Bethenny Frankel says Martha Stewart dislikes her, always says negative things

Martha Stewart pretty much thinks anyone who encroaches on her territory is not worthy, and she’ll tell you about it. She’s thrown shade on Blake Lively and Gwyneth Paltrow several times, and she’s also talked smack about Rachel Ray. Martha doesn’t just talk about celebrity lifestyle “experts,” she’ll give them the stink eye if they cross her, and she openly ignored Drew Barrymore during a recent cooking segment on Ellen.

So it’s not surprising to hear that Bethenny Frankel thinks that Martha hates her, she probably does, but it is narcissistic of Bethenny to think that Martha thinks about her all that much. Bethenny was second place on 2005′s The Apprentice: Martha Stewart so they apparently have a history together. In an appearance on Seth Meyers’ show, Bethenny said that Martha doesn’t like her and then added a pitch for Martha to appear on The Real Housewives of NY, which Bethenny recently came crawling back to after her talkshow was DOA.

Not many people impress Martha Stewart.

Bethenny Frankel, who was the runner-up on NBC’s The Apprentice: Martha Stewart in 2005, is one of those people. While it used to bother her, it doesn’t anymore. “She doesn’t like me. She never really has. She’s consistent,” the Real Housewives of New York City star told Seth Meyers when she appeared on NBC’s Late Night Wednesday. “We had a moment where we were going to do something on TV recently together. She’s always been like a parent that I’ve always tried to get them to love me, but I gave up on that a couple years ago when I had my own show. She just never misses the opportunity to say something negative about me or my products.” It’s for that reason that Frankel thinks Stewart should become a cast member on Bravo’s reality show. “She could get paid to rip me. You know what I mean?” she explained. “That’s good for drama.”

[From E! Online]

What I’m getting from this is that Bethenny asked Martha to be on her talkshow and Martha shot her down. So Bethenny must know that she has no chance of getting Martha to guest on RHONY. Bethenny must also realize that, in terms of the people Martha dislikes, she’s very low on the totem pole. Still, it must irk Martha to go to the liquor store and see the cheap branded sh*t that Skinny Girl tries to pass off as wine and mixers. Martha needs to expand her branded products into booze. I want to get drunk on the same wine Martha drinks, eat tasty desserts and talk smack about everyone. I pretty much do that already I just want to know that my booze is Martha approved.

Here’s Bethenny’s interview on Late Night with Seth Meyers. She also said that several of her fellow RHONY castmembers are still in contract negotiations for next season and that “we’re all replaceable” because at “any mall in America, you can find some crazy bitches.” Most of us shop online now but it’s true.

Bethenny Frankel during an appearance on NBC's 'Late Night with Seth Myers.'

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28 Responses to “Bethenny Frankel says Martha Stewart dislikes her, always says negative things”

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  1. aims says:

    Yeah, crazy bitches are a dime a dozen.

    Martha is stone cold to anyone she deems as competition. She’s smart, very smart, but icy.

  2. Jegede says:

    That Ellen/Martha Stewart/Drew Barrymore segment was really quite awkward.

  3. Dawn says:

    Why would anyone like either one is beyond me. They are both stone cold.

    • Nikki says:

      It’s beyond me why I like Martha, but I do! Some people are kind of bitches, but they seem authentic and consistent in their bitchiness, they own it, and I find myself liking them much more than cringeworthy people pleasers. Plus, Martha was a real groundbreaker with real talents and drive, so I respect what she’s accomplished. Team Martha!

  4. Abbott says:

    This isn’t surprising considering most people dislike Bethenny. It would be more impressive if she name dropped some celebrities who actually can stand her (and whose name doesn’t rhyme with “Candy Scohen.”)

    • Tate says:

      Haha! Totally agree!

    • Babalon says:

      This. Bethenny once asked Martha in an interview why she disliked her (during her internship). Martha responded with, “did you think you were likeable?”

      It was perfection. Like, she was incredulous that Bethenny would think herself likeable. I laughed so hard.

  5. insomniac says:

    Pfft. Team Martha.

