Taylor Swift reunited with her girl squad for the Hilfiger NYFW show

Looking up videos of kittens hugging each other, probably.

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It’s interesting to note that Taylor Swift was in New York for all of last week. She stayed in her New York rental throughout the breaking news of the Tiddlesplit, and she was in NYC for the start of New York Fashion Week, including Kanye’s Roosevelt Island show (which was a disaster). She’s been mostly low-key, not showing up to any of the big events (the US Open, big NYFW shows or parties), going to the gym and hanging out with friends. That’s what she was doing… until Friday night, when she attended the big Tommy Hilfiger show. She was allegedly there to support Gigi Hadid, her friend (and friend of Kardash-Jenner clan, oddly enough). Gigi has designed a capsule collection with Hilfiger, and the whole event ended up being one of the bigger moments of NYFW.

Taylor sat next to Martha Hunt, one of the many models in her Girl Squad. They laughed and partied throughout the show, and of course they took selfies and Instagram videos, because Snapchatting is for Kardashians. At one point, Calvin Harris’s “This Is What You Came For” played and Taylor – who wrote/co-wrote the song – happily sang along. What’s the conspiracy there? Now that there’s a Tiddlesplit, she’s fine with Calvin? We should expect more of this, by the way. I bet there will be a new boyfriend for Tay-Tay soon enough, but until the boyfriend rollout, Tay’s going to be making sure we see her with the Girl Squad. Because she’s so private.

Incidentally, Gigi dropped some “obvious news is obvious” gossip – Gigi told media outlets that Taylor is “obviously such a great friend, and you know, she is starting to go back to work int he studio again, and really made time be here for me, and I am so grateful for that.” As in, Taylor has been in New York because she’s recording her new album. I keep telling you, all of these months, she’s been keeping a Sh-t List. And there will be so many blind-item songs.

Those boots though… and that whole outfit! The sailor-theme seems like something the Duchess of Cambridge would do (and has done).

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  1. Kimma says:

    She has zero shame for anything that’s happened the past few months. She needs to take a break for a while and go away somewhere. This must be what it feels like to be her boyfriend, stage 5 clinger, once she’s there she doesn’t go away…

    • Crumpet says:

      Why should she feel ashamed?

      • librakitty says:

        Wow! I have never seen such a damned if she does, damned if she doesn’t mentality as I see here. If she’s not seen, then she must be hidden away, licking her wounds, grieving over the loss of a man, all the while writing payback songs. If she is seen, she’s screaming for attention, she’s thirsty, she’s obviously “too okay”. The best way to beat the blues is hanging out with your “squad”. And no, she’s not too old to have one. I have no feelings about her one way or another-but if I were a star and came here to read comments, I would be all sorts of neurotic.

      • MI6 says:

        I really hope you’re kidding. Otherwise I’ve found 1 of the 3 that still believe.

    • Melly says:

      In my opinion, she should go on a long PRIVATE vacation for awhile. Let everything blow over and wait for the media to move on. She should NOT try attacking Tom, I think if she does that will backfire on her. People are getting sick of her and her nonsense. If she went away for awhile we may miss her and that would be good for her.

  2. Marika says:

    I like the outfit, especially the boots.

    Calvin Harris liked her video so maybe there’s no more bad blood between them.

    • delphi says:

      I want those boots, too. Of course they’d come up to my hips, but a (short) girl can dream…

      That’s as nice as i’ll ever be to ShiftySwifty. Killer boots.

      • Dani says:

        I think they’re Stuart Weitzman. He has the same velvet and style in short, medium and long length. Mildly expensive (under $600 I believe).

    • Anna says:

      she’s going as sailor moon, I love it!

    • Amelia says:

      I think she’s exclusively wearing the Tommy x Gigi line which is really very appealing.
      I think I’m too gauche to understand a lot of NYFW shows, but Tommy’s entire collection had things I would definitely choose to wear.
      There’s a wool blend coat for £330 that is gorgeously cut I WANT IT SO BAD.

    • Locke Lamora says:

      I hate the boots. I hate all over the knee boots.
      Her hair and makeup are nice, but her face looks somehow different.

    • Petee says:

      Oh they all need to grow up.So tired of Taylor.She is a grown women and doesn’t need a “Squad”.That video is ridiculous.She need’s to go awhile for awhile.

      • We Are All Made Of Stars says:

        Just like the “happy birthday” Karlie Kloss pic whose real purpose was to use the birthday as an excuse to display Calvin, the whole point of that video was to show ThirsTay’s smug face singing that song. Congrats Gigi, you’ve got yourself a true friend.

      • HH says:

        OMG – This! I understand if people are her friend strategically, but I don’t understand how people are her actual friends. Even in the video of her congratulating Gigi it seemed like she just wanted people to see her being a good friend.

    • Crox says:

      I’m not a fan of those boots, but this can be a hint to Kinye: this is how over-the-knees boots are supposed to look on a woman. Not like oversized reverse fishing boots Kim wears lately. Seriously, Kanye, take notice!

  3. Snowflake says:

    That shade of blonde looks much better on her than that ash color. She looks great

    • Maxime DuCamp says:

      Her hair does look good but I don’t like the dark lipstick as It really emphasizes how thin her top lip is (not that I’d prefer her with fake injected lips) and is too harsh for her coloring. It seems like she’s really trying to be “edgy” and it just doesn’t work for her.

