Elsa Pataky & Chris Hemsworth ‘dressed up’ like Native Americans for NYE


Usually this kind of thing happens around Halloween. Like, I expect “dressing up as other races like race is a costume” at Halloween. I wasn’t expecting it for New Year’s Eve. But it happened. Elsa Pataky and Chris Hemsworth threw a NYE party and it involved “costumes.” The theme seems to be “Wild West” so people were dressed up like cowboys (fine) and Native Americans. As you can see in this Instagram posted by Elsa Pataky, Chris Hemsworth and his wife were both “in costume” as Native Americans.

Do we even need to say words at this point about how wrong this is? Cultural appropriation is not cool. Someone’s race is not a costume. You could say “oh, but Elsa and Chris aren’t American, maybe they didn’t know.” Chris is Australian, and Australia has their own (similar) history of racism towards Australian Aborigines. I just don’t get why, in this day and age, celebrities don’t understand that this is NOT COOL. And not only that, why Elsa felt the need to post it on social media. Awful.

Incidentally, after Chris Hemsworth failed to launch himself as a stand-alone movie star outside of Marvel films, his asking price per film has gone down to $6-$8 million (after an asking price of $12 million). Maybe moving back to Australia wasn’t such a great idea after all?



Photos courtesy of Elsa’s Instagram, WENN.

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  1. Ankhel says:

    “Wanted: Actual brains”

  2. NewWester says:

    So I guess either one of them don’t follow social media or any entertainment/news sites to see how that could be considered offensive?

    • Esmom says:

      I’d hope they would know that regardless of what social media or websites they follow. It’s unreal.

      I’m also shaking my head at all the support they’re getting on Instagram…to many “don’t give into the ridiculous PC brigade” comments to count. This anti-PC stuff of late is so gross.

      • NewWester says:

        It is just sad how people are these days.

      • Mewsie says:

        I got sent death threats on Tumblr after saying that Elsa’s being an Oceana ambassador was not very telling of how much Chris and Elsa care about the oceans. The topic came up during the ITHOTS press tour and Chris deflected the questions about how appropriate the whale story was in a world where large marine life is down to 10%, by saying that hey, I care about the oceans, I surf on them and my wife is an Oceana ambassador. In her quote on the Oceana website, Elsa basically says “Yall need to stop eating so much fish so my kids can taste some too!” Oceana is also an evil NGO, lobbying for the continued large-scale exploitation of the oceans and denying that overfishing is affecting the planet.

        I used to be Team Chris and I used to think that he genuinely wants to act and evil Hollywood people are typecasting him. Turns out he just wanted the silicone blonde and the truckloads of money out of it since he isn’t even TRYING to do a good job acting anymore and he even says as much in interviews. I’ve lost track of how often he said that work has become unimportant to him ever since he has a family.

      • CornyBlue says:

        Exactly. I saw someone say their friend is a descendant of native americans and is not offended. How does that make this ok ???
        I am wary of anyone who uses the word PC in casual conversation.

      • kimbers says:

        Anti-pc is thinking for yourself and not allowing others to make decisions for u. Whether or not it was in bad taste at least they decided for themselves…unlike the herds of sheep trying to shame a dude from Australia(a country with their own problems). HE didnt grow up in this “no child left behind” country when clearly more children should have been left behind.

      • fishfishbirdcats says:

        @kimbers — ? 🤔 ?

      • The Eternal Side-Eye says:


        No. That’s just what people claim when they’re too simple and uninformed to know better. It’s easier to pretend to be against compassion when your ability to understand it is defective.

    • lucy2 says:

      And even if they truly didn’t know, none of their friends was like hold on a second, bad idea, and you guys are famous so it will go viral? What a bunch of idiots.

      • NewWester says:

        You raise a good point. I have seen it in similar cases where celebrities do “bone head” things like this. Where are all the close friends or families? No one has the sense to say anything?

      • The Eternal Side-Eye says:

        New Wester

        Maybe all their friends are as bad as them? Birds of a feather and all that.

    • EM says:

      They’re just dumb.

  3. Shambles says:

    Duck face and tribal paint. Wow. I officially kind of hate her?

    • Jules says:

      The thirst runs deep in this one…………………

    • SydneySnider says:

      I came on to say the same. How could these two – or anyone else who “dressed up” – be so obtuse? They’re as thick as two short planks. A duck face and a middle finger…charming. Now I see why she is disliked.

    • coolkidsneverhavethetime says:

      Dude. Yes. The thirst is strong.

  4. Southe says:

    As a native woman I just don’t understand how they could think this isn’t horribly offensive. It’s similar to wearing fake headdresses at festivals – unless you have a legitimate reason to wear sacred items, don’t mock and continue the oppression of other peoples. Is that really so difficult?

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      No, it’s not difficult at all and I’m sorry you have to deal with this over and over.

    • CornyBlue says:

      It is absolutely not difficult. He is a good looking white dude. The world is his oyster.

    • Mia V. says:

      Elsa is spanish and Spain murdered thousands of natives at their colonies on Latin America. Spain ended the Inca and the Mayan empires, so for her, being native is probably something to laugh about.

      • Becks says:

        Actually the Spaniards ended the Aztec empire, not the Mayan one.
        From what i recall, the Mayans disappeared long before the Spanish arrived in Latin America.
        But I agree, these two dressing up as natives is horrible. They are jackholes, ugh!

      • Robin says:

        So does that apply to every Spanish person, or just Elsa?

      • Mewsie says:

        Her nationality does not inform her racist and ignorant behaviour. The UK was also a maritime empire, which does not make every Brit alive today a racist or a white supremacist. Racism is a personal choice, not a cultural given.

        And point number 2, she is not the only adult with agency in that gathering. Everyone there is just as much to blame for going along with the idea as she is for coming up with it as the host.

      • EOA says:

        While I think what the original poster said is over broad and probably not accurate, I also cannot agree with the idea that “her nationality does not inform her racist and ignorant behavior.” Culture absolutely informs an individual’s ignorant behavior in that a society’s culture often determines who is The Other. It’s a little strange to make the comment that her nationality does not inform racist behavior because racism is all about social and cultural stratification.

        That being said, that does not excuse an individual’s behavior. Every individual has the capacity to be informed and to avoid offensive behavior.

      • Mewsie says:

        @EOA I grew up in an extremely homophobic and misogynistic culture in which it is OK to mock, discriminate against and assault LGBT people and women. But some people CHOOSE not to hide behind this as an excuse. There are SO many costumes to choose from, why go for a racist one?

        What I meant to say was that just because Spain was an empire doesn’t excuse Elsa’s ignorance. She is a person with agency, not a member of a hive mind and she makes her own choices. As does Chris and every other asshat in that pic.

      • Mieke says:

        Wow, quite the assumption about Spaniards… Not liking Elsa here, but what you’re saying is actually even worse. That she’s like that because of where she comes from.

        She’s definitely partying like it 1499! But she is not all Spaniards and their shared history has nothing to do with her shitty behavior. Not even funny as a joke…

      • sugar says:

        So. I’m bad because of my ancestors. Ignorant.

      • Eden75 says:

        sugar, depending on where you live, absolutely. This is the trouble in Canada. You will be judged by what happened to the Natives by the settlers when they arrived.

      • Pondering thoughts says:

        @ Eden75

        If you are judged by what your ancestors did more than 100 years ago then there is something wrong with the judge and the judgement. No individual is responsible for one’s ancestors nor for their deeds. But there might be a collective responsibility to make up for damages via the tax system.
        Seriously. I am all for compensating the natives who suffered great losses. But I demand that I won’t be judged a white slaver nor a killer of natives just because I am white or because I might have had certain ancestors … . I am not guilty.

