Kaley Cuoco makes it official with Karl Cook: are we supposed to be surprised?

Finally 😌🦄🐴

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In “telling us what we already figured out a long time ago” news, Big Bang Theory actress and awful tattoo aficionado Kaley Cuoc, let the cat out of the bag and used her Instagram to let everyone know that she’s officially dating equestrian Karl Cook. In the picture she posted on Friday, Kaley is seen smooching Karl and, probably not inadvertently, giving us all the finger. She captioned the photo “Finally.” Alrighty then, Kaley.

The 30-year-old actress, who is also quite the equestrian herself, had brought Karl to a taping of the Late Show with Stephen Colbert a few weeks ago and the subject of kids came up. When Stephen asked if she had any kids, she emphatically answered “No! No. I like kids. I don’t want to work with them. I don’t want to be around them.” A woman after my own cold little heart. She went on to say:

Babies are really tough to work with. They’re the biggest divas you could possibly have around. They’re carried in. They only work like six minutes. Guess what—I’d like to only work six minutes. I just feel like the babies can do whatever the hell they want and I don’t think that that’s fair. So, I don’t want to work with them.

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I guess W.C. Fields was right. I wonder what her feelings are on working with animals.

Back to “Karley” (does that work?) The Instagram outing wasn’t the first time Kaley made her feelings known about the handsome horseman. She recently told CBS This Morning, “I think the horse connection is special” and added, “He’s special.”

I do get that Kaley truly does love horses – but who doesn’t? I don’t get how this recent revelation is supposed to be news, as she’s been posting pics with Karl on Instagram for a while now. I hope she lets this relationship mature before she does anything truly impulsive, like get married again. They seem happy and have a mutual passion, so I hope they can make it work. I secretly hope he lures her away from TV, so the long, national nightmare that has been the (inexplicable) nearly decade long run of Big Bang Theory can finally end. Fingers crossed.

Swear, he's totally into me 😂🤗💤💤

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Kaley Cuoco Attends A Yoga Class

Celebrities At The Late Show With Stephen Colbert

Kaley Cuoco Attends A Yoga Class


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  1. Chelly says:

    So much money…such little sense.

    …silly rich girl

    • cd3 says:

      Hey, at least she had enough sense to enter into an amazing pre-nup with her ex husband.

  2. Jen43 says:

    Addicted to love.

  3. lilacflowers says:

    Why the rush? Why always the rush?

  4. anon says:

    She’s so OTT, she never learns.

  5. Nancy says:

    In a sense, she’s no different than a Kardashian. She shares her ig as a diary. She keeps no secrets and in the end, her inability to keep her private life to herself, bites her in the butt. It seems from her history she needs a man in her mind to complete her, doesn’t matter what man, just somebody to be there. Even though I don’t like her or her giddiness, I do feel sorry for her. She has little or no self-esteem. Maybe she will learn after her third of fourth divorce. Doesn’t matter how famous or attractive one is, money can’t buy love….or happiness.

  6. nina says:

    that show is the worst

  7. Locke Lamora says:

    I really like her, but this picture is so cringey. Yuck. The second one is cute.

  8. Chelly says:

    Can that painful, awful, awful show called the Big Bang Theory just rest in peace already?? This has been a slooow looong torture & 10 yrs should be the cut off….we need sweet relief!

  9. v1nc3nz00 says:

    Cuoco with Cook … makes sense!
    (sorry in the mood for dad jokes)

  10. lucy2 says:

    You’d think after putting her whole previous relationship out there for the world to see, and then having to go through that breakup/divorce so publicly, she’d want a little more privacy this time.

    • JenniferJustice says:

      Naw. Putting her first marriage out there for public consumption is why she feels she has to continue -to prove that this one is for real ya’all!

  11. Brunswickstoval says:

    She is just so annoying.

  12. als says:

    Kisses feel good but in pics there is nothing attractive about lips smooching. That pic is yuck.

  13. Patricia says:

    Big Big Theory is impossibly dumb. It’s almost unwatchable to me. Who the hell enjoys that drivel? Makes me feel bad about the American public lol.
    And Kaley just seems extremely immature. She reminds me of my teenage cousins. Young teenagers at that, like 14.

    • Snazzy says:

      I guess I must be pretty pathetic because I actually really enjoy the show. I think it’s silly, harmless fun and it always makes me laugh – particularly after a difficult and stressful day.

      • Locke Lamora says:

        I watched it up until Howard’s wedding and it was fine. I mean it’s Only Fools and Horses, but it’s a decent show. Much better than 2 and a Half Men or 2 Broke Girls which have to be the stuppidest show on Earth. It’s a nice little show to let your mind relax after a hard day. The cast are likable and have great chemistry, and that makes the show.

