Robert Pattinson & a Versace-clad FKA Twigs at the Met Gala: lovely?


A Robert Pattinson-stan went HAM on me last night on Twitter when I dared to express surprise that FKA Twigs & Robert Pattinson are still together. To be fair (to me), there have been multiple stories over the past few months about how Twigs and Sparkles called off their engagement and/or broke up. But they’re still together, and they walked the same carpet as Kristen Stewart, so scandalous! Twigs wore Versace and an elaborate headpiece. I think I would have enjoyed her look more if it was a different color. A silver, white, green, red, blue… anything other than this peachy nude.



Emily Ratajkowski in Prabal Gurung, and she was the designer’s date too. The dress is boring, but she looks pretty.


Zoe Kravitz in YSL/Saint Laurent or whatever we’re calling it these days. Again, I have to wonder: did these people not understand the theme? I wonder if Zoe kept the mask on the whole dinner.


Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet, WENN.

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  1. Lizzie McGuire says:

    From all the dresses pair up in this post I think I like FKA Twigs the best. Emily Whatever is wearing a dress that is nothing to do with the theme, did people not read the invitation or what? Also Zoe why? Her dress is not good, her look is not good. And since I spot Lorde in the back I can say that dress is my worst nightmare along with her hair. She needs to fire her stylist or T.Swift ASAP

  2. mia girl says:

    I am sorry, but I find Emily Ratajkowski to be one of the most thirsty of the parched. Like she has middle of the Saraha desert level thirst.

  3. PunkyMomma says:

    I thought the fit on Twigs dress to be perfect. It might have been more stunning if the color had been a gun gray or a metallic gray. But one of the better looks for the night.

    • mia girl says:

      I agree. She was great head to toe. One of my favorites
      The dress has a mix of man and machine made details which is on theme – and I loved her styling from the headpiece, to the body art to the silver machine-like finger jewelry.
      And it looks like Pattinson tied into her jewelry by wearing that earing cuff. Normally I would be um, no… but I think he pulls it off.

    • NUTBALLS says:

      I loved it too. Her outfit was one of my favorites and I agree that it would have be better in gunmetal.

    • Jayna says:

      The cut and fit of the gown was beautiful on her.

  4. OTHER RENEE says:

    None of these are remotely connected to the theme. They’re supposed to be wearing costumes, not just dresses.

    • Irma says:

      I thought Twigs was on theme. Looks like either old school Cleopatra Era fashion or star wars princess Leia-ish era. She could be at home in either so manus or machina could have created her dress. The aesthetic vibe and simplicity fit either time period.

      Also SJP wrote a NYT piece about the theme in context of her costume. She was on point historically.

      Seems like many critiques that nobody got the theme, but no one has offered up what would be an accurate interpretation. And way too many critiques based on how pretty they look vs. It’s a mess if it’s truly costume.

      Katy Perry and Alicia V were in the theme zone for sure.
      Fashion is subjective in the end, though I think theme interpretation is meant to be more subtle and based on symbolic insight or historical nods rather than literal.

    • Dana says:

      No, actually the theme says man vs machine… does not mean wear a costume or technology driven dress. It means blend how machine influenced the construction or technique of your dress. Nothing more. Not a costume contest.
      I thought twigs look was flawless, even the usually nude color would bother me but it didn’t on her here. Rob looked stunning. I was hesitant on the tech body paint but it fit her look.

  5. tiny martian says:

    Lol, these are terrible pictures of Pattinson and Twigs! I saw much better ones last night, these must be the budget shots. I thought her temporary tattoos and accessories worked well enough with the theme. She didn’t go all out like some attendees, but she wasn’t completely theme-less like many others, either.

    • Anname says:

      Yes! Celebitchy picked the worst pics of Rob and twigs, lol. There are lots of smiley happy pics where they actually look happy to be there, and happy with each other too.

    • senna says:

      Somehow, perhaps because Twigs is so diminutive, a few of the tiny thematic details, like her crazy-awesome rings, got a bit lost. The photos on her instagram showcased the look much better. I loved her dress and styling though; she’s one of the best of the night for me.

    • Taxi says:

      Anything would be better than her pEEnis dress from last year.

  6. Bobafelty says:

    Bedazzled snot string…no thanks. None match the theme. Twigs in a different color could have been great

  7. Miss Grace Jones says:

    I adore Twigs(really want another album from her and Kelela because I need new bedroom music) and I think she looks nice. Considering her music videos i’d have thought she would have done something riskier? She’s gorgeous and it works though.

    I don’t get the Emily Ratajewski thing and I never will. Her face is cartoonish and dead eyed and her body-and this is coming from a pretty thin girl herself–so…bony and utterly shapeless In all these semi nudes I keep seeing her In that if I hadn’t seen her boobs that one time I’d think she had the body of a twelve year old. I know this probably sounds so harsh and I swear I’m not trying to be but I don’t get it she’s so boring to top it off!

    • Cynthia says:

      I love Kelela!