  4. lilacflowers says:

    Reuniting with Adam Eppie Calvin Nuke Laloush Harris Wilkes in 10…9…8…7…

    • Dippit says:

      If so, they’re welcome to each other. However, on their first go around there were rumours she considered buying a castle in my neck of the woods, I’d rather that didn’t happen if they reunite.

      I think she looks like a Panto Principal ‘Boy’ in this outfit.

      • Sixer says:

        She does! My fan fiction about the demise of Tiddles was going to be based on panto tropes. We were just about to cast the dame. She bloody well reads here and nicks my ideas.

      • lilacflowers says:

        She owes you credit and royalties! Build-a-Bear trebuchets at dusk! We will be avenged!

      • Sixer says:

        I think we could win a court case, right?

      • Dippit says:

        Sixer, stop at no less than demanding a formal acknowledgement of the assistance given by you (other CBers) during this difficult time in her PR strategy.

        To be published across all her social media platforms.

        Lilac, and, as a further condition, she must wear the Swan Shoes in public.

      • lilacflowers says:

        Yes, but I think she would settle before it even got to the depositions phase, which is good because less legal fees to pay out of the settlement, more for us.

      • Sixer says:

        Excellent. We can start tomorrow. We will have Swan Shoes and royalties and EVERYTHING. Also Build-a-Bear.

        (Can’t be today because I’m in too good a mood. BBC4 Music for Misfits. Paralympics. And nobody can interrupt me because Mr Sixer has buggered off to Spain to see his mother and both Sixlets are doing sportsing things until at least 7pm).

      • lilacflowers says:

        @Sixer, A day to yourself! How divine! My great aunt is making noises about how I need to take her to see “Sully” this afternoon and boyfriend has decided that MY living room is the perfect place for his friends to watch the Patriots season opener tonight. And it is raining.

        @Dippit, yes. Swan shoes in public at all times.

      • lilacflowers says:

        And, I don’t know how we work this into a settlement of any sort but, as I mentioned on the other thread, I now need weekly videos of ChemBoy, LEGS, and Idris discussing random topics together while flocks of ducks or geese or whatever quack and honk in the background. We have two now and they are giving me life. We should just be able to send them topics to discuss together on video in two minutes or less. First topic: their views on swan shoes and would they ever wear them?

      • Sixer says:

        I feel for you, Lilac. I don’t get many of these days and I am determined to enjoy it. We can plan the downfall of la Swift for her dastardly theft of our ideas starting tomorrow.

      • Spidey says:

        @ Dippit, I thought it was just me, and an age thing. but I thought the outfit looked ridiculous to be honest. Here is my contribution to the panto season. 🎅

        And would she have called the Castle Crimson Peak?

      • lilacflowers says:

        @Spidey, gasp! Heavens no! That’s a creepy place from the mind of GDT. No! The castle will be a right proper Englisher castle like Neuschwanstein (yes, I know, I know that is not in England, but this is Taylor’s idea of a Englisher castle and Neuschwanstein was the model Disney used), which sort of looks like it has the word “swan” in it if you glance quickly and it will be called “Rose Cliff Abby”

      • Becky says:

        Dippit, I was anticipating TayTay house-hunting in Hampstead (in fact I’m not holding my breath, she did that after breaking up with Styles).

        That outfit reminds me of Little Lord Fauntleroy.

        Sixer, it is also Poldark night, hurrah!

    • MI6 says:

      Totally. I cannot wait. 😆

    • Spidey says:

      @ Lilacflowers, but at Crimson Peak she could really play the victim of the evil Lucille and Thomas. A part made for her.

      • lilacflowers says:

        No! Crimson Peak is dark and there is a giant hole in the roof and icky red stuff running down the walls. And there is a mine! A mine without cute dwarves is no mine to have. Neuschwanstein it is, although she will describe it as “Cinderella’s Castle from Disney World” and it will be Englisher, more Englisher than any Englisher castle ever was and swans and peacocks in the moat and roses everywhere. Rose Cliff Abby.

    • Emmet says:

      Hello to @Lilac and @Sixer!!!!
      The only thing I am going to miss about the Tiddles romance of the century is the daily banter between both of you :(
      that and the wedding with the swan boat processional and the bridesmaids dressed up like Teletubbies (yes, a reference to Vicar of Dibley (Alice’s nuptials))

      bonus points to @Bonzo
      (hello to @boredblond as well)

      • Bonzo says:

        *ears perk up*
        Someone called??
        *waves to Emmet*

        As much as I love taking a jab at ShiftySwifty (good one, delphi!), I have no interest in adding to her comment count now that she’s outta Tom’s pants. Frankly, someone as contrived and predictable as TayTay just bores me to tears.

        Loved the new Newzoids episode and while painful to Tom’s fans, I think it’s more true than not. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PinOMiC73rQ

        Sixer, in case you see this… loved Cleverman. Will be watching again tonight.

      • Sixer says:

        Wotcha, Emmet! I had forgotten all about the Teletubby wedding. Bah. That’s another thing we’ve been cheated out of, along with Build-a-Bear.

