Bella Hadid tries to explain her dead-eyed look: ‘I’ve got resting bitchface’


Bella Hadid was not the biggest name at the Elle Style Awards, but I’m still making her the lead of this fashion post. Mostly because I feel like she was one of the few women at the ESAs who really went for a major LOOK. Bella wore this rock n’ roll Julien Macdonald dress with long tassels, which she paired with Altuzzara boots. Here’s something I just realized: the Hadid sisters love underwear-as-outerwear. Gigi wears a lot of granny-panties-as-couture as well.

Oh, and Bella spoke to Elle UK on the red carpet, and she tried to explain why she’s so dead-eyed in every photo: “I’m like, ‘don’t have such a blank stare on your face.’ I’ve got resting bitch face so I’m trying to think about happy thoughts now when I model. I’m trying not to look like I’m about to murder someone.” I don’t think she has resting bitchface or resting murderface. I just think she’s really, really dead-eyed. She needs to work on her SMIZE.



More photos: Karlie Kloss in… I can’t find the ID, maybe Stella McCartney. I think this is so boring – Karlie is a blank slate, and she has so much potential to pull off some amazing looks. But she’s stuck in this Good Girl rut.


Rosie Huntington-Whiteley looks amazing in this leather Roberto Cavalli.


Suki Waterhouse in Camilla and Marc. The fabric choice is extremely questionable.


Lana del Rey looks different to me. Lana won the Best Female Artist of the Year Award.


Here’s Mollie King, a somewhat “local” celebrity in England. But… at this event, she confirmed the rumor that she’s done with David Gandy. Meaning… David Gandy is single!! Yay.


Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Evil Owl says:

    The next time she buys a new face, Bella should consider upgrading to the package with motion features

    • SugarQuill says:

      *snort* :D

    • Shambles says:


      Is it possible for someone’s alleged “RBF” to cause you to irrationally dislike them? She just seems really arrogant and sullen and like she takes herself way too seriously, and the only explanation I have for these feelings is her face.

    • SydneySnider says:

      I thought it was a picture of a younger ultra-photoshopped Kim Kardashian… She’s only 19? She looks so much older.

    • sarah says:

      Ever since I saw pictures of her old nose I just can’t look at her the same. She is SO DRASTICALLY different looking it is genuinely shocking, like the self awareness she must have (or lack) I can’t even wrap my head around. I don’t think I could take changing my facial features THAT MUCH and like, be aware, there are people (her family/friends) who know what I looked like before. Idk it’s just insane to me…

      Also Rosie’s dress looks really cheap to me. And Lana looks different because she’s gained some weight, I think she looks great.

      • nina says:

        Are there pics of her before face? I didn’t realize she’s been tweaked.

      • platypus says:

        That’s the thought that first pops into my mind whenever I entertain the idea of tweaking something. I have an aunt who had some work done 10 years ago, and I’m still shocked every time I see her. I would feel so weird knowing everyone is comparing my old face to my new face all the time, even if it’s a subconscious thing.

      • alexc says:

        Whoa, she looks like a completely different person. In all truth, she wouldn’t have any modeling career with the old nose so must think the trade off is worth it.

      • Suzanne says:

        I never knew she had a nose job since neither of the Hadid girls every impressed me in the looks department. One’s covered in unsightly moles and the other had her father’s nose but got it tweeked. I agree…without the nose job she’d be less than nobody. I suspect Mom got both girls boob jobs too. Hopefully they’ll be spared the tragic result their mother’ suffered at the hands of her boob leakage problem. Ugh. Scary stuff…all for the sake of modeling.

      • me says:

        @ Suzanne

        Why don’t you think she’d have a career with the old nose? I think she was prettier and not so generic. And either way, they had daddy and mommy!

      • Boston Green Eyes says:

        God, she’s only 19 and has already had a crapload of work done. She now looks to be 28. WTF will she look like when she actually is 28??

      • Pepper says:

        She’ll look great at 28. The plastic surgery gave her a more mature look, but her skin is excellent. She hasn’t started aging badly, and none of her work will look bad as she ages, she’s just skipped the babyface stage.

