Prince Harry returns to the UK soon, but will he reunite with Chelsy Davy?


The Ginger Prince is returning home. Prince Harry will likely return to England from his African sojourn this weekend. Harry has spent more than three months working on the ground with various charities and anti-poaching groups in several African countries. It’s said that he lived like a normal person for the most part, and he loved every second of it. But now it’s time for Harry to return home and… find a wife? Reportedly, Harry wasn’t ALL about work during his sojourn. Harry might have met up with Chelsy Davy for a romantic getaway at some point, and now people wonder if Chelsy and Harry are back on, and if Chelsy is going to end up marrying Harry after all.

The Champagne is being chilled. The VVIP areas are being made ready. The eligible blue-blooded daughters of Britain’s Dukes and Earls are acting very cool indeed. For, after three long months in Africa, Harry’s coming home, and London is making ready to welcome its most celebrated partygoer. But, amidst the excitement of Harry’s set, it is fair to say there is some trepidation. Everyone is wondering just what Harry will be like after what is said by sources to have been a ‘life-changing’ three-month sojourn in Africa, where he was involved in the ‘sharp end’ of conservation efforts, which included a gunbattle with poachers and helping to carry out operations on drugged rhinos to remove their tusks to make them less attractive to poachers.

One thing is certain, Harry wants to find a wife. He has said so himself on several occasions, and twice publicly. And the endlessly fascinating subject of Harry’s love life appears unlikely to fade as a subject of tabloid obsession, especially after reports surfaced in the Sun newspaper claiming that while he was in Africa, Harry met up with his former girlfriend Chelsy Davy, and the two are now “openly discussing giving their relationship another go”.

Sources have long told the Royalist that Harry and Chelsy have continued to hold a candle for each other.

Chelsy, a Zimbabwean by birth, split up with her boyfriend, jeweler Charles Goode, in January. Chelsy and Harry have long been thought by many of their friends to be made for each other—they were both known for their love of wild partying when they dated between 2004 and 2010. It was widely rumored at the time that they had planned to marry, but that Chelsy took fright at the prospect of living in the royal goldfish bowl following the wedding of William and Kate.

A reunion would be welcomed by many of their set, but—if it does happen—any revived relationship would be conducted with the utmost clandestine secrecy. Only a handful of Harry’s closest friends would be let in on the secret.

Harry has made little secret of his desire to settle down and have children. Earlier this year he said in a Sky News interview that he was actively looking for a wife, or at least to have “someone next to me” as he put it, rather forlornly. But before wife-hunting can get underway, however, there is another urgent domestic commitment to be attended to: spending time with his new niece, Princess Charlotte Diana. Harry is said to have joked with his colleagues in Africa that he was a ‘bad uncle’ for not having been back to attend her christening, although he did meet the youngest royal three weeks after her birth.

Harry’s immediate charitable focus will also be on renewing his work with injured soldiers. In the short to medium term, sources say, he will work as a volunteer with the Personnel Recovery Unit of London District, where he will assist soldiers with their rehabilitation after being wounded or injured in service. He will also continue a program of Royal and charitable duties. His first engagement falls on Tuesday next week—a Battle of Britain memorial—which is why many expect him back in town by the weekend.

Another key part of the next few months for Harry will be his role as Honorary President of the Rugby World Cup 2015, which kicks off on September 18. Harry loves rugby, but it remains to be seen whether such a dramatic change of pace from life in the untamed bush can really work for the 30-year-old royal.

[From The Daily Beast]

I’m not sure if I have the heart for another merry-go-round with Chelsy, so I can’t imagine how Harry feels. Chelsy really is the one who got away for Harry and I wonder how the press would play it if they did get back together for real and they announced their engagement. Hell, I wonder how the Queen would feel about it. Anyway, Harry’s coming back and hopefully he’ll have a ginger beard for a while, just because that would be awesome. I’m looking forward to seeing photos of him!



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  1. Loopy says:

    I understand she does not want the royal wife duties, but its not like she is Kate, many other wives live very private lives and carry on with their professions like Prince Edwards wife.

    • Jessica says:

      Sophie, Countess of Wessex (Prince Edward’s wife) does 300+ royal engagements every year. She did over 100 in her first year when she still had her business. She doesn’t have her business anymore and hasn’t for years. All she does is royal duties now.

      • Loopy says:

        Jessica,Oh ok thanks did not know that Sopie does all that, well I guess that is part of my point,she does not have to be that exposed like the future Queen. She can have her career and do a few duties out of the public eye.

    • Luca76 says:

      I think it’s more like she’s incredibly wealthy and posh and she thinks being a royal is gauche and beneath her, she doesn’t want to have to answer to the public when she’s more aristocratic than the royal family and she just wants to flit around the world in peace. She doesn’t want to have to be useful and good to please anyone. If she became a royal there’s a whole bunch that she’d have to curtail or else she would be another Fergie.

      • Imo says:

        Agree except Chelsy is not aristocratic – just wealthy with posh friends.

      • Jaygee says:

        Huh??? Chelsey is an attorney. She has extremely useful career and is highly educated.

      • Hudson Girl says:

        Chelsy finished her training at the Law Firm in the Fall and left. She hasn’t been working since the Fall, which is too bad because that’s what I respected about her.

      • nikko says:

        I think one of the reasons they broke up the first time is her father is a big-time racist in South Africa (kinda like the kkk mentality) and the Queen is totally against it. Wouldn’t look to good to have a father in-law who’s a racist.