        Bonzo – the Newzoids things have got the LEGS voice down so much. Enough like him to be credible, enough not like him to be funny. And me too with Cleverman. Good, wasn’t it? I suddenly think you might like the film Moon with Sam Rockwell. I’m pretty sure it’s on Netflix.

      • lilacflowers says:

        Hi, Emmet, we will continue to banter!
        @Sixer, I hope you enjoyed your chocolate filled day. Forgot about the Teletubbies. Always trying to forget about Teletubbies. And Barney. I think they all belong in the lower circles of Hell.

        Waves @ Bonzo.

        Great aunt enjoyed “Sully.”

        And now, I’m off to order pizza for the football game, which I’m expecting the Patriots to lose. I’m being told I’m not being a proper hostess and need to adjust my attitude. Uhm, the QB is banned from any appearance whatsoever and the tight end isn’t playing either; Arizona is a good team; and I didn’t suggest myself as a hostess for the evening. Yeah, it will be exciting to pull this out but I don’t think so. Go Patriots! And nobody will be happier than me if they manage to win.

        And once and for all, would the Swiftaloonies or whatever they call themselves STOP tagging Tom when posting pictures of her on Instagram. They are never, ever getting back together and I don’t need to see her or her cats or her boots or her bad hair. It is on the same level of Hell as the teletubbies and Barney.

      • Spidey says:

        Lilacflowers you should start a new rule in your house – you invite them, you feed them!

  5. Sixer says:

    I’m giving her total props for brazening it out in, well, such a brazen manner. Has she got a patent on the Slightly Smug Smile? I love the Slightly Smug Smile! More front than Brighton/Blackpool/Tesco/Harrods, as we like to say here in Britland.

    I’m sure she’s an awful person but she is a very funny awful person.

    • Dippit says:

      “Funny” as in laugh at, not with?

      • Sixer says:

        Well generally speaking, yes. In my world, that is really the only point to celebrities.

        In terms of taking sides regarding Tiddles, no. I think they are equally ridiculous. Although, I suppose I do think she is much better at being ridiculous than him. Hence my admiration of the chutzpah!

    • MI6 says:

      Ugh. This just makes her so much worse.
      Love those striped pants on Martha Hunt, though.
      Those boots are tragic.

    • Sheila says:

      Sixer! Yeah enjoy the day:) oh and that smile is soon smug I can see feathers peeking out from the corners of those painted lips. It’s positively diabolical..

    • Sheila says:

      Thank you Lilac flowers and Colin my love, please bring the pitcher, I’m parched for some reason after looking at these super private, hard to find, privacy invading pics. Shambles yes, agreed her hair and makeup look great here. I don’t mind the clothes they are cute but the boots push it costume level. I love those boots, but think they would look better paired with a different outfit and in the recent heat? Ugh, too hot. However, Swifty doesn’t sweat…

  6. shelly* says:

    She took top billing on Newzoids again last night. I’m sure they must get their ideas from here 😉

    • Sixer says:

      Those Newzoid videos are making me pine for Spitting Image.

      • lilacflowers says:

        Spitting Image had better puppets. And better voices.

      • Dippit says:

        My Twitter, largely political as you know, has me pine for a new/current Spitting Image daily. The wealth of material…

      • Sixer says:

        We haven’t even got a Simpsons or South Park equivalent these days. We need a new Spitting Image (or even a new Brass Eye). Badly.

      • Dippit says:

        YES! The likes of HIGNFY and MtW are all very well and good, and some BBCR4, but we’re really lacking in proper satire at the moment… and when the pickins are so rich too.

      • Sixer says:

        Everything we’ve got just now is really an in-club of sniggering from people just like those they are sniggering at. We need some properly mean and nasty but hilarious take-downs. Oops. I’m getting carried away!

      • antipodean says:

        A new Spitting Image would be just the ticket, and you are right Dippit, the pickin’s are so rich at the moment! It’s a shame there isn’t still a Private Eye around too, they would have made mince meat of all the Trumped up (see what I did just there) fools on display at the moment. @Sixer, I am so jelly of your day off all to yourself! Make sure you don’t spend a minute doing anything remotely practical. I would suggest under the duvet with a box of chocs and a weepy old black and white movie, something with Bette Davis perhaps. “Why ask for the moon when we have the stars”! Sniff! I may need Colin and Mark to swoop in with a tray of suitable refreshments. Where is that damn verandah when one needs it?
        Also, I previewed that Cleverman series, and it looks fab. I have it on my must see soon list, so thanks for that recommendation.

      • Dippit says:

        Not carried away at all, Sixer – ‘satire’ has all become rather ‘incestuous’ here. Print media is even worse – where have all the pithy columnists gone. Most days a tweet or two passes over my Twitter tl and I think “that’s it, satire is not dead – more of this PLEASE”. I think the BBC or C4 need to commission some of those I follow to do an excoriating show. I think, ocassionally, Adam Hills and The Last Leg team catch the right tone.

        A friend just messaged me to say she thinks Hiddleswift are still on and playing it on the dl until The Emmys – say it ain’t so!

        @Antipodean we still have Private Eye, to which I continue to subscribe, however it does seem oddly lulled at the moment. Still a bright spot in otherwise dulled satire though.

