Did Rob Kardashian & Blac Chyna break up after two months of drama?

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Surprisingly absolutely no one, this Blac Chyna/Rob Kardashian relationship has already run its course. Rob and Chyna got together in January, much to the shock of the rest of the Kardashian clan. Rob almost immediately chose Chyna over his family, which shocked them even more. Reportedly, Rob pretty much moved in with Chyna a few weeks into their relationship. The first site (that I saw) to report the alleged breakup was The Daily Mail. The Mail pointed out that Rob had deleted all of his social media photos of Blac Chyna and that she was posting cryptic Igs about moving on and breaking up. People Mag seemed to confirm the split:

A source tells PEOPLE that Kardashian has moved out of Blac Chyna’s home after a whirlwind romance to live at his new house in Calabasas, California, and “is single” at the moment.

“They had a fight and both need some space,” the source says. “They have had a great few weeks, but things got too serious too fast. They were spending a lot of time together and not giving each other enough space.”

Another source seconded the split. Both seemingly confirmed the split on social media, with Kardashian, 28, clearing all evidence of Blac Chyna from his Instagram (and pretty much everything else) and the model posting a revealing meme. The now-deleted image, which Blac Chyna shared on Sunday, showed a woman reaching out toward the camera and included the message, “When you just get out of a relationship & your hoe friend welcomes you back into the World of Hoe.”

While the source says that “Rob is happy at his new house” and “plans on continuing to focus on losing weight and staying healthy,” the relationship might not be over for good.

“It’s very possible that he and Chyna will get back together,” the source reveals. The other source agreed, adding that they doubt that the breakup will be permanent.

[From People]

Us Weekly’s sources say much the same thing, that the split really happened but that Rob and Chyna are young and dumb and full of drama, so they’ll probably get back together and split up several more times. While it would be easy enough to dismiss them as dumb kids… like, Rob is 28 years old. Chyna has a three-year-old son. To me, they’re too old to be acting like drama queen teenagers on Instagram. But whatever. I’m sure they’ll be back together next week. Or earlier, because Rob posted this Instagram several hours ago:

Meaning… they’re still together but they’ve taken a little break? I don’t even know.


Photos courtesy of Snapchat and Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Anna says:

    I thought it meant they were still together but they would just be more private from now on because it was causing too much drama with his family

  2. word says:

    Haha that’s rich. They want “privacy” yet purposely make out in front of the paps, post videos and pics of them together non-stop, and pretty much live on social media. They even reportedly said they want to do a reality show together. Yeah ok guys. I mean what was stopping them from keeping this relationship private in the first place ???

  3. denisemich says:

    Is two months a relationship or a long hookup

  4. Nancy says:

    You don’t break up a with a hookup, you just move on. Blac Chyna served her purpose, got his family pissed off and gave him some shall we say loving for awhile. From the women he’s been with in the past, she hardly seemed to fit his M.O. I think this kid has been so used and abused by those women in his family, he needed to vilify himself. He should move to another state. By the by, does she have to have toilet seats custom made for her, that is one large arse.

    • FingerBinger says:

      Blac Chyna does fit his mo. Rita Ora and Blac Chyna are similar.

      • Nancy says:

        I don’t think so. Rita is slender and has a slightly better rep. She had Calvin before the prim and perfect Taylor. She does make albums and was in movies, at least 50 Shades of Grey. Don’t know Chyna’s resume other than being married to Tyga and I believe she was a stripper, not sure though. Before Rita, he had that Cheetah girl, or whatever, Adrian. She is nothing like either of these two. Anyway that’s all I know of Rob’s love life. Still think he should go under the witness protection program and get away from that family.

      • me says:

        Rita may be more slender, but her rep is no better

      • Nancy says:

        She still had Calvin Harris, Taylor’s boy, which it makes it all funny to me. Write a song about that one Tay Tay!

  5. Wentworth Miller says:

    I don’t think they’re together together. They look like good friends that like playing around with each other. Nothing about them or any of their pictures says relationship and or sex. They have known each other for years so it’s not like they’re new to each others personalities.

  6. kri says:

    But…but..WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!! Oh, true love is dead. If these two can’t make it, what hope do the rest of us have?!

  7. Catwoman says:

    My God, look at that ass. (Take your pick).

    • Elisa the I. says:

      What’s going on in the pic where she tries to climb him like a tree? Is that padding or what’s that buldge on her butt?

  8. Honey says:

    Say what you like about Black Chyna but she actually seemed to be helping him so for that reason, I hope this is not true. Also, Rob doesn’t handle breakups well as we know from the Rita Ora debacle..

    • Wentworth Miller says:

      True. He tried to drag Adrian Bailon thru the mud after she left him for cheating on her.

  9. Sea Dragon says:

    Wiil they get back together? Were they every broken up? More like-
    Contract Day #72: pap pictures.
    Contract Day #73: Break up announced. Elusive Ig pic posted.
    Contract Day #74: another payment for selling soul deposited directly into buttImeanbank account…

  10. Independent says:

    Look at the claws on that woman! Holy crap…

  11. Sarah says:

    I’m being pretty shallow here but do you really think they’re “together”? It’s all just to get back at his sisters. I don’t believe that she is attracted to him at all!