      • jc126 says:

        That’s often true, Sugar, even if your ancestors had nothing to do with any of it (and obviously none of us are responsible for what our ancestors did anyway).

      • Yup, Me says:

        What is the responsibility of those who live today with certain unearned privileges because of the actions of their ancestors?

    • pelik says:

      no lie-my kid’s elementary school principal -he’s got a phD too- dressed as an “Indian” for the halloween parade this year with a head dress and moccasins. So idiotic.

      • Pondering thoughts says:

        My headmaster once appeared as a Roman general at a German carneval costume party. Now the old German / Germanic tribes had had lots of battles with the Romans who in fact conquered many parts of Germany. But oddly no Germans were offended by our Roman-General-Headmaster.

        The thing about culture is that it can change.
        And yes, sometimes one culture takes parts from other cultures and incorporates them with more or less changes. The Native Americans did take parts of that Western culture, too. Or are they still usuing bow and arrow instead of rifles and tribal healers instead of modern medicine?

        And shouldn’t the Buddhists protest against that Western New Age feel good Buddhism?

        I am all for not shaming people. But I am not into forbidding people to use signs and symbols from other cultures in a positive way.

      • Marty says:

        If it’s not your culture it’s not your place to “refuse to forbid” anything period. Why is that such a difficult concept for you to comprehend?

        And “Natives took parts of Western Culture too”, oh you mean when they were forced or are you saying they wanted their traditions to be taken away and opressed?

    • Pondering thoughts says:

      At carneval there a usually several “costumed pope” and some “costumed priests / parsons”. Now the pope’s clothes are usually “sacred items”, too, but I have never seen anybody being offended over that. And there are about 1.2 billion roman-catholic christians and they were not offended by such costumes.

  5. Fallon says:

    She is so, so, so thirsty. My throat gets parched just looking at her.

    She’s probably already looking for her next mark. I mean, er, husband/boyfriend.

    • ell says:

      yeah, exactly, his career isn’t exactly going great (which isn’t surprising either, since he’s a crappy actor).

    • Mewsie says:

      I am surprised how none of her unsavoury past has come to haunt her. Usually tabloids LOVE digging up filth on the day’s sweethearts. For starters, she had massive and multiple surgeries to completely reshape her face and body. And now she does work out to maintain that, but she insists that her dramatic change is due exclusively to hard work and she calls her pre-op looks “sick” (and not in the new slang way with positive connotations). It’s great if she feels better and healthier now, but to call a bigger, more natural shape “sick” is rude to everyone who is not naturally skinny and who cannot afford plastic surgery and personal trainers.

      But I don’t think she would just walk out on her kids. Chris? Maybe… She keeps saying how she only ever wanted to be a mum.

      As for Chris and his career, I am surprised the price drop has even happened. He is so well loved and praised for looking above average and not even trying to act, so what changed?

      • Prairiegirl says:

        Chris can’t open a movie under his own name. They just don’t make money. You don’t pay huge sums if there’s no return on investment so his price had to drop. That and he hasn’t distinguished himself from all the other so-so thirty-something white actors named Chris.

      • Mewsie says:

        That, I saw by looking at movie statistics and ratings… my question was more along the lines of: since Hollywood rewards above average looks and whiteness in men WAY ABOVE everything else, how come people stopped throwing money at Chris? I mean, I know he doesn’t make it rain for the studios, but until now every movie bombing was justified through anything BUT Chris being an underwhelming performer. Blackhat supposedly failed because of the January release date and because it was too “subtle” for too dumb audiences (!), Vacation flopped because the audience of the initial movies was supposedly too old to go to the movies (!!) and ITHOTS bombed because it was released too close to Star Wars. It seems that critics, producers and press have no problem ignoring the kangaroo in the room.

      • Snowflake says:

        Oh wow, really? I should google the before and after. I hate people who flip off the camera. So immature. Obvs she’s ok w her pic taken so why is she flipping the bird?

      • Mewsie says:

        @Snowflake. Elsa is in the left side of the picture, in front of Chris, doing a duckface.

      • The Eternal Side-Eye says:


        Obviously I can’t say anything definitively but I think it’s because he’s just not someone people are very interested in. You’re right, there are a lot of white male mediocre actors who are constantly rewarded but they tend to be well known/have a level of interest from the public.

        I think what studios are realizing that prompted the price drop is that people aren’t really interested in Thor. His movies bomb, his avengers role isn’t particularly interesting and as a celebrity there’s not much chatter or a fanbase for him. He’s just an average pretty guy actor, take away Avengers and I think his career would have already been shuttered.

      • Prairiegirl says:

        I concur with Side-eye. Nothing special about Chris Hemsworth at all. He reminds me of Mrs. Timberlake that way: pretty, with limited talent, zero personality. I didn’t even enjoy him on SNL and I really wanted to. But nope.

  6. ell says:

    honestly, those two are clearly both stupid af. remember that interview he did where she wanted to sign a photo of herself naked for the guy doing the interview, who barely knew who elsa was?

  7. The Eternal Side-Eye says:

    Why? Why even?

    Perfect example of two people with the world at their fingertips that refuse to leave their bubble of ignorance. Like even if you ignore the common sense reason of why it’s not cool to play dress up to a culture that was basically intentionally exterminated for the sake of money and control, why wouldn’t you at least be aware of how many of your fellow Hollywood idiots caught a case doing the same thing and avoid this situation?


    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      At this point, I can’t believe they don’t know it’s offensive to a great many people. It seems almost like defiance – f you, we will do this if we want. It angers and embarrasses me.

      • Esmom says:

        It really does kinda seem deliberate. Especially that one woman flipping off the camera, it seems like she knows she’s offending and is proud of it. Horrible.

      • Wren says:

        I don’t think it’s defiance, because that would imply that they care or thought about it for more than a minute. I don’t think they give a hoot one way or the other. They simply wanted to play “cowboys and indians” dress-up and that’s as much as they thought about the whole thing.

      • Jennifer says:

        @GoodNamesAllTaken THAT’S EXACTLY what it is, you’re so right!

    • Marty says:

      That’s what gets me Eternal. Out of all the people there while they were putting on the “costumes”, black wigs, and face paint not ONE person said ‘hey native people were killed almost to the point of annihilation, maybe we shouldn’t treat them like a joke’. It’s scary how much ignorance goes unchecked in groups like that.

  8. antipodean says:

    I am afraid this women dances on my last nerve. Thirsty is the only way to describe her as @Fallon says. I swear her left boob is trying to make a getaway, and they look positively swollen and painful. The bowling balls on the chest look is so unattractive, do men/anybody really like this?

    • fishfishbirdcats says:

      I think that’s her implant, right? It’s popping out of her dress, and it looks really bad. Also, in the top pic of her in the black dress, her cheeks are very chipmunky. Is that implants, too? Poor thing, someone up-thread said she’s completely plastic. She’s not even really pretty, because she looks like one of those dime-a-dozen, fake, trophy wife types of women. There’s nothing about her that makes her any more than that. Nothing beautiful or striking. So sad since she was probably more interesting looking before all the plastic surgery. However, I think she’s exactly where and what she wants to be.

      • Mewsie says:


        She was cute and striking. She was also what they now call “Hollywood fat”, which meant she didn’t sport the dried up, glazed rotisserie chicken look that is so trendy right now among Hollywood wives and referred to in the media as “sun kissed glow”.

