Daniel Radcliffe shades short guys who play tall guys & Tom Cruise comes up

Daniel Radcliffe

Daniel Radcliffe has a perfectly delightful new interview with Playboy, where he talks about all manner of dirty things. For real, it is a naughty interview, most of which I cannot repeat here. There’s one moment where Daniel admits to being prolific in the art of the “rub off.” Even on the Harry Potter set, he’d grow inpatient waiting for Alan Rickman to hurry up and nail a scene so he could run to his trailer and take care of business. Then he says (much like Louis C.K.) that he’d worry everyone on set would know. So there’s a thought to ruin teenage memories.

In these excerpts DanRad talks about how he completely lost himself in alcohol in order to avoid noticing amateur photographers wielding their phones at him. It’s been a good few years since we heard about Daniel’s hard boozing, but he’s pretty much over that phase in life. After being good as Harry Potter for so many years, he must have needed to get bad behavior out of his system. Some excerpts:.

Losing himself in alcohol at age 18: “Anytime I’d go out to dance, camera phones would come out. That would make me very self-conscious, and what’s the easiest way to escape being self-conscious? Alcohol is a quick way of doing that. So it was related in that way. A few years ago there was a TV ad that showed a lot of inventors, including a guy who invented the camera phone. He was smiling smugly into the camera, and I was just like, F*** you. What have you wrought? [laughs] Camera phones are definitely not my favorite.”

Does being short limit his career? “I don’t think so. Dustin Hoffman and Tom Cruise have very different careers, and they’re both about the same height as I am. I could play a soldier. The minimum height for a marine is five feet, and I’m well above that. If you’re asking, ‘Can you play a really f***ing tall person?’ No, obviously not. [laughs] Can I play a black guy? For similar reasons, no. I couldn’t play something I wouldn’t take myself seriously in. I wouldn’t be able to take myself seriously as the quarterback in a football movie, which is my one legitimate gripe. I would love to be in a football movie. The only part I would get is the general manager.”

[From Playboy]

I very much want to believe that Daniel was shading short guys like Tom Cruise who insist upon playing large hulking men like Jack Reacher. That will always be hilarious because short guys can be so hot. Think Al Pacino in The Godfather or Peter Dinklage in anything. DanRad is also pretty hot, but people still think of him as Potter. Anyway, the rest of the interview is pretty raunchy and you should read it.

Daniel Radcliffe

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  1. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    He’s cute. I used to not care if men were short, but my ex was my height, 5’6″, and he ruined shortness for me. I think short men can be handsome, and it’s not their fault they’re short, and it’s so stupid to care about something so shallow, but I can’t help it.

    • MND says:

      Your ex ruined short guys for you? How did his height bother you?

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        When we first started dating, he was sweet and attentive and charming. After we got married, he cheated on me constantly and what had been youthful heavy drinking became flat-out alcoholism, and he started abusing me emotionally, then physically. So it wasn’t so much that his height was doing anything to me, it’s just that I am physically repelled by anything that reminds me of him and those awful years. I could never be with a short man again. I know it sounds crazy, but I think his height was the root of his insecurity, his need to prove that women found him attractive and his cruelty.

      • marshmellow says:

        My suite-mate in college dated a guy who had the “short man syndrome.” He was emotionally abusive with her and otherwise insufferable with everyone else. He once admitted that he’d be more turned on by a sex act if the woman didn’t want him to do it.

        Considering that he brought up his scoliosis in nearly every conversation and that he’d be several inches taller after his back surgery, yeah, I think a lot of his insecurities stemmed from that.

      • MND says:

        Sorry to hear that, GNAT. I’m glad you’re free from him now.

    • Esmom says:

      I’m the opposite, I used to only be attracted to super tall, lanky guys. Now that I’m middle aged I barely notice height anymore.

      As for height on screen, it seems like it shouldn’t be a big deal. Filmmakers can create lots of illusions, like height where there isn’t much. I don’t think I realized how short Tom Cruise was for years or maybe decades after seeing him onscreen.

      And Daniel is cute, and funny too. I’m glad he has a handle on his alcohol issues. I also had a tendency to use booze to mask my self consciousness about things. I realized that was unhealthy so now I don’t drink at all. It helps that I’m not really self conscious about anything anymore, also a benefit of growing up, I guess.

