Jeffrey Dean Morgan will join The Walking Dead this season (spoilers)

Spoilers for The Walking Dead comics and show follow
The veritable Jeffrey Dean Morgan has just been cast on The Walking Dead as a merciless villain from the comics called Negan. I won’t reveal any additional spoilers before giving you fair warning, because these are details from the comics that are potential plot points on the show. Ok ready?

Negan is a ruthless bastard who leads another group, attempts to extort Rick, and who kills Glenn as some kind of evil warning. I can’t tell you much about what happens after that, as I stopped reading the comics once Glen was murdered. Glenn died in issue 103 and according to reports Negan is still around as of recent issue, 145. So Morgan will likely be on the show for some time. This casting news has many fans hopeful that Glenn is still alive, although he’s likely to be killed anyway. Here’s the news from The Hollywood Reporter:

The character, who sources say first will arrive in the season-six finale directed by Greg Nicotero, is the violent leader of a group known as the Saviors that uses force and intimidation to subjugate other communities — including Alexandria. Negan first appears in the landmark 100th issue when he crosses paths with Rick Grimes, who had been vocal about bringing down the man who takes half the community’s supplies in exchange for “protection” from walkers. By comparison, Negan makes David Morrissey’s Governor look like a fluffy bunny.

Negan — who went through the casting process under the name of “Orin” — has become the primary villain in the comic series since he shockingly killed Glenn with “Lucille,” a baseball bat covered in barbed wire that he carries with him at all times. He’s still alive, as of issue 145. Morgan first will join the series as a guest-star before being promoted to series regular for season seven. Morgan was one of multiple actors (including Timothy Olyphant, Matt Dillon and Garret Dillahunt, among others) who had buzz as being in the running at some point for the role, though no others received offers. Production on the season-six finale begins this week in Atlanta.

Adding Negan into the mix comes as no surprise. Star Andrew Lincoln (Rick) told THR last season that “there are astonishingly brilliant and thrilling characters that I am convinced we would be idiots not to meet in our journey; I would be very surprised if we don’t see Negan on the horizon in the not-too-distant future.”

“What struck me, that I’ve always been excited about, is: We’re coming into the sixth season of this show. … And it’s the medieval part of The Walking Dead comic, where you realize that there are these isolated communities, but don’t really know other ones exist,” said Lincoln. “But they’re all building and forming themselves with their own image. And then there’s a clash of those communities. That, to me, is really interesting and when it gets really exciting with all the action. It turns into this insane, near-apocalyptic landscape that we’ve never seen before. That is almost a reimagining and a restart for society and humanity. And that is such a rich thing to tell.”

[From The Hollywood Reporter]

While I enjoy Morgan and am interested in seeing him in this role I’m kind of bummed that Timothy Olyphant was passed up for it. I hope that Walking Dead casting directors are considering Olyphant for other possible roles. Oh and another major comic character has been cast, a couple of months ago it was announced that Tom Payne will play Jesus.

Series runner Scott Gimple told THR that they’re going to mix up Negan’s story arc from the comics, but of course he was vague about it and wouldn’t give any hints about Glenn’s fate or whether Glenn had survived the zombie hoard. I’m peeved at The Walking Dead for holding Glenn’s death over our heads for two episodes now. They could have revealed what happened to Glenn this week without losing viewership but instead they left it up in the air. Next week we’ll find out how Daryl, Sasha and Abraham are doing outside the walls, but I doubt we’ll learn what happened to Glenn. Also, I found this spoiler-filled preview, which aired on German TV, for next week’s episode.

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  1. Lindy79 says:

    I love him so I don’t want him to be Negan!!!!

    Yes the Glenn death/not death is playing a bit like they’re holding a toy over our heads and making us reach for it, it’s annoying and smug, Lindy doesn’t like smug. Morgan’s episode I could live with just about but this weeks was a bit fat waste of time and I’m losing patience with them.

    Although the photoshopped image of Glenn using a dumpster like a Flinstone really made me snort laughter.

    He’s fantastic in The Good Wife this season, how has Alicia not jumped him by now?

    • SusanneToo says:

      How has Alicia ….. My thought exactly.

      • Annaloo. says:

        I am of a different camp.. I appreciate that the writers/Gimple are being vague about Glenn’s fate. It’s a bold choice to leave the existence of a character unresolved, and in the world of uncertainty like the TWD, it’s a very valid and realistic thing to do. We have not been spoon fed an outcome, and we will talk about Glenn’s unknown fate long after the show ends.

    • MsGoblin says:

      Agreed! On The Good Wife, this man OOOOZES sex appeal.

      Pahss me mah fan. I’m havin’ the vay-pahs!

    • mayamae says:

      @Lindy79, I thought that at first, too. But I love him so much, and this role could be a role of a lifetime. It’s a legendary villain, and actors seem to love portraying them. He’s played a lot of romantic roles, so this could introduce him to a lot of people who’ve never seen him act.

    • bluevelvet says:

      YAASSSS! My favorite show..and one of my favorite actors, I’m SO STOKED

  2. Lama Bean says:

    I hope this does not take away from his presence on The Good Wife. He’s so sexy in that role.

    • SusanneToo says:

      Also, my thought exactly.