        Thanks to living in France for a while and reading the glamour press from Spain and France out of utter boredom during those years, I have watched her body change literally from one week to the next. So much of her is touched up: forehead, eyelids, nose, lips, chin, cheekbones, smile lines, boobs, tum (multiple times), inner thighs, bum, calves…

        But it was worth it, because like you say, she is exactly where she wanted to be.

  9. teacakes says:

    Ugh. The kindest thing I can think to say is that they’re dumb beyond belief, how in this day and age did they think it was ok to do it….and then post it for the whole world to see?

  10. Mia4s says:

    Well what do you know! Looks like a meathead and has the brains to match.

    Who cares about whatsherface, riding your husband’s coat tails for fame scraps is gross.

    Yeah I think we may see a move back to LA. He starred in two of the year’s biggest bombs (BIG bombs), had nothing to do with Ultron’s success and even his heavily hyped Vacation cameo was just part of a failed movie. He needs to hustle.

    • Mewsie says:

      I think it was not a pic of her naked, it was her InStyle cover from that year, where the name of the cover story on her was “Elsa Pataky has the best butt in showbiz!” or “Get a fabulous butt like Elsa with this workout!” The pic of her on the cover was showcasing her bum too.

      The interview with Chris was for Esquire magazine, (I kept the magazine scans for a long time until my laptop died) and yes, she did come to the interviewer to gift him with an unsolicited autographed magazine. The fact that she was not naked doesn’t make it better.

  11. Honeybee Blues says:

    Dances with Fools.

    • antipodean says:

      This is why I love CB. @Honeybee Blues, you have summed up this whole mess in three short, hilarious words. It is true that brevity is the soul of wit, and you have proved it. You are also responsible for my laptop being splattered with hot coffee!

    • I Choose Me says:

      Perfect comment is perfect.

  12. InvaderTak says:

    Oy. Come on people. It’s just not that hard to figure out that this is wrong.

  13. grabbyhands says:

    In case you were wondering if 2015 was going to claim anyone else in its last minutes……

    Like, damn son-really?????

    Just hoping we’re going to avoid the usual “but my great-great grandfather was 1/16 Cherokee and it doesn’t bother ME, so I don’t now what you’re getting upset about”.

    And Kaiser, thank you for pointing out about Australia’s own native issues. I’ve already lost count of how many people tried to use “But, they’re Australian, so they don’t know” defense.

    • Mewsie says:

      I remember reading that Australian Aborigines were considered “flora and fauna” by the law well into the 1980s… W-T-F!

      I *SO* hoped Chris would be more considerate or tactful, given that he was wise enough to shut up during he Age of Ultron press tour where Jeremy Renner and Chris Evans put their feet in their mouths. Apparently Elsitis is contagious.

      • EM says:

        I wouldn’t say they were literally thought of as flora and fauna by people or politicians (although late, they were finally permitted to vote), it’s just that no one got around to amending laws and it wasn’t until the Mabo case (on native title) that the issue came to the fore and many changes were made, but Australia still lacks recognition of indigenous people in its Constitution, just like the American Constitution.
        I think the Canadian constitution is more progressive in that regard.
        Anyway as to Hemsworth, I doubt he’s finished year 12, much less taken on further studies to be aware of indigenous Australian history – that’s not to defend his behaviour, but it’s difficult to expect anything from people who are ignorant and stupid.

        Incidentally the Australian Constitution still enables the parliament to make laws for any ethnic group. The document was drawn up, like its American counterpart, during a time when the Anglo-Saxon population dominated the nation, and when I say Anglo-Saxon, I mean that literally. It always makes me laugh when today’s Anglos try to minimise Great Britain’s impact by saying ‘europeans,’ when in reality, Europeans like Italians, Spaniards, Greeks, Germans, etc did not migrate to Australia en masse until after WWII.

    • Robin says:

      Australia’s history of mistreatment of its native population is far worse, and longer-lasting, than America’s.

      • Nic919 says:

        Not even close. By virtue of being colonized first, the American mistreatment of First Nations people started in the 1600s and the only reason that it is not in the news as much is because so many were outright slaughtered. First Nations people are still called Indians in the US without a blink whereas in Canada that would be considered offensive. There is that racist NFL team and the mascot of the Cleveland baseball team that still exist when they are so obviously offensive.

        The US army took over the west and committed genocide on a far grander scale than anywhere else and the lasting effect is that the Native Americans residing in the US still don’t have as strong of a voice as compared to Australia’s aboriginals or Canada’s First Nations people because the US government has been able to silence them.

        Only in the US was the concept of manifest destiny so entrenched in the political discourse that the Native Americans were simply viewed as an obstacle to be removed.

        This doesn’t excuse Hemsworth but if we want to start talking about genocide of Native people then the US is a huge player in that crime.

      • EM says:

        It can’t be longer simply because North America was colonised earlier than Australia.

      • Sarah says:

        + it’s on a far smaller scale than in America – Australia has always been tiny population wise in comparison.

  14. CornyBlue says:

    Why are the Hemsworth brothers a thing? Both of them are horrible actors. Chris is marginally better but he embarrasses himself in front people like Brendan Gleeson and Ben Whishaw in the whale movie. I get it they are hot from the face down but some semblance of acting skill ??? Also WB should stop pushing the whale movie for Oscar Consideration.

  15. AlmondJoy says:

    I’m really shocked that people still don’t get that is offensive, disrespectful and hurtful. The culture of another should not be worn as a a costume. I’ve also seen tons of people bashing just Elsa for this, which also isn’t right. She’s not the only guilty party here. Hemsworth shouldn’t get a pass just because he’s hot.

    Wanted to say hi to all my lovely Celebitches 😘❤️ Had to take a lil break from the site but I miss you all dearly and I hope all is well!

    • Marty says:

      Agreed, he needs to get dragged just as much as she does.

      Nothing like bringing in the New Year with some cultural insensitivity.

    • Lara K says:

      People get weird about not being allowed to do something that they used to be able to do.
      In the 80s and 90s, the “Indian” costume was totally normal for Halloween etc. In the 70s, blackface was not uncommon.
      Now that we are starting to become more socially aware about these things, some people just can’t accept it. It’s sad.

      For me, the worst is when celebrities, and generally people who should be aware and set an example, fail to do so. It just sets back social progress.

      Point is, people need to understand that this is not about restrictions or being PC. This is about becoming more aware. When you become aware that you are doing something stupid, or offensive, or harmful, you stop.

    • fishfishbirdcats says:

      Hi, Almond!

    • Chewbacca says:

      When you know that it was actually illegal for natives to practice many of their traditions in the US for a disturbing amount of history, it’s hard not to get pissed about this sh%t regardless of your race.

  16. Renae says: says:

    It was never okay but people weren’t condemned for dress up years ago like they are today. I just think there’s way too much scrutiny put into everything now. I’m sure they didn’t so it with the intent of offending anyone. That’s just social media today and posting private pictures. Be prepared to be judged and blasted.

    • perplexed says:

      I don’t get why they’re posting private pictures when Chris Hemsworth is as famous as he is. It’s not like the paparazzi rushed their party and took the pictures — they posted the pictures, and exposed their stupidity themselves. Previously, I think a pap would have caught someone strolling out of a party looking like that.

      • Mewsie says:

        The answer to your why is THIRST.
        Chris seems happy to fall off the edge of the earth when he is not promoting some work. His wife, not so much.

