Tom Hardy cuddles some big dogs on an episode of ‘For the Love of Dogs’


Here are some photos of Tom Hardy on the red carpet for Triumph Motorcycles new Bonneville launch party. He wore his baseball cap for most of the photos, but I grabbed a few where you can see his short hair, finally. This was Tom’s first outing since he and Charlotte Riley welcomed their first child together (Tom has a son from a previous relationship). We still don’t know if they welcomed a girl or a boy, we still don’t know the name or anything like that.

At the event, Tom was asked again if he would consider taking over the James Bond role. His response?

“I would love to do it. Who wouldn’t? If I did get the chance, I would smash it out the park. But there are a load of British actors who could do just the same. There is a long list of talent in this country who would love the honour just as much as me and could do it just as well. I believe Daniel will do one more. He, [director] Sam Mendes, [producers] Barbara Broccoli and Michael G Wilson are an amazing team and have really got it cracked. Why would they want to break up that winning formula?”

[From The Evening Standard]

The Bloke as Bond? I’m kind of into it. I wasn’t at first, but the idea is growing on me.

Meanwhile, Tom is going to appear on an episode of For the Love of Dogs, a British show hosted by Paul O’Grady. Tom visited Battersea Dogs & Cats Home and of course he ended up cuddling some big dogs, because he’s The Bloke and The Bloke Loves Dogs. They should just make a movie/TV show called The Bloke Loves Dogs and have hours of Tom Hardy playing with puppies. It would be a smash success. Anyway, Tom fell for the big white dog in these photos. The dog’s name is Titch. The Bloke said: “All dogs are great but sometimes you connect with one, immediately. Titch is cut from my very fabric. He feels like an extension already of me and my family.” Just what poor Charlotte needs right after giving birth: a new dog to add to their ever-growing menagerie.





Photos courtesy of WENN, ITV.

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  1. Lilacflowers says:

    @Sixer — I said you deserved a Bloke thread for the theft of your Barry-Harry joke!

    Titch looks like a very, very large dog.

    • Sixer says:

      You did. It’s like Bloke karma or something!

    • bluhare says:

      Titch looks huge!!

    • Rachel says:

      A gentle giant I bet. I’d put a leash on him and walk him straight out to my car. So what I really want to know is… Did tom actually adopt him??? I NEED to know Titch has a good home now!

    • laura in LA says:

      I was going to say Titch looks like an American Bulldog, but are those common in the UK? Or maybe he’s a Dogo Argentino mix…

      (The other pup is pretty cute, too.)

      I love The Bloke. And it’s a good day for dogs on CB. That’s aaall!

      • Rachel says:

        I think he’s an American Bulldog also. He looks just like my dog, but bigger. Winston’s on the small end of the spectrum.

  2. GreenAcres says:

    This will be my happy place for today.

    • Esteph says:

      Yes. I am having a not so great start of my day at work, my coworker is such a mean girl and this post is making me smile from ear to ear. I love when Tom is surrounded by dogs, it always makes my day

  3. Sixer says:

    Hmm. I suppose this makes up for grand joke larceny. I thank you, Kaiser.

    How come women get asked if they’re a feminist and men get asked if they want to play a sexist? The world is weird.

    I. Love. The. Bloke.

  4. Nicolette says:

    Dogs are just the absolute best! Love them. :)

  5. astrid says:


  6. Christin says:

    Did he adopt Titch? I hope so. So many dogs and cats in shelters need good homes.

  7. NUTBALLS says:

    The dog accessory increases his hotness.

    • Heather says:

      He’s got so many interesting projects coming out this year! Love this guy, his hotness, his talent, and his love of pooches!

    • Becks says:

      I follow tomhardyholdingdogs on Instagram and y’all should check it out. It’s awesome. I love that Tom Hardy loves dogs, it’s adorable.
      And I still think he’s the sex 😍

    • NUTBALLS says:

      The way he’s all fondle-y with that pup gets my engine running.


  8. doofus says:

    “They should just make a movie/TV show called The Bloke Loves Dogs and have hours of Tom Hardy playing with puppies.”

    yeah, I’d watch that. ON AN ENDLESS LOOP.

    that big white dog is a CUTIE PIE. WANT.

  9. Lama Bean says:

    It’s so heartwarming to see how he becomes such a softie around dogs. He just looks like a happy little kid in the photo of him sitting in Titch’s kennel.

  10. Nikki says:

    I am cut from the very same fabric as Tom too! He just hasn’t met me yet! A man who’s warmhearted with dogs and kids is SO attractive!

  11. lila fowler says:

    I saw him with a basset hound on tv once and it was awesome.

  12. kri says:

    DAY MADE!!! Lucky Titch.

  13. nicegirl says:

    Thank you for the pics! Such happiness, dogs plus the hotness. The Bloke as Bond, I’m down.

  14. GlimmerBunny says:

    He is so adorable and sexy, and all I could think of while watching Spectre yesterday was “Dear God I hope Hardy is the next Bond”. I love Daniel Craig but if he’s out I REALLY want Tom to be next!

  15. antipodean says:

    There was a lovely piece on an Alan Carr show of he and the Bloke cuddling dogs. Alan brought on a few dogs, and Tom was all over them. In the last frame Alan came on dressed as a dog, and the Bloke was patting him. Tom took part in the game with such good grace, and seemed enchanted by all the dogs, and they by him. The way he is sitting so comfortably on the floor, and the dog is so obviously comfortable with him, having just met, tells me that he has something intangible that dogs can detect, good heartedness maybe? It is an indication to me of his good nature, and that cannot be contrived. IMHO.

    • doofus says:

      dogs can TOTALLY tell who likes them and who doesn’t. and, I think that some people just have the “dog whisperer” thing down.

      I used to dog-sit a LOT and one pooch I took care of was a golden. she was a total love and we got on great…but…

      one day the bf was over where I was dog-sitting and that pooch followed him EVERYWHERE. even when he sat down at the piano and played a bit, she was right at his feet and didn’t even come to dinner when I called her! he just has a way with dogs – they love him. and that makes me love him even more!

  16. Amal's Wardrobe says:

    I love a dog-loving man. But I’d still rather cuddle those cuuuuuuuuute dogs than Tom Hardy. He needs a shower!