Princess Eugenie allegedly took 8 vacays during her first year of work in London


Here are some photos from Tuesday’s Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition event in London. In previous years, this is a pretty hot ticket, and some big-name celebrities come out for it. Maybe all of the photos haven’t come in, but it really doesn’t feel like they got a good turnout this year. But they did get one royal: Princess Eugenie! I had to do a double-take as well, I thought for sure that Princess Beatrice has been misidentified as her younger sister (which happens). But no, this is Eugenie. And her hair is a lot lighter and redder, right? It’s not just a trick of the light? Eugenie used to be the brunette/auburn sister and Beatrice was the ginger sister. But Eugenie seems to have lightened her hair, and I think she did it recently. What are your thoughts? I think she looks nice.

Eugenie was included in the Daily Mail’s gossipy piece a few weeks ago about how the York princesses don’t get along with Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge these days. I think Eugenie is probably feeling it more this year because she’s returned to London full-time after leaving her job at a New York-based auction house last year. Eugenie currently works as the associate director of art gallery Hauser & Wirth in London, although there’s gossip that she’s really not pulling in a full work week. According to Page Six, she took eight vacations in her first year of work at the gallery.



Here are some more photos from the Royal Academy of Arts event. Eugenie’s close friend Cressida Bonas was there, as was Daisy Lowe. I’m pretty sure Daisy’s dress is Roland Mouret. Also: Cressida’s shoes!!!



Photos courtesy of WENN, Fame/Flynet.

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  1. meme says:

    I doubt either of the princesses actually “work”

  2. INeedANap says:

    That is an adorable dress on the Princess that would have been vastly improved with better posture and a bra. Seriously, I’d wear it.

    Could her vacations be passed off as networking? Like, getting connections with other rich people so the gallery can sell stuff to them?

    • HH says:

      I think she is wearing a strapless bra. Boobs that big don’t sit high and perky. Even with a bra.

      • Betsy says:

        With the right bra they do. But you generally can’t wear a strapless and expect lift past C.

      • raincoaster says:

        That’s not high and perky, though. But it puzzles me how you’d wear a bra under that. When I went out in the 90′s we used gaffer’s tape.

    • CuriousCole says:

      I’d say Eugenie’s shoes are dictating her less-than perfect posture. I can’t help but wince in sympathy pain for her feet!

    • Emily says:

      She actually has a very nice hourglass shape! Although yeah, it seems that all the Windsor ladies seem to struggle to find a decent bra. (It’s okay Eugenie, I can’t wear strapless either… :P )

  3. The Original G says:

    She sells really really rich people art, right?

    I guess she’s got the connections to make that happen and she goes where the customers are.

  4. Astrid says:

    Where do I sign up to be a princess?

  5. ThatGirl says:

    And once again water proves that despite its best attempts to say otherwise it is in fact still wet.

    I do like the new hair colour though.

  6. Megan says:

    I like the new hair color. She looks great.

  7. Algernon says:

    It doesn’t bother me as much when Eugenie and Beatrice go on a lot of vacations, because they’re working. They seem to flit around fluff nepotism jobs, but if a legitimate company is paying them, regardless of whatever they’re actually doing, if they are being paid and are being granted vacation, who cares? I get the complaints with Will and Kate because they’re being bankrolled by the British taxpayer and their “job” is to do charity work/public appearances, and they are not enthusiastic about it. But Eugenie works for a private company that is okay with her taking eight vacations, so what? I just calculated my time off this summer and realized that between my honeymoon and some long-planned family activities, I’m going to be off six of twelve weeks this summer. But my boss doesn’t care, so why should anyone else?

    • Nic919 says:

      Kate never managed to hold on to a nepotism job herself, so Eugenie is one step ahead there.

      This seems like a story to change the focus from the fact that Will and Kate haven’t done much lately whereas even Harry has been attending charities. And again Will and Kate get taxpayer money for security and are bankrolled for an extravagant lifestyle.

    • Pri says:

      Although Algernon, I do think the UK taxpayers subsidize the sisters somewhat…

      • Algernon says:

        I may have this all wrong, and I know there are British commenters here, so please correct me if I do, but I thought the reason they got “real” jobs is because they aren’t working for the Firm, which means no tax $$? I assume they get money from Prince Andrew, however, and that could include tax payer money, since he is subsidized. But I was under the impression part of their issue is that they *want* to be working royals, yet the royal family is streamlining and they were tossed off the roll. I don’t know where they live, though, and if they’re living in a palace I assume some there’s some tax money in that.

        Still, though, if Eugenie’s boss at her private sector, salaried job is okay with all the time off, I fail to see a scandal. I know a few “gallery girls” and they are *always* on vacation. It’s not a real job unless you’re trying to start up your own auction/dealer house.

      • Cee says:

        Yes, they’re not working Royals. They get no money for their upkeep (offices, employees/staff, clothes, etc.). However, Andrew does, and he might spend some of that money on his daughters. I’m not sure his finances are public, but I might be wrong.

      • mayamae says:

        Don’t they live off of trust funds from great-grandma? I imagine that wealth came from tax payers.

      • Algernon says:

        @ mayamae

        Again, I might have this wrong, but I believe a lot of the Windsor personal wealth stems of centuries of land ownership, which you can say comes from tax payers, but is not any different, within that system, than the Duke of Buccleuch (at one time the wealthiest person in England), or the Duke of Westminster (made their money selling what is now west London in the 17/1800s. The Windsors have an enormous personal wealth, which is exactly why junior royals like the Yorks ought to be off the roll. They can inherit private wealth from the family coffers and not be a drain on the current tax payer. In the British system, all old money comes “from the tax payer” because it was, at one point, built on the backs of serfs. That’s not so different from old money Americans with historic ties to the slave trade.

