Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson are not splitting up, they’re fine, ok?

Add Star Magazine to the list of tabloids made obsolete by the Brad and Angelina split news this week. Star is running with a cover claiming that Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson’s marriage is crumbling after an epic fight. The word “divorce” isn’t used but it’s implied. I would think this couple wouldn’t be a target for split rumors but a juicy story might sell some tabloids since Sully is still in theaters. (It’s doing well at the box office and with critics and Hanks is getting some Oscar buzz.) A source tells Gossip Cop it’s “garbage” with Hanks’s publicist saying it’s “bullsh*t.” I love that. Indeed Tom has been gushing about Rita and they’ve been posting cute photos together to social media. Here’s the report from Star via Gossip Cop, for what it’s worth:

According to Star, even though Hanks is known as “Hollywood’s Mr. Nice Guy,” he’s now “headed for a not so happy ending.” The tabloid alleges his marriage to Wilson is on “shaky ground” and “beyond rescue” because they’re allegedly always fighting. A so-called “source” [states] “Tom has this folksy Regular Joe image, but he can be abrasive, cold and controlling, which puts a lot of stress on Rita… Things are really going downhill fast,” and it’s “only a matter of time before she pulls the plug.”

The magazine’s source… tells the outlet that during an argument, “Rita said she was tired of the lack of time they’ve been spending together. Tom felt blindsided and hit the roof, and things got so heated that Rita stormed out of the house.” “To call it a blowout would be an understatement… Rita’s been complaining forever about what a workaholic he is and how hard it is always playing second fiddle to his job. Working nonstop is a kind of an escape for him.”

The outlet alleges… Hanks has “grown close to his Inferno costar felicity Jones,” which has lead to “Rita’s resentment.”

Gossip Cop looked into Star’s allegations, and we’ve learned they are completely untrue. Hanks and Wilson’s marriage is intact. An impeccable source close to the couple assures us the tabloid’s report about them on the verge of a “split” is “all garbage.” And a rep for Hanks also exclusively tells Gossip Cop the cover story is total “bullsh*t.”

[From Gossip Cop]

Gossip Cop also notes that Star ran a Rita and Tom split story earlier last year so they were probably due for another one. There’s more that you can read at the source, including the fact that Tom and Rita’s son, Chet, is having substance abuse problems and that Rita got a double mastectomy for breast cancer last year as we know. (You can read her powerful essay about that here.)

I wouldn’t doubt that Tom and Rita fight like any other couple but they’re not splitting Star so shut your mouth. We’re not going to lose anyone else anytime soon, ok? Tom and Rita ARE FINE. They love each other so much and love is real and will never die. Our retro screen stars are fine, they are loving, decent people (until we hear otherwise). Except for all the obvious candidates and also Clint Eastwood, he wears his racism on his sleeve.



photos credit: WENN, Instagram/Rita Wilson and Star Magazine

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  1. Mia4S says:

    Yeah I am kind of laughing that the tabloids after running Brangelina split rumours for 12 years…missed it.

    I imagine their son’s issues must be a huge strain and who knows, maybe they’ve separated in the past. The real story seems to be they want to make it work. I sincerely hope they do.

  2. SusanneToo says:

    Come on, let Tom and Rita be the Paul and Joanne of the 21st century. Please.

    • Colette says:

      Well Paul cheated on his wife and mother of his kids Jackie,with Joanne.
      Tom cheated on his wife,Samantha and the mother of his kids,with Rita.
      So they have that in common.
      So we will see

      • SusanneToo says:

        Everybody knows that. And then they had a long and happy marriage by all accounts.

      • Colette says:

        So it’s a perfect comparison,isn’t it.

      • matchstick says:


        So if I secure your significant other Susanne and have a long happy partnership with them after the fact, it’s ok that they tossed you in the garbage right?

        enjoy wondering if you’re the best option ;)
        cause at any time, somebody younger/hotter/better would be more than willing to take what’s yours and not even blink over it.

  3. Bex says:

    I feel like Star probably just picks a couple of the week out of a hat to write an article about their impending split.

    • lucy2 says:

      I always figured it was a spinning wheel with a bunch of celebrity names and a bunch of scandals. Divorce! Drugs! Pregnancy! Affair!

  4. Astrid says:

    If this turned out to be true, I’d have to curl up under my desk.

  5. nicegirl says:

    I love that velvet blazer deal she is wearing – I want one!

  6. Hannah says:

    Tom should sue the magazine for picking this awful picture of him for the cover.

  7. Jayna says:

    They’re a cute couple.

  8. Goldie says:

    I do find it interesting that they’ve been together for decades, but were never really in the tabloids. Then, a couple of years ago the tabs started coming out with divorce stories about them.
    I think they probably did go through a rough patch dealing with empty nest syndrome and their son’s addiction issues. Fortunately, they seem to be committed to each other.

  9. Mari says:

    By all accounts they are probably the most “normal” couple in Hollywood. A friend sat at a table with them last March at a charity gala and said Tom forgot his glasses so Rita read the entire program off to him. They are in it for the long haul folks, regardless of how they started off their relationship. All tabloids bathe in the misery and pain of others, sorry to say Tom and Rita won’t ever be bath water.

  10. lucy2 says:

    Between their son’s issues and Rita’s health, I can imagine the last couple of years have been tough on them, but they seem to fight through it together. Leave them alone, tabloids.

    I will take issue with her calling Clint a “contemporary” man though. We all know his mindset is back in the 1950s.

  11. moo says:

    I love Tom Hanks and can only wish them continued love and admiration for each other.

  12. Fan says:

    I hope not. I admire them both.