      • Dara says:

        So much for their moving to Australia to be more private and get away from the media attention. Between their social media accounts and pap photos I’ve seen more of them there than I ever did when they were in LA.

        Funny how they are still getting papped on a regular basis – Elsa shopping with the kids, Chris surfing, etc. Looks like Mrs. H has a few Aussie photogs on her speed dial.

    • Poisonous Lookalike says:

      It was never okay from a moral perspective, but for decades, mainstream culture seemed to think there was nothing wrong with it. Part of that (at least in the 1800s) was due to the prevalent belief that nonwhites were “less than” in many ways, but especially intellectually. I’d like to think that people have elevated their thinking from this ridiculous notion.

      I’m a child of the 60s and remember when native Halloween costumes were plentiful, probably in part because cultural views had shifted toward Native Americans to be more sympathetic… being more in touch with the environment, etc. Given that the costumes were most likely based on things worn and used in sacred rituals and made no attempt to look authentic (I remember some pretty ridiculous things, like feathers dyed all red, yellow, etc.), it’s still appalling.

      If they didn’t want public scrutiny, they didn’t need to take and post photos of their party. Keep it private, and collect all cellphones, etc. at the door, just as people are doing for weddings. Of course, thirsty people can’t abide that solution. Photos like this do serve a great purpose: they’re a good way for those with a conscience to filter out actors who have ideas and attitudes they’d rather not support. As someone else upthread says, the fact that the woman in the center is flipping off the camera suggests that she (and very likely most of the attendees) knew that they would be “judged and blasted”. IMO, they’re getting exactly what they deserve.

      • The Eternal Side-Eye says:

        Thank you.

        It was NEVER okay, it’s just that now, morally speaking, the chickens are coming home to roost.

        A lot of truly horrible things used to fly in our world because all the people being mocked or made fun of were considered a minority that could either like it or lump it.

    • Michelle says:

      As a kid, I was in a group called Indian Princesses. It was a group of dads and daughters doing activities once a month or so. We also had campouts with other “tribes” from around the area (Chicago suburbs). I wore an Indian dress and my father wore a vest. The “chief” of our tribe had a headdress. This group would never be allowed today but back then (late 70s) there was no issues with it being offensive or not.

      My name was Purple Bird and my sisters were Yellow Bird and Red Bird. I forgot what my dad’s Indian name was. We were in the Blackhawk Tribe.

      • Goldie says:

        I was a 90′s kid and I had friends who were part of that Indian Princess Scout group that you describe. It was organized by the YMCA with several branches around the country. I just googled it, and apparently, it only ended in 2003. It’s amazing how long it took society to realize that things like this are offensive.

      • Fran says:

        I really don’t see how said groups are offensive. They are not using the native symbols in a bad way at all! There’s a difference between appropriation and appreciation.

  17. jmacky says:

    idiotic, racist entitlement. i had to post on Elsa’s IG–for actors, they don’t know the history of their own profession, the stereotyping of Indigenous nations and the rhetoric of the “Wild West” in pop culture. Cree filmmaker Neil Diamond did a brilliant documentary explaining the history and what appropriation is—and included tons of interviews with actors, activists and directors like John Trudell, Russell Means, Graham Greene, Chris Ayres, Adam Beach, Jim Jarmusch and Clint Eastwood. Highly recommend–it’s brilliant, funny and rich. Great way of dealing with cinematic racism and American identity: http://www.reelinjunthemovie.com/site/

    • Poisonous Lookalike says:

      That is a great movie!

    • Chewbacca says:

      I’ve been trying to get my hands on a copy of that movie for so long!

      • jmacky says:

        thank you:) netflix has it!

        i have been using in teaching for about 5 years and student response has been consistently great—different politics and personal experiences none withstanding. Diamond does an awesome job of using humor and intelligence to educate and then you have all these talented wonderful people talking about film and American identity. the great and just departed John Trudell has an incredible powerful talk in the film, he says ” we are not native americans or american indians. these are words uttered by the colonizers, we are the people, the human beings.” he is referring to actual names of each Native Nation, Dine, O’odham, N’deh, etc. from indigenous languages, all meaning the people or human beings of that space, this geography we call America.
        Trudell further offers that all people, even white people, have been colonized and the obsession and fetishization of Indigenous peoples is a need to rediscover their own ancestors. Trudell had a brilliant ability to read racial, social and economic systems at play today. i constantly tear up when i think of Trudell’s philosophical honesty and generosity. students are always a bit changed after viewing. hope you enjoy it!!

  18. perplexed says:

    Well, I have to grudgingly admit that these two may have accidentally proved Kristen Stewart’s point. Darn.

  19. lisa2 says:

    It seems such a Random thing to do. Was this a Western Theme party. but again so random.

    I also don’t get why she is getting the lion’s share of the criticism. From my count; there are 10 people in that pic. All equally guilty. I was amazed at the comments supporting them and saying how people are too PC.. Sorry but I think this whole mess with Donald Trump and his inappropriate mouth is making dummies think it is all fine and dandy to lose prospective and talk another GIANT step backwards. Sadly we are going to see more of this in the future. People just think they have a pass to be ignorant. A pass to be more vocal and visual in their Ignorance.

  20. minx says:

    Who is the classy woman flipping the bird? Never mind, I don’t want to know.

  21. L says:

    @renae, who cares what their intentions were if they actually did something this awful?? They don’t have an excuse for being ignorant enough to dress up as another race for a hilarious costume, period. And guess what? Social media doesn’t make people do racist things! There isn’t an excuse for racism! Gasp!

  22. Soprana says:

    This is a nitpick, but why is Elsa the header image? It makes it seem like she is the perpetrator of this debacle. Yes, she posted it on social media, but Chris went along with it. He is just as culpable.

    • Mewsie says:

      As much as it pains me to say this, Chris seems to have an “Elsa take the wheel!” approach to life in general. I would say he let “the Special” in charge of everything and he just showed up. He changed so much since they got married. And not always for the best.

      Also, he is a rich, white dude. He never had to consider anyone else’s feelings, the whole world is built to cater to his wishes.

      • Soprana says:

        Oh I have no doubt she’s the brains of the operation, but it doesn’t make him less culpable. He’s a grown-ass man capable of making his own decisions, not an innocent baby angel who’s become the puppet of demon lady Elsa.

        My point is, they should BOTH be held equally accountable for this. If he had posted the photo, I’m sure everyone would have said she was behind it.

        Though I suppose to be fair due to their height difference it is hard to get a thumbnail of both :)

      • Mewsie says:

        @Soprana Due to my being a huge Chris fan since 2007, I have been following them both closely until recently. And my point is he is a zero accountability guy, he lets the wife deal with all the decisions and he passively tags along. I am not excusing him, I am just expressing disappointment since for a long time I thought highly of him. I hope someone gifts him with a spine for his birthday.

        But like many philosophers warn, “Bad things happen because good men do nothing to stop them.” This excuses NO ONE in that picture.

  23. Sam H x says:

    Both are dumb and ignorant to dress up as Native Americans. You don’t use peoples’ culture for your own amusement. They must live in a very sheltered bubble removed from the world that they are unaware of this. It’s not something that has been covered at all or touched upon. Doesn’t matter whether she was in charge of this or not. Both are equally culpable.

    Thing is with Chris when you read about how he conducts his press interviews. You get the impression that he isn’t smart enough to know what side his bread is buttered.

