Star: James McAvoy acted single & boozy last year while working on ‘X-Men’


We still don’t know when James McAvoy and Anne-Marie Duff started having problems, or when they loosely separated, or when they decided to see other people. But following their separation announcement (dumped on a Friday evening two weeks ago), there have been more than a few rumors about McAvoy. Which is disappointing, right? McAvoy fans always held him in such high esteem, not just because of his enormous talent, but because he seemed like a nice, normal, non-douchey guy. It’s not that the current rumors about McAvoy make him sound terrible. It’s that he sounds like a cliché. A cliché of a guy who is sowing his wild oats after being with the same woman for more than a decade. So, Star Magazine claims that James was “acting like he was single” as far back as last year, while he was filming X-Men. With Alexandra Shipp, his rumored hookup.

Sources on the set of ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ says James McAvoy drank his marriage away! “James was never in a hurry to get home. He was always going out and getting trashed with the cast and crew,” spills a spy, who says McAvoy went to great lengths to hide the whiskey-swigging from his wife.

“James would ask them to delete photos of him partying so Anne-Marie wouldn’t find out.”

About his close and rather cozy friendship with costar Alexandra Shipp, perhaps?

“James certainly acted like he was single,” says the source. “And now, he is.”

[From Star Magazine, print edition]

See what I mean? Cliché. And it’s disappointing, if true. You always hope that your favorites will behave above-board. We don’t know what happened between Anne-Marie and James, and it’s absolutely possible that they fell apart without any help from any third parties. But it’s gross to think of McAvoy partying it up and boozing it up and acting like a single guy while Anne-Marie was presumably at home with their son.

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  1. tealily says:

    I’m really bummed about this because I’ve always liked him and like his relationship with Anne-Marie, but that said, this sounds like a normal kind of a breakup too.

  2. Original T.C. says:

    This is really disappointing. I just don’t know what happened to him but I’m suspecting it’s career related? He stared in a lot of movies in the past couple of years that didn’t do as well as hyped and we all know how male ego is tied to their work. Still no excuse for getting drunk instead of spending time with his family. Jimmy Fallon twin??

    As said yesterday, I’m officially off the bandwagon that he and Alexandra Shipp are hooking up after watching her Wendy Williams interview. She’s not into older men (30′s and above) and is also very open to hooking up with women so she seemed pretty honest. She came across as very nice, down to earth and lovely.

    Bonus point for Shipp dropping the scoop that Fassbender and Mos Def are buddies AND he came to visit! LOL.

    • ell says:

      she could be lying though, it’s happened before for many celebs. she did come across as lovely in that interview, however if she is the reason why his marriage fell apart i’m frankly put off by both.

      • Original T.C. says:

        True dat! Bradley Cooper did have us convinced he would not date someone as young as J.Law. LoL.

        However Shepp came across as so genuine, open, and YOUNG that I’m fine taking her word on this especially since there is no proof. She seemed so fresh, I would hate to hear that McAvoy tried to re-live his youth and relieve his demons by trying to steal her vitality.

  3. Em' says:

    Well it’s coming from Star Mag so… I won’t be revoking my James McAvoy Appreciation Society membership just yet

  4. madpoe says:

    Yeah… that “source” is always a bad cliché!

  5. Tig says:

    Just ick! And he’s 37, so guess he’s getting a head’s start on his mid-life crisis. And as far as hiding partying from the woman he was ostensibly committed to- yeah, right. Feel
    sorry for their son.

  6. Lorelei says:

    I have some doubts about all these stories coming out only now, after they announced their split. It seems more like the tabloids trying to make a story where there is none (it is Star magazin).

    • ichsi says:

      Yeah, as I’ve said on the other post, there were NO rumours at the time being. They all are getting fabricated now. He does drink and he parties quite hard IF he parties, he’s openly talked about it, but there were no rumours about him trying to get into someone’s pants or anything like that. I also start to believe the AS rumours less and less.

  7. Talie says:

    This isn’t new — the X-Men sets have a history of being rowdy, especially with this crew, going back to First Class when January Jones walked away pregnant.

  8. HeidiM says:

    Has he always been orange?

  9. Sarah says:

    Idk, i don’t think is that big of a deal. I’m going to hold my judgments until official statements, more reliable sources & more context (cheating vs. single) is revealed. There is definitely more to the story than “James drank away his marriage!!!”

    *Also, how tall is Mcavoy? I know JLaw is tall (and prob in heels here)

    • CornyBlue says:

      McAvoy is 5ft 7 i believe

    • elns says:

      I am thinking this too. The other thing is that the tabloids are really relying on us taking these timelines literally. And as we know real world, real time relationship crap is messy.

      I am at that grand phase in life where my friends are re-evaluating their relationships and marriages and it’s not always a fairy tale ending. The actual untangling of lives and the legality of it along with who knows when it started to fade or was definitely over is all very … nebulous. But it’s not our business, it shouldn’t be, it’s our friends. They let us know when they are ready,

      I can’t imagine what the parameters or guidelines are “supposed to be” if you’re a celebrity.

  10. CornyBlue says:

    The source is The Star. Is probably fanfiction.

  11. SBS says:

    I mean, it’s Star… Not a paragon of truth. And since X-men films in Montreal it’d be hard for him to be at his home in London every night…

    I will add that when he did The Ruling Class in London, right before X-men started shooting, he was always in a hurry to get home and did autographs/selfies very efficiently.

    • OriginallyBlue says:

      I was thinking that same thing. We don’t know when they started having problems, so he could very well have been drinking to cope. Also being on set for at least 12 hours a day in another country, that is 8 hours away by plane makes it impossible for him to come home even for a weekend. Barely anyone on that cast even has social media and apparently his wife is very against it, so how exactly would she have seen these pictures of him behaving badly?

  12. jb says:

    chill y’all… this sounds like a normal breakup, which isn’t easy for anyone including a celebrity. so he drank and bonded with his cast & crew during the dissolution of his marriage? that hardly makes him a monster—that actually makes him sound pretty normal, which might be the biggest heartbreak of all?

  13. ell says:

    these are the same rumours lainey was talking about tbh, so whether star magazine is reliable or not, there’s quite a bit of gossip around it. like i said before, imo the most suspect thing is that the divorce announcement came out in the middle of x-men press when all eyes are on him, which is just odd. it definitely looks like there might be some truth to these rumours, otherwise why putting yourself out there in this way, since he always acted very private up until the split?

  14. Taxi says:

    There have been rumors about James & random women for years. Anne-Marie is seven years older too, so maybe he was too young & immature when they got together?