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        Yes, I abused alcohol in college because I was stupid, but also I was very shy and I thought it helped. Finally, I got tired of waking up and thinking oh no, did I really say that?? And now I drink moderately.

      • Esmom says:

        GoodNames, sounds like you are in a good place in more ways than one. You know, not many people could not withstand what you did with your wretched ex with such strength and grace.

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        Thank you, Esmom. That gave me a big lump in my throat in the best way. ❤️

  2. CM says:

    Not sure why they asked him if he thought being short limited his career. It seems to help in Hollywood – most actors turn out to be on the short side (to a 5’10 woman like me, at least)

    • Esmom says:

      Agreed. I alluded to something similar above. It seems tall guys are more of the exception than the rule in Hollywood.

    • Norman Bates's Mother says:

      There are not many famous actors above 6ft but I think the usual height is between 5’7 to 5’10 and Radcliffe is on the shorter side of 5’5 (that celebheights site where people argue about every quarter of an inch states he is 5ft 4.75, which made me laugh). Those 2 inches make a difference, that’s why so many guys wear lifts.

    • Sugar says:

      I read an interview with Jerry O’Connell and his wife, Rebecca Romjin, mentioned that O’Connell was considered too tall for many roles. Not sure why that should matter but evidently it does.

      • Norman Bates's Mother says:

        I’ve read somewhere that casting directors are obsessed with proportions and they have a certain ratio of male and female actor’s heights that they think is optimal. They usually cast a leading man first and then they want a woman to be a certain amount of inches shorter – she can’t be too tall, because the man has to look powerful and strong, but also can’t be too short because the camera has to be able to catch them together in one frame in a wide shot and in a close-up. So most men and women in HW are average height. If someone is too tall or too short, they have a much fewer options to find a partner with appropriate proportions. Obviously there are many exceptions to that rule and sometimes the height difference is written to the script. I mean – Reese Witherspoon and Vince Vaughn played a couple and she had to stand on a box. Once an actor is deemed profitable, they get out of their ways to make them appear taller or smaller, but Jerry O’Connell is not one of those actors. Even Keira Knightley had a problem and she’s quite famous – she once said that she lost roles for being too tall and she is only 5’7.

      • Algernon says:

        It has to do with the ability to shoot things in one frame. There are work arounds, of course, like the infamous apple box, but then you can’t have anyone’s feet in the frame. Wide height disparities can be a problem. Both times that I saw an Avengers movie I pitied the poor cinematographer, having to get such a big cast with such height disparity into one frame.

      • Bridget says:

        Yes, that must be the reason we don’t we see Jerry O’Connell in more stuff.

        If I can point out one thing folks: the height issue frequently goes the other way. A lot of leading men are on the shorter side, but consider how many women got started in showbiz by modelling (which means they’re pretty tall). You may have a petite Scarlett Johansson, or an amazonian Charlize Theron or Cameron Diaz.

      • amilue says:

        Lee Pace is 6’5″! http://41.media.tumblr.com/b5589ac6ad9c6daac681cdec05a639ee/tumblr_nhk3w7IRcC1t2r97go1_400.jpg I know he works a lot, but I wonder if he would’ve been a bigger star had he been less of a giant.

    • Carol says:

      Yep, I live in Los Angeles so I see celebrities all the time and I am constantly shocked on how short they are. There is nothing wrong with being short, but on the large screen actors seem to be really tall. The actors I’ve seen seem to be about 5’7 or shorter.

  3. MexicanMonkey says:

    I think he actually says he didn’t ‘rub off’ on set.
    It’s a hilarious interview.

    • MG says:

      Read the article as well. He is so delightful. Didn’t find it particularly naughty. And yes, you’re right. It’s says he wasn’t running off set to masturbate.

  4. Loulou says:

    It really doesn’t sound like he’s shading him…

    • Joaneu says:

      Agreed. I didn’t get any “shade” feel from him mentioning Hoffman & Cruise. I think he was just naming them because they are great actors (despite Cruise being slightly wacko) and make very worthy company. Honestly, I never think about Hoffman’s size … he is a great screen presence. On that same point, I don’t believe he’s ever compensated on-screen for his short stature, like in the old days when guys had to stand on boxes to tower their leading ladies. Cruise only did that in real life by banning heels for Kidman. :)

  5. Sunnyside says:

    I think you need to re-read his interview as the waiting for Alan Rickman to finish was an example of what he WAS NOT doing.