      • MissBB says:

        Agreed, I really enjoy the as well! And I like Kaley, she seems harmless and actually quite fun to hang out with for a night. ***scuttles away to hide in corner***

      • KiddVicious says:

        @Snazzy – Exactly. It makes me laugh, especially Sheldon, and I like Penny and Sheldon’s relationship. Only she can get him to a psychic and do yoga.

        I have noticed over the years that it has turned into a nerdy Friends. Same plots, same formula.

      • Duchess of Corolla says:

        +1 for me, too. I’ve always liked the show. I am not old, and not in a flyover state, either. Everyone has different tastes, I guess!

      • Tara says:

        I haven’t seen BBT recently but loved the first three seasons. I vaguely recall some very clever writing and sweet characters. I’m going with the benefit of the doubt that those judging BBT aren’t any of those who were excited to revisit Full House.

      • Shannon says:

        Agreed – I’ve always enjoyed the show and it makes me giggle. I’m not looking for it to teach me anything, I just want a good laugh and it does that for me :D

    • Ashley says:

      I don’t know a single human being who watches it. Old white people in flyover states must be the ones giving it the ratings.

      • Tammy says:

        I know quite a few people that do. I use to watch it myself.

      • Jaded says:

        Gosh…that’s kind of a mean thing to say about those of us over 50, white, and not living in New York or L.A. Way to demean 3/4 of the American population.

      • SloaneY says:

        Count me in as stupid, too. Or maybe, I don’t know, (I mean, I’m obviously incredibly stupid, so take this cum grano salis) but perhaps you could just TURN THE CHANNEL TO SOMETHING YOU LIKE BETTER?

      • RedOnTheHead says:

        @Ashley…..that’s such a nice thing to say about people you don’t know. You must be lovely in person.

      • rosettastoned says:

        I agree, it’s a show for people who don’t like to think. There’s nothing inherently wrong with that, everybody has a different level of intelligence. But that doesn’t mean that the rest of America should be dragged down into witlessness. If a show that was “too smart” or that the public “didn’t get” dominated the airwaves, it would be cancelled or dumbed-down and THEN cancelled (as happened with Twin Peaks long ago, for example). If the ‘masses’ keep supporting shows like this, then that’s all *anyone* is going to get in this country, so yes, if you support it then you are now part of the problem!

        The main thing that bothers me about that show is fans who try to make it seem like it’s NOT dumb. I’m sorry, but to people who are used to a different level of humor/acting/writing, etc, the show is downright PAINFUL to watch. It’s the equivalent of an adult being forced to watch Barney the Dinosaur, while the kids rave and then get their feelings hurt when you roll your eyes.

      • SloaneY says:

        You must need a stepladder to climb off that high horse.

      • caitlinK says:

        Well, I’m in my 30′s, white, live in L.A., am I enjoyed the first 4 seasons of the show. (I stopped after that, got too repetitive.) I liked the characters and the dynamics between them, as cliché–in some ways–as they were. The dialogue was also fairly funny, too, if often predictable. I found it to be a kind of comfortably simple, but amusing, show: feel-good T.V., and there’s nothing wrong w that. It’s pretty rude and arrogant of you to condemn and generalize the show’s entire audience the way you did.

      • Malificent says:

        White. Check.
        Middle-aged. Check.
        Midwestern. Check.
        Fat. (Bonus points for unhipness.)
        Graduate degee. Check.
        Undergraduate degree from a better school than you went to. Check.
        Professional job at a multi-national company. Check.
        Lived on three continents. Check.
        Traveled to five continents. Check.
        Friends in six continents. Check.
        Can order wine at a restaurant in France and have the waiter compliment me on my charming accent. Check.
        Hmmmm…. So I’m some pathetic old hick because BBT gives me a genuine belly laugh.

      • I Choose Me says:

        Huh. Checks melanin on skin. Look at that I’m black and at 40 don’t quite consider myself geriatric just yet.

        I like the show. Always watch it whenever I happen to catch it on. I get that it’s not everyone’s cup of tea but I don’t get why some people always feel the need to disparage the unknown ‘others’ who happen to enjoy something they don’t.

    • Chelly says:

      She really always is like a love struck teenager. Idk any grown adult woman who would post a pic or even just a status with the word “finally” to confirm a relationship. I thought she was engaged again (which will happen) but “hes my boyfriend!❤️” really is teen-bopper of her

    • Cee says:

      I watch it and never miss an episode. I guess I’m very, very st00pid.

      • TheOtherViv says:

        Me too. Double graduate degree and still watching. I actually think it has better dialogue than most other shows- even if the storylines are often silly. There is so so much worse stuff on TV. BBt is my guilty pleasure when I run out of patience trying to find shows where NO ONE dies or gets shot.