      • Sixer says:

        Even for Build-a-Bear, I don’t want Tiddles to still be together. I’ve decided there is probably more mileage in the Great Tiddlesplit. And I’m all about the mileage.

        Antipodean – I ate a bowl of porridge and some plums for breakfast and since then, only tea and chocolate has passed my lips. I am planning chocolate for dinner also. I have busied myself with music history on BBC4 and the Paralympics. Jody Cundy is a MONSTER!

        Dippit – there’s Mark Thomas in the Indie but I suppose he is partisan so even though funny, doesn’t really count. And Frankie Boyle in the Graun – I think he is the best at being vicious but funny yet at the same time clearly coming from a place of humanity (I never understand why people don’t see that in him). And he is prepared to take lumps out of anyone. Other than Frankie though, we are bereft. And you’re right: there are some VERY funny people on British political Twitter. C4 really ought to commission some of them. It would at least save me from more Jack Whitehall.

      • antipodean says:

        I concur that Frankie Boyle is a national treasure, love, love, love, his wit. He was priceless in Black Adder days. Jack Whitehall has gone too main stream, and sold out for the mighty dollar! Peter Cook must be rolling in his grave. Dud, unfortunately, because I did love him at his anarchic best, also went Hollywood to his eternal shame. @Sixer, I always say there can never be too many chocolate meals in a day! I don’t even care if it’s not the best Belgian, I have been known to resort to Hershey’s when necessary. Have a well-earned, fab, day!

      • Sixer says:

        Dippit – OMG! Wings and Siobhan McFadyen! I think they have been taking lessons from the Tiddles school of sensibly presenting yourselves to the wider public!

      • Dippit says:

        Sixer, Wings’ account has been SUSPENDED! The Cybernats are going crazy. I can’t believe it’s taken him this long tbh. I was in Italy when the Kimye Receipts broke so missed much of the immediate fall-out; I can only imagine the Wings’ acolytes are behaving in much the same way as Swifties did then, only with less Cute Cat videos interspersed on their feeds.

      • Sixer says:

        I know! His personal account makes me laugh – I don’t know you so don’t follow me and bugger off or whatever it is he says. And he is um… somewhat challenged in interpersonal interactions, shall we say? But I have to admit, it does seem to be McFadyen who has taken leave of her senses in this particular case. Presumably, they suspended him as a bazillionth strike thing rather than just that. A la Milo.

  7. Keats says:

    Her lipstick is great though, yeah?

  8. Almondjoy says:

    She actually looks great here. Love the outfit! That’s really all I can say as I can’t bare to read anything else about her.

    • We Are All Made Of Stars says:

      Seriously? I think this is about as bad as that coochie cutting alphabet playsuit she once wore. Her hair looks like she got caught in the rain, and the outfit is absolutely despicable. I am a huge fan of fall lipsticks and over the knee boots, so I’ll give her that.

  9. Fiorella says:

    I usually love her style but I’m not sure about her boots. Martha is really rocking those clothes that I could never ever pull off

  10. deevia says:

    That tragic outfit! She’s even more plain next to her “interchangeable blonde model” friend. I wish she never left country cuz her style fits perfectly with that genre no matter how she tries to “city it up”.

  11. Lynnie says:

    I mean as much as she needs it, she can’t do a 180 image change without a bunch of think pieces on the differences/being called out. A gradual rollout of her new persona would be best, so I can see why she might be keeping the girl squad for now. The true test of maturity will be if she ditches the blind item songs, and actually manages to have a few real relationships whether platonic or romantic. In other words act like an adult.

  12. OhDear says:

    Of course she uses a “friend’s” work event to draw attention to herself under the guise of bring supportive.

    NYC has been miserably humid the last few days, so I don’t know how she handles wearing those boots (even if it’s just walking from her SUV to the door).

  13. Moon says:

    Love her hair here. I’m curious as to how Taylor’s career will pan out – in my opinion she has little actual musical talent and her entire personal industry was built on dating famous men and writing blind item songs about poor me. It’s worked – people love feeling like they have the ins on a celebrity’s life and teenage girls lapped up her girl power schtick. But it’s getting repetitive and boring, and the world is moving on. Taylor’s dramas are too predictable and not fun any more. And it’s not like she can actually write good songs or sing, so what happens when people get bored and tweens (her main market) move on? Segue into acting?

    • OhDear says:

      She had some movie roles before (that Valentine’s Day movie, for exams) and rumor has it she tried to get a role in the Les Miserables movie. So it seems like that didn’t pan out.

      Maybe she can get into the lifestyle business a la Goop. She can cater to the more twee types. from a gossip perspective, it’ll be fun to see her and Martha Stewart, Goop, et al. passive aggressively go at each other.

      • Secret squirrel says:

        I can see a TayTay clothing line, make up, accessories and perfume enterprise for her tweenybopper fans.

    • Dippit says:

      I have been wondering “what NOW for Taylor’s relevance?” too. She has overplayed all her usual cards and it’s all just become a little too obvious.

      Comments and Columns internet-wide seem to back that up as more and more deride her very obvious, but increasingly limited in positive impact, PR ploys.