      • Miss Grace Jones says:

        Yessss another fan! I’ve been desperate for another Kelela joint especially after that interlude dazed interview she did Hallucinogen wasn’t enough!

      • senna says:

        I second the Kelela love! And I can’t wait for more Twigs music – her last EP was perfection but too short.

  8. Kelly says:

    I can understand why NO ONE is smiling.

  9. OhDear says:

    FKA Twigs’ ensemble looks like it may have been inspired by Metropolis (esp. with the headpiece), so at least she tried and was creative about it.

    • teacakes says:

      Twigs’ headpiece actually reminded me of Indian wedding jewellery, with the little piece hanging down. But it’s different enough to honestly say that it’s ‘inspired by’ rather than a straight-up ripoff of it.

  10. serena says:

    I love love love Twigs whole look! It also fit the theme (unlike Zoe Kravitz.. wtf was that) and I’m glad she’s still with Sparkles.

  11. The Eternal Side-Eye says:

    I love what FKA did here, it’s a very interesting dress and I love the subtle addition of body art and piercings. Very beautiful. She wasn’t one of my big wins for the night, but she was definitely a strong runner up.

    • Carmen says:

      The design is great. The color makes it kind of bland, though.

      I think she and RPatz make a lovely couple.

  12. QQ says:

    Love FKA Twigs and this dress and the effect, Zoe looks like she is wearing a costume and the name of this costume is MOLD

    Also I’m very happy Lainey started her posts today with a refresher ofthe theme, which only makes me angrier at all the metallic silver stuff–2016/43762

    • mia girl says:

      YES! All this silver-future shit missed the actual point

      “Emanating from this presentation will be a series of rooms based on traditional métiers of the haute couture, including embroidery, featherwork, artificial flowers, pleating, lacework, and leatherwork, which will be presented alongside versions that incorporate innovative processes, such as 3D printing, computer modeling, bonding and laminating, laser cutting, and ultrasonic welding. A room dedicated to the ateliers of tailoring and dressmaking will reflect the traditional division of a maison de couture.”

  13. Tig says:

    Glad that this dress made a thread- mentioned it on the other Versace article. I really like the draping, and respectfully disagree with the gun metal color suggestion. If had gone that route, would have been lost in the sea of 50 shades of grey/silver(sorry, couldn’t resist!). She and Rob are so cute together.

    • PunkyMomma says:

      Oh Tig, bad pun. 😂😂😂

    • mia girl says:

      They are a good couple. On paper maybe it shouldn’t work, but they both seem very into each other and chill about their relationship. They’ve been together for a while now it seems.

  14. Insomniac says:

    Wait — Rob, Twigs and Kristen were all at the same event? Le gasp! Isn’t that one of the signs of the Apocalypse?

    I do like Twigs’s dress, but it seems quite tame compared to the penis dress from last year.

  15. Diana B says:

    Yeah, cuz everything the tabs say is gospel, right? Even though there are sightings of them together all over the world every week…

    Fans are crazy, though.

  16. J-Who says:

    Goodness, that Twigs girl has such unfortunate looks :-(

  17. Dlo says:

    Emerald green, I see Twigs dress popping in deep, rich emerald green

    • Irma says:

      It fits the theme in the nude color though. Futuristic bland or nod to ancient aristocratic fashion. A bold color would take away from it and gray would make it too obvious or too industrial. Taupe or a white shade works for the concept imo

  18. Mabel says:

    Nice dress on Twigs but same dead eye, open mouth expression we always get from her. Pattinson looks like a waiter or the Good Humor ice cream man in his white jacket. Black would have looked much better on him.

  19. tacos and tv says:

    Twigs dress and look is super cool. Emily missed the point completely. And zoe did too. She looks like she is going to a sexy funeral.

  20. Starkiller says:

    What a pack of pretentious jerks. Except Zoe; she seems cool.

  21. Dana says:

    Funny, I thought many would nail this years theme after complaining last years was too tough. But nope, they didn’t.

    Kaiser, sorry you were bombarded but just note… Lots of twihards like to write false blinds, send them to blind gossip or OK who are printing their stories of these two breaking up when if you just searched their names on twitter, they are usually always together or not far apart. ESP from CelebDirty laundry who openly fish for stories from Twihards dying for Robsten. So, you can’t believe Star or Ok or Intouch without hard facts.
    That said, I think fka twigs nailed it this year. She really has her own sense of style and fashion so it comes through in her approach. Even when its all not meant to work – it does. Rob, as usual… Cute man! Get him a BOND Role.

  22. TOPgirl says:

    Sadly they are still together. eh! When is she ever going to lose her nose ring.

  23. Rae says:

    I love the dress, but I find the head jewellery is too try hard from FKA Twigs.

  24. sleepless says:

    I think Rob and Twigs were one of the best dressed couples at the gala. They looked great on the red carpet and actually enjoyed themselves. Would love to see pictures from inside the ball. It must have been fun to watch Rob, Twigs, Liberty and Kstew try to not run into each other. I would pay to see that.