      • notasugarhere says:

        B&E have trust funds both from their great-grandmother (the great tax swindle by the Queen Mum) plus they received trust funds as part of their parents divorce. Some of that divorce money was invested in real estate, and a house they’ve ‘owned’ since they were little kids was just sold likely at a big profit.

      • Mary Carol says:

        Both girls live at St James Palace when in London. They took over the apt built for two, William and Harry, which was also their first apt, when they moved to KP.

    • Carol says:

      I don’t get what the big deal is either. If her work allows her to take several days off and if everyone else at her work can take the same number of days off, why not?

      • notasugarhere says:

        Because some people like to bash B&E while glorifying Kate Middleton? The York sisters have always made for prime targets by the press and the public.

  8. LAK says:

    Given media reporting on the Yorkies, i’d have to see receipts before believing this holiday tale.

  9. Fireweaver says:

    Considering how much time off people get in the U.K, even those who just started a new job, and given who she’s related to/friends with, this is kind of a non-story. She is just able to afford to leave the country on her vaca,and has plenty of friends /family with homes in exotic locations. Plus, some of the vacations were for weddings/hen nights.

  10. D says:

    I really want Cressida’s leather jacket, but I’m guessing it would cost more than I’m willing to spend :(

  11. sienna says:

    I think its hilarious that the Page 6 article has a picture of Beatrice marked as Eugenie

  12. BooBooLaRue says:

    Oh dear Cressie, why do you look so messy?

  13. Tina says:

    There was some good commentary in this week’s Private Eye. Apparently Andrew is making a new push to have the girls be working royals. The article rather hilariously said that since the Queen and Philip are looking to scale down their patronages and William, Kate & Harry are “very choosy” about which ones they’ll accept, there’s an opening for B&E. Apparently the Queen has no interest in this fight, so Andrew may succeed unless Charles pushes back hard.

  14. justme says:

    She’s a pretty girl and I like the new color of her hair, but what is it with hairstyles in which the ends are just sort of wispy and ratty looking? Daisy Lowe’s hair is like that too. I know it is in style but it always looks awful to me.

    As for Eugenie working or not working – it is her life. Having a job for these kinds of young women in her group tends to be something one does for a little bit in between vacations and holidays.

  15. me says:

    I have family in the U.K. They all take so many vacations a year it amazes me. They seem to get a lot of time off.

    • Rebecca/Becky says:

      Most Brits get 25 days holiday a year, pretty standard for Europe. Though we only get 8 public holidays a year, the lowest in Europe as far as I know.

    • KTE says:

      Yup, 20 days is mandatory, plus 8 public holidays. But lots of industries have 25 days as standard, with additional days earnt for long service.

      Also, it’s possible to have flexible working, and earn extra days off by working overtime.

  16. HK9 says:

    I’m loving Princess Eugenie’s dress & shoes!!

  17. Deedee says:

    Her shoe game is on point!

  18. Muppet says:

    I get 33 days a year vacation (or annual leave as we say in the Uk). What with it being pretty cheap to travel to the rest of Europe (and even cheaper to eat out and stay there compared with London) I end up on lots of vacations. Sure, some are only for the weekend, but still…. I’m not surprised that she takes that many. Not outraged either!

    • Clare says:

      Yep – I get 41 days holiday, including bank holidays (public holidays) – that’s plenty of long weekends away. My husband and I have had 5 foreign holidays this year – if you plan ahead it’s super cheap! We are both academics and not rolling in money…

      I guess my point is, please don’t view her lots of holidays through the American lense because in the UK we get silly amounts of leave and many of us are required to take it!

  19. Pepper says:

    I don’t really get the big deal? I get about 35 vacation days a year plus what I have saved, so I regularly take 3 days here, a week there and at least one two week vacation a year. If I counted days taken to have a long weekend I’d easily average 10-12 ‘vacations’ a year.

    If she’s taking a ton of big month long vacations that’s odd, but if it’s like the other times this has come up and she’s just taken days here and there for overseas weddings and overnight trips, and one or two proper vacations, then she’s just like most people with a job like hers.

  20. anotherk8 says:

    I’ve seen stories about the York Girls’ vacations previously that turned out to be very inflated– i.e. counting a three day weekend for a wedding as a vacation. Also: I am a senior manager at a major american company. I get 6 weeks vacation a year and sometimes use it as 4 day weekends, etc.– I probably take 10 vacations a year if you count it up… but I also work about 75 hours a week. I don’t think Eugenie is working 75 hours a week! But the “8 vacations a year” sounds like something Waity Katie is floating out there, out of context.

  21. Dana says:

    Cant be too bad in the US Beatrice has been back in London for weeks at a time. She is still there its been 2 weeks and she works in finance in New York. Or she quit her job again Bea doesnt like work messing with her holidays. Eugenie works harder then her sister but i dont believe either girl works full time. Andrew wont get his way Charles is the one who doesnt want them working. Andrew is so shady Charles probably cant wait to toss him out. Eugenie looks great in that dress.

  22. Anon says:

    I actually really like this look on Eugenie. It used to irritate me how much they vacationed, and it still does, but mostly I see the press highlights on it as William’s team drawing focus from him and Kate… which annoys me even more.

  23. Jessiee says:

    I can’t get over how much she looks like Andrew! Her coloring might be Fergie’s, but that girl is all Windsor!

  24. OrangeCrush says:

    Cressida looks like she’s in about grade 6. My 11 year old niece would wear that outfit, shoes and all. Pretty girl, though.