Star: John Mayer proposed to Katy Perry after she got serious with Orlando

Real-life couple John Mayer and Katy Perry sit down for their first interview together on ABC's GMA
Katy Perry was on-off with John Mayer for years before her epic now two month long romance with Orlando Bloom. They first got together in 2012 when she was fresh off her divorce from Russell Brand, they broke up two months later, got back together, rinse and repeat. At the end of 2013, after at least their second breakup and makeup they did a song together and tried to promote it. (That’s when the photo above was taken.) John acted like he wanted to be anywhere else. Then they broke up for the third time in early 2014 and got back together for a fourth time about a year later. We know all this because Katy and/or John told the press. They both love the attention so they were perfect for each other in that way. In fact the last time we heard about them hooking up was right before New Year’s this year, right before Katy and Orlando Bloom became a thing. They can’t quit each other when they’re in between other relationships, so that’s why I believe this Star story that John Mayer called up Katy and begged her to marry him after he saw that she had moved on with Orlando.

Star has learned that John Mayer recently proposed to his superstar ex, Katy Perry, months after their breakup and just as she’s started moving on with Orlando Bloom.

“He did it over the phone,” says a pal of Katy’s. “He told her he was ready to buy her a Cartier ring and get down on one knee. He still calls and texts her all the time, and when he popped the question she couldn’t believe it.”

The insider says that the commitment-phobic crooner, 38, has been seeind he recent photos of a loved-up Katy and Orlando together, and “it’s killing him…

“She pretty much laughed him off the line.”

[From Star Magazine, print edition]

The only reason John would marry Katy is for the attention. He loves to date famous women and get press or it. Remember how he was on-off with Jennifer Aniston before hooking up with Katy? Before Aniston it was Jessica Simpson. Just wait, he’ll have another semi-famous woman on the hook soon. This was a feeble attempt to keep Katy from moving on. I’m actually proud of Katy for resisting his crap. At least Orlando seems truly smitten with her. I’m kind of excited for Katy and Orlando to show up at an event together! Plus it will really piss off Mayer.

Katy Perry seen at Radio City Music Hall after performing for Hilary Clinton fundraiser in New York

John Mayer Catches A Flight At LAX

Orlando Bloom seen arriving at LAX

photos credit: Fameflynet, Pacific Coast News and

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22 Responses to “Star: John Mayer proposed to Katy Perry after she got serious with Orlando”

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  1. NewWester says:

    Propose over the phone? If John had proposed while on Skype, Instagram or FaceTime while showing a “Cartier” engagement ring, I might believe he was a bit serious. Sounds like he was drunk calling Katy.

    • SNAP says:

      I really thought this was Celebitchy’s April fools prank…WTH? If he really wanted her he could have proposed to her when they were together…what kind of loser proposes over the phone when he has the cash to buy a ring, he could had actually bought one and knelt in front of Katy???!!! Only Meyer…(not to offend those of us under different circumstances and tighter budgets)….i hate players who think they can do better than you and then come back begging. UGH

  2. ladysussex says:

    Well, I don’t think we can believe Star. BUT the whole “I don’t want you, but no one else can have you.” bit is a douche move. And he’s a douche, so…. I also think the fact that she keeps choosing douchey guys belies a flaw in her character. Water seeks it’s own level, and all that.

    • SJO says:

      Aw C’mon, you don’t have friends you love who have bad taste in men? I think that’s pretty harsh.

      • melodycalder says:

        ^^^ this. I like her. She reminds me if so many friends who look for love in all the wrong places and settle too easily. I love her with Orlando, he seems like a good guy, dad, and partner. If anything she might get bored with how nice he is.

  3. Kitten says:

    Yeeeeahhh this story isn’t true.

    • tegteg says:

      I think Star is a load of dookie…. but I could maybe somehow see this being true. John Mayer isn’t getting any better looking and he’s not a big deal anymore. His “star” is fading, so to say. I could see him freaking out and realizing he’s not going to do any better (aka snag somebody more famous) than Katy Perry.

    • Luca76 says:

      I actually could see Katy leaking the story. Her publicist has been sending out positive stories to People etc with detailed info about how great her and Orlando are doing why not through the other tabs a juicy little bone?
      And it’s totally in character for douchey John.

    • Jen says:

      I can see him drunk dialing her, sure. He’s that guy. Begging her to marry him? No.

  4. What's inside says:

    I love a good fiction love triangle.

  5. Beth says:

    He was also dating Jennifer Love Hewitt and Heidi Klum. AND Taylor Swift …

    • crtb says:

      He is another George Clooney. Wont get married until he is in his 50′s and too old/tired to keep running around anymore

  6. Rhiley says:

    KP’s America the Beautiful outfit is as repulsive as Donald Trump wrapped in nothing but a towel with his comb over dripping wet.

  7. The Original Mia says:

    Dick move and he’s a dick so I believe it. Glad she didn’t fall for it. She and Orlando are cute.

  8. Michelle says:

    I like Katy Perry’s music and I am glad that she resisted the urge to fall into Mayer’s trap again. Hopefully she and the big O will last. She needs to tone down the make-up herself, or she will end up looking like another overdone singer…Gwen.

  9. Moxie Remon says:

    She has terrible taste in men, but as I still have a love for Orlando, I consider him an upgrade for her. I hope they find in each other happiness and love, once and for all.

  10. Kelly says:

    Legolas for me!

    Sounds like another April Fool’s joke.

  11. Mrs. Odie says:

    Happy April Fool’s Day!

  12. Palapao says:

    I like to think that maybe he did call her & beg her to break it off with Orly & marry him. Then when she sounded like she was pondering it…he was all “APRIL FOOLS! You look happy, just called to wish you the best! Tell Orly I said hi!”

  13. Psu Doh Nihm says:

    This is your typical power pull. Basically his ego can’t handle being rejected by her for another man so he is trying to get the ball back into his court. If she were to have fallen for it, it would only have been a matter of time before he would’ve dropped her again. Good for her for not giving in.

  14. Cricket says:

    sounds like an April Fool’s joke but would have been even better if her reply was to sing ‘we are never, never ever getting back together’ that would have been perfect.