    Dwayne Johnson is smart with the way he conducts his press interviews, uses his charm rather well with interviewers and has fun with it. You don’t see him complain how boring it is and he is rather well aware of how privileged/fortunate he is.

    Chris needs some tips from The Rock on how to conduct himself on press tours. I don’t think he has enough star power to carry a movie on his own and I find he works better as part of an ensemble cast.

    • Chewbacca says:

      The Rock is such a sweet funny guy, I don’t think you can learn that. It seems to just be who he is.

  24. Mewsie says:

    I made the mistake of reading the comments on the Dail Mail article, it’s full of people defending Chris and Elsa and decrying the “PC brigade being awake and impossible to please!” The points people are making there are so depressing.

    In light of all this, since the people at large salute Elsa’s ideas, why not a costume party with SS uniforms? Or #AllLivesMatter t-shirts? The sky’s the limit.

    Chris used to be my fave, I rooted for him for many years! And now this. What a sad thing to start the year with.

    • Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

      Daily Mail is never the answer, that place is a disease.

    • wutwut says:

      Lmao even here you just unload your shit, someone should get her own life to live. Focusins so closely on someone else’s is borderline creepy.

      Also please check the origins of #AllLivesMatter, cause you just seem like an ignoramus

  25. LAK says:

    Rather than be outraged, let’s educate.

  26. Boots says:

    Is this ‘cultural appropriation’ or is this ‘fancy dress?’

    Is this different from Iggy Azalea or just lower down on the scale of appropriation?

    • Lara K says:

      It can be both.
      What is acceptable as “fancy dress” changes over the years. For example, black face is not acceptable, but 30 years ago it was. Now dressing like an “Indian” is also not acceptable.
      The culture will tell you if it is acceptable or not. For example, i have many Japanese friends who have no problem with people wearing yukata or kimonos. They do however take issue with people dressing up like geishas with the makeup and all because that has deep cultural significance.
      I’m sure Native Americans have no issue with people wearing moccasins or leather goods made in traditional style. Wearing face paint and head dress is a little different.

  27. A. Key says:

    I get that it’s reckless and stupid.
    But does it really deserve such a strong response???
    As if they pulled out a gun and shot someone of a different race from them just for the fun of it.
    20 years ago it was normal to dress up like this as pure fun, there was no malice in it.
    True, famous people should know better.
    But I dislike this judgmental holier-than-thou reaction that has become so typical of today’s world.
    So they thought it would be “funny” to play cowboys and Indians and get drunk. So crucify them. Because of course they were intentionally and subversively trying to appropriate someone else’s culture…. Yeah sure they were. Please, they’re not that subversively smart. And I’m sure they don’t care enough either way to make any actual political statements.

    Maybe it’s because I live in a country that has no history of slavery or colonialism or racism or an immigrant problem. So there’s no collective burden on everyone to watch what they say or do for fear of insulting someone on account of what your ancestors did. So my first response when I see this is to roll my eyes and think of it as ridiculous. But I don’t get the shock and outrage.

    There are far far worse things happening every day in the world that I would call proper racism and I would reserve my outrage for that. This, this just doesn’t deserve any attention IMO.

    • Mia4s says:

      How is the response strong?? No one is calling for jail time. Most people aren’t even declaring them outright racist (just ignorant). People are essentially calling them brain dead idiots. Which they have shown that they are. I don’t get how this is some devastating overreaction?

      • Mewsie says:

        Exactly. And it’s not even the prevailing reaction. MOST members of the public are defending them and saying “come on, it’s just some harmless fun and anyone who minds is a weirdo!”

    • Die Zicke says:

      I’m going to call b.s. that you live in a country with no history of racism. That’s a straight up lie.

      • Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

        You beat me to it.

      • EM says:

        That’s it.

      • A.Key says:

        Hahaha, I hear you. But I didn’t lie. I live in the Balkans. Or the losing side. We were always conquered and colonized by other bigger, stronger countries and empires.

        What we do have is nationalism, meaning we irrationally hate our neighbors just because I guess. We’re all white and Christian with similar cultures but we hate each other because we’re dumb obviously.

        But really, there are no other races here, unless they’re occasional tourists, which is why you don’t have racism per se. Or that’s my opinion anyway, maybe I’m wrong. But I think it’s because there are no opportunities for racism as there are in France or Germany or the UK or the US. Who knows, after the current migrant crisis, maybe things will be different in 20 years.
        The first time I saw a person of a different race in real life was when I traveled to Paris a few years ago.

        I do understand irrational hatred and stupidity. Only ironically in the Balkans countries hate each other even though we all look the same, share cultures and religion. So I apologize if it came out as if we’re saints, of course not.

        I’m just constantly amazed and lost when dealing with anglophone cultures where political sensitivity is rampant and I’m scared to say or joke about anything these days.

    • me says:

      Dressing in Native attire was not considered “normal” years ago either…unless you were actually Native. The difference from years past and today is that social media has allowed people to voice their concerns on a world wide stage. Before, all you could do was talk among your friends/family and that’s about it. I am Indian, the kind from India, and every time I went to a birthday party as a kid (in the 80′s) I would be given the birthday party hat with the Native Indian on it…every single time. Was I able to go on social media and say something about it and how ignorant people are that they don’t know the difference? Nope. All I could do was say something to my small group of friends or my parents. If social media is good for one thing, it’s to give a voice to people on a global scale. For valentine’s day as kids in school, we had to give other classmates valentine’s day cards (which I thought was weird as it is a lover’s holiday no?)…anyways every year I’d get valentine’s cards with a Native on it…every single time, from every class mate. I just didn’t get it…so glad kids/teens/adults can vent more publicly now…it needs to be done until idiots finally get it ! Stop using people’s race as a “gimmick”.

      • Patricia says:

        Social media have nothing to do with it. Rosa Parks or Martin Luther King got a message across without it, many others as well.
        On the other hand, probably nobody cares what you write on twitter or facebook. It is an illusion.

      • me says:

        @ Patricia

        Not necessarily, in that case posts/pics/videos would never go “viral”. People do care. People share pics/videos/posts they find interesting, word gets around and at a much faster pace than ever before. You can literally connect with people on the other side of the world within seconds. It is not an illusion.

        You make a good point about Rosa Parks and MLK, but it is because African Americans joined forces and had the numbers to march and protest and make people listen. It was a huge struggle for them but they were able to do it but not without many deaths and police brutality. Natives have had a different past, lack the big numbers to get their voices across, many are secluded on reserves.

      • A.Key says:

        I think you’re right about social media. It did change everything.

        I went to such themed parties and birthdays in school too. But I never thought much of it. I never thought me dressed as an Indian or Eskimo or Japanese or Chinese would insult actually anyone, it was just harmless fun.

        On the other hand, there were no Indians or Eskimos or Chinese people around me to get offended. I guess it’s easy to do what you want when there’s no one around to insult.

      • SloaneY says:

        In all my 30++ years I’ve never seen a Native American birthday hat or Valentine. Was that really a thing? We usually gave out He-man or strawberry shortcake stuff. Maybe some generic birds or cats and dogs.

      • me says:

        @ SloaneY

        Yup they existed, trust me ! I wish they weren’t a “thing” but they were. Maybe it depended on where you lived?

    • Original T.C. says:

      “Maybe it’s because I live in a country that has no history of slavery or colonialism or racism or an immigrant problem.”

      What planet do you live on because I would love to visit :) And I’m sure this lovely planet of yours wasn’t affected by WWII so folks freely play Jews going to gas chambers and their Nazi officers with laughs all the time!