    He said he WAS NOT doing it on set.

    • Andy says:

      Exactly! Since english is not my first language I had to re-read that part of the interview and the article to see if I was missing somethin! Glad to see it isn´t just me!

  6. MND says:

    Leo is six foot.

  7. Mr Spock says:

    Sorry to be nitpicking but he actually says that he wasn’t obsessing about it on set – ‘But not when I was on set. I wasn’t going, When is Alan Rickman going to nail this scene so I can run back to my trailer?’

  8. DaSH says:

    He was not shading Cruise at all.

    • mom2two says:

      No he was not. Dan is cute and I like the career he is building for himself. He realizes that not even he would be believable in a role that is suitable for a tall guy and that’s really all he is saying.

  9. Louise says:

    Daniel is v handsome and definitely super adorable. I don’t care about height when it comes to guys. I’m only 5’3 to me so 5’6 is kind of perfect for me lol. ! The height obsession women have about men is similar to the boob or ass obsession a lot of guys have about women. I don’t want to be judged on my statistics so i don’t judge guys on theirs.

    • mom2two says:

      This. I’d rather have a short guy who treats me great (which is what I do have) than a tall guy who is indifferent to me or treats me horrible. I don’t want to be judged on my stats, so I’m the last person to judge anyone else, man or woman, on theirs.

      • Louise says:

        People talk about short men as if they are automatically less attractive. It’s weird. Does it really matter? Is he still gonna be a nice boyfriend and give you hugs when you are PMSing and bring you chocolate when you are in a bad mood and make you laugh when your job is depressing the crap out of you?? That to me is what makes me fall in love – not his height!

      • amilue says:

        Yep. My boyfriend is the best thing that ever happened to me, and he claims to be 5’6″. I’m 5’7″, and I think that’s wishful thinking on his part. ;)

    • jinni says:

      Me too. I’m 5’3″ and have no problem dating someone short. I actually prefer guys that are closer to my height. If some women prefer men that are 6′ and higher fine, but why do so many women have to make all of these horrible stereotypes about short guys and how they are this and that and it’s always negative?
      But than a lot of these same women would be so pissed if a guy judged them for features they have no control over . Because a guy only wanting to date a woman that is a certain weight or shape is shallow, but a woman only wanting to date a guy that is a certain height is her exercising her right to have a preference.

      • Naya says:

        I’ve never heard guys derided for having physical preferences. Its always just brushed aside with a “men are visual creatures” and a “he has a type”. Some men even have preference on the type of profession the girls are in (Leo – models; Sheen – sex workers). A few women on the internet may snicker at that but the rest of the world just shrugs it off as a man knowing what he likes. Well, women are also visual creatures, we also have types and some of us know what they like. I see no problem there, hell that leaves you with less competition for the short guys you like.

      • jinni says:


        I know that guys usually get a pass for liking a certain type by the majority of the world and I also hate the whole” men are visual creatures, but women aren’t” bs. My problem is if you don’t like short guys cool, but why make up crappy stereotypes to explain why you don’t want to date them? Why the need to put one person down to justify liking the kind of people you’re into? That’s what I can’t stand. Some women label short guys as automatically having complexes and being insecure or not manly enough just based on their height. It’s like how some people who are into interracial dating have to put down the opposite gender of their own race to explain why they only date out. Just like who you like and stand by your preference without putting others down to justify it.

      • ichsi says:

        It’s not just the coming up with stereotypes as an excuse, it’s the lack of self-reflection too that annoys me in this whole discussion. Yes, I do want men to think about why they are only attracted to busty blondes from time to time; the same way I want women to think about if maybe, only maybe, their preference for taller men is a society indoctrinated behaviour. This one 5’9 lady in this thread said she feels like the green giant when she’s with a man shorter than her. Why? Does she feel bad about her height when isn’t with a guy too? No? So why does she feel like she has to be smaller than the man she’s with?

        Just for the record: I’m 6′ and I like my men to be around the same height as I am too. A little bit shorter or a little bit taller, doesn’t matter. I generally like being on eye-level with the person I’m talking to and it allows the most relaxed kisses. Exceptions will be made for James McAvoy and Daniel Radcliffe.

