Amy Poehler & Nick Kroll called it quits after two years of dating

Nick Kroll

Awww, this is sad news. Amy Poehler and Nick Kroll have been dating since April 2013 (that we know of), and he was her first relationship following her divorce with Will Arnett. I’ve always thought it must be hard to date or marry a comedian. They are more complex than many people realize. In the case of two comedians together, it must be even harder to maintain a relationship.

Amy sounded like she really adored Nick. While promoting her memoir, she said he eased her late-night anxiety and “settled” her. She hilariously noted how Nick cared so much that he’d wear earplugs to bed so he could sleep next to a major snorer. Anyway, Amy and Nick couldn’t make it work. Us Weekly has an exclusive story about their breakup, which is being painted as a tale of competing schedules:

The funny business is over for Amy Poehler and Nick Kroll. The couple of two years have split, sources reveal exclusively in the new issue of Us Weekly.

“Unfortunately, they just couldn’t make the relationship work with their schedules,” says one insider close to the Parks and Recreation actress, 44, and the Kroll Show star, 37.

Upcoming projects constantly came between Kroll and the mom of two (she shares Archie, 6, and Abel, 5, with ex-husband Will Arnett). “They really tried, but it just wasn’t realistic anymore,” adds the source. “They were spending more time apart than together.”

Kroll is the first man Poehler has had a relationship with since she and Arnett, 45, split in September 2012 after nine years of marriage. “She wanted a comedian who ‘gets’ her,” a source explained to Us Weekly in May 2013, when Us exclusively broke the news that Kroll and Poehler were dating.

[From Us Weekly]

Nick didn’t attend the Emmys with Amy, though he was pictured at a pre-Emmys party while sitting next to Jenny Slate (who is married to Dean Fleischer-Camp). The photo was taken by Chelsea Peretti, who jokes about rumors in the caption, so I don’t think Nick was cheating on Amy. At least, I hope that isn’t the case. This is awful news! But it sounds like a breakup was for the best.

Amy Poehler

Amy Poehler

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  1. aims says:

    That’s a bummer. I like Amy, I want her to be happy.

    • doofus says:

      me, too. I like them together, too.

      side note: I LOVE her dress (the black/floral). and her hair color in that pic suits her so much!

    • Ronda says:

      why is it a bummer then? happy relationships dont break up.

    • Esmom says:

      I really like Amy but I always side eyed this relationship, admittedly because I can only think of him as The Douche he played on Parks and Rec. Plus I thought of him as a rebound guy, which is hard to make work in the long term. Especially with kids. So I admit I’m not too sad about this parting.

      • susie says:

        me too!! Also, I thought he was the “reacher” for sure!

      • MSat says:

        I’m glad I’m not the only one! I’m still mourning Will and Amy’s demise as a couple – I loved them together and was so crestfallen when they divorced. Nick is beneath her, IMO and he kind of creeps me out. I think she’s ready for something hot and heavy with a hunky comedy genius with a heart of gold.

      • joan says:

        You probably don’t know that he’s from a very wealthy family, and well educated. So he’s not the characters he plays.

      • Esmom says:

        Joan, I know he’s not the characters he plays. I guess I just don’t care for him. And knowing he’s wealthy and well educated doesn’t really change my opinion.

  2. word says:

    I didn’t know they were dating.

  3. Lennox says:

    Aww, I’m sad about this. They seemed really happy together.

  4. Down and Out says:

    Aww this makes me sad! Loved these two together.

  5. byland says:

    Aww. This one genuinely makes me sad. That’s not a frequent emotion with celebrity breakups for me.

  6. AlmondJoy says:

    Seriously did not know she was dating The Douche from Parks and Rec. I’m so late!

    • Desi says:

      Lol. I did know and I swear he looks at her with lovey eyes even in his gross out scenes. This is sad news for me.

  7. Beckysuz says:

    Sad. I really love them both.

  8. lucy2 says:

    That’s sad. I like her so much, and they were friends for a long time before dating too, I think. Hopefully they can stay friends still.

