Soko wears lace Chloe doily to Cannes photocall: interesting or terrible?


Here are some photos from the Cannes photocall for The Dancer, also being called La Danseuse (French for “the dancer”). The film is being called Lily-Rose Depp’s big entrance into acting, and she stars as Isadora Duncan. Soko – best known around here as Kristen Stewart’s melodramatic ex-girlfriend – plays Loie Fuller. I was expecting the fashion-story around this film to be centered around Lily-Rose, honestly. I wasn’t expecting Soko to bring it at all. But Soko brought it! And Lily-Rose just didn’t. Lily-Rose is wearing Chanel shorts and insouciance.

Soko wore this lace Chloe dress which just looks like a gigantic doily to me. I was going to shade the sh-t out of this choice, but then I looked up Loie Fuller and I saw this amazing photo of her. My point? I think Soko is homage-ing the real Fuller with this look, and for that, I can’t shade her. I’ll also say this as gently as possible but… I didn’t realize that Soko is actually quite pretty? In paparazzi photos with K-Stew and on other red carpets, she’s looked sort of grungy and like she thought our notions of beauty were petty bourgeoisie nonsense. But she took a shower and applied some makeup and she looks nice.

Also: there’s already some drama on the Kristen Stewart thing. Following their split a few weeks ago, Soko slammed Kristen (maybe) as a “f—king cheater.” Now they’re both in Cannes and attending the same Chanel party. They arrived separately and things were probably “tense.”

Last thing: I didn’t realize that Gaspard Ulliel is in this film. Gaspard is MY FRENCH BAE. He’s mine! I love him and I don’t see enough of him. Those dimples kill me every time.





Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. roxane says:

    It’s kind of ugly but funky as well espeacially those shoes.

    • Crackkin says:

      The backlit shot where Soko poses with her arms up? This is completely an homage to Loie Fuller. I like the skirt a lot. An when the top opens up with light coming thru it made me like it more.
      I think I might love Soko now. !!?

      • Birdix says:

        Me too. But how on earth is lily-rose going to be isadora Duncan (such a tragic life). Especially if this is about the 20-something Duncan who knew Fuller?

      • nemesister says:

        That Soko pose also feels like the “yasssssss, Woody Allen isn’t MY creepy boss” celebration pose of Cannes 2016.

    • Carol says:

      I confess I have a deep admiration for Soko, based solely on her funky, sometimes hilariously silly outfits. So, I’m a fan. I don’t know anything about this girl other than she makes me laugh. Until she says something crazy, like she’s a Nazi or she hates margaritas, I think I’ll remain a fan.

  2. QQ says:

    I actually dont hate her dress and honestly I forgot everything else once i scrolled and saw Gaspard Face I mean i truly blanked out

  3. Heat says:

    The dress is ridiculous.

  4. Elisa the I. says:

    I like her styling except the shoes.

  5. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    It’s a whole lot better than most of the crap she shows up in. How’s that for high praise?

    • sauvage says:

      High praise indeed. It also looks like she washed her hair. Soko Praise doesn’t get higher than that, non?

  6. Pandora says:

    She looks like a moron. At least Lily looks cute.

  7. CooCooCatchoo says:

    The top of Soko’s dress reminds me of Lucy’s scary wedding dress in “Bram Stoker’s Dracula.” Her pale makeup, too.

  8. Julimonster says:

    Wow, Soko.
    Then I scrolled down to the photo of Gaspard Ulliel and inhaled my coffee.

  9. Zuri says:

    Wednesday Adams gets married.

  10. jinni says:

    Soko is facially giving my Gerard Way from My Chemical Romance, while her outfit looks like a sad Victorian clown about the neck/chest.

    I know people will hate on her, but I like Lily’s look. I just think her outfit would have looked better if she had those boot Alicia Vikander was wearing during the Met Gala.

  11. Lilacflowers says:

    That woman is wearing my grandmother’s curtains

  12. Ellie66 says:

    More like a 90s Courtney Love homage. Lol!

  13. Malificent says:

    Soko is owning it and having a good time. Lily-Rose looks like a 12 yr old playing dress up with her mom’s clothes some time in the early 70s. And I’m too thumb-tied to type a coherent comment about Gaspard.

  14. Bridget says:

    Anything is better than what Soko usually wears.

  15. Danny says:

    Love Lily-Rose’s outfit.

  16. Kitten says:

    Gaspard Ulliel Gaspard Ulliel Gaspard Ulliel.

    That is all. I see no one else.

  17. Insomniac says:

    I like the dress, and she looks like she’s having fun with it, so good for her.

    • Narak says:

      I looked up Images of Lois Fuller and Soko nails it. I like the dress- it is an homage to a ground breaking dancer, whom most of the tastemakers of the time didn’t understand and shunned or rediculed.

  18. Erinn says:

    …she looks freakishly like Jack White here. That outfit is ridiculous.

    • Sigh... says:

      THAT’S WHO SHE LOOKS LIKE! Especially with her hair styled like that. And now what has been seen cannot be unseen.