      She, and her team, need time away and an entire reboot after this Summer. I’ve even read more “I used to be a fan but not now… ” type stuff – they are growing out of her and her usual nonsense.

      Tree must be very stressed at the moment.

    • Original T.C. says:


      Some of us tried telling the Hiddleston fans this same thing 3 months ago and all they did was defend Shifty…oops I meant Swifty…as some savy, smart businesswoman that their internet boyfriend scored big to become linked to. LMAO. They claimed Kimye were going to become enemy #1 for recording their conversation with two-face and showing the receipts. Pumped her up as some great self-made strong woman that Kanye was obsessed with bringing down.

      So in the next couple of months all she has to do is hook up with a more popular celebrity and that fanbase will also take to the inter-webs to defend Swifty as the best person in the world. She will continue donating to charity and come out with a good blind-item album making fun of Hiddles which will sell big. The media will be back on her side. Wash and repeat. She is a young, good-looking, tall blonde with blue-eyes, America is her oyster so she will be fine until she starts to get wrinkles in 10 years.

    • Wren says:

      She’s based her career on being the “other pop star”, the one who doesn’t sing about sex, doesn’t dress “sexy”, and doesn’t cause any controversy at all. She’s the “safe choice”, the “good girl”, the one you can let your kid look up to because she’s not writhing around on stage with practically nothing on. She’s a stylized version of the ideal 50′s teen girl, pretty but weirdly asexual and full of wide eyed innocence.

      And it is getting stale, because it’s so one dimensional and unrealistic. She’s like dry crackers, they’re great for a bit, especially if you’re feeling sick from other food, but eventually you get bored and want something with more depth and flavor. The crackers have served their purpose, you’re feeling better and you’re ready for some real food. I think that’s where we are with her, it was nice to have a pop star who wasn’t all sex all the time, but now we’re tired of how flat and repetitive she’s become. If she doesn’t branch out and develop into something more, she’s not going to stay on top.

      • MI6 says:

        The cracker analogy was kind of great, Wren.

      • Maire3 says:

        @Wren: Breaking into the music biz via the country music channels was also a bonus as she was not competing with the next round of pop-princesses (Selena, Demi, Miley). I’m not convinced this *wasn’t* by design. I think the ultimate goal for TS was to be a big star, no matter what the venue. (Early on, her parents took her to NYC for Broadway auditions – no dice on her karaoke pipes)

        Google who her dad hired to be her first manager. Dan Dymtrow. Who was his former client? Britney Spears. DM guided TS through all PR machinations & the public perceptions of a rising artist. I would not be surprised if he foresaw the Spears meltdown & encouraged the wholesome country music angle to team Swift. Strangely, Dymtrow was “released” from his contract for failing to file the proper paperwork – this was just days before she signed with Scott Borchetta and Big Machine records, preventing millions in commissions from going into his pocket & diverting them to Dad/Borchetta. You might say this was Taylor’s first nasty breakup, one that she will never pen a pop tune about.

        Building & meticulously cultivating a teen/tween base via social media was also genius & a critical element. Whenever anyone criticized her (That dreadful Stevie Nicks duet), she didn’t have to say a word to the press – though Scott Borchetta did get a whiny “jealous much?” word in. The TS twitter fan base army could step in and *force* some one to not only surrender, but make a Public Apology (see Winona Judd)

        And what happened once TS triumphed in the pop music world (taking that lucrative fan base w/ her)? She released a public notice that she was going full pop with her music, maybe never to return to the platform that was the important stepping stone to her rise to the top.

        It’s not hard to side-eye this chick back to early days.

      • Betti says:

        @Maire3 – the Swift family have a long history of screwing people over, her father being a hedge fund manager brought his ruthless Wall St ways to Nashville and is one of the many reasons why the county folks were glad to see the back of her to pop. She wasn’t well liked in Nashvile. She has the worst type of stage parents, stage parents that have the money to buy their way to success. They’ve always thought that she was some sort of prodigal music guitar playing genius and spend years trying to make her famous. She can’t sing, can’t dance, her songwriting talent is juvenile at best, her guitar playing skills aren’t that great – they only thing that made her sellable was her appeal to the conservative audiences.

      • Spidey says:

        @ Betti, apart from that she’s ok? :)

    • popup says:

      I’ll maintain that she has actual songwriting talent. She is no genius but she has a knack for coming up with catchy tunes and her confessional lyrics have been pulling in fans by record numbers for the past 10 years. Simply because her music isn’t your cup of tea doesn’t mean she’s isn’t talented. Believe it or not she is respected by the industry. If she weren’t physically attractive she probably wouldn’t have been packaged to become a massive star, because her voice is not that distinctive and mediocre all things considered, but I believe she still would have become a songwriter and made bank writing songs for other people. She is the only star of her caliber, except Adele, who actually writes her most of songs with sole or co-writing credits.

    • Pro Swifty says:

      Umm yeah… she can’t write good songs and is not respected, that’s why she has 2 AOTY Grammys, countless country music awards, BMI created the Taylor Swift award and gave it to her, on and on. Whatever you may think of her personality or motives, by any objective measure TS is far more accomplished and awarded as an artist in her field than TH is in his.

