Prince Harry is already in the midst of a love triangle with Cressida & Chelsy


As we know, Prince Harry celebrated his 31st birthday by making an appearance at a celebration to mark the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Britain. He looked beardy and hot, obviously. There was a lot of talk around Harry’s return to England about who he would be dating these days, with some outlets even painting him as a Mr. Lonelyhearts, or even as the Bridget Jones of the royal family (which I still love). Over the weekend, the Daily Mail was going on and on about how Harry is sort of back with Chelsy Davy and how Chelsy was going to throw Harry a huge birthday party on a boat. Except… he actually spent the evening of his birthday having drinks with his other major ex-girlfriend, Cressida Bonas. Damn, bruh.

Prince Harry spent his 31st birthday with his ex-girlfriend Cressida Bonas, the day it emerged that she had split with her latest boyfriend. After taking part in an official engagement in Sussex yesterday, the fifth in line to the throne flew back to London by helicopter to spend the evening with the beautiful blonde actress and a group of close friends at a pub, the Mail can reveal.

Harry and Cressida’s appearance together will inevitably add to fuel to rumours that the prince is keen to re-kindle his romance with 26-year-old Cress, as she is known to her friends. But well-placed sources insisted last night that the pair are ‘definitely’ not back together.

Since their split last year, the prince has been linked – fleetingly, and sometime erroneously – with a number of girls, including actress Jenna Coleman, while Cressida enjoyed a brief relationship with fellow thespian and rising star Edward Holcroft, who appeared in Wolf Hall. She and Edward were featured snuggling up to each other at a number of social events over the summer, including the Wimbledon Championships. But they recently drifted apart, with sources close to Cressida insisting that it had ‘never been that serious’ and she hadn’t even wanted him to meet her family.

‘It just didn’t get to that stage,’ they said.

One friend, however, moved last night to dampen speculation that the pair were making a go of things again. They said: ‘They were out with a group of friends having a drink to celebrate Harry’s 31st. It was also a chance for him to say hello to some of his pals, having spent the summer working in Africa. Harry and Cress have always kept in touch and are fond of each other. They aren’t together at the moment and although you can never say never, I would be very surprised if it happened [again]. Cressida is very fond of him but, well, he didn’t quite cut the mustard. The issues that were there when they broke up haven’t changed.’

Asked what those issues might be, the friend said: ‘I think Harry just expected Cress to keep up with his lifestyle. But she isn’t wealthy, she’s a hard-working girl who just couldn’t do that. Her career is going well and she just has other things going on in her life, she’s not the type to be at anyone’s beck and call.’

[From The Daily Mail]

In case you think this is a one-off, that Cressida’s “friend” was just one lone voice pushing an agenda, in a previous Daily Mail story this week, another source claimed that the reports of Cressida still being interested in Harry were absolutely false, and that “Cressida has no regrets about the end of her relationship with Harry. If there are regrets, they are very much on the Prince’s side. Indeed, it was apparently due to Cressida’s lack of interest in rekindling their romance that Harry turned his attentions back to Chelsy.” OUCH. Cressida managed to make Chelsy Davy sound like Harry’s second choice, plus Cressida burned Chelsy because Harry spent his birthday with her (Cressida), not Chelsy. Damn.

For what it’s worth, I don’t really think Harry is hung up on either Chelsy or Cressida. I think he likes them both and he probably would have loved to settle down with either of them, but he’s not pining away for either of them. And no, neither Chelsy or Cressida is a Middleton-esque “beck and call girl.” Very few women are.



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  1. SamiHami says:

    Chelsy just seems so much more interesting than Cressida. If he is going to end up with one of them, I hope it’s her.

    • Andrea says:

      I couldn’t agree more. The last thing we all need is another do nothing in the royal family.

      • Betti says:

        I wouldn’t say Cressida is a ‘do nothing’ – she’s actually quite an ambitious girl who wants to make something of herself, just like Chelsy. Harry is the opposite of his brother in that its something clearly likes in a woman – as is evidence in the ladies that her gets involved with.

        I don’t think he will marry either one of them.

      • Nancy says:

        @Betti…..I agree. I like Cressida. In England they’re all about Chelsy being the perfect wife. Don’t we have one of those in Kate. It would be more fun for us onlookers to watch someone more adventurous like Diane was….enter Cressida. She has a movie career in mind, however, and being married to Harry would interfere with that. Although, maybe that’s her excuse since the Palace is pulling for Chelsy and we know his grandmother doesn’t lose frequently. As an aside, I think Cressida is prettier which might not work in her favor. A lot of rules these Royals have!

    • Liv says:

      This. Who wants us to convince us that Cressida wasn’t interested in getting back with him? Hahaha!

    • Ysohawt1 says:

      The Chelsy hookup stories Weren’t true, Richard Palmer said that it never happened.

      I like Harry’s choices so much better,than William’s.
      I like that these ladies live their lives and have interests.
      Seems like everyone is living their lives and happy.