    • Allie says:

      Oh come on. Of course being treated nicely is something people should pick over looks. But let’s not pretend physical appearance do not matter at all. You may prefer blondes, etc. Doesn’t mean that’s all you look at. I’m 5’8 and it does feel awkward when a guy is shorter than me. Not really because of anything they specifically do, but because of my own insecurities. I feel like the jolly green giant. So yes, I prefer tall guys but I wouldn’t choose a tall abusive man over a short sweet one. Let’s not be ridiculous.

      • belle de jour says:

        Thank you; this not necessarily an ‘either the lovely, charming short one or the tall one’ situation.

        I’m 5’10″ in stocking feet, and sometimes it is just a nice (somewhat unusual) feeling for me… probably in an animal, evolutionary, physical way… to be close to, near, walking beside, etc. a man who’s taller/bigger than I am. I don’t overanalyze it or rule out men because they are not, but it’s in the plus column – and I don’t think it says anything about the man’s character or my own to acknowledge it.

      • Louise says:

        Way to misread what i meant.

        As you said, it’s your own insecurities. Good luck.

    • SamiHami says:

      I’m 5’9″ and height has never been an issue for me. I dated a guy as short as 5’2″ and another one as tall as 6’7″. I would never let height be a factor when deciding who to date. Ultimately I wound up with my husband, who is 6′ exactly.

      It’s hard enough to find a decent guy; why limit oneself because of something so superficial?

      • mary says:

        Mixed in with all my average height men, I dated two short guys who both had short “ones” and I dated a guy who was over six feet tall and he was a big guy, you know, “big”. I dunno, nobody’s mentioned this. But aren’t things usually proportionate? Maybe some women like certain things a certain way, and choose men who are likely to be that way?

  10. Naddie says:

    I love him.

    • zimmer says:

      I don’t find him attractive physically, but he has a great personality. I didn’t really love the movies, but he acted well throughout!

      • Naddie says:

        I don’t think he’s good looking either, but his serious, low profile personality gets me. He’s not doing everything and anything to be seen.

  11. Esteph says:

    I find him really refreshing and just open with anything. I no longer see him as Harry Potter (I am about the same age as him), but the work that he has partaken in since leaving the HP franchise is awesome. He loves dark themed movies, it suits him well

  12. Flim says:

    ditto to everyone who pointed out he was not carrying on with himself on set. Also, this interview wasn’t raunchy at all, it was quite tame, really. But you got me to click through to Playboy…

  13. Lindsey says:

    In the article he says he DIDN’T do it on set because he was worried everyone would know.

  14. Kat says:

    I love DanRad! I’m love especially how he doesn’t mince the face that, yes, he’s short! Back in my dating years my most important criteria was tall, because I’m 5’9″ and I hate feeling like a giant. I dismissed so many guys because of height till I met my 5’8″ husband!

  15. Patricia says:

    I’m 5’9″, my husband is three inches shorter than me and he’s sexy as hell and everything I could want in a man. I agree with above poster who said it’s similar to the boobs and ass thing for women. Shallow and pretty meaningless.

  16. Brasileira says:

    Oh my….”Peter Dinklage in anything”. ANYTHING! Love him.

  17. Meg says:

    This kid seems so well adjusted. I was concerned when I heard about the drinking. he and emma seem so frickin smart and well adjusted. Not that they owe us anything, if they’d turned out to be assholes that would be there right. and they both understand feminism! Yes! I wonder if this huge franchise had been an American story with American actors if they’d have turned out as well as they did?

  18. serena says:

    I don’t think of him as ‘just’ Harry Potter anymore, I like his interviews and his personality (also his scruffy bear and hair). He’s hot.

  19. Sarah01 says:

    He is a talented actor and enjoy watching him. But height is a must for me I don’t find short guys attractive at all. It’s my preference, my husband is a good 7 inches taller than me, he is a great guy and very handsome. In my experience short men have short fuses and peens. so I decided to stay away from short men.

    We all have superficial preferences and it’s ok.

    I’m glad he doesn’t feel the need to big himself up. His talent is what counts. He is very handsome, beautiful eyes.