  14. Rapunzel says:

    TayTay’s “I’m in control of my life and that’s a fact” tour continues…

    Don’t forget, she’s single and independent, hanging with friends, folks.
    No need for men here.
    No backstabbing phony behavior to see.
    Move along and forget the staged aspect of it all.

    We see you Tay.

    • lilacflowers says:

      No! No, no, no! We don’t see her because she is a very, very, very private person who avoids paparazzi and being photographed at all times unless somebody else drags her into the picture and then we only see her back or her hands covering her face because she is so very, very , very private and we can never see her! And if we do see her, it really isn’t her, but that wax figure Kanye made of her being dragged about to make people think it is her!

    • MI6 says:

      …And nobody believes a word of it.
      Except for maybe 2 or 3 12 year olds desperately clinging to the illusion….
      Hey, Taylor

    • Jayna says:

      Lol. Tay Tay has musical tours and lots of non-musical tours. Her Hiddleston era (summer) was the post-Calvin breakup tour called The Taylor/Burton Wannabe Grand Love Affair Tour.

      Taylor seems to only hang with models. What’s up with that?

      • Christin says:

        “Oh, I get it. Cool by association.”

        (From ’10 Things I Hate About You’ — Keegan slimeball character, who was a model)

  15. manda says:

    both are wearing not really good outfits

    • lilacflowers says:

      They look like they’re dressed as extras in The Big Apple Circus.

      • Sheila says:

        Yes Lilac flowers, I thought the exact same thing. Some kind of weird Hamptons off to the city big top fashion event with a circus theme. Can’t believe any pictures available with how private and low key she keeps things. I mean, wasn’t she tucked away discreetly in a backrow with nondescript clothes??? Ouch! I eye rolled so hard it hurt. Someone trebuchet a mimosa on over my way pretty please?

      • lilacflowers says:

        We do not catapult mimosas. Colin will deliver it to you personally on a silver tray.

      • Secret squirrel says:

        Does Colin ever get a night off? (I’m asking for a friend!) 😁

        He has had a very busy summer and could probably use a little vataytion, I mean vacation!

      • lilacflowers says:

        @Secret Squirrel, Colin is magic, can be in multiple places at once, and needs no rest. He is on his way to your “friend” now.

      • isabelle says:

        Looks an audition for Blazing Saddles combined with Pirates of the Caribbean.

    • Christin says:

      I now feel better about my 1980s/early 1990s fashion choices.

  16. Patricia says:

    That outfit is a bit too on-the-nose for me. I almost feel like she’s wearing a costume. Needs to tone it down.

    Anyway she makes me glad I’m 33 and I have cut ties with any and all lady friends I had who were obsessed with drama, cat-fights, grudges, and just general middle-school like behavior. Can’t deal. I mean we all go through our s**t, and sometimes real drama happens and we need to be there for friends and handle it. But once it passes it’s over. I can’t deal with women who focus on all the drama and conflict all the time, and generate more just to be catty and entertain themselves. And that’s what she reminds me of.

    • Secret squirrel says:

      It wasn’t fun in high school and I don’t want it in my life now.

    • Kitten says:

      Yeah I have one of those in my life right no and I’ve reached my breaking point. It’s just so cringeworthy to watch a woman in her late-thirties act like an 18-year-old.

      • smd says:

        Kitten, it’s toxic. You don’t need it or deserve it. If possible avoid her and the drama altogether. I have some former GFS I miss, they were such fun but the same they brought too much drama and I won’t. My current friends are blissfully calm and relatively drama free, a huge improvement.

    • A. Key says:

      I didn’t have the energy for that kind of stupid shit in high school, let alone as an adult.

  17. Nicole says:

    I guess we are back to the 2014 PR strategy. *rolls eyes*

  18. Shambles says:

    One nice thing: her hair and makeup look really good here.
    *gasps for air*

    However, that face she’s making in the “looking up videos of kittens hugging each other” picture is peak TaylorFace and it’s absolutely insufferable

  19. grabbyhands says:

    It looks like the delicate English Rose phase is officially over.

    But everything else is going strictly according to script, and I feel like all the mentions of her being back in the studio are veiled threats to Tom about the content of said upcoming album, as if it wasn’t already painfully obvious what she was going to do. I’m sure there will be stuff in there about Kimye too (not saying those two don’t have it coming, but still)-it’s just so tired. A

    All of this has just been something to endure-she hasn’t learned a thing and all it’s done is reinforce the victim mentality that she’s always promoted. She will no doubt be crying into her buckets of cash over her snakeheadedness once the newest revenge album comes out. But hopefully not everyone is just going to give her a pass from here on out.

  20. Evil Queen says:

    All she needs is a top hat and a gold chain and she’s a steampunk hooker.

  21. Sheila says:

    Evil queen! Epic! Waiving my mimosa in a toast to you, you nailed it! Brava!

  22. Kitten says:

    The hair is a huge improvement. That’s all I got though.

    • Erinn says:

      It’s back to her normal color, I think? It does look leaps and bounds better.

      And I kind of love that lipstick, though not so much on her…I love the color, but I think it’s a case of nothing would look amazing with the outfit she’s picked out.

  23. A. Key says:

    Those boots are horrible. They look as if they were made from a 1970s cheap velvet sofa which featured in a porn.