    • vavavoom says:

      I know, right! I watch his scenes a few times .. LOL I’m so infatuated by him in that show!! I was upset that Matthew Goode wouldn’t be back as her ‘love interest’, but I’m excited to see if anything happens between these two! She needs it, it’s been a while. ;)

  3. What's inside says:

    Never read the comics, but hugely enjoy the series. I just hope they do not lose their edginess with the apocalyptic domesticity aspect they seem to be embracing.

  4. Froggy says:

    LOVE him. Can only get better with him on it.

  5. Tiffany27 says:

    They STILL haven’t showed people what happen to Glenn? I stopped watching so I’m out of the loop.

  6. InvaderTak says:

    I might have to start watching again. Love JDM

  7. lisa2 says:

    Glen is dead in the some point he had to die on the show. If you have read the comics you know this. Other than Daryl and Carol most of the other characters are in the comics. So Daryl’s and Carol’s fates can be up to the writers to do whatever they want.

    I’m ready for the show to push forward and do something different. Maybe the death of Glenn is a step in that direction. He was not being used as much and you could tell he was about to be a goner. Glen was the go to guy’ then they made him the conscious of the show.. and the Conscious of the show never ever lives.. HELLO Hershel, Dale, Andrea, Tyrese

    • Lindy79 says:

      I do think he’ll die on the show but I think this occasion it was all a big fake out. The producers are actively trolling the fans about it.
      A poorly done one, as I can’t see any logical way he would survive that.

    • ell says:

      carol is in the comics and already dead.

      • Amy Tennant says:

        She’s very nearly a completely different character, too! She’s one of my favorites on the show, but I hated her SO MUCH in the comic. I kind of like the way the show and the comic are like alternate universes. That way even if you’re a reader of the comic you can still be surprised by what you see on the show.

        I have STRONG FEELINGS about the Glenn thing from before. I thought he was dead, and if they start yanking us around like this, making it look like something happened and then it didn’t, I am going to be annoyed. TWD didn’t set up to be pulling its punches.

        Not really a spoiler but my hypothesis: what if Glenn survived because Negan saved him? And then Negan kills him later. “What a twist”

      • mayamae says:

        As is Judith. And Daryl isn’t even in the comics.

    • Beez says:

      Carol was in the comics

  8. polyphonic pickles says:

    I feel like last week’s episode was a flashback to season 2′s hunting for Sophia filler episodes. Ugh!
    I’m excited for Jesus, Negan, and hopefully Ezekial!

  9. HeatherAnn says:

    I am still hoping they do not kill Glen. He is such a central character and I love him. That being said, I agree- it seems cheap to have him survive. How could he survive that?

    • 7-11's Hostage says:

      When have they ever shied away from being cheap? Or from over-extending a plot for bigger ratings? Or of manipulating their audience?

  10. islandwalker says:

    Tom Payne is about a quarter of the size of the Jesus character. lol. Wierd casting.Is the Jesus characters real name “Paul Monroe”? That is the name that Payne’s IMBD says he’s playing. Love JD Morgan.

  11. SuperMoist says:

    Don’t watch the show because I’m a big chicken but had to comment. That is one fine as hell man. He’s welcome to audition for hubby #4. (Am on #2 but a girl likes to plan ahead.)

  12. Madpoe says:

    Papa Winchester!!!

    I’m still super pissed TWD is keepin’ me in the dark with Glenn. I didn’t mind Morgan arc story – great actor and story – but not right after the sh*t with Glenn!! I don’t read the comics – and as grim and dark as the zombie world is and understanding that no character is safe, I can’t co-sign killin’ off Glenn just cos – even in such a hostile world you can’t say no to love and hope and that’s what I felt Glenn brought to the show – hope and love with a bit of hot damn!

    PS – how did Rick escape the damn RV?

    • Norman Bates's Mother says:

      I had such a crush on JDM when he was on Grey’s Anatomy (as a proper Danny, not Danny’s ghost)… I’m looking forward to seeing him again. I don’t watch Supernatural or The Good Wife, so it’s been a while.

      I’m a shameless apologists for any illogical or boring episodes of TWD as I can’t think of a big enough crap they’d have to pull for me to stop watching, but the last episode was a travesty. A poorly directed snoozefest-y bait. Why were they focusing on Deanna, when there were so many more interesting things happening in the background, even excluding Glenn – Maggie’s pregnancy, Rick/Jessie’s and Tara/Denise’s romance, Betsy’s suicide, Ron’s sketchy behavior? And where the hell was Carol?

      As for Glenn, I’m afraid he will remain Shroedinger’s cat until the mid-season finale.

      We still don’t know how did Tyreese manage to kill over a dozen of walkers with his bare hands when that cannibal dude threatened to kill Judith, so I doubt we’ll ever find out about Rick’s escape.

  13. 7-11's Hostage says:

    Of course he will. The show/experiment/brand is still trying to establish itself and make money. So, yeah *of course* Jeffery is going from The Good Wife to TWD. We all know the drill by now, we know it in our sleep. Everyone is riveted to their screens. I couldn’t be more thrilled by this latest development. I couldn’t be happier for Jeffery Dean M.

  14. anonymous says:

    I think Glenn will live, butNegan will kill pregnant Maggie instead.

    • mayamae says:

      I don’t think that will happen because Maggie named her son Hershel in the comics. I don’t think they’ll skip that homage to Hershel.