  6. Wentworth Miller says:

    Bethenny is annoying. Her ego is way to big to fit in that mirror that she’s always looking at.
    I thought she was cool, at one point.

  7. Toot says:

    I’m with Martha, I don’t like her either.

  8. TazJenki says:

    I would “crawl back” just about anywhere for her million dollar RHONY paycheck.

    • Tate says:

      Does she really get paid that much for that show? Sheesh…. what an unfair world we live in.

      • Abbott says:

        Yep. And that’s allegedly why some of the other Housewives haven’t signed on for the next season; they want to be paid as much as Bethanny.

  9. savu says:

    Am I the only one who reads “Bethenny” and says it a little differently in my head than “Bethany”? Like a little longer on the second part.

    Random thought of the day. Also, if you haven’t read Martha’s AMA you are missing out.

  10. astrid says:

    I too would like to drink the Martha approved booze! Betheney who?

  11. Lou says:

    i really liked Bethenny when she was on the show originally,. Sure, she had issues, but she also had a horrible childhood. Its a pity she and Jill fell out.

  12. QQ says:

    PSSSHHHAAAAWW Does Queen Martha even KNOW WHAT/WHO is a Bethanny Frankle?

  13. SusieQ says:

    She looks so much better with the short haircut.

  14. justanothergossiper says:

    I never knew I could love Drew Berrymore ever so much more. Drew knew quickly Martha didn’t like her, and stole the show.

    • MarcelMarcel says:

      Totally! I’ve been a Drew Barrymore fan girl for as long as I remember (one of my favourite childhood movies was Ever After and I still watch it when I want to cheer myself up). I just adored how Drew’s response to Martha’s unprofessional behaviour was to be so bubbly and entertaining she had the crowd laughing with her. I also didn’t understand why Martha was rude but that just seems to be how she operates? Like she and Blake Lively publicly claim to be friends which doesn’t hold Martha back from making passive aggressive comments about her to the press.
      I’ve read Drew’s first memoir and now I’m getting her second one to read over the summer holidays.

  15. Lucy says:

    Bethany should consider herself extremely lucky that Martha Stewart has the slightest idea who she is.

  16. Add me to the list: I don’t like Beethany.

  17. holly hobby says:

    I actually watched Martha’s version of apprentice. Bethanney and that other contestant “Jim” were flat out lying snakes. I’m surprised Bethanny made it all the way to #2. She was a nutter. If you can watch the episodes on you tube, do it. It’s hysterical. I seem to remember Martha chewing her out before she was fired too.

  18. Not going to lie, if there’s one person who can make an abrasive narcissist like Bethenny Frankel nervous, it’s Martha Stewart. Know-it-all Bethenny, who is so screwed up yet writes advice books. Bethenny who bulldozes and is verbally abusive to anyone who she can’t control and boss around and make scared of her. But it’s true Martha doesn’t dislike Bethenny enough or feel threatened by her enough to actively dislike her.

    I remember when Bethenny had her own talk show and Martha, who doesn’t need the publicity, kindly appeared on it. After small talk, Bethenny launched into appearing on Martha’s apprentice show and thinking Martha didn’t like her etc. Martha seemed genuinely surprised and said, ‘you’re still thinking about that show, it was years ago.’ Girl’s got some issues.

  19. Auntie Boots says:

    So here’s the thing about Bethenny v. Martha.

    Skinnygirl products are, to put it bluntly, not good. They taste like contempt in a glass. Martha’s products, on the other hand, are very high quality. You get the feeling you’d find them stocked in one of the many rooms of one of her many houses, if you ever managed to score a visit.

    Martha would never refer to herself or any of her customers as “bitches.” We are discerning people like herself. It shows in the care she takes with every line she puts her name on.

    Details matter, Ms. Frankel. Never forget that.

  20. Tig says:

    I liked Betheney fine on initial years of Real HW, but she like the show went off the rails. Martha’s MO has always been cutting folks off at the knees, so she’s not changing now. Get the $$$ Betheney- was her divorce ever finalized?