Beyonce & Jay-Z came out to support Serena Williams at the US Open

I’m a little bit worried about Serena Williams’ chances at the US Open this year. She won in two sets last night, but she doesn’t seem 100%. Apparently, she’s been battling a shoulder injury or shoulder pain this summer. But! Her serve is still killer, so I don’t know what to tell you. I guess… maybe, prepare yourselves for the idea that Serena might not win the Open this year? Still, Serena has the support of the crowd. The audience is really pumped for Serena to win #23 (her 23rd major Grand Slam). You can feel it in the air, in the coverage, in the expectations being placed on Serena’s janky shoulder. We are in the presence of something historic. So even Beyonce and Jay-Z came out for Serena’s match last night.

What was funny to me was that Beyonce and Jay-Z were seated in a place of honor, just behind Serena’s long-time coach, friend and ex-lover Patrick Mouratoglou (who is The Sex). Patrick always sits with Serena’s family and friends in a particular section, and that’s where Bey and Jay were seated. What made it extra funny was when ESPN went over to speak to Patrick in the first round and Bey and Jay were looking over like, “Don’t speak to us, don’t speak to us.”

As for WHY Jay and Bey came out… come on, Beyonce and Serena are friends. Serena twerked in Lemonade, and Serena came out for the VMAs to present Beyonce’s performance. Beyonce also came out for Serena’s Wimbledon win a few months ago, although it wasn’t clear if Beyonce really understands tennis, because she tends to have delayed reactions.

Meanwhile, Beyonce turns 35 years old (allegedly) on Sunday. According to E! News, the Alpha Virgo is throwing herself a Soul Train-themed birthday party, and she’ll be doing it on September 5, one day after her actual birthday.

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  1. jeanpierre says:

    She’s radiant. Love the earrings.

  2. Naya says:

    Beyonce has a phlegmatic temperement. Introverted, hates direct confrontation, people pleaser and of course measured reactions. She is this way with everything, even at award ceremonies she isnt one of those who leap up in joy at the second syllable of her name. I like her, she seems like somebody who I could be lifelong friends. Not so much to hang out at the club but to confide in, rely on when life goes sideways.