    • Christo says:

      I agree. It is amazing how different she looks from the before pictures when she had the larger nose. I remember when people were so reticent to let a child have plastic surgery until after they had “finished growing”—whatever that means. That being said, the final product literally has her looking like J-Law’s dark-haired twin.

  2. Zaid says:

    I still cant believe shes 19

    • Aussie girl says:

      She does look a lot older. I can have resting bitch face but it’s generally when I’m focused on something and im not aware. If I’m taking or if I ever had to to pose for photo ( which is like zero)’than I’m a smiley person. But when I’m driving, reading, problem solving my face looks bitchy. I hate this and really over think it sometimes, to the point of looking manic with a smile while driving. Ha!

      • Eggland's worst says:

        I here ya Aussie girl. I was really busy at a job once and when I concentrate heavily, I look borderline. It can get so bad that people have joked they get scared when I smile. I don’t mean to look like that, I just focus heavily on a task sometimes.

      • Lisa says:

        I screw up my face when i am working too. It prematurely ages me but on the positive side all my co-workers are frightened of me.

    • LadyMTL says:

      OMG I totally forgot how young she was! Honestly, if you had told me she was pushing 30 I would have believed it. That severe look with the hair / makeup is really aging her.

      That said, I have resting bitchface too and I can sort of see it in these pictures, especially the one right after the main one…where she’s staring right into the camera. Or maybe it’s more of an “I’m coming to devour your soul” face? IDK, but she definitely could use some smizing lessons.

  3. teatimeiscoming says:

    It doesn’t seem like there’s a lot going on upstairs with Bella Hadid, if you catch my drift.

  4. Eleonor says:

    Karlie Kloss wins handsdown. love that dress.

  5. GiGi says:

    Bella Hadid is really stunning. I am
    Just coming into this opinion… she’s looked really fantastic lately. But yes – I loathe a dead eye. She and her siblings all have them, but the parents do not.

    I have a friend who is an actress in LA. She works steadily, but has never had that big break, despite having fairly good sized roles in feature films. She is stunningly gorgeous. But she has dead eyes in photos. Not in person, really, but in every single photo. I kind of want to tell her or hope someone does – like, have a thought in your mind when you’re looking at the camera!!!

  6. The Eternal Side-Eye says:

    Yeah, I don’t buy resting bitch face. I do buy her trying 100% to look…like whatever emotion that is she’s trying to convey. Hot? In constant fear a stove somewhere is on?

    Also did every single woman in this post have their makeup artist go renegade on them? This is not the makeup of someone who’s happy with their client.

    • Pies says:

      I don’t buy it either, Eternal Side-Eye. It seems like a very convenient and excessively used excuse, and I’m getting really tired of the phrase and the people who use it to describe themselves.

    • Snazzy says:

      I agree. Also, when you have resting bitch face, your eyes are often alive. She is just expressionless. It’s like her mind is just blank.

    • Shambles says:

      “In constant fear a stove somewhere is on?”

      Lol. Hehehe.

  7. Anne says:

    If she has a single happy thought in those photos, I can’t tell. I swear, that girl is like a black hole.

  8. Jayna says:

    I think she’s striking in normal life. It doesn’t translate to being a model at all. If she didn’t have her rich mommy pushing from day one and riding on the coattails of her sister, she wouldn’t be as famous as she is now from modeling She doesn’t have that something special for the camera, the it factor, to be a super model. There’s lots of pretty girls who don’t make great models. She’s one of them. I guess she thinks the dead eye is emoting for the camera. LOL She’s been studying the Kim Kardashian pap strolls too long.

    • Livealot says:

      Agree Jayna about her being striking but using nepotism and the kdash system to become a model… and I do believe her tho when she says she has dead eyes.

      Love Bella’s look here. Lana just No. And when does Rosie ever not look good !?

    • Pepper says:

      I actually think she has the perfect look for the runway and certain ad campaigns. She’s not a good fit for some of the stuff she’s getting though. If she and Gigi could swap a few of their jobs it would be great.

