Natalie Portman shows off her baby bump in Valentino: regal & glowing?


Natalie Portman walked the red carpet at the Venice Film Festival for the second night in a row on Thursday. And unlike Wednesday night’s premiere of Jackie, Natalie didn’t even try to hide her very obvious second-trimester bump. Yes, Natalie Portman is pregnant. There’s no hard-and-fast confirmation from Natalie’s rep or Natalie herself, but People Magazine is “confirming” that she is knocked up, in case you don’t believe your eyes. Shall I do a little “I told you so” dance? I knew she was knocked up a month ago. She actually hasn’t been hiding it at all.

Natalie’s gown here is Valentino. It’s very pretty, very regal, and very Jackie Kennedy! Too bad this premiere was for Planetarium, the film which is not about Jackie Kennedy. Planetarium costars Lily-Rose Depp, who looks sort of sullen that Natalie’s bump is soaking up all of the red carpet attention. Lily-Rose is wearing her own vintage Chanel dress. As in, she didn’t borrow this. It was already in her closet. She’s 17.

Getting back to Natalie’s second pregnancy… I think it’s interesting that she got knocked up just months after Benjamin Millepied was pushed out of his position at the Paris de Opera. Reportedly, Benjamin and Natalie have been having problems for the better part of a year, or maybe that was just random tabloid gossip. They genuinely seemed strained though. My thought is that Natalie was so happy to move back to America that she got knocked up as quickly as possible. Is that a weird theory? Whatever.



Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Panda says:

    I saw some cute photos of Lily and Natalie laughing. They look like sisters.

    Love the heels!

    • jinni says:

      There are pictures of her smiling from this premiere, so I don’t get the sullen label. It’s like how Natalie Dormer always looks like she’s smirking which some people hate on but that’s just her resting face which she can’t do much about.

      Also the dress maybe her mother’s since Vanessa has worked with Karl for so long some of the items she owns could be considered vintage by now.

    • Amelia says:

      The heels are amazing, there are some great close-ups of them. Really unique.

    • milla says:

      agreed. they both look beautiful.

  2. lisa2 says:

    Natalie looks very lovely in that dress. It is a perfect look. Lily Rose looks too mature in that whole look. She looks older than Natalie for some reason.

  3. detritus says:

    Do the kids look like the mean snobby French man or like a producer?

    Also, Lily Rose Depp has female punchy face. although that may be spillover from my anger that a 17 year old has vintage Chanel.

    • Frida says:

      Ha! Right? Blind gossip claims the baby is not her husband’s. Plus, weren’t they separated and heading for divorce?

  4. Betti says:

    Congrats to them! Thou if they are having or have had problems a band aid baby is never the solution.

    • Amanduh says:

      Seriously!!! Why on Earth people think that having a baby will help – not strain (temporarily) – the relationship is beyond me!! The thought of a baby is exciting…then it arrives and for the first few weeks, there’s very little sleep, you’re anxious, a little sore, and (as with me and my husband) are suddenly bickering about ridiculous things.

      • Kitten says:

        The first few weeks? From my understanding that goes on for at least the first year…or so I’ve been told.

      • Dani says:

        My daughter is three and I’m still anxious, sore, and sleeping very little lol

      • Amanduh says:

        Kitten: I think it depends on the parents? We are super-chill ( I think you and I share the same herbal proclivities, if I remember correctly? lol) so if she slept for 5 hours, so be it; whereas my sister wouldn’t let her newborn sleep more than three hours without feeding and was very anxious.

      • kaiko says:

        being a millionaire movie star gives her options, AKA “baby nurse”.
        @Amanduh–I think the 3 hour eating schedule is pretty standard for nursing babies. I remember being told that baby usually digests breastmilk in around that time frame, hence they are ready to eat again after 3 hours. Glad you aren’t if you are herbally inclined (which is totally fine, btw, could use some myself, but ya know…kids to take care of, better to not be toasted if they need their mom, wink wink)

      • Amanduh says:

        Kaiko- The three hour schedule is for babies who lose 10% of their body weight, so you must wake them to feed, but healthy weight babies will be fine…I’m not one to wake a sleeping a baby, hence us letting her sleep. Some people follow that rule, some don’t- the baby won’t let itself starve. As for the herbal proclivities, don’t worry about my beautiful bright babies- you do you, and I’ll do me. Wink wink.

  5. lilacflowers says:

    Lily-Rose’s shoes?

