Star: Jenny McCarthy & Donnie’s marriage is ‘doomed’, she’s too immature


It’s been more than a year since Jenny McCarthy and Donnie Wahlberg got married. Their wedding was held in early September 2014. Time flies, right? I thought they only got married a few months ago! Anyway, now that they’ve made it through their first year of marriage, the rumors have started up about everything’s going to end in divorce. You see, Donnie wants Jenny to be a “traditional” kind of wife. Like, he wants her at home with the kids, barefoot and in the kitchen. Which she seemed fine with in the early months, with Jenny even declaring that she was “tired” of being so strong and independent and she was ready to fully commit to being “Mrs. Wahlberg.” But according to Star Magazine’s sources, there’s trouble in 1950s paradise.

When asked in February about her relationship with husband Donnie Wahlberg, Jenny McCarthy said, “I want to be dependent and a girl and a wife and domesticated. I want to be Mrs. Wahlberg.” But in reality, a source says, Jenny, 42, is hardly the Happy Homemaker.

“Their marriage is doomed,” a source says of the couple’s yearlong marriage. “It’s just a matter of time before they split. Donnie expects Jenny to behave like a wife, cooking and taking care of the family instead of relying on outside help. But she resists his alpha male act.”

After dating for about a year, Donnie, 46, and Jenny married in August 2014, broadcasting their love to the world, literally—the first episode of their A&E show, Donnie Loves Jenny, was titlted “The Wedding.” But as time went on, the source says, the cracks began to show.

Her rep denies it, but the source maintains, “She’s in danger of driving him out the door.”

The quirks that initially attracted Donnie to his bubbly blonde bride now only serve to annoy him.

“When she gets a tattoo or dyes her hair on a whim it drives Donnie crazy,” the insider says. “He tells her to act like an adult.”

To make matters worse, they have conflicting ideas about how to parent their blended family (he has two sons, she has one), and the sources say Jenny wants to rule the roost there.

“She won’t let him be a strong father figure,” says the insider. At this point, the insider says, their reality show may be the only thing holding them together, predicting: “Once it’s over, their relationship could be too.”

[From Star Magazine]

I don’t understand what “She won’t let him be a strong father figure” means? Does it mean she doesn’t want Donnie to spend time with her son? I don’t get it. As for Jenny not acting like an adult – it’s true that she dyed her hair pink several months ago. It seemed like a desperate famewhore kind of move designed to promote their reality show, but when she debuted the look, Donnie seemed to love it. I don’t know if I think they will be over in two seconds or whether they’ll be together forever because they somehow complement each other in stupid/crazy.


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  1. MC2 says:

    Ummm..SHE’S driving him out the door by not doing things exactly how he wants (cooking, cleaning, hiring outside help, dying her own freakin’ hair). I think this “source” and Star have this story flipped in a very sexist and sad way.

    • Kat says:

      My thoughts exactly! Don’t even know if any of this is true, but portraying her as the bad guy is rubbish, only if she doesn’t want to be a doormat to this guy who – if source is correct – is delusional about women’s capabilities.

  2. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    Wow. It’s really hard to decide who is the bigger douche in this relationship. I vote both.

  3. Tiffany says:

    I am SHOCKED. No, we are not doing that. Alright, I will see myself out.

  4. suzanne says:

    Jenny needs to stop putting the makeup on with a trowel. It’s very aging.

    • Elisa the I. says:

      Right? My best friend is super pretty and looks much younger without make-up. Make-up ages her by 10 years. I have tried to tell her, but she still overdoes it.

  5. parissucksliterally says:

    I have never understood Jenny’s appeal. She is NOT funny – all she did was burp and make stupid faces. Yeah, she has a great body and is pretty. Big whoop. I have always wanted to punch her any time I heard her speak.

    • Snowflake says:

      She’s probably gotten away with her crazy personality because men didn’t say anything cause she’s hot. So it encouraged Her crazy dramatics

  6. Talie says:

    So I guess he’s more like his brother than I thought he was. But yeah, Jenny has spent too long being outspoken and independent. She’s no Rhea Durham.

  7. Gatita says:

    I once saw McCarthy in Malibu parading up and down the beach in a bikini and sprayed-on abs. That’s right, fake abs airbrushed onto her stomach. And the photos came out in the tabloids the next day and made it look like she was in killer shape. The irony is she didn’t need to spray on abs since she’s actually very attractive for her age. The desperation is overpowering and gross.

    • Moneypenny says:

      It is sad, though based on what I’ve seen of her personality and intelligence, her looks are her best trait.

    • Sumodo1 says:

      If Jenny McCarthy is ridiculous now that she’s middle-aged (42), imagine when Coco Austin (36+) finds she has to behave like a grown-up?

    • funcakes says:

      Remember when she dated Jim Carrey then instantly became an intellectual? She began wearing glasses, started her crap about vaccines and refused to go on Howard Stern. Then she was on The View. I knew they would eat her alive. Then Jim dropped her like a bad habit leading her to go on Howard to bad mouth him.

  8. wow says:

    Donnie wanting Jenny to be mature and a traditional wife is so laughable. Especially when they are both on the same level mentally. In fact, Donnie trying to call anyone out is throwing me into fits of giggles.

  9. LizzyFizzy says:

    Oh, God. I hope “being a strong father figure” isn’t code for spanking or otherwise meanly punishing her autistic son, because that’s the vibe I get from the Wahlbergs and their history of violence. She might be wackadoodle on science and immature, but I’ve never gotten a sense that McCarthy would be a cruel parent.

    • Sumodo1 says:

      Me, too. I’m an MTV OG and have a weird soft spot for Jenny McCarthy. Her grasp of science is shaky, but she comes across as a caring mom.