      I’m not Native-American but as a fellow human being I can empathize with a culture that was exterminated not finding it amusing for people who look like their oppressors making fun of them. It literally just requires empathy to not be a jackass towards someone’s cultural pain. Used to be a fan of Chris because he came across as a decent person. This broke my heart.

      • A.Key says:

        LOL, well there are dark jokes about the Nazis, but I get your point.

        I never thought about equating Native Americans with the WWII holocaust, but I guess you’re right. Maybe I should.

        However I still don’t think dressing up as a Native American is the same as dressing up as a Nazi officer or a holocaust victim.

        One is to me anyway, is showing you like a different culture, the other is showing you like a crazy ideology.

        I guess I don’t see the fact of wearing a normal dress from a different culture as offensive. I’m not saying I’m right, I just don’t see the insult.

        To me, wearing something that’s typical of a different culture is showing you like it and wish you had something as nice. I mean I don’t wear things I don’t like.

        If I saw a beautiful Native dress I’d want to wear it because I find it appealing and attractive, not because I would want to insult someone!

        Or am I missing something? Why is wearing different clothes insulting??

    • knower says:


      you don’t care until it’s you they’re mocking, be real.

      • A.Key says:

        Could be, I agree. It’s a foreign distant culture and history (I’m talking about the US), it’s not personal to me.

    • EM says:

      I don’t buy it. Every developed country on this planet has some type of brush with racism, colonialism, etc. As long as there is land, there is colonialism/division (racism) and slavery (even a distant history of it). So to say your country has no history of that, I think you’re being quite naive.

      • A.Key says:

        I think you’ll find the world is made up of more than just developed countries. In fact, it’s the minority who conquered the majority.
        So yes, I think most countries had a brush with colonialism and racism, but the majority in fact were on the losing side and were not in fact slavers and colonists themselves. That’s the difference. When you’re the victim you don’t really have the option of enslaving anyone.

      • SloaneY says:

        I think she’s trying to say her country has a history, but as victims, not perpetrators.

    • A.Key says:

      Upon further inspection (of myself, lol, sorry, but this debate has proven more constructive than anyone would think) I believe the key thing here is to replace “Native American attire” to “they dressed up as so and so who you have a contentious and sensitive past with”.

      Maybe Chris and Elsa particularly don’t relate or know much about Native American history, and I’m guilty of that myself, but perhaps they should have thought what it would be like if it had been an Aboriginal themed party? Would they dress up as Aboriginal Australians as eagerly as they did with Native Americans?

      Again, I cannot judge because to me, it is all remote and different from my experience.

      But as soon as you think of it in terms of what’s more close to home, you begin to understand the insensitivity. For me, it would not be related to race or religion, but basically anyone can understand one nation/culture viewing and treating another poorly so it is possible to relate.

  28. MrsBPitt says:

    At this point, I have to believe that anyone who pulls crap like this IS LOOKING FOR PUBLICITY…and doesn’t care if it’s good or bad.. Nobody is this stupid, are they??? I cannot believe that grown ass, adult, human beings, honestly don’t realize the backlash this will cause, so it must be intentional…

    • Mewsie says:

      I fear you might be right.
      I think someone, somewhere thought, “Chris is too white bread, let’s light a fire under some people’s butts and make him controversial!”
      Couple this with the other article, of them allowing pics of their buttnaked children to be published… wow. Elsa has sued paparazzi in the past for taking pics of her while her breast surgery scars were still visible, but she is OK with naked pics of her children? I may be missing something, but this is suddenly very sordid to me.

    • me says:

      By the looks of it they don’t even have any non-white friends who could have slapped their hands and told them “don’t you dare”…or maybe they do have non-white friends who declined the stupid party invitation? I don’t know but my God NO ONE in their group knew better???

    • EM says:

      But the thing is many actors are stupid. They’re stupid, caught up in their idea of themselves and live in a bubble, that they occupy with other people who live the 1% lifestyle.
      Look at the recent antics of Russell Crowe. It wasn’t enough for him to have a tantrum on Twitter, but he maintained his point on Twitter – despite the facet that these stupid boards cause fires and can cause fires on planes. If that is not stupid, I don’t know what is.
      Hemsworth has had the luxury of working in America and earning big bucks, i.e. residing in the States for a significant amount of time, to realise or certainly be exposed to the cultural sensitivities, which aren’t that different to those in Australia regarding indigenous people, and he and his wife didn’t really question wearing what they wore. To me, that points to stupidity and apathy.

  29. Tw says:

    I’m looking forward to their divorce, when she takes his $, fame whores her way onto Hola covers and then disappears into oblivion.

    • Mewsie says:

      This made me snicker. Just a week ago she was laying it on thick about “every love story is nice but ours is the most special!”

      I do not wish ruin onto anyone, but there WILL be some dark clouds over the Hemsworth household if Chris’ career stalls.

      • EM says:

        Her career has nosedived. I think the last time I saw her in a film, it was a foreign (French) comedy and that was years ago.

  30. aquarius64 says:

    This was a dumb move by Chris and Elsa, and he can’t afford bad press with his non-Marvel movies bombing left and right. I don’t have much hope for Ghostbusters. Unless he’s swinging Mjolnir no one is willing to pay to see him in a movie.

  31. me says:

    “The wanted” sign with a “reward” just adds to the offensiveness doesn’t it? Why didn’t they just go all out and do black face and have a f*cking “for sale” sign? Morons.

    • SloaneY says:

      Errr…not defending them because they’re idiots, but I think the sign was probably like the wanted posted for outlaws back in the old west. Which would go with the theme of an old west party. Don’t think it was a “reward” for native Americans.

      • Vernie says:

        Yes, but with the exception of the Davey Crockett wannabe in the front row, all the people behind the gate/under the sign are dressed up as Native Americans, whereas the lone person outside the gate is dressed up as a (white) Old West law-enforcement type. I agree that the sign goes with the party theme, but it also seems deliberate that the “Indians” were rounded up underneath it.

      • me says:

        In that case, why are all the people within the “wanted sign” “dressed up” as Natives? Oh yes, because Natives were the bad ones who needed to be captured by white people, with a handsome reward of course. This is so gross.

  32. Kate says:

    Typical racist Australian bogans. These kind of idiots are a stain on our country.

    His career is obviously going nowhere once Thor ends. I doubt the marriage will last very long when he’s just a failed Aussie actor getting by on endorsements and the odd B movie. Maybe he can do Dancing with the Stars again, bring it full circle.

  33. Gina says:

    Well, I get how this can offend many people, American history has many tragic moments (and by American I mean of a continent). I come from a European country that doesn’t have any history of slavery (except we were enslaved ourselves for a period of time) and I can’t imagine being offended if someone would dress up in our national costume. Yes, history is painful, but there’s such thing as humor. For example, more than 20 million of people from my country died fighting Nazis (and not just some soldiers sent to ruin other country but on the territory of MY country, leaving nothing but ashes) in WW2 (including my grandfather and my mother was left an orphan) and there are TONS of comedies about that period of time, about soldiers and “funny” Hitler. Should I be offended only because it’s a sad part of my history?

    • Mewsie says:

      Every culture has a national costume, but dressing up in an ethnic shirt is different from donning face paint, clothing, patterns or headdresses that mock ceremonial attire or honors earned in battle. As long as Native American women are 5 times more likely to be murdered than white women, Elsa Pataky, her Cousin Boneless husband and her asshat friends shouldn’t get to prance around in “Indian costumes”.