  9. gagh says:

    I’m sick and tired of older women gettong together with younger men. 7 year age gap is too much b/w a woman and man. Jennifer Aniston’s marriage will go kaput for the same reason. Angie has done well in this regard

  10. Bridget says:

    These two are both SUPER busy. I thought it was strange that they got together in the first place, because there was no way they were ever going to be able to spend much time together as a couple.

    • Ronda says:

      not everyone needs to sit on each others laps 24/7. they have different priorites and why wouldnt someone as amazing as Amy Poehler make her career the number 1 priority?

      • Bridget says:

        There’s a huge difference between “sitting on each other’s laps 24/7″ and both of you heading up your own shows, which is INCREDIBLY demanding. Both have jobs that involve a ton of travel and long hours. How many showbiz marriages and relationships fail because the couple only saw each other once every 2 weeks? And I find it interesting that the first place you went to was ‘Amy shouldn’t make her career her #1 priority’ because I certainly didn’t say that.

  11. Tasha says:

    Will Arnett split from his gf earlier this summer…

  12. Ronda says:

    she probably realized she was dating down. what is that with famous women dating ugly dudes, are they all so insecure?

    • Wiffie says:

      He’s funny, and I think his personality makes him cute. Nick as Ruxin on The League is douche adorable to me, to the extent I even saw HIM as dating down. And I LOVE Amy.

      • Livvers says:

        “Douche adorable.” Yes! I have had trouble defining my impression of Nick, but this is the most accurate I’ve seen. I got as close as “sweet asshole”. I have a little soft spot for him because he reminds me of my brother, not just in the face but in the personality too.

      • amilue says:

        This. I didn’t love him or find him remotely attractive when I first started watching The League or even Kroll show, but something clicked at some point later on. I think he’s hilarious and cute now.

        There’s an old episode of Upright Citizens Brigade that features a teeny baby Nick in the audience of a Hong Kong Danger Duo skit. (That’s him to the right in this screenshot – I’d like to think that they’ve been friends at least that long and can remain friends beyond this breakup. I really do love them both!

    • PrincessMe says:

      Are you saying “ugly dudes” don’t deserve love? As long as he’s not a bad person, there’s nothing wrong with her dating him or any other “ugly dude” out there.

  13. Amy M. says:

    Aw that’s too bad. Just started reading her book Yes please and she mentions Nick a few times as well as her ex Will Arnett (no bashing him but mostly talks about how divorce sucks). It’s a fast read and been enjoying it so far.

  14. CatJ says:

    I just finished her book, and it was quite interesting. So much work leading up to her
    “big break”. I love that she is such a good friend with Tina, that they “get” each other.
    She never bashes Will, and tells some good behind the scenes stories.
    (Sidenote to Amy M. – did you find the book heavy? as in literally “heavy”, I could
    hardly lift it into my book bag. Pages are on heavy glossy paper.)

    • Esmom says:

      I’ll have to check it out. Although I hear you on the heaviness being annoying. I usually read before going to sleep so big heavy books are extra hard to hold up while laying down and sleepy!

    • Amy M. says:

      I got the paperback version of her book (though I don’t know if there was ever a hardcover version of it) but the pages are still glossy and it is a heavy book!

  15. elle says:

    Wow. She looks 6 zillion times better with the hair color in the teaser pic.

  16. j.eyre says:

    I realize this is not the point, but I adore Jenny Slate.

  17. Cinderella says:

    When a breakup comes out of the blue like that, I first wonder who cheated. That’s a terrible way to think, but…….

    Jenny is looking rather sexy in that photo.

    • saras says:

      There was a CDAN about him being a cheating d bag but who knows. Seems like everyone in the biz is a cheat because of narcissism or to get ahead: /

    • Ronda says:

      considering they are not often in the tabloids any split would come out of the blue to us.

  18. amilue says:

    Noooo! I love them both, and I loved them together! :(