Jennifer Lawrence: ‘Of course I wash my hands after going to the bathroom!’

'Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2' - Madrid Photocall
These are photos from a Hunger Games photocall in Madrid today. Lawrence is wearing a burnt orange short sleeveless dress with metallic darting at the collar. I don’t have a designer ID on this dress yet but I really love this look, it’s clean and striking. Lawrence should do menswear more often.

'The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2' photocall

Last month, during a joint interview with Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth, Lawrence revealed a bunch of cringe-worthy facts about her personal hygiene. The three were asked for their most disgusting habit and Lawrence volunteered “I don’t wash my hands after I go to the bathroom.” Hemsworth seemed to confirm this with the detail “she likes to come back and literally put her hands all over your face.

Does this smell like your mom?” Lawrence quipped.

In that same interview, there was a write-in question from Lawrence’s buddy Amy Schumer asking if she ever peed in a bidet. Lawrence explained “this is an ongoing conversation with me and Amy” and added “I’ll take it one step further, I’ve peed in some sinks.” She explained “When two girls go into a bathroom, someone’s gotta take sink and I actually like taking sink.” I often go to the bathroom with friends and I’ve never heard this before. How impatient do you have to be to pee in a sink? Maybe if you’re wasted and the line is very long, but I’ve never done this.

So Lawrence has volunteered a bunch of information about her lax personal hygiene, only she’s sick of talking about it at this point. She posted the following video to her Facebook page along with some text that seems to contradict it:

I hate talking to the Internet but I can’t get asked another question about my hygiene on this press tour. I told MTV I didn’t wash my hands after going to the bathroom because I was trying to gross out Josh and Liam and I ended up grossing out the world. Of course I wash my hands after going to the bathroom! (I can’t believe I’ve put myself in a situation where I even have to say that.) Anyway with all the rumors I’ve ever heard about myself this is the one I really had to put to rest. -Jen

[From Facebook]

In case you can’t watch the video, we see Lawrence in a bathrobe flushing a bidet. She walks away, saying “what a weird toilet” and then is told by someone off camera “that’s not a toilet it’s a bidet.”

That’s not a toilet? Oh, then I don’t have to wash my hands.” She had half-washed her hands at that point but stopped.

Yeah, I don’t think she regularly washes her hands. Maybe she was trying to gross out Josh and Liam in that interview, but Liam was a little too quick to add that she likes to stick her hands in his face after she goes to the bathroom. At least she’s making fun of herself, but still it’s gross. No wonder everyone keeps asking her about it.

'Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2' - Madrid Photocall

'The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2' photocall

'The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2' photocall

photo credit: and FameFlynet

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  1. Bee says:

    I saw that she did an interview with Rolling Stone when the Hunger Games first came out where she said she didn’t wash her hands after the bathroom. I think it’s funny she’s trying to backtrack now. Not that I think this is some huge deal or anything. It’s just funny.

    • Wentworth Miller says:

      Agree. I don’t know which story to believe, but I also don’t have to shake her hands! 😁

    • bababoo says:

      J-Law is basically following Jon Hamm’s reputation over hygiene (re: or Google: Jon Hamm Likes it Dirty).

      She’s also dyed her hair blonde ;)

  2. Jenna says:

    I feel like this has already been given way too much attention. Snore.

  3. Lizzie McGuire says:

    This reminds me of an episode of Grey’s anatomy where Dr. Torres tells George that he has to convince everyone she does wash her hands after using the toilet. As for JLaw, yeah that’s a little gross if you don’t & worse if you decide to put your hands on someone’s face. I still like her & think she’s harmless.

    • Narek says:

      Would you still like her if you didn’t think she was “harmless” ? I think I know what you meant but it sounds condescending – it’s sad when her personal hygiene is making more headlines then her arguement for gender pay equality.

      • Lizzie McGuire says:

        I meant harmless in a sense that in that comment she made about her not washing her hands is nothing, she was joking. For me personally is gross that people don’t wash her hands. I agree with you that her comments & essay about equality should mean more & have exposure in the media instead of this. I think she knows that as well & she’s joking about it because people made it more than it was suppose to be a joke during an interview.

      • Mark says:

        She’s giving it headlines, no one was talking about it until brought it back up.

  4. Chinoiserie says:

    I do not know why you would not believe her. She has a bit gross sense of humor and is quick to continue jokes, that is all. Of course she put herself in this situation and I do not really like bathroom humor but do we really need to doubt celebrities when they clarify they were joking about something that is obviously a joke like this?

    • StormsMama says:


      • Danielle says:

        Have you ever seen a study of how many people don’t wash their hands after using a public restroom. Th number is HIGH. She didnt wash, and she has lots of company. Hopefully she’s learned her lesson and now she washes, after being shamed for grossness.

    • mandy says:

      I agree!
      She was joking!!!!!

  5. LadyMTL says:

    Is it awful of me that I actually snort-laughed at the “does it smell like your mom” quip? It is, isn’t it? Dang.

    In all seriousness I doubt anyone washes their hands 100% of the time, especially in public where there’s often no more soap or the sink isn’t working well, etc. Heck, I was on safari in Africa last year and trust me, when you’re peeing in the brush you aren’t given a bar of soap and a bottle of water afterwards and told to wash your hands, lol. That’s why hand sanitizer exists. :P

  6. Mark says:

    ha ha so quirky, she’s just like a normal everyday woman.

    Also since when were amy schumer and jennifer friends? They’ve never mentioned it

  7. Korra says:

    I liked her dress in the other post. She pulled it off and it’s a different look for her. I hated her photo call dress the short one with those boots cause it was just fug. this dress is gorgeous. It’s probably just the lighting in the picture though, but her legs don’t look to great. Her makeup has been fantastic throughout this tour.

  8. Dani says:

    That dress is awful so boxy and does nothing for her, and those shoes make her legs look stumpy.

  9. perplexed says:

    I think she’s talented, but her personality is kind of weird/unusual for a movie star’s (as in I guess I’m used to A-list stars maintaining some level of mystique, and she doesn’t really). Even Julia Roberts who showed off her armpit hair at a movie premiere seems to maintain a level of mystery that someone like Lawrence doesn’t.

    That said, Jennifer Lawrence seems to be becoming prettier. I don’t know if her features have changed with all the extra exercise or if it’s because her hair is growing out, but she’s looked really pretty during this promotional tour.

  10. tealily says:

    I don’t understand why that video was taken.

  11. Pandy says:

    That dress is horrific and so are the sandals.

  12. I Choose Me says:

    Love the colour and had it been longer and more fitted I’d call it a win. As is, it just looks like she forgot to wear pants.

  13. missmerry says:

    why?! why can’t i get on the lawrence train?
    why is her face so dead to me?
    Why isn’t she clever or funny or cool to me?
    why do I just see her as herself in every movie shes in?

    Why don’t I get what everyone else seems to cream their pants over?!
    (for record, I liked her in Winter’s Bone. She fit in that movie).

  14. Jbap says:

    I love that video. She’s mocking her haters, and fair play to her. Looking good too!

    • Jib says:

      Just because she grosses you out when she says she pees in the sink (that you might use next,) doesn’t wash her hands and puts them in her costars face while asking him is she smells like your mother doesn’t make you a hater. Why are people always so unable to understand that there will be different opinions about people. I think she’s gross and annoying but to say I’m a hater is just plain silly. She is just ugh to me.