      Both Cressida and Chelsy seem like nice ladies.
      but Harry has plenty of time, hes enjoying his life.

  2. Tessd says:

    I just have a hard time imagining Chelsy will change her mind about royal life an d everything it entails. She broke up with Harry, the hot and charming guy because if that! So I just cannot imaging them happening…

  3. mm says:

    Say what you will about Kate, but Cressida and her family and friends should learn to be as discreet with the media as the Middleton and the Davys were if the relationship is to be a success.

    • notasugarhere says:

      Having a family pap on speed-dial is discreet? Letting a DM writer have your cell number so she can call you for tidbits whenever she wants? Asking paps for copies of their photos for the family album?

      Davys discreet, yes. Middletons discreet, no.

    • vauvert says:

      When they were dating, it was one of the reasons I liked Kate – she did not speak to reporters once. As far as I know, whether they were on or off, she kept it quiet. That was obviously a very smart move,w ell played Kate, and yes since the wedding her family has the reporters on speed dial, but not before she got the ring.
      SO, yes, Cressida could learn a bit from that.

      • Betti says:

        No – the Mids had a pap on dial from the get go, how do u think gossip/news about the relationship got out. How do you think the paps knew where they would go on holiday or know when they were out a nightclubs – Mid tipped them off. She didn’t speak directly to them but her family did through the back door.

      • K2 says:

        I’m not saying there weren’t pap calls, because I don’t know – but the “how do you think X got out?” argument is very thin, in this post-hacking world. We know how the media got a lot of their info.

    • Nancy says:

      That’s because Kate has no friends. Nor does the rest of her family, from what I can see.

      • WinnieCoopersMom says:

        I sometimes do wonder who her friends are. All the time, so and so who is friends w Will is getting married here or never hear anything about her attending a wedding, baby shower, or a night out for one of her girlfriends. It’s very odd for a young person who has been stalked my the paps for over the past 10 years. Does she just make her gfs come to KP to visit her?

      • Ysohawt1 says:

        Their friends are mostly people they can use for something, to borrow vacation homes, to help with house deal, to get freebies, to climb the social ladder.

        They are users. IMO

  4. Allie says:

    The fact that source said that Cressida is not from a family of money makes me not believe anything else they said. Give me a break, she’s an aspiring actress and socialite. I think they are friends and were never anything serious, and her PR just keeps pumping out these stories that try and make it seem liked Harry is a love sick puppy. It’s really weird, as I feel like people would stop caring about Cressida without these articles.

    • JenniferJustice says:

      I agree. I suspect any hook-up with him, no matter how platonic, are spun to look like they’re re-igniting the fire and I think it’s her and her PR team to increase her familiarity and popularity, ergo, her “career”. Basically, I sense she uses him to stay in the news.

      • WinnieCoopersMom says:

        Agree with this. No one knew who she was before Harry. He was her only claim to fame to even be able to get noticed at auditions for the parts she has gotten. Give me a break. Hey, maybe they even use each other, convenient for both of them. Lucky girl, I would take the Harry train for a ride, even if it was just for good times on a sporadic basis.

      • Anne says:

        I’m inclined to think this, too. Her acting aspirations appear quite sincere, so I have difficulty seeing a future for them. I don’t think someone with plans to marry into the royal family would be posing for a “Lady Garden” campaign. . .

        My guess is 1) he’s ok with her using him for publicity & 2) the Cressida stories help him out by distracting from the time he’s spending with Chelsy. Sounds to me like a rekindling is happening there.

    • Snappyfish says:

      This!! I never thought Cressida was anything more than a friend & her connections were trying to make it “a thing” to her advantage. Harry has always had a thing for Chelsy. I have always like him & he should have whom he loves. I think the royal pressures that Chelsy worried about have loosen a bit now with George & Charlotte on the scene.

      • Ysohawt1 says:

        He and Cressida definately dated, she was more than a friend, but Cressida was just finsihing University in the throws of the relationship and wanted to pursue her career as an actress. She looks much happier now IMO.

        Chelsy and Harry were deeply in love but it never works out for them. Harry still cheated on her and Chelsy hated the Royal fishbowl.

        I think they are all just having fun now, enjoying their lives now.

  5. Hawkeye says:

    This is very rude, but can Harry even tell all these girls apart? I don’t get any sense that he misses either of them terribly, and I suspect that being the spare suits him just fine. Also, I think I’m in the minority on this, but I think Harry and William are both devoid of personality. William is about as interesting as a dial tone to me, and Harry comes across as the most generic, paint-by-the-numbers Dude Bro.

    • BooBooLaRue says:

      very funny Hawkeye, he does seem to have a “type” at least a physical type. I can’t tell them apart.

    • mom2two says:

      I agree. I don’t think William and Harry are interesting enough to warrant the attention they do get.
      I don’t think Harry is pining for either girl. I agree, again, with Hawkeye that Harry is enjoying being the spare and there is no pressure on him to marry anytime soon (other than from the media) and to have children, he’s quite happy doing what’s he’s doing in the relationship department.