    • Secret squirrel says:

      But Tom loves velvet so maybe she is throwing shade at him. Why else long velvet boots in summer!

    • Maire3 says:

      And now has me wondering if this tactical move directed at Kim/Kanye:
      “MY thigh-highs are better than YOUR thigh-highs”

  24. Sheila says:

    Steam punk hooker with the heart of an English rose? Yes the demure young lady phase lasted maybe 4 staged photo ops? It was gone,by busty red bathing suit at 4th if July but she,brought it back out for the matching airport outfits..

  25. Jayna says:

    I love her new hair color compared to the platinum before. The out on her is a fail, including those boots.

  26. Dippit says:

    “[Taylor is] obviously such a great friend… yadda yadda” – Gigi

    Now did Tree email that quote to her in plenty of time for her to deliver it with ‘feeling’, OR do such (obligatory as part of the ‘Squad’ – urgh) PR focused directions get delivered on Taylor’s own Hello Kitty notelets by carrier pigeon?

    Does she sign off with “#SquadGoals, Love TayTay” as a reminder that one can get kicked out of the ‘Squad’ at anytime if not fulfilling one’s function as a PR messaging useful idiot?

  27. Sheila says:

    Team Swift, since you all are reading and stealing ideas from the comments here I will attempt a brief summary. Colin my lamb refill, thank you.
    New hair shade? Win!
    Makeup? Win!
    Entire outfit? Too much, pick one the clothes or boots, but not both. Coco chanels expert advice applies. Please see above comments referencing sailor moon, circuses, Steam punk hookers and porn couches.
    Supporting. Friends? Win! Up staging friends moments with your outfit, snap chatting and gossiping in front row? Fail and closed fan snap on the wrist!!
    Smug smile? Fail! Feathers are visible out of side of mouth, we all know kitty has teeth.
    You will be receiving our bill shortly.

    • shelly* says:

      Ha ha Sheila the feathers visible comment made me laugh.
      Tom is Tweety Pie.

      • smd says:

        Shelley, I can’t unsee it! That smug smile is evil…

      • Lensblury says:

        I guess Taylor will do the unexpected and either continue just the way she’s been doing things, because people would think a change in attitude might be good, so no change (also known as a 360 degree change) would be an interesting choice; as a bonus, it keeps ppl waiting and wondering what she’ll do. OR she’ll do a feature with a young all-female country trio (which has yet to be put together) to show how much she supports other women and also reinstate her in a silent superior hierarchic position, because she’s in control and also a bit media-shy. If that’s what she ends up doing, I want some money, okay, Swift PR?

        ETA: or she goes pseudo-goth (think Jenny / Gossip Girl, style-wise) because her innocent image has suffered; she’ll have to surprise her former fans with something new. A late explanation for that change could be that she felt mistreated and darker music was a welcome, but very surprising outlet for her anger, and she feels stronger now and everyone evolves.

  28. Michelina says:

    I thought this girl had the common sense to keep a low profile after her mega overexposure the last few months, but I guess I was wrong.

    Also–she needs a stylist, or to get a new one. This outfit is giving me major vibes of those baby outfits that look like sailor get up.

  29. lizzie says:

    i want to shave her head. she needs to ditch those stupid bangs.

  30. Syko says:

    Really tired of her smug little face.

  31. Sheila says:

    Also, got a new phone!! Yeah!! SMD is me, now going by my first name Sheila :)

  32. Miss Jupitero says:

    Newzoids is merciloius. :-)

  33. seesittellsit says:

    The outfit is absurd, she’s absurd, her “girl squad” is absurd – she has an emotional age of perhaps 12, it’s mind-boggling how successful mediocrity is in the modern era, and Hiddleston was a fool of massive proportions. If he’s not willing to come out, and has the sense of an ant, he’ll wait a few months and then get himself papped having dinner in a nice, quiet, elegant London restaurant with some classy, beautiful, well-educated Englishwoman (I’d suggest a doctor, preferably someone working with Doctors Without Borders) and show Swift up for the shallow manufactured product she is.

  34. akua says:

    Man, I dislike tom fans, well some…Taylor I am the victim did not force him into a pr stunt.

  35. Spidey says:

    “Gigi told media outlets that Taylor is “obviously such a great friend, and you know, she is starting to go back to work int he studio again, and really made time be here for me, and I am so grateful for that.” ”

    In other words, Taylor dropped me like a stone when she got her hooks into Tom, but now that he has untangled himself and she needs some more privacy she suddenly remembered my name? 🐱

  36. smd says:

    Spidey! Well done on the translation,🍸Lilacflowers is kindly sending Colin out with a silver tray full of refreshments. He has brought me a few mimosas already. Pull up a lounge chair, the demure English rose can’t resist the spotlight for long, she’s baaaack!

  37. Cinderella says:

    I see Yolanda Foster. You know she was in all her glory hanging with the big cheese.

  38. Grace says:

    Where I come from, we have a saying ‘a great frame for clothes, zero sense of style’. There is nothing wrong with the pieces she’s wearing, but put together like that? Navy velvet tailored shorts paired with wine coloured velvet high boots? And that sailor top? Shaking my head.