      Also, if Mel Brooks makes a comedy with Jews and Nazis, it’s OK because Mel Brooks is Jewish, but if a German director were to make a movie in which he mocks the Holocaust and laughs at Jews being murdered, then that would be just evil! Do you see the difference? It’s one thing to try and cope with one’s own suffering and another to spit on another’s suffering and then want to make money or fame out of it.

      • EM says:

        Mewsie, to be correct, Brooks satirises Hitler – not the deaths of Jews. That’s the difference. The Brooks example is different.
        If a German director made a film satirising Hitler, it still wouldn’t be an issue because it’s satire.
        Models wearing indian head dresses in magazine shoots are not mocking any death and yet, the PC brigade are accusing them of mockery, etc. It’s more bad taste than mockery of deaths.
        As to this fancy dress party with Hemsworth and Pataky, it’s bad taste as well and yes, it’s mockery, for the simple detail that imagine follows the trope of the ‘cowboy and indian’ theme, which is offensive as it overlooks the massacres of indigenous people.

  34. Sam H x says:

    The only outrage I see is from people who speak from a place of privilege and therefore are too ignorant to see beyond their opinion of ‘it’s just a bit of fun, lighten up’.

    Gigi Hadid posted a picture of henna on her hands, her friends hands and she didn’t want to be accused of cultural appropriation as she’s palestinian. That’s fine, she’s arab but her friends need to be aware of not taking cultural appropriation so lightly. She seems sweet but also comes across very wrapped up in her rich girl bubble to see how her friends culturally appropriating is wrong.

    Twitter gives people a platform to speak up on social issues such as cultural appropriation, feminism, social injustices where black women and men who are unarmed have been shot to death by police officers, racial prejudice/profiling, against islamaphobia, political issues (Syria/Palestine-Gaza/Iraq & Afghanistan) and movements like Black Lives Matter. It continues to expand my mind further for that I’m grateful.

    Wishing my fellow CB-ers a Happy New Year and may this year be full of blessings and happiness 😊 xx

    • SloaneY says:

      Wait. You lost me with the henna. Anyone who isn’t Arab and has henna is culturally appropriating? Isn’t that reaching a bit?
      I’m sure the origin of tattoos in general came from something tribal or religious in different cultures, so is everyone with a butterfly on their hip or an eagle on their back culturally appropriating?

    • PennyLane says:

      So what about me? I am Palestinian by marriage.

      Can I get a henna tattoo on one hand?

    • Eden75 says:

      It’s called Mehendi and it originated in the Middle East, not Indian, so she is not culturally appropriating anything. In fact, this is a ceremony that is practiced worldwide now by many people. The last East Indian wedding I attended, all of us ladies were invited the day before to the brides in-laws house for the ceremony and all of us who were already married had our hands done completely as the point of it is that as long as the tattoo remains, the bride does not have to do housework. It is considered good luck as well.

      There are many places to learn about Mehendi and the history. It’s lovely and lots of fun. Here is a brief paragraph about it’s origins in Indian:

      “The Mughals brought Mehendi to India as lately as the 15th century AD. As the use of Mehendi spread, its application methods and designs became more sophisticated.
      The tradition of Henna or Mehendi originated in North Africa and the Middle East. It is believed to have been in use as a cosmetic for the last 5000 years. According to professional henna artist and researcher Catherine C Jones, the beautiful patterning prevalent in India today has emerged only in the 20th century. In 17th century India, the barber’s wife was usually employed for applying henna on women. Most women from that time in India are depicted with their hands and feet hennaed, regardless of social class or marital status.”

      • Sixer says:

        In the area I grew up (London, in a district with a large Punjabi community), the mehndi tradition had developed to include all the neighbourhood children. Whichever auntie-ji was hosting the mehndi would also pay for the artist to decorate the hands of all the young girls in the young relatives of the bride’s friendship groups, regardless of religion or skin colour. We loved it and mehndi was a big highlight of our young lives.

        Having said that, I think it’s entirely possible to include mehndi in a list of possible cultural appropriations. As with all this stuff, everything depends on the context. It may well be possible to use American First People traditions in a non-appropriating way, provided there is respect and deference (although such a way does not spring easily to mind). And a fancy dress party hosted by an idiotic famewhore actress is not such a way.

  35. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    It’s like something out of Hondo, and in October, they’ll be in blackface saying they’re dressing up like their favourite character and their country has no history of blah, blah, so you can’t expect them to blah, blah. And the year after that, when they put on their headdresses again, after they had been told not to do it a thousand times the previous year, they’ll say that their country has no history of blah, blah, so you can’t expect them to blah, blah. And then they’ll do the same thing in blackface again, and then in geisha-style garments and headdresses or just pick something again and every year, they’ll ‘forget’ what they were told in the year previous. They’ll go pretending they don’t understand the basics of history that have been reiterated to them myriad times because they want to be ‘defiant’ or will go on to make some dumb, ”The joke’s on you’ is fun, it’s your problem if you don’t agree, but *wink* I didn’t know!!!!!!!!!! It’s already been six days since you last told me!!!!!!!!!!!!!’ excuse.

    • The Eternal Side-Eye says:

      Lol, the blah blah blah’s got me. So accurate. Every single year there’s a new dummy that was somehow instantaneously born just that second and didn’t hear about the backlash to past appropriation or even history itself.

  36. EM says:

    People expect way too much from people who are so caught up in the idea of themselves (i.e. actors and narcissism go hand in hand). Actors are not scholars and those who do proclaim to have an intellect, are still superficial and are not ethically against getting paid for BS jobs (e.g. Natalie Portman is a scholar, yet she has no qualms getting paid for wearing clothes and makeup) for Dior. Sure it’s not cultural appropriation, but it’s still similar superficial behaviour. Behaviour with no afterthought. What more can we expect from a small group of people who are paid salaries that 99% of the population will never earn in ten lifetimes?
    Many of the actors that are revered by many are thick bricks. Why is this Pataky-Hemsworth issue a surprise? No. Is it worth them being shamed and treated like evil people? I don’t think so. Their reps will probably issue some type of apology over the next few days and life will go on.

  37. kimbers says:

    @eternal side eye
    because u don’t agree doesn’t equal you’re not informed. Sorry, but there’s a differencen& you weren’t informed about it.It must be exhausting making so many peopl read thru your posts and laugh about how much energy you waste judging others. I thank you bc gave us a huge laugh it was funny.

    • The Eternal Side-Eye says:


      Lol, yep, you and all the other people (imaginary and otherwise) who think they’re somehow innovative for insulting others and claiming it’s impossible to understand an issue as publicly known as what American settlers did to the Native Americans if you’re from another country.

      Shockingly it’s not so exhausting to write ideas down once you’re capable of complex thought. Happy New Year!

      • Marty says:

        Yeah what is this ‘us laughing’ mess Kimbers? There is no ‘us’, there’s you waaaay over there exhausting me.

  38. $$ Talks says:

    Ugh. His Instagram and Twitter are a lot more polished. I think he has a PR person approving it – just a theory though. Don’t know about hers. I suppose she obviously needs one to check her posts before going live.

  39. I don’t believe Elsa & friends are racist, they are ignorant and immature. Chris doesn’t have a PR person?? Elsa has an independent boob, if she can’t make it behave, she should wear a higher neckline. About the party–is New Years the new Halloween? Oh, and giving the finger to the camera? Ask Cameron Diaz.

  40. Pondering thoughts says:

    In the heart of the sea – Trailer no good.

