Tom Hardy on his potential Oscar nom: ‘Inevitably someone will get bitten’

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I’ve been saying for a little while now that it would be SO funny to me if Tom Hardy got an Oscar nomination for The Revenant and Leonardo DiCaprio didn’t. I believe Tom and Leo are friends and that Leo would be happy for Tom if that happened, but you know Leo would cry some salty tears if, after all of this time and money and angst, he didn’t even get nominated this year. Anyway, Tom has a new interview with Entertainment Weekly and he’s asked point-blank about his “Oscar buzz” this year. His answer is a study in IDGAF. Some highlights:

He doesn’t consider himself a leading man: “I’m not really interested in [playing] straight leads. I have crooked teeth.”

Working with Alejandro G. Iñárritu on The Revenant: “He’s unlike any director I’ve ever worked with. He sees things how he sees them, so to give him back what he wants is quite an interesting experience. It could drive you f—ing nuts… He had the affability to me of the donkey from Shrek and I’m Shrek.”

Tom tried to “loosen up” by wrestling Inarritu: “When things get a bit too serious, I go, ‘Why don’t we have a cuddle in front of all these people here?’ It ends with both of us falling down in the snow. I think that’s a good thing. If I’m the naughty boy for doing that, then I’d rather be the naughty boy and release that tension.”

Working with Leonardo: “I do a bit of heavy-lifting with all the lingo and Leo does the face-pulling. He does some significant face-pulling. And he’s awesome at it.”

Don’t let Tom into the Oscar theater: “Lock me out of that, for your own good. It’s like putting a wig on a dog, or a tutu on a crocodile. It doesn’t look right, it’s not fair to the animal, and inevitably someone will get bitten and hurt.”

[From Entertainment Weekly]

So much BLOKE. And is it just me or was this a very sexual interview? I have a dirty mind when it comes to The Bloke, so he can say just about anything and I’ll find it sexual. But loosening up by “having a cuddle”? Calling himself a “naughty boy”? Talking about biting people? It’s like he wants me to spend the day fantasizing about what he looks like naked.

Meanwhile, it’s totally possible that Hardy could be headed to the Oscars for something else beyond The Revenant. Variety did a fascinating piece on how Warner Bros. could and possibly will spend some money for a Best Picture campaign for Mad Max: Fury Road. That doesn’t mean the Bloke would walk away with a nomination, mind you. It just means that he might get invited to the Oscars because he’s the star of Mad Max.

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30 Responses to “Tom Hardy on his potential Oscar nom: ‘Inevitably someone will get bitten’”

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  1. Darkladi says:

    Biting? Naughtiness? Releasing tension?

  2. mj says:

    Nah, Charlize Theron is the star of Mad Max.

  3. Abbott says:

    He may have played ‘Max’ but Charlize was the star of that movie IMO.

    • imf says:

      She was so great in that movie. I’ve seen it like 5 times now and I still want to watch it again.

    • Me too says:

      Mad Max was one of the worst movies I have ever seen. No plot, no character development, and the most cliche storyline ever. A harem of supermodels that need to be saved? My husband and I shut it off and watched reruns about halfway in. He kept asking me how the movie could possibly have 97% on rotten tomatoes. When the supermodel harem showed up, I laughed out loud.

  4. EN says:

    Well, I do hope he gets nominated for something. Though, his turn in the “Legend” didn’t have good reviews.
    I am curious to see how he would handle the circus , that is an Oscar run. I suspect it would be highly entertaining. And , of course, we get to see a gorgeous guy on red carpets.

    • seesittellsit says:

      I’m waiting anxiously for Legend but I thought he was phenomenal in The Drop and wish he’d been recognized for that. I think he’s the most consistently interesting of the crop of Brits of this generation, and that includes, as an actor, Hiddles, Redmayne, and Cumbers.

    • Barb says:

      He’s not getting nominated.

  5. Kitten says:

    I love The Bloke’s interviews because he’s this colorful and kind of brash guy, yet somehow strikes me as really self-aware.

    If anyone listened to Keaton’s Fresh Air interview, he talked a lot about working with Iñárritu and it’s really interesting, if you’re into that stuff (which I am). He sounds like a man with a VERY clear vision of how his movies should be made and his attention to detail is really admirable.

    • Sixer says:

      Also: unafraid to talk utter shite for no good reason at all and, when called on it subsequently, will happily say, “Yes. I’m always talking shite, aren’t I?”

      • Kitten says:

        Haha..Exactly. Totally unfiltered and absolutely aware and unapologetic about it.

      • NUTBALLS says:

        I can adore anyone who talks utter shite for no good reason if they are aware they’re doing it.

        He’s my favorite interviewee. Always interesting.

  6. Lilacflowers says:

    Leo. Face pulling. Crocodile in a tutu. That is all.

    • antipodean says:

      That was the part that I noticed most too. Talk about throwing subtle shade at Leo! The Bloke does NOT do faces, he does the heavy lifting, and the lingo. Putting the job completely in perspective. The most sexy thing about the Bloke to me is he makes me laugh, out loud! It would be absolutely hilarious to see how he would manage it all if he was nominated for an Oscar. I think inevitably it will be a case of when and not if. He would most likely bring one of his puppies to the red carpet. He really is one of a kind.

  7. lila fowler says:

    “wrestling”… “falling down in the snow”… so he’s basically admitting to fighting with AGI? That was a blind item from Lainey at one point.

  8. Who ARE these people? says:

    At first I thought the biting was about him playing with so many dogs.

    Would have liked him nominated for Locke.

  9. Penelope says:

    Love him!

  10. alice says:

    all i have to say it’s this: i see a new tattoo on his left arm that says Marlow in red letters or something like that. Has anything to do with his new baby?

  11. Mary-Alice says:

    Love him. Utter honesty, refreshing. And his expressions are no doubt one of a kind. LOL

  12. Nightowl says:

    Where do I sign up to “have a cuddle” and be bitten?? ;)

  13. ahhhh says:

    I don’t know why but he always strikes me as an incredibly odd person. Not that that’s a bad thing, but I never get the ‘cheeky bloke’ vibe, but rather the odd bird vibe.

    • Drainbreath says:

      I’m a Londoner and odd bird is what I get too….I don’t get the cheeky bloke vibe from him at all. As for Mad Max I’m with ‘Me Too’ I laughed out loud as well when the harem who needed to be saved arrived. Writers probably thought they had done enough for women by giving a woman a lead in the film.

  14. lisa2 says:

    What happened to the movie where he plays twins.. I thought that was his Oscar movie