Chris Hemsworth on his weight loss: Elsa ‘had to put up with my moods’

'In The Heart Of The Sea' New York Premiere
On Monday, Chris Hemsworth and his wife, Spanish actress Elsa Pataky, attended the New York premiere of Chris’s upcoming film In the Heart of the Sea. The action-packed movie, directed by Ron Howard, stars Chris, Benjamin Walker and Cillian Murphy and tells the harrowing tale the of the 1820 sinking of the American whaling ship Essex, which inspired Herman Melville to write Moby-Dick. The movie is coming to a multiplex near you this Friday, December 11.

In order to prepare for his role as a starving sailor, the 32-year-old Aussie went on an insane (and probably very unhealthy) diet, losing 33 pounds in a month. He said, “At one point, a day’s rations were a boiled egg, a couple of crackers and a celery stick.” Obviously, such a restricted diet would make one a bit cranky (I know I would be), but Chris credits his wife for helping him suffer through his preparation for the role. At the premiere, Chris told PEOPLE Magazine, “She had to put up with my moods unfortunately. She’s great. I’d kind of done it before in Rush (where he dropped 30 pounds to play Formula 1 driver James Hunt) but not to this extreme. By the end of it she was happy for me to start eating again.”

And eat he did, going to an Italian restaurant and gorging on “all sorts of pasta and pizza and all the wrong things.” Hey, Chris, there is absolutely nothing wrong with pizza. Ever. Chris went on to say, “It gave me a bit of a food hangover to honest with you. I hadn’t eaten anything like that for a while.” He told the New York Daily News, “I had about half of one (pizza slice) before I realized I should stop and my stomach had not had dairy or carbs in months and I was making a huge mistake. It was a wonderful minute and a half.”

Judging by the photos from the premiere, the Italian food didn’t do any long term damage. Chris is looking mighty fine and his 39-year-old wife is really rocking that beaded dress (yes, I have dress envy.) I do wonder if it’s really worth it to gain and lose such a large amount of weight in such a short time. It can’t do a body good in the long run. I guess that’s why I never went into acting!

Just tried a new diet/training program called "Lost At Sea". Wouldn't recommend it.. #IntheHeartoftheSea @zocothebodypro

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'In The Heart Of The Sea' New York Premiere

New York Premiere of "In The Heart of The Sea"

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  1. radio active says:

    So basically he ended up looking like Tom Hanks in Castaway.

  2. Pri says:

    I must say, everyone watch Rush, it was an amazing film, and I don’t even know anything about Formula 1!

    He was really good looking as James Hunt, that character was so hot. The real Chris…meh.

  3. tracking says:

    It must have been hard to have a hangry big guy hanging around the house, props to her. Gosh, they are so pretty.

  4. bros says:

    she’s so pretty but her implants are so bad.

  5. Lizzie McGuire says:

    Damn! Talk about looking completely different & super unhealthy, lately all of the actors have been losing weight for roles. Is it an automatic nomination for awards? McConaughey, Gyllenhaal & Bale. Wouldn’t it be wonderful that Hemsworth gets nominated just to piss off DiCaprio? I feel that the Academy would pull something off like that, they’re the Regina George to Dicaprio’s Cady.

  6. Ellie says:

    Damn, she’s almost 40? I’d believe late 20s. She’s sooooo thirsty but I have to give her props, she looks great!

    • Spaniard says:

      Don’t be so surprised is not natural. I tell you as an spaniard who’s seen her “evolution” since her first role on a tv show. Boob implants, cheek implants, that surgery to make her eyes shape different, nosejob, her lips were way smaller, not sure it was implants but within days her butt and also her thighs and tummy looked completly different probably liposuction.
      Everybody here knows it and we’ve been making jokes of how thirsty for fame she is for many years before people in America knew she existed lol

      This is her before

      • Mewsie says:

        Also, calf muscle shave. I used to compete in fitness events and almost everyone had their calf muscles shaved to look “feminine”. I know the look.

        My beef with her is that she insists it’s all natural and the result of hard work. And she called her pre-op body “sick” (as in not good enough), which made me shudder. She’s raising a daughter with that mindset :(

  7. mon says:

    He is younger than her, wealthier than her, prettier than her, and far far faaaar more relevant than her.

    Trust me; she will put up with his moods and smile away to the cameras… which she seems to endlessly relish in.

  8. Green Is Good says:

    Elsa is an actress? That explains her try-hard posing game.

  9. perplexed says:

    I didn’t realize she grew up in Spain. I guess I thought she was Australian like him? Perhaps she’s “thirsty,” but now I’m wondering if her outgoingness is because of her Spanish-ness. They usually seem more exuberant. Eh, whatever. She doesn’t bother me. If I were married to someone who looks like Chris Hemsworth, I suppose I would be enthusiastic and smiling all the time too.

  10. Green Is Good says:

    Additionall: no actor should have to go to these ridiculously unhealthy extremes for a movie role.

    • Esmom says:

      I tend to agree, especially with this film. Is his performance SO much more effective when he’s emaciated? If he’s a good actor, it shouldn’t really matter. I don’t think that’s where the audiences even focuses if the story is compelling enough.

  11. Miss Grace Jones says:

    Both of these people are so generically bland and white bread in personality and appearance but Chris seems nice I guess.

  12. jsilly4 says:

    What ever happened to acting being just that…acting?!? Why do they have to go to such lengths? I would seriously not mind and just use my imagination. If the acting is great then that’s good enough for me. They are ruining their health. And look at Matthew McConaughey. He has lost his hotness because of that movie. Hope it was worth it. And what about that idiot Ben Foster who took steroids for his movie that I’m sure nobody saw or hasn’t come out yet?!? Was it worth it?

    Putting on muscle for a movie is fine but losing weight so drastically is not. Forget taking drugs!! Ugh just pisses me off because it’s so stupid.

  13. Pash says:

    People are still calling Tacky Pataky an “actress”?

    • Mewsie says:

      No! Now she is an actress, model, dancer, earth mom, fitness diva, singer, eco-activist! What do we know? Her art is not for our pleb eyes and ears.

  14. Marty says:

    That is one ugly see-through dress!

    I know it was for a role but someone so fit really shouldn’t extreme diet like that, it messes up your metabolism for life.

  15. paolanqar says:

    He’s a fine, fine, fine man.
    I know she’s a famewhore but they’re one of the best celebrity couples out there. They seem really happy and they have 3 super cute kids.
    I hope they’ll last because they look like a nice and loving family.

    • Mewsie says:

      She is a narcissist. Her kids will suffer greatly from that and I hope Chris won’t sit by and just watch. Just because someone is pretty doesn’t mean they are also a good person.

  16. Goji says:

    Elsa’s insanely stunning but she’s quite dull in interviews. I saw one of her old Spanish films and it was kind of camp, with a lot of nudity. Stunning woman and they seem really happy.

    This film is soooo old fashioned. Ron Howard has a thing for macho heroes for some reason. Great acting and outstanding effects and cinematography but very old fashioned. Immediately thought of that Russel Crowe and Paul Bettany ship film which was so much better in that sense with a believable bromance/friendship rather than a heroic machismo guy at the centre. The harpooning scenes are quite confronting. I’d wait for the DVD for this one if you want to catch it at all.

  17. Farhi says:

    Is he done with Thor then? Or is he going to have to gain all the muscle back?

  18. Putnam Princess says:

    I wouldn’t mind taking the pants off Daniel. Just saying.