    • Ysohawt1 says:

      If he has a type so what, he likes what he likes. It’s better he date who he is attracted to, and appears to him.

  6. pleaseicu says:

    Would anyone have known about Cressida’s presence at this group event for Harry’s birthday if Cressida’s mother or publicist…sorry, “friend” didn’t call up these outlets and leak that drinks were had and she was there? There weren’t any pap pics (that I’ve seen). His other friends weren’t talking (as far as I know). It was a lowkey celebration from the sounds of it.

    Harry hits town and Cressida’s “friends” conveniently go to multiple outlets about Cressida, the very most specialest snowflake to ever exist, and her rejecting Harry and don’t worry Cressida would *never* go there with Harry again? He’s the only one pining? She’s a super serious actress. It may all be true, he could be pining and she was never that serious and is so over him, but her “friends” could maybe work on their subtlety.

  7. Sayrah says:

    Kate is a beck and call girl? Gmab. They were together in college and still cared for each other after breaking up. Gave it another try and it all worked out in the end. I wasn’t aware William was supposed to propose before he finished school.

    • Nancy says:

      Do you know nothing of the ten years she down after college doing absolutely nothing but waiting for his call and being at his “beck and call”? She never had a real job so she could be available to him at a moments notice. You need to do some reading to catch up.

    • goofpuff says:

      she really didn’t do anything but wait for him and schedule her life around him. so yes, beck and call girl indeed.

    • Ysohawt1 says:

      Yes Waity Katey as she became known during the decade of waiting and doing Nothing with herself except being around for William’s phone calls and she had no career goals,no outside interests, dropped friends who Weren’t connected to William.

      Yes she was his Beck and small girl.


  8. Nikki says:

    Tons of scheming low life’s were probably throwing themselves at Prince William, And it could have been very, very bad. Instead he dated Kate, and I really liked her a lot because in all the years dating him and even after they broke up, she never gave any interviews, never sold any stories, etc. She still went out with friends and enjoyed life during their split. To me, she showed great dignity in her behavior. Diana went after numerous married men, harassed them with a hundred phone calls a day, and turned her young child into her confidante, but Kate is mocked as Waity Katie when she was faithful, scorned for not working hard when she has 2 babies and a lazy husband to not outshine. She went against all tradition to insist her family isn’t shunted aside, but this strength and loyalty is seen as over dependence on her mom. She is coping pretty well with insane scrutiny every time she leaves her house, but readers’ empathy only extends to “She wanted this job!” So it’s so refreshing to see your comment, with which I agree.

    • Ysohawt1 says:

      Carole’s is a scheming viper, she even used Gàrys home in Ibiza to bait William and we know what he got up to there, it’s on video.
      William just found the Biggest schemers and Opportunists in the Middleton’s who filled him with flattery, stroked his ego , had a willing daughter he is attracted to and fell in love with and changed their whole hpusehold and family life to cater to William.
      The Middleton’s are a bunch of vipers.
      Can’t stand that scheming family. Yuck
      William was lamb to Middleton scheming slaugher. IMO

  9. Citresse says:

    I like Harry. He’s a hard worker and genuinely cares for others. I wish him a lot of happiness.

  10. Nancy says:

    I like the shade being thrown at Kate with Cressida described as having her own life and not bring a “beck and call” girl. Without William, Kate is nothing. No job, no skills, no friends or interests beyond shopping, it seems. Cressida and Chelsy seem to be Real
    Live people. Kate might as well be a blow up doll the 12 hours she works a year. Smile, wAve, turn, repeat. No talking, God forbid she does any speeches! In literature, we’d call her a flat character – there’s nothing there.

  11. WinnieCoopersMom says:

    “Prince Harry spent his 31st birthday with his ex-girlfriend Cressida Bonas, the day it emerged that she had split with her latest boyfriend.” What a convenient time to break up *side eye*

    Also, not sure why everyone here is saying Cressida is such the hard worker compared to Kate. Um what? What exactly does Cressida do? She is an aspiring actress..has been in what, 2 plays and now has a small part in one movie? Not exactly working FT lol please. Kate worked a Jigsaw a they both have dabbled in work projects. And now even Chelsy has been a party girl for over the past year…let’s call it how it is, none of these girls have actually ever had to or will have to work in the future. Out of the three, since we are comparing, atleast Chelsy went to law school and was a working attny for a little while. Must be nice for all these girls to sit on their a$$ for years and get credit as working. Biggest laugh ever.

  12. Emily C. says:

    Both stories are from The Daily Mail. So it is one lone voice pushing this, and one lone voice that has no compunction about completely making up stuff.

    But it’s entirely possible that he and Chelsy are just friends now. It’s also entirely possible that she’s got more men than he does women. I don’t think she has any interest in a serious long-term relationship with him, even if they are still hooking up.

    • Ysohawt1 says:

      The story is also in the EXpress , Hello and Sun.
      It’s not one lone Voice , several outlets bought the photos and have covered the story.