    • Erinn says:

      There’s the odd joke that will be super funny. But for the most part… I don’t know. I think what bothers me most is that so many people are like “oh we looove Sheldon, he’s hilarious, I want to be his friend” but he exhibits SO many signs of Aspergers… and how many of the same people who love Sheldon treated ‘that kid’ from school who was on the autism spectrum like shit? Because a LARGE amount of the people who I know who claim to love Sheldon were little jerks to people who ARE like Sheldon.

      There’s a certain amount of the show not being in on the joke. Nerds ARE popular now. Super heroes are HUGE now. Having a fancy science based job IS impressive now. But the show still uses these things as the butt of the joke – and I feel like they’re missing so much potential. It’s poorly written. Penny is portrayed (or at least by the time I stopped watching) as a raging wine-o. Leonard is a snively little man-baby. I just couldn’t handle any more of it, and I’ve never looked back.

  14. Moonstone says:

    I really think she went for it just because they have the same name initials,that’s how dumb this chick is.

    • Ally8 says:

      I was going to say, some couples are smitten with each other because they look alike; here, it seems to be because their names sound almost exactly alike. If she hyphenates again, it will be Cuoco-Cook.

  15. LuluPolly says:

    I never got her appeal.

  16. Kate says:

    Poor silly little girl. She never evolved past high school with these relationships.

  17. Green Is Good says:

    I unashamedly like her; but I do agree she needs to step away from all her social media activity. STAHP.

  18. Add says:

    Oh man. Her eyebrows. I can’t stand them! I so badly want to fix them for her. They look like sperm

  19. Ashley says:

    There’s something very trailer trash about her.

  20. meme says:

    From the headline I thought she got engaged or married…but I guess that will happen in a month or two.

  21. JRenee says:

    Yep, that is her slyly flipping the bird. The thirst is still strong with this one..

  22. alihar999 says:

    I have always gotten a bitch vibe from her. I think she is way too impressed with herself.

  23. Wren says:

    Horse people are a special breed. It’s not just “loving horses”, it’s dying without them. If you think that sounds stupid, then you’re not one of them.

    I think she moves way too fast in her relationships but I hope she’s happy. And I hope they have similar training and horse care philosophies or else it’s not going to be pretty.

    • Abby says:

      I was totally off to google what kind of horse person he is. Because if they don’t mesh training wise, it might be a mess. But I also feel that if he’s a better horseman than her, it might actually even out that she’s a bigger celebrity… You know?

      Totally agree about the dying without horses. My last horse died a few years ago and it’s an actual ache to get back to riding. I work in the horse industry (not show jumping–so I dont know who Karl cook is) but I’ve been having and raising babies since mine died. Trying so hard to get back to riding now. My husband is t a horse person, he played semi pro soccer, and i have had to spell out why horses are like breathing to me and I can’t just go on without them. I think he sort of gets it now.

      • Wren says:

        I was thinking something similar, if he’s the better rider it would totally even out the fame and money aspect. But I’ve lost friendships over training practice disagreements, as well as gained great friends over shared horsekeeping philosophies, so I hope it’s the latter for them.

        When I first started dating my husband, he was like “you spend too much time at the barn”. He even tried to make a “it’s me or the horse” demand, but I was like, “that’s fine, you can leave”. Silly man. He’s since accepted that he’s number two and will always be. For horsepeople, horses will always be first. We’re just made that way, and we’re all a little nuts.

      • Jen says:

        His father founded Intuit. He doesn’t need her money. Which, at least, is a positive change from her prior relationships. He’s an FEI level Grand Prix rider (so top level, Olympics for those not in the horse world), so definitely more accomplished as a rider than she is. Obviously West-coast-based, so I’ve never seen him ride, I don’t think I’ve seen him come to any of the bigger shows back east here to compete.

    • Kitten says:

      Oh ITA. I have two friends who are horse-obsessed and there’s a whole culture that surrounds horse-ownership unlike any other animal I’ve seen. There’s a sport-specific language—a terminology—for people who love to ride as well.

      I think horses are beautiful and mesmerizing creatures but I’m not in the same league as my friends in terms of obsession. Still, there is something so enviable and romantic about horse-riding to me. Just being able to have that shared experience with a pet–where they’re actually transporting you to a new place both literally and figuratively seems like a really special thing.

      (that was poorly articulated but hopefully it made sense)

      • Wren says:

        Yes, and it is. It’s hard freaking work and there’s a lot of blood, sweat and tears, but a good ride can quite literally make life worth living. When you and your horse are of one mind, it really is magic.

  24. Abby says:

    Yes! Well put Wren! Kitten yes! A whole language of jargon :-)

  25. nikki says:

    penny’s looks have really changed in the show…more than the other
    characters….i find the others more interesting…..

  26. elns says:

    In my best Mom voice: SLOW YOUR ROLL!