  6. paolanqar says:

    Lily looks so frail and thin. I know she’s naturally thin but her shoulders and arms are so tiny.
    I hope she is ok. I am sure it is not easy being Johnny’s daughter, especially now.

    • AbrarAk says:

      “My dad is the sweetest most loving person I know, he’s been nothing but a wonderful father to my little brother and I, and everyone who knows him would say the same”

      • paolanqar says:

        That doesn’t mean that what happened in the last few months hasn’t affected her in any way.

      • littlemissnaughty says:

        Well, not everyone. Obviously.

      • TreadStyle says:

        @ABRARAK kids can be deeply effected by negative things going on with their parents and still love them, come on. When you care about someone (ex. Her father) you can be more deeply affected, even if it sub consciously. Also many kids will always defend their parents and how they are as parents, normal thing. so I would say Johnnys current major issues are definitely affecting his kids. (Not saying that’s why she’s thin though, I was a stick for a very long time, though not as hollowed out as her & her mother)

    • Jegede says:

      I don’t think she’s naturally that thin.

      A poster shared a picture of her looking somewhat healthier a while back.

      Well chain smoking does help suppress the appetite, so I guess.

      • jinni says:

        Because young people never start leaning out later in their childhood?

        I just love how people can so freely start diagnosing thin/ slender people with all kinds of diseases/issues but if she was chubby or overweight the comments would be about her rocking this look and owning her body/being body confident. Also how she’s a good role model to young women and not one word about how she may be a binge eater or have an unhealthy relationship with food and using it to mask deeper issues.

        As for the smoking, both her parents are smokers and like many children they learn from what they see. Not an excuse, but I just wonder why the first thought was that she most be trying to stop from eating which suggest some disordered thinking and not just following in her parents bad habits? She followed them into a career in modeling and movies, so she obviously sees them as roles models (good or bad).

      • Jegede says:

        Like the free assumptions/observations you’re making too?

        My observation is that Lily’s legs muscle definition does not hint at just ‘thinning out’.

        Anyway from the much older boyfriend to the chain smoking, its already being observed on Celebitchy that Lily Rose is already learning from her parents.

      • AbrarAk says:

        “the much older boyfriend”

        I think she broke up with him..

      • jinni says:

        @Jegede: Difference is I’m not implying that a child has something as serious as an eating disorder based solely on some pictures, which is really messed up.

        As for her legs, if you have seen her mom you would know why she looks like that . She has her mother’s shape and some people just have bigger legs, not everyone’s body is proportionate. And much like her shape, just like you pointed out, she is taking after her mother in other ways.

      • Bridget says:

        @jinni: because she’s a model, and they’re actively encouraged to smoke to suppress their appetite. Make no mistake. This is a young woman swimming in a pond with a lout of very adult sharks. I have no clue what her health is, though there are an awful lot of things in general about that girl that gives me pause.

      • detritus says:

        I don’t know how to fully explain this, and it’s going to be unpopular probably, but this is how I see things.
        getting skinnier is frequently due to heavy diet restrictions. Being thin like most celebs require heavy diet restrictions. Most of these restrictions are not healthy. Yes there may be a few naturally very slender, but most are not to that point and need the restrictions. Most of these verge or are eating disorders.

        Add to that, I think it’s 1 in 4 women experience eating disorders, often due to social pressure to be hot (thin).

        LilyRose may not have an ED, but I would say more starlets do than don’t, so it’s not a bad gamble. It’s basically pushed to juice cleanse for weeks before a VS show. That’s not healthy and if sustained is disordered. That is the type of body we now push as ideal. The two week juice cleansed body of an already genetically thin woman.

        So gaining weight is frequently seen as freeing the shackles of traditional views of hot. Getting thinner is seen as buying in.

    • Amelia says:

      Going by other pictures I’ve seen of her (not a lot to go on, granted) she looks to carry her weight in her lower half, so she may just be built like that. Similar to Keira Knightley’s body type.
      Her Mum stayed rail thin for the majority of her career, it’s only now she’s starting to fill out, so the same may happen with Lily.

      • Kitten says:

        This exactly. One of my best friends is built this way and she always had to listen to the ED accusations.

      • Naya says:

        Her father is also a slight guy (when he isnt finishing off an entire bottle of wine by breakfast). She comes from slender stock and a family whose self indulgent vices have never included food.