  9. Nancy says:

    I think she’s beautiful. Runway models are basically mannequins so I’d say she’s doing her job. She’s only 19 and the cold stone stare will be her trademark. It gets her attention, so don’t fix it if it ain’t broken.

    • Truthful says:

      Totally! She is just 19 , so she gets a pass from me. Everyone is still a bit “bratty” at that age. And I have a “resting bitch face” (hate the misoginy of the expression) so I can relate

    • nina says:

      Yeah I kinda think she looks more like a model than her sister, who is more sports illustrated material.

  10. Eggland's worst says:

    The enthusiasm of these women is underwhelming. Could they look any more bored or annoyed?

  11. Mimz says:

    I think she does, and she wouldn’t come out and say to herself or to others : I look like I have dead eyes. Let’s be reasonable.
    I think she’s beautiful, striking, and I’m always in awe of her, and her sister is, too, a beauty. But I like me some Bella, Resting Bitch Face and all.

    • Lizzie McGuire says:

      I don’t hate the Hadid sisters, her mom may be a little questionable but they are really beautiful & talented. You know who does have dead eyes? Kendall Jenner, no joke I was reading Vogue & all her photos look the same dead eye no expression, no smile, no nothing.

  12. platypus says:

    Tempted to take her on her word that she’s just a really shitty model, but the girl clearly prefers to be seen as unapproachable/bitchy. This air of confidence she has seems to dissipate whenever a facial expression shines through, so I guess that’s why…

  13. Don't kill me I'm French says:

    look all these models ! They are bland next to 80′s/90′s supermodels
    I dislike how I seems nostalgic but any of the supermodels never were dead-eyed

  14. Ann says:

    Why is “resting bitch face” even a thing? Unless an adult woman smiles (a sign of social submission) all the time regardless of the circumstances she’s being called a bitch? Don’t 99% of men have resting bitch face?

    • Livealot says:

      @ Ann I wholeheartedly agree with you about the misogynistic term, however I think the distinction is that one’s resting face can be expressionless as opposed to MEAN.

      • Sarah01 says:

        Thank you ANN!! Completely agree with you.
        I think Bella is stunning and it’s ok not always be smiling ear to ear. My sister has the same look as Bella and I can tell you she can be a lot to handle. I naturally have a pout not too much but my natural resting face I slightly pout and frown a little.

    • platypus says:

      Totally get where you’re coming from. I’ve gotten so much crap for not smiling enough, I even had a teacher who’d stop me in the hallway just to remind me to smile. It’s definitely a double standard that a girl/woman is expected to be disarming at all times.

      At the same time, I think it’s a fairly descriptive term for that special kind of facial structure that causes most people you come across to spontaneously confess that they were terrified to talk to you before they knew you.

    • Timbuktu says:

      Jesus, since when is a smile a sign of social submission?

  15. grabbyhands says:

    What in Stevie Nicks fringe hell is she wearing?

  16. JudyK says:

    I have resting bitch face, too, so I can identify!

    Perpetually cheery people like the Pioneer Woman who can’t even speak without an ear-to-ear grin grind on my nerves. Proving what a bitch I really am!

  17. frantasticstar says:

    Can’t stand Lana del Rey, why is she a thing? She can’t sing live, she’s not particularly nice to look at, even after all the enhancements,…meh

  18. perplexed says:

    She does look dead-eyed, but then I thought models were supposed to look like that..

    Kate Moss is great at being a model, but I don’t know if I ever thought she had expressive eyes. Isn’t that why most of them make bad actors?

  19. Lucy says:

    She’s pretty, and I can relate to the bitchface thing. I also like her outfit, for some reason. Karlie and Rose look great too!

  20. Tiffany says:

    Do you think Rosie and Jason are going to make it down the aisle. Everytime I look at Rosie, I think about absolutely stunning and she is young and can do better.

  21. ell says:

    bella is gorgeous imo, her dress is terrible though.

    btw they all look lovely, but the outfits are really a big no no.

  22. QQ says:

    They all look like they are en route to a sad sad slutty funeral, In which they must rock their FUGGIEST Clothes and dourest looks, is like everyone saw Rooney “Aloof Mime” Mara and took their cues from here

  23. D says:

    What would be the male equivalent of resting bitchface? I have a few guy friends who look perpetually pissed off.