      Her top seems to need…”editing?” Lace/embroidery, varying shades of white/yellow, overlays overlaying more overlays, semi-sheer, high collar, huge sleeves, all over a frilly/busy skirt and extremely chunky heels = too much on her small frame (it actually looks better when she raised her arms, IMHO).
      In other words, def her “style.”

      I like her shoe color, though. Pale blue? Mint?

      eta: MY LORD, the awkwardness in that cast/group photo. Whoooo…

  19. Wiffie says:

    No. No no no. We are not going to start covering this woman just because she dated kstew for a week. I didn’t know her before, and was happy. Don’t need to see her “look at me! I’m so crazy” desperation.

    • isha says:

      just cause you didn’t know who she was does not mean she has not been around before as a singer an actor doing good music and films. You do know there is a world outside the states right? In fact she has a longer carreer than Kstew. Or are only the American carrers/ actors/singers important enough to cover?

      • Starkiller says:

        Kills me when Europeans make comments like this. Tripping over yourselves for an opportunity to spew judgmental xenophobia at Americans, as if most of you realize there’s a world outside Europe. Typical.

      • Truthful says:

        @Starkiller: you commet wasn’t a pristine example of tolerance as well… Let’s hope you realize that.
        ” spew judgmental xenophobia at Americans”- extrapolating much? Isha stated something that is in general true (general means on the whole population scale) that in the US people do not know famous people from other countries.
        Xenophobia? Lol. go see the definition in a dictionary.

        And on some aspect it is true that the American society “in general” is very self centered. example: the football games are deemed ” world series”… while nobody in the world except for the us and canada plays that game.Just an example…. oh maybe I am being a xenophobe right ? “-eye roll”

        being critical doesn’t mean dislike…or xenophobia (my god!)

        And for Wiffie: Soko is not a mainstream artist but has a very long and respected career as both an actor and a singer.

        She is quite respected in both.So it’s not because you don’t know her that she was unknown . In fact she is respected enough to be in a movie selected by ” un certain regard” selection in Cannes (the indie one)

  20. Moxie Remon says:

    Gaspard is amazing and spectacular, but my French bae is definitely Louis Garrel lol.

  21. senna says:

    If the giant bell sleeves were fitted, and if the dress was one colour instead of having those horrible yellow accents, the dress would be pretty cool. The throwing-up-her-arms photo shows the dress structure and it’s not all bad!

  22. Lucy says:

    I’m only here to say HONK for Gaspard!!!

  23. drnotknowitall says:

    I actually like the dress. But I think she is unhinged and I think poor Kristen is going to have to find a way out of the Chanel party if she does not want to be stalked.

  24. CharlotteCharlotte says:

    Now I want Soko and Clea Duvall to get together and be beautiful twinsesque.

  25. anna says:

    Her outfit is fine-it’s the shoes that are tacky. Lily-Rose outfit is age-appropriate also.

  26. Tig says:

    To me, she looks like she could be Nicholas Hoult’s sister! And that is one busy dress!

    Didn’t Gaspard star in one of the two movies that came out about the same about Yves St Laurent? I always get him confused with the French actor who’s with Marion C. Both are very easy on the eyes!

    • Truthful says:

      Guillaume Canet

      It’s a shame people inhere don’t know Nicolas Duvauchelle, Pio Marmai or Pierre Niney,.Raphaël Personnaz,. Niels Schneider,…they are not bad too ;D

      • Tig says:

        Thanks- why I can never remember his name, I’ll never understand. He’s the one who came from an equestrian background, correct? I have been trying to find the movie he made about the show jumper for months w/no luck.

  27. KiddVicious says:

    Soko’s dress must smell like mothballs, it looks like it’s been hanging in her great-grandmas attic for years.

  28. Shutterbug99 says:

    She looks like Gerard Way with a little bit of Frances Bean Cobain.

  29. Annie says:

    Hopefully Soko is enjoying her moment. She’s more that Kstew’s ex. She has her own career going on and got the attention of Chanel awhile ago. I hope she’s able to enjoy this. Getting cheated on when you’re falling madly in love sucks. I think it’s unfair to call her melodramatic. Hey, as far as I’m concerned she can bring in all the drama she wants. Kristen deserves it. You wanted all the paparazzi on you two, and after using her you dump her, well now you’re getting a whole new drama for not treating any of your partners with respect. Whatever happens it’s her own fault. Sing, Soko, siiiiiiiiiing.

  30. what's inside says:

    That get-up could not be worn by just anyone, but it does look funky on her. What’s with the vampire pale face? Does she need a transfusion after being abandoned by the trampire?

  31. kri says:

    he made me gasp hard,

  32. Khaveman says:

    Soko has substance behind her eyes and seems engaged in the photos — and funny and sweet. Lily looks arrogant, though I like her styling. Soko’s dress is a “no,” but I’m sure the next one won’t be so drapery-esque.

  33. SpareRib says:

    Soko thought she was an alien ;)

  34. Anare says:

    Gaspard. Oui! Soko’s dress is beautiful under the giant sleeves. Lily Rose looks like a brat who refused to get ready for the event and just went as is. Sorry. Not impressed.

  35. Clairej says:

    I just love her. She is so cute and she works that dress. I love it when she fans her arms.

  36. serena says:

    Wow, Soko looks really nice here! I even like her dress, lol.