    • Veronica says:

      I think she actually looks fairly healthy compared to a lot of models in the industry, honestly. There’s a decent amount of muscle on her legs, and her arms aren’t stick thin. Her collarbone is prominent, but mine was too when I was thinner, and my frame is significantly curvier than hers is here. While I don’t doubt that she’d have more weight on her if she wasn’t in the modeling industry, she’s not quite what I’d consider scary-thin. It’s when they get that bobble-headed, pin-thin arms and legs, visible rib look that it gets concerning.

  7. Kate says:

    Convenient timing once again.

  8. Ji-yun says:

    Sounds like a band-aid baby.

    Lily-Rose Depp always looks so dour. I think she’s aiming for smoulder or high fashion poses but it’s nagl on her. In a few of the other pics she’s smiling and it really lights up her face. I know someone will come for me with the “don’t tell a woman when to smile!” stuff, but the gloomy severe ingenue thing just feels so affected, whereas when she drops the glumness and accidentally slips a smile it just seems so much more natural.

    • G says:

      It’s her eye makeup that’s really lending to that impression. It’s so heavy and black on her lids that she looks sullen and kind of drugged out. Really not a good look for her. Lighter makeup would have made the look fresher.

  9. Bex says:

    Lily-Rose is so beautiful but her frame worries me.

    Might be wrong, but I read somewhere that Natalie’s dress here is actually Dior, not Valentino? They pointed out that she’d left the bump-confirming Dior to the end, seeing as these are the photos that’ll be used in every magazine and she’s associated with the brand. Fashion’s a serious biz!

  10. moon says:

    Not a fan of Lily’s makeup – they make her look tired

  11. Christine says:

    We are all assuming her husband is the father. But…what if Benjamin is not the father?

  12. SM says:

    Would it kill Lily to smile?

  13. Shutterbug99 says:

    Lily always looks so pissed! Ha!

    Anyway, according to a poster on yesterday’s Portman thread (Myrna), Aronofsky is the father of not only Aleph, but this kid too! Why is ballet boy sticking around if that is the case? What is he getting out of this? (Must be a big pay day!)

  14. serena says:

    I can’t get over Lily-Rose’s sullen face.. wtf it’s a premiere, smile!

  15. Carla says:

    I love how Lily-Rose is a more hot topic than Natalie’s pregnancy.

  16. QQ says:

    For the Record, I wasn’t saying back then she wasn’t pregnant , It was VERY clear to me then that we were discussing the particular pics that were attached to the post, as I recall someone added other pics inside the thread where she had casual clothes and it was obvious, the question was “Does Natalie look Pregnant?” the answer then with the pics used was Um No?

    • perplexed says:

      I agree. In the specific pictures used, she looked like her usual thin self and didn’t appear to have a round stomach, and did not actually look pregnant at all.

  17. Goneblank says:

    I’m not so sure their marriage is strained. It seems like both if them are pretty happy to be back in LA. I believe her husband worked in the States for most of his career and that LA was home for him too for a long time. I believe this contributed to the culture clash between him and his colleagues at the ballet in Paris. I don’t think her whinging about Paris was a passive aggressive dig at her husband, but reflective of both of their opinions. Both seem pretty chuffed to be back in the States.

  18. Neelyo says:

    After reading some of the reviews for JACKIE I can’t wait to see it, it sounds really interesting.

  19. Bridget says:

    Lily – Rose Depp to me always feels like she’s trying to steal her parents’ mojo. I get that she’s emulating the most important adults in her life, but it’s like she’s just trying to piggyback on someone else’s style.

  20. Sasha says:

    I don’t like the word “knocked up”.
    It sounds like the woman has no agency or choice in the matter, or like it was an oopsie.
    The proper word is “pregnant”.

    Her latest movie had a very good review in the Guardian. Good for her.

  21. perplexed says:

    I don’t think Lily Rose necessarily has an eating disorder, but I don’t know if I think she looks good in these pictures either. Maybe it’s her styling though… something looks weird with her clothes or her make-up, but I can’t figure out what. Perhaps her make-up artist should have picked better false eyelashes.

    She and Natalie do sort of resemble each other. Although I also think Natalie looks like Alica Vikander in these pics, but with plumper lips.

  22. HeatherAnn says:

    I don’t like lily rose for these reasons 1) nepotism irritates me; 2) she looks like an entitled brat (which could be unfair) and 3) she is Johnny Depps daughter.

  23. Nacelle says:

    At least LR looks like a model.