  39. smd says:

    Spidey! HA HA! Welcome, Colin will be by soon with beverages. I’m sending not so subtle hints to the Mr. that he needs to go pick up brunch and bring it back…no luck yet., Yes, she was certainly deadly for his manliness rep with those 4th of July staged photos! However, I think they will both be fine and keep on marching on in their respective fields. Swift really needs to change her script/narrative, it is unbearably predictable and I just can’t with her false empowerment delusional idea of feminism yet still always be the victim. Grow up my dear! I had hopes for you when you released Blank space and the video, same with Shake it off..you almost seemed to have a sense of humor about your own antics which was refreshing.Tom just needs to go on quietly and stay silent when the blind song is eventually released…Luke will support you Tommy!

  40. lisa2 says:

    It will be interesting to see what her After Tom fashions style will be. With Tom it was preppy 2016.. Calvin.. sexy baby doll (crop tops, showing skin). With that Kennedy kid she was doing a 60′s vibe.. so now to see what After Tom will be. If this outfit is the directions.. I hope she changes course.

  41. smd says:

    Lilacflowers, Colin needs to stay with me for a while. The Mr just informed me he will not be going out to pick up brunch as he fixed himself a large bowl of cereal..for moi? Nada. Sigh.
    Update, I drag myself to kitchen and also fix a bowl of cereal. Walk by the Mr and shoot him that smug TS smile. He said “what’s wrong, why are you squinting funny at me?” Maybe I need the boots and sailor moon outfit for full terrifying effect?

  42. Kate says:

    She uses her “girl squad” the same way she uses her “boyfriends”. It is 100% all about Taylor all of the time. Every outing is about how Taylor can continue to carefully construct her public image of the victim who is stronger than those who try to keep her down.

    • smd says:

      Kate, Yes! I loathes she uses her squad as bullies or her armor when she attempts to “defend” herself which never seems to be about defending herself, but tearing down some other female. Although she does it with boys and men as well, as clearly displayed with all ex’s and Kanye. ^This^ is what infuriates me so much then she has the audacity to claim she is the victim every single time. Aaarrgghhh! Oh, I need a sip of a beverage! I can feel my BP rising…

      • Kate says:

        Fear not, it is only the Swfitiloonies who can’t see her scheming ways.

        Don’t let her amp your blood pressure. She’s not worth it.

    • smd says:

      Kate, truly hope the writing is on the wall. Honestly after her songs and videos for Blank Space and Shake it off, I had hope as she was acknowledging and it seemed even poking fun at her carefully crafted persona. Perhaps a more mature Swift was emerging who would not try to use the same damsel in distress who rises to be her own heroine theme and over again. Whammy! Cue the PR after the split with Calvin and she had to have the last word. Tiddlesplit, the same. I’m with my squad can’t no body hold poor little me down! I’m powerful in my thigh high boots and smug smile! She seemed aware on her leaked recorded call with Kanye that she was close to overexposure back then, what does she possibly think it is now??

  43. browniecakes says:

    You’d think Gigi was in an Olympic event the way they were cheering her on.

  44. Leigh says:

    OF COURSE she was at a Hilfiger show.

    • smd says:

      Hilfiger, the American brand and TS is a wholesome American gal! Just check out those patriotic pictures from the 4th,including all of the red, white and blue props..

  45. smd says:

    For my fellow CB posters this am, may I suggest for your snippet reading pleasure?
    The Internet Reacts to the Hiddleswift Breakup With Plenty of Jokes http://www.vogue.com/13473040/taylor-swift-tom-hiddleston-breakup-internet-jokes/?mbid=social_onsite_twitter via @voguemagazine
    I ❤ the Hogwarts referenced one!
    Colin and Mark my cabana boy lambs, I need a refill and you both look a little pink from the sun on the veranda. Bring the sunscreen and I’ll make sure you are both proprely rubbed down.
    Please make sure Spidey,Lilacflowers,Grace, MissJupetero, Shelley, Dippit, Kitten and Secret Squirrel are topped off and send Sixer some salted caramel truffles from me!

  46. Cat says:

    Celebitchy aka Snarkfest Central.

  47. Chef Grace says:

    Medusa. She turns mens testes to tiny little stones with those squinty eyes and venomous smirk.
    I need a drink please and thank you. :)

  48. smd says:

    Chef Grace! You called it, she is a modern crafted Medussa! Toasts and drinks are on the way! The Medussa comparison works beautifully since she uses that venomous stare on male and females who stand in her way or aren’t on the squad. Those who escape? Avoid her and her gaze..

  49. Chef Grace says:

    👹 new phone with toys 🍸🍜🍱🍻🐉

  50. Pmnichols says:

    Wow!! I LOVE her outfit!!!

  51. Andrea says:

    I hate to admit this, but I love her hair here…The style and cut really suits her and no longer looks momish.

  52. Shelley says:

    I loooove her outfit. I am going to recreate it!

    • shelly* says:

      *waves at namesake*

      I actually don’t mind the outfit, but hate the boots.
      She has a great pair of legs though…*jealous*

  53. KatnissforKaepernick says:

    Why should Taylor Swift hide?

  54. KatM says:

    Those boots should be burned. She looks like a smug a**hole as usual.

  55. Donna says:

    Hey, if I could get away with it (I can’t) I’d dress up as Sailor Moon too!!