  24. kri says:

    A true Bitch never rests, sweetheart. She has already had so much work done, she now looks weirdly older. 19? Amazing. Yes, she is beautiful.Technically. But so are marble sculptures. And many of them are much more alive.

  25. NeoCleo says:

    Natalie Dormer has supreme resting bitch face. She is the queen.

  26. db says:

    All the Hadid kids are beautiful and interesting lookong, but I like Bella’s look best. She’s more editorial to me than Gigi.

  27. Maum says:

    If you go on Twitter @bellahadidb4su1 you can find lots of pics of her pre-surgery. She’s changed her face completely.

    She looked like the spitting image of her dad pre- nose/lip/boob surgery.

  28. Trixie says:

    Rosie looks trashy. And by trashy I mean she looks like she’s wearing a trash bag configured into a dress. Not a good fabric.

  29. Me says:

    She was so beautiful before her plastic surgery. And to be a model, you can’t have dead eyes!

  30. Farhi says:

    I thought the current thinking is that models are supposed to have a blank face so that it doesn’t detract from the clothes. Her face is right for modeling but not for acting.

  31. Leyla says:

    I kind of think people are slightly bullying this girl and are speculating on her age and level of plastic surgery as a way of justifying it. She might have had a nose job, but seriously I’ve seen people compare a pic of her from five years ago and say she looks different. Um yeah, right.

    I obviously do think she’s a model because of her connections, but on the other hand, she’s very high fashion in a retro sort of way and she’s not a size 0 so she can carry a sophisticated dress without looking overwhelmed in it. If I were casting a show, I’d hire her in a second. Whatever anyone says, she stands out as exotic. God forbid a model doesn’t look like they just stepped out of a kappa kappa gamma house.

  32. Evie says:

    Between GIgi and Bella, I prefer Bella. Not that I want to pit the two together or anything; I think they’re both very good looking. I think Gigi has a cute catalog look, but when I think more haute modeling, I think of Bella.

  33. Tacos and TV says:

    I kind of find them both a bit dull and boring. Both are very pretty, but not post worthy, IMO.

  34. lucy says:

    That is NOT resting bitch-face. And even if it were, def not desirable characteristic for a model! That look is nothing but fearfulness and confusion. As for her posture and presence, she exudes lumbering discomfort. Yikes. The most expressive and interesting thing about her are her hands.

    What is with all the puke-pink frocks? Eeew.

    Karli is giving good Morticia. Yay!

    Suki (whoever she is) is drowning in some curtain she pulled down from a banquet hall. And she forgot to bring proper shoes. No wonder she looks so lost.

    Elle Style Awards, huh? Leaves a lot to be desired.

  35. lucy says:

    Hey~ why didn’t you include Annie Lennox? Why just these nobodies?

  36. Timbuktu says:

    Man, in her old photos, before she got the nose job, she looked plenty alive, pretty and even nice. Somehow a “better” nose comes with a blank stare?

  37. Naddie says:

    She has the same expression of me, a mix of sad, blank, angry and tired. But she’s waaaay prettier, lol.
    Also, to say she was better looking before the surgeries is a bit of a stretch. She went from plain to striking, no doubt.

  38. Timbuktu says:

    They must definitely not be my type of beauty, because I find neither one of these two sisters beautiful, nor do I like JLaw, whom they apparently resemble.

  39. Heather says:

    Bella and Rosie look amazing. The others…not so much…

  40. sauvage says:

    Lana Del Rey loks as if her face were melting. Not a good look.

  41. caitlinK says:

    I don’t think she’s “resting” at all; I think her expression is one of active posing–a very conscious attempt to look nonchalant, sullen, mysterious, cool, aloof, or whatever else it is that models’ expressions fairly uniformly are these days. I also don’t think Bella is pretty–she’s attractive, but fairly forgettable looking. And she’s certainly nowhere near pretty enough to model! Were it not for plastic surgery and a very wealthy family w the right connections, she would not be a successful model at all.