    I don’t know what is wrong with that trailer but it ain’t good. It doesn’t manage to make me interested.

  41. Jib says:

    My brilliant daughter said that this is the same thing as Germans dressing up as German Jews, who they persecuted and killed. How is this OK?

  42. Jennifer says:

    I was a huge fan, until this happened, of Lil Ol’ C. Hemmy. But this is such a disrespectful thing. I am Cherokee Indian and yes this offends me. It offends me to the core. The fact too, that this issue has come to everyone’s attention and yet, there that asinine picture sits still on her instagram, like a badge for morons. No apology, no comment, it’s just sitting there. Making sure that everyone sees it, so every bit or promotion can be squeezed out of it. I really hope these two run into a group of Natives next time they’re in the country, I really do. Not so they get like beat up or something, but so the can see the genuine hurt and offense this causes Native Americans. I feel like the main take away here is, money and fame make it so you can offend an entire group of people and have zero consequences, like you don’t even have to say you’re sorry, you can just go lay out and look at your immense beach front property and smile with smugness. Also apart from realizing the last three years of my Chris Hemsworth blog were a complete waste, and feeling super foolish for thinking he was anything special (that’s not a joke btw…jennj80-chrishemsworth on tumblr is mine.) is having to listen to Non-Native people explain why they aren’t offended. Of course you’re not offended…you’re white, genius. I heard one guy, a couple crayons short of a box, saying “Like they don’t even exist anymore so why is it so offensive.” and then this gem from whom no doubt is a Harvard graduate,” They’re dressing up like cowboys also, so like cowboys should be offended too then right?” MY least favorite is this one, it’s so demeaning and flippant and nonchalant that I would throat punch someone who said it in my presence, “They’re just having some harmless fun!” after I throat punched the person who said it I could say, “But I was just having some harmless fun!” I mean it didn’t harm me so it’s fun right? But what should I expect, they’re rich, white, and beautiful by white standards, they are also rich and famous I’m sure this wont even be a blip on their radar for more than a day. I am really hurt by this, I make jokes and stuff but this really is such an awful thing to do to me and my people. Those headdresses are not meant to be worn by anyone other than a warrior who has been lauded in battle. You haven’t earned those, take them off.

    • Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

      I hear ya. Every year when people pretend they don’t understand the problem with blackface, or know what it is and start spitting ignorance over at the people who explain it, I hear ya. They aren’t people who have to deal with people openly denigrating and violating them, so they think that since they’ve never been offended, it’s because they’re above it. They won’t rub two brain cells together and realize that if someone were poking at their soft spots all day everyday and had some very clear directives on how not to do it that are openly and crassly ignored, they’d have a problem. I can think of a bundle of things to cruelly mock that have happened to white people and if I did (I won’t, because I’m not an ass– about this), you wouldn’t hear the end of it. No one ever does it to them, but they understand how it feels far better than the people who experience, so they feel compelled to tell us how we’re supposed to think and feel about it. About everything.

      I came across some silly lady who compared what redheads have gone through in history to what black people have. Little girl, you have no idea. And Lord knows I’ve been up and down on these threads seeing endless ‘Duh, what’s your problem’ responses to the equivalent of redface. In all of these ignorant and/or racist displays, they refuse to ‘get’ it, which to me, signals that they get it, but don’t care and feel like they can trip you up in some kind of logical fallacy, or think they’re being subversive because they may be riling someone up. It’s so childish, you can’t be better than and more knowledgeable about experiences you’ve never had. But there’s kind of a history of well-off white people thinking they’re the authority on everything and as they go, so must go the whole world, that hasn’t really changed

      Ooh, one’s giving the finger, that’s so hardcore! Take that, The Man! I want to hang out with her!

      • Jennifer says:

        You said it perfectly, tripping you up in a logical fallacy, being subversive…THANK YOU, YES! Exactly. And HAHAHA YEAH DUDE, SHe’s a BADASSSS! lol

    • Marty says:

      Meant to comment earlier Jennifer and say thanks for you commemt. It was heartfelt and informative.

      Also please don’t feel foolish for being a fan and having a Chris blog. I don’t know how frequently you visit this site but I was known to be quite the uh, let’s say enthusiastic Hemsworth supporter myself. So I’m disappointed as well, but hopefully maybe he’ll learn a little more cultural sensitivity as he goes on. Although with friends and a wife like that, it seems doubtful right now.

      • Jennifer says:

        Thank you Marty, I appreciate that very much. Yeah he’s got quite a toxic crew there doesn’t he! My friend who’s also a Hemsworth fan said that was her only issue with him, that he seems to be a terrible judge of character from his friends to his wife, etc. I hope he’ll scrap his ostrich approach to life someday.

    • Tink says:


      I am deeply sorry for the double hurt you and your people must deal with every time there is such a thing happening. First, there’s Chris and Elsa with their entitled friends, who don’t care at all, and then there’s all their white fans and token “friends of colour who don’t mind” who feel the need to deny you your voice and attack you.

      It’s been a few days already and instead of an apology, the Hemsworths keep milking the events for all the exposure possible, because “all press is good press!”. Elsa in particular seems to thrive on the increased attention.

      The wisest thing everyone could do is grow out of this Hemsworth frenzy; they are privileged white people who keep being rewarded simply for existing and for having been dealt a good hand in the DNA department. Chris hasn’t really put any heart into acting since Star Trek. Maybe he should do more of that and less of the stuff on the side. It’s just sad.

  43. Jt says:

    So you’re saying only natives can look like natives? Only Chinese people can dress like a Chinese person? What you are saying is so profounding stupid and incredibly racist. What you are suggesting is segregation.

  44. Tink says:

    Aww, a few days later, it’s great to see all the people coming to Chris and Elsa’s defense, showing once again that pretty white folk can act defiantly with impunity. I read a long “essay” at some point by someone accusing everyone who pointed out that Elsa should have come with a better theme for the party she and her husband hosted of… wait for it… misogyny. It’s not misogynistic to point out when a woman makes a public faux pas. And she was not the only one called out, was she?

    Would it have ruined their fun at the party to not share pics with the world?

    The saddest part is that she loves the attention. It’s not her first racist trespassing and she’s always benefitted so much from any bit of exposure she could garner. And now because she’s married to one of Hollywood’s sweethearts, the platform for her inconsiderate and selfish antics is immense.

    I miss the times when Chris disappeared completely between projects.

  45. Maya says:

    I sort of feel like this might be a case of them really not knowing any better. I live in Spain and every carnival in February people throughout the country do blackface and dress in all kinds of “native” costumes and think nothing of it. I hate that people here don’t recognize how harmful and disrespectful it is, but it this case Spain is nothing like the US. It’s just not an issue here. I don’t know about Australia. I would hope that two people who are in contact with other cultures and countries like these two would have learned something about this by now, but I think they are just clueless.

  46. Josefina says:

    I just don’t understand the need for drama. I’ll be honest – I’ll never understand how someone could be offended by a word or a costume. I just don’t come from a hyper-sensitive culture like you Americans do, and tbh, I think all of your lives would improve greatly if you just let these things go because if you’re looking for racism, it is practiced everyday in much, MUCH, M-U-C-H more harmful ways and, no, people don’t complain about those nearly as much as they complain about the words and costumes.

    But it is known this is considered offensive, so why insist on it? Couldn’t they just be cowboys and avoid this whole mess? I don’t even think ignorance is an excuse. I’ve never laid a foot on the USA and I know this. If you do this, you’re more or less looking to be read by the internet.