    • funcakes says:

      No, the Julie Brown show. She was so funny. It’s weird seeing her years later playing a soccer mom on The Middle.

    • vavavoom says:

      I thought of that, too. I have an autistic son, so feel a little bit of a connection to Jenny and loved seeing her son on their show. He’s adorable, and there aren’t many (if any) autistic people shown on television in ‘regular’ lives. (I have to add that I don’t agree with her whole immunization parade.)
      I hope Donnie is respectful of Jenny’s son, because autism is a whole different life than a neurotypical child. We have to explain this all.the.time. to Grandparents of our son, even. They say things like, ‘he’d behave if he had to follow my rules.’ And autism’s behavioural issues aren’t a choice, or misbehaviour. You have to throw all of the rules of typical child raising out the window.

      With that said, I thought they were cute on their show, if not a little annoyingly cloying. (I just watched it for Evan, honest!)

    • Christina says:

      Well this is Star Magazine, so in all likelihood it is a bunch of b.s. Anyhow though, what do you mean “Wahlbergs history of violence??”. Donnie has never been in trouble for anything violent. Mark was, but it was a VERY long time ago & he clearly has changed a lot. Donnie is very kind & actually quite the peacemaker. He does not even like it when the members of his group or crew get into verbal spats! He always tries to fix things. That is just the way he is, and he admits it. I have met him several times and cannot imagine him ever being violent, especially towards a child! He was hands down the kindest, most attentive & grateful celebrity I have ever met. He treats his fans like family, so if that is any indication, I can be pretty sure he treats his family like gold. I also do not think that Jenny would ever be a cruel parent or expect corporal punishment to be effective. This whole story is most likely crap. I certainly cannot predict if they will stay together or whatnot, but I do not think this story even makes sense. Donnie is lovably goofy, just like Jenny. I doubt he would suddenly decide that she is “too immature” for him. She is an independent woman, who is raising a child, who takes care of her father, has a great relationship with her whole immediate family & always works. She is mature in the ways it counts. Don

  10. JustJen says:

    Whenever I’ve heard about someone wanting to be a strong father figure, it usually means discipline. I don’t blame her for not wanting him to go alpha male in disciplining her son.

    Now I need to play in traffic. I can’t believe I’m on team Jenny. ERGH.

  11. Loo says:

    Jenny is a very sweet person. I don’t know Donnie, but she’s head over heels for him and he seems to be for her. And don’t underestimate her intelligence. She may not look like she has a brain in her head, but she absolutely does.

  12. Kate says:

    Soooo … let me get this straight: The things (“quirks”) that she never hid from him before their marriage, that he knew full well about and allegedly “loved” about her in the past, now suddenly, arbitrarily, “annoy” him; and he married a woman with a full-fedged career of her own and yet throws a douche-fit when she doesn’t meekly bow to his will and suddenly change her entire identity to become a stay-at-home wife and homemaker, but it’s she who’s driving him away? Granted, by saying she was ready to devote herself to being “Mrs. Wahlberg,” she set the wrong expectation, so she shoulders some of the blame. He shoulders his fair share as well, though. You don’t marry someone and then arbitrarily decide months later that the aspects of her personality that never previously bothered you are suddenly unbearable and thus she needs to change for you. (Assuming this story is true, of course.

  13. Katija says:

    I hate this woman. Truly despise her. I wish she weren’t even being covered on this site TBH. She’s literally trying to manufacture an unnecessary public health crisis. Usually when I say “urgh I hate her!!!!” about a celeb it’s like, a joke. When I say “I hate Jenny McCarthy” I actually truly truly truly hate her. There are people who actually LISTENED to the garbage puke words that came out of her mouth and didn’t vaccinate their children.

    • funcakes says:

      Agree on all points. And BTW if you’re listening to health advice from a celebrity then you need to wear a aluminum foil helmet.

    • RedWeatherTiger says:

      Agree. She should never, ever have any sort of public platform again. She is dangerously stupid, and she has caused great harm to public health in this country.

      • Goodnight says:

        Couldn’t agree more. She is not ‘sweet’. She is dangerous and stupid. Anyone believes there’s a link between autism and vaccines and doesn’t vaccinate because of it is a selfish lunatic (not including people who don’t do it because of legitimate immune reasons of course) for putting people who can’t vaccinate at risk, but she’s even worse because she uses her “celebrity” to influence other people to do so.

        I find the whole ‘I’d rather let my kids potentially die from measles than have them be autistic’ thing so disgusting. There is NO link between autism and vaccines, and they’re basically saying autism is a fate worse than death, which is really insulting to everyone who is autistic or has autistic loved ones.

        She’s a vile person and her husband sounds vile too.

  14. iheartgossip says:

    Immature? She is flat out bonkers. Run Donny Run

  15. krtmom says:

    Never understood why she’s famous! She’s not the brightest and VERY annoying!

  16. Bonnie says:

    I wish that he had looked for love with his heart and not just been fooled by her outer appearance. Beauty fades (botox dissolves and implants need to be replaced) but a beautiful heart lasts forever.

  17. Gorgonia says:

    if this is true, this guy is ridiculous. Did he really want to find maturity in Mc Carthy? You can like her or not, but she appears exactly how she is. I think it’s one of those idiots who wants to marry a woman sexy and flashy to show that it was able to tame her. I despise this kind of people.

  18. Michele says:

    I love when guys marry ex-Playboy centerfolds and expect them to be housewives. I also love when these showgirls marry macho guys who want a housewife and tell them they are gonna quit and settle down. EYEROLL!!