Megan Fox says she has ‘never’ been ambitious about her Hollywood career


Megan Fox has a new interview in the New York Times to promote the second Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle movie. Is it just me or was the promotional tour for this film very limited? Like, they just spent money on the commercials and none of the actors had to spend more than a few days doing interviews. It’s sort of refreshing – I’m used to wall-to-wall saturation when one of these huge movies comes out. Anyway, Megan is… about what you’d expect. Even though the NYT tries to get her to talk about more serious issues, she’s basically shrugging throughout this whole Q&A.

She doesn’t work much: “I’ve never made more than two movies a year.”

She’ll always gravitate towards sci-fi/fantasy: “If I got sent 10 scripts and one of them was for an action or sci-fi or gaming movie, that’s the first one I’m gonna read.”

The roles she’s offered: “I don’t get a whole lot of say in terms of character development on movies like these. It’s not like I’m in there helping them write the script saying, ‘April should do this, because this is what a real feminist would do.’ In terms of what’s available for women to play in general in Hollywood, it’s pretty scarce. You have these stereotypes that still dominate films: the nag, the trophy, the escort. I haven’t been sent a nag script yet, but I do get plenty of, like, “interesting stripper.” Or, “She’s super funny, but she’s also an escort, but that’s what makes it funny!”

She’s always said she’s not an ambitious actress: “I know [that] idea is a very strange thing because usually actresses are all ambition, and are driven to achieve and they’re workaholics, for the most part. And I’ve never been that way. I’m not necessarily very passionate about acting per se. I don’t feel validated by being on a set or making a movie. I have a lot of fun making these movies, but it’s not a representation of my innermost being.”

Her falling out with Michael Bay: “I had to ride out two years of very negative press. There’s this perception that I was sort of thrown out of Hollywood. The positive thing was that it forced me to be very introspective and go, ‘You were not totally right in this situation.’ I reached out to him, and we had a very genuine exchange. From that point forward, it was good.

What kind of movies would she like to do? “I actually prefer doing these kind of movies, which always surprises people because they always assume that everyone wants to be the suffering artist, making these festival pieces. There’s something that’s more athletic about the process of making these movies, there’s more adrenaline involved, there’s more risk factor, there’s more chaos, and so I just find it to be a more exciting experience. These are also the kind of movies that I prefer to watch, because they’re an escape into a supernatural world, which has always been where I prefer to daydream, anyway.”

[From The New York Times]

Call me crazy, but maybe Megan Fox is one of the smartest actors in Hollywood. She’s not going to play the game of “now watch me in some super-sad indie film, so I can win an award!” She’s not yearning to do more serious work at any level. She’s not even that jazzed about her current career. She’d rather do big summer movies that everyone sees. She’d rather “stay in her lane” as a “Hot Actress in a schoolgirl’s uniform.” Speaking of, she was asked about whether she feels comfortable enough to say something if she feels her integrity as an artist is being compromised. Like, when she was asked to wear a schoolgirl’s uniform for TNMT. She says: “If I had said, I feel like my integrity is being compromised wearing this schoolgirl uniform, they would listen to that, of course. But that wasn’t something that affected me in a negative way at all.” Because how could affect her in a negative way? So: is Megan Fox a genius or an idiot?

PS… Even though TNMT won the box office this weekend, most people are saying that it “flopped” because it only made $35 million.

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  1. lisa says:

    if she is so smart, why didnt she hold on to her old face?

  2. Naya says:

    I like Megan. She isnt lying about the ambition thing, and lets be clear, theres nothing wrong with an ambitious actress. She makes a handful of movies and disappears to do some hippy parenting. She speaks her mind and does her thing, which is enough for me.

    • Luca76 says:

      I think she tried to be a real actress for a hot minute and realized it’s too hard for her and Michael Bay has that $$$

      • Don't kill me I'm French says:

        I think she has conscience that she is not a great actress.She works and she is happy to work

  3. Wiffie says:

    I think this happens with a lot of jobs. You make money, it’s fun enough. It’s not your dream, your identity, your soul. It’s a job that you like. Not everyone wants to own the company or climb to the top. She knows how to make a paycheck, and she doesn’t hate it!

    Sounds like anyone I know!

  4. Misti says:

    That’s what they all say when it doesn’t work out as planned.
    I remember when Fox was shilling herself hard as the new Jolie. And making controversial remarks in interview after interview without having proven herself as being able to deliver on the big screen herself. Her continuous run of flops humbled her, and maybe grounded her.

    • AnnieRUOk says:

      Exactly. Obviously we all don’t have dreams of fame and respect, but achievements? Yeah, we all aspire for something.
      You can never fail if you don’t try, Megan. Her acting was lacking, but I’ve seen plenty of had actors improve (ben Affleck) by simply trying different kinds of roles.

  5. Jayna says:

    What I get from this is she’s really not an actress and isn’t interested in or turned on by acting. She does love doing action scenes in an action movie with limited lines to learn and loves the big money from those movies.

  6. lunchcoma says:

    We know, Megan.

  7. Rocío says:

    She knows her niche and doesn’t cry about it. Good for her!

  8. eggy weggs says:

    For the life of me, I’ll never understand why it is so awful for a woman to be ambitious. I guess it wouldn’t fit in with her demographic if she were.

  9. Kimbers says:

    I like her. I wish they’d do more girl action movies and cast her. Not a reboot. Hollywood seriously needs to read more bc those Marvel type movies are pretty boring to sit through…which is why i dont.