is a great deal she is lucky to forego. Kim’s plight–sorry–just doesn’t really move me. NO ONE deserves them, but bad things happen to not-so-nice people, sometimes, too.

      • Donna Martin says:

        Yeah like it sucks and it’s her trauma to deal with but like sorry your million dollar party got cancelled and that your only consolation are the million dollar rubies. I would love to hear this was a real wake up call and see her use this experience to lend her status to a women’s cause, the coverage is more so than anything else.

        I’m sorry for what happened to you, that’s a life changing experience and I appreciate you sharing and hearing that you rise through it. Sending you light and positive thoughts.

  7. LBJMFA says:

    Doesn’t “all expenses spared” mean he’s NOT going to splash out?

    • detritus says:

      lol yup.

    • zinjojo says:

      Yes. Means the opposite of splashing out. So was it the idiot writers of the DM or an idiot source that came up with that phrase? I also love how the DM continues to report the robbery as $11MM of jewels were stolen when even Kim’s insurance claim states that it was $5.6MM. Their reporting is always the worst, and yet, I hate-read it every day.

    • squee says:

      Thank god someone else was annoyed enough about that to comment. That’s like when people say ‘I could care less’.

  8. Snowflake says:

    Another makeover, soon to be revealed! Cracks me up how she poses so much! Like that picture where she’s putting her hand up so you can see her ring! She thinks she’s slick but she’s so obvious. Lol. Just like with the one shoulder out poses. No way she is going to keep a low profile, her whole life is getting attention. She wouldn’t know what to do without it.

    • Tris says:

      I have LOVED not seeing her stupid face these past weeks. I hope this is her graceful exit from the spotlight.

      • me says:

        The only way she’ll keep hiding is if she has gained weight…some people stress eat so it’s possible. The thing is she calls the paps when she wants to be seen. I am sure she is still leaving the house, but there are no pics because she’s not calling the paps. She must still be going to her derm appointments and North’s dance lessons no?

  9. BonnieJean says:

    I hope Kim & all her jewelry have a delightful birthday.

  10. Dolkite says:

    I see from the pic that Kanye is still his cheery, don’t-take-myself-too-seriously self.

  11. Squiggisbig says:

    Definitely don’t want to take away from how scared she must have been but the fact that there has been a steady stream of information about her progress, her birthday plans, and the fancy jewelry Kanye is getting her kind of raises my hackles. Seems like bigger stars are able to go quieter than this (brangie and temporarily t swift for example )

  12. Chloeee says:

    Is it really that hard to believe this might be the wake up call that her lifestyle wasn’t what really matters in life? If she walks away with all of her money now and leads a life out of the spotlight that’s even a fraction of the exposure she used to get, I would say that’s growth. It’s too exhausting to hate complete strangers. Good for her. I hope she finds peace because we all deserve that.

  13. me says:

    On TMZ they reported that Kim is going to make her “return” on November 1. What I don’t get is how she can predict that by November 1 she’ll be “healed”. That makes me suspicious.

  14. Lightpurple says:

    “All expenses spared …” does not mean what they seem to think it means.

  15. Crox says:

    The robbers target her because they see pictures of her jewellery … No better way to de-traumatize herself than to get more jewellery and let the public know about it. I guess the robbery story’s getting a bit stale, she needs other news flowing, and I’m doing her a favour by wondering about this (just like all the media are). Good job, Kim, you pretty little liar.

  16. LucyGoosey says:

    I swear she’s morphing into Nicole Scherzinger

  17. Loca says:

    Why is Kanye announcing what he is buy through the media? Kim needed to put that lifestyle away. The Kardashians are annoying and vapid.

  18. A Fan says:

    Hopefully this fool exits public life permanently. Goodbye.

  19. Jag says:

    I hope that she is able to get some peace.

    I still think that the robbery is suspect, due to them asking for “the rapper’s wife,” rather than Kim herself. Had they been following her around – and even posing as a pap to do it – they would have known her name. I don’t think that she knew about it, but it does make me wonder if someone in her circle hired those men.

  20. Anna says:

    Kim is probably using this as a great time for more butt plastic surgery