Lucy Hale goes platinum blonde: cute or doesn’t suit her?

going blonder by the minute with @lucyhale and swapping faces with @kdeenihan on snap

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Do blondes have more fun? (If you ask me, no, not really.) Pretty Little Liars star Lucy Hale is trying to discover the answer to the age old question by giving platinum blonde a go. Hairdresser to the stars Kristin Ess posted a photo of her handiwork on Instagram with the caption, “Going blonder by the minute with @lucyhale.” Lucy is a girl after my own heart, trying out a bunch of different hair looks. She’s impulsively chopped off her hair and has tried a variety of colors on her bobbed locks, including dark brunette, ombré and balayage (which I am saving my pennies to try myself).

Lucy, 26, is trying out this look just for fun, not for a role. Her hairdresser Kristin told US Weekly, “It wasn’t for any particular reason other than [the fact that] she has a little downtime between shooting her new movie, Dude, and going back to PLL. That’s when she gets to do fun things, [albeit] only temporarily.”

Could there be more behind the new shade? Well, she might just be ensuring that when she’s recognized, she’s recognized as Lucy Hale and not another singer/actress. During an appearance on The Talk earlier this week, Lucy told a story about being being confused for Selena Gomez. “During the time she started dating Justin Bieber, they would try to take my phone to see if I was texting Justin Bieber. And I’m like, ‘I’ll try to take a picture with you to make your dreams come true if you think I’m Selena, but I am not.’” (I don’t see the resemblance, but maybe that’s just me.)

As far as her new look I like the color on the ends, but I’m not crazy about the visible roots. And I should be, because I am rocking them now (not for fashion, but for a lack of funds). Lucy recently posted a photo on Instagram where her hair was a darker blonde that really looks great (perfect for a brunette-to-blonde hair makeover). Of course, she’ll be back to her darker locks soon, so she might as well enjoy being a blonde bombshell.

A blonder hue and a mask too #waitingonroxie

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People's Choice Awards 2016 - Arrivals

Lucy Hale with a gall

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  1. K37744 says:

    Wow. What a gorgeous girl! I’d kill for those eyebrows. I think the blonde is stunning.

  2. The Eternal Side-Eye says:

    Well that first photo is just an awkward everything (angle, lighting etc) but based on the mask photo I think she looks good. The hair has some dimension and isn’t just a flat platinum.

    Sigh, so long as she has those eyebrows she’ll always be blessed.

  3. Tania says:

    I like it. It’s fun! This girl is so pretty it hurts. She’d have to shave her head and tattoo her scalp to look bad.

  4. D says:

    Seems like a lot of celebrities are cutting their hair short, it looks really good. Makes me want to dare to cut my hair short too…maybe?

    • The Eternal Side-Eye says:

      Do it! Do it!

      But seriously if you’re thinking of it, give it a shot. Go for a long bob. I had so much fun with short hair I cut it shorter and shorter till I had a pixie. It’s just such a different experience.

      • D says:

        My friends have been telling me to go for the long bob as well…Yeah, I think I’ll go for it, why not? :)

  5. Karen says:

    Going platinum fried her hair. The new very light shade is like straw. Hopefully a few treatments can bring back shine

  6. Birdie says:

    It suits her. She looks gorgeous.

  7. Locke Lamora says:

    She looks good either way because she’s beautiful, but the dark brown she had in the first season of PPL suited her best.

  8. AlmondJoy says:

    She’s gorgeous and would look nice with any hair color. I see you, Aria! Looking good! Now if only we could get her to leave Ezra Fitz alone 😩

  9. Audrey says:

    I think she looks beautiful.

    But i honestly consider her one of the most beautiful girls out there haha. I love her

  10. Lucy says:

    With her real hair color, she does resemble Selena. She also has a bit of a babyface, which accentuates it. I think it’s the eyebrows (they’re lovely btw) that make the difference.

  11. Wentworth Miller says:

    It’s cute. I like the stickers on her phone case

  12. Sharon says:

    Her legs look killer in that last picture (walking with a friend). And the blonde looks good on her too, but I think I like that darker blonde more.

  13. Azreen says:

    she’s gorgeous! perfect eyebrow haver