Mary-Louise Parker & Jeffrey Dean Morgan are back together

Mary Louise Parker

One of my favorite couples is back together! May-Louise Parker and Jeffrey Dean Morgan reunited Friday night to attend a concert in Los Angeles. The couple were on-and-off for several years, having met on the set of Weeds, where Morgan played Mary-Louise’s dead husband.

They always seemed like a real couple, one that was unbelievably sexy. The couple seemed to break up for good last year, but I don’t blame Mary-Louise for going back for seconds. From the reports of their date night, it seems like Mary-Louise was more into the music than Morgan, who “contentedly sat” watching Mary-Louise, and occasionally “nuzzled her”.

Reconciliation never looked so sweet. Reunited lovebirds Mary-Louise Parker and Jeffrey Dean Morgan left the kids at home Friday night, heading to a concert in Los Angeles for some adult fun.

“They came in both wearing leather jackets, really low-key,” a concertgoer tells RadarOnline. “At one point, Jeffrey nuzzled her as he whispered into her ear and then planted a kiss on her. It was intimate and sweet.”

Clearly there as Parker’s plus one, Morgan contentedly sat watching as she got into the music, swaying in her seat and heartily laughing at musician Josh Ritter’s jokes.

Halfway through the concert, it was Parker’s turn to lay on the affection, sweetly placing her head on his shoulder.

Adds the onlooker: “They were clearly very comfortable with each other. You can tell by the way they talk to each other that they’re best friends too.”

[From Radar Online]

So, are they back together? Are they friends with benefits? Did they ever really split? I tend to think they probably did split for a time, but kept up contact. And I’m really hoping they are truly back together, that it’s not some mutual hook-up with no strings attached sort of thing. But props to Mary-Louise for keeping a guy that hot at her beck and call.

Here’s Mary-Louise and Jeffrey in December 2008 at the P.S., I Love You premiere. Images thanks to PR
Mary-Louise Parker

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  1. j. ferber says:

    This chick looks FABULOUS and I love her. Great, great actress. A hot new look, a hot guy and a hotter career are the best ways to respond to life’s disappointments. Billy who?

  2. lalalala! says:

    her relation with billy crudup is over since a long time! she said in an interview she kept the best :their child!
    i believe Morgan must know him ,they act together in Watchmen!

  3. Erin says:

    The pic of them is from Dec ’07, not ’08.

  4. rbsesq says:


    Kaiser, you know how you feel a little stabby over Gerard Butler? I understand.

  5. geronimo says:

    Great news! I loved these two as a couple, both so gorgeous and talented. Hope it’s a keeper, they look so fine together.
    (sorry, rbsesq!)

  6. embertine says:

    Awww. While (like any sane person!) I obviously want him for myself, I have totally fangirled her ever since Fried Green Tomatoes. Hope they make it work this time round if they are together.

  7. heehee says:

    Yeah I wanted to be Ruth when I saw FGT way back when I was like 8 or something. Shes still as beautiful now :)

  8. Gistine says:

    I love these two together.

  9. Beth says:

    I’m just happy that they were at a Josh Ritter concert. For those of you who don’t know Josh’s music, check it out. He’s an amazing artist!!!

  10. Chax says:

    Does he always play dead people: Grey’s Anatomy, Supernatural, and for what I read, Weeds?

    That’s hilarious

  11. FF says:

    Maybe he was channelling too much of The Comedian the last time they broke up?

  12. jessica says:

    very cute couple. imagine how cute the smiles would be on their babies. huge!

  13. Cassey says:

    SORRY for everybody who is wishing to see a couple again, but they have only a close friendship and hang around sometimes, he is caring about her kids and JUST a good buddie, she lives in NY and he in LA.
    It is like always a press highlight, made bigger than the truth! You know how the press is acting. Since their break they have met a few times in a good freindship, no way back to a relationship.
    YELLOW PRESS is loving to make us confused!

  14. Bubu says:

    Cassey i agree 100&
    Never believe in yellow press, so much crap we have to read

  15. BOGART4017 says:

    She can bat those big, beautiful dark eyes at me anytime!

  16. Judy says:

    OMG again a yellow press crap! They meet each other from time to time cause still good friends, they broke up in friendship and why should they dont date from time to time or have fun as friends!