      • Bridget says:

        HA! Considering Philip’s leanings, that’s rich.

    • candice says:

      sophie did not continue with her pr firm – she gave that up. unlike kate though she is a hard-working royal with a work ethic

      • notasugarhere says:

        They married in 1999. She continued her PR firm for a couple of years after the marriage, like Edward continued his production company. They shut both in 2002, in the midst of various scandals real, imaged, or exaggerated.

    • Betti says:

      I like Chelsea but she’s too independent to kowtow to the royal life – she could still have her career and undertake royal duties, Sophie did that for the 1st few years of her marriage and then gave it up after her PR firm went bust and they started their family. Cherie Blair continued to have her legal career while her husband was in office as Prime Minister – so it can be done as as Harry is not their heir they have more freedom.

      She and Harry always made a good couple and I think Diana would have adored her.

    • Ysohawt1 says:

      Richard Palmer said no truth to any Harry romance rumours lately with anyone.
      If Anyone has a chance, check out Richard Palmer’s Twitter thread today. He is so sick of William and Kate and their messy PR.
      He is really touching nerves.

      He expressed in Twitter Doubts that William wants to be King!

      He also is telling the truth that he gets a lot of negative commentary on William and Kate.
      His tweets are good reading on insight on what the journalist REALLY think of William and Kate , if anyone has a chance,have a look see.

      One tidbit : RoyalReporter: ” I think editors believe rightly or wrongly that she sells papers but I don’t think there’s much respect for the Cambridges now.”


      • hmmm says:

        I finally did check the twitter thread. This is what struck me:

        “Richard Palmer ‏@RoyalReporter Sep 9

        Sources have confirmed that the Cambridges have arrived at Balmoral for their annual summer stay. Nothing special planned tonight.”

        He also complained about announcements via social media rather than royal reporters. And now it makes sense.

        1. So, the Duke of Dolittle is on holidays again even though he’s put in so little time in his job.

        2. *Of course*, the strategy by KP now is to use social media to control information. Royal reporters might add the truth. So much for #poorJason. He’s pushing this, IMO.

        This is getting interesting.

      • Suze says:

        I don’t do the Twitter so I’ve missed this Richard Palmer war with the Cambridges.

        I believe the negative commentary on the WillKat show is heating up.

    • Megan says:

      Harry and Chelsy run in the same circles so I would not be surprised if they met up in South Africa, but I am skeptical about rekindling their romance. When Chelsy showed up at W+K’s wedding looking like 100 kinds of hungover, it seemed pretty clear she had no interest in a royal life.

      • bettyrose says:

        I will always have a soft spot for her after the “just rolled out of bed & forgot my bra” look she rocked at the royal wedding. Must be great to have the freedom to not play the game even one little bit.

  2. erni says:

    i love chelsy with harry, so why not?

  3. Shelley says:

    Chelsy is so damn scruffy. I wouldn’t be able to stand seeing her living my dream life while looking like a mess.

    • INeedANap says:

      That’s kind of what I like about her. She has more going on than just looking pretty, and I don’t think it’s a priority for her. Not that you can’t be accomplished and polished, but we’re not all like that.

      I feel like she’d be great on a bar crawl, and I am always a fan of chicks like that.

  4. danielle says:

    Most interesting gossip of the day!

  5. Suze says:

    I think Chelsy would be devoured by the press.

    I speculate that she and Harry are probably a good couple, that they were/are close, they respect one another and could navigate difficult waters together while still having fun. I think she could make a good working royal, she’s smart, educated, and engaged and would bring needed energy to her appearances.

    But the press would rag and rag and rag on her, not to mention folks on royal blogs would have a heyday. Personally, I think it would be a disaster for her.

    Also, I agree with Kaiser in that I don’t have the heart for another go around with Chelsy. Or with the Allthruster woman. Isn’t there someone new he can meet?

    • bluhare says:

      I agree with you, Suze, but is it wrong of me to want them to at least give it a go? I guess I liked Chelsy because she seems to have some life in her, which is more than I can say for Allthruster BonyAss (I am SO glad we get to talk about them if only for a half second!). She seemed like a drip. Maybe she’s one of those people who can act so they hide themselves away; don’t know, but all I saw was blah. And one thing about Chelsy. She’s never tried to live off her connections to him either.

      But doesn’t Chelsy have other PR nightmare issues? Like her dad? I should go look that up.

      • Suze says:

        Yes, I think there is something murky in the family as well. But the royal marry-ins do tend to have those issues, so they could probably overcome it unless it’s egregious.

        The Chelsea and Harry Show did have some energetic and happy moments. I can understand why people want to see them together. I guess we’ll see where it takes them.

        I sort of wish the Allthruster woman would marry a distant royal – is there one available? I miss talking about that decadent, amoral lot.

      • Imo says:

        Harry could find a lively, likeable, fresh peasant to date. Or at least an educated, passionate marine biologist or wildlife photographer. His choices don’t have to be so white bread (or inbred) all the time.

      • bluhare says:

        I miss the Althrusters too, Suze. Her mother! I think she died and went to heaven when Cressida started seeing Harry. Plus the half sister history with William. The side show would have been epic. Too bad I didnt’ think much of the show in the main tent! :)

      • Suze says:

        I know, bluhare. Cress and Harry weren’t particularly exciting together but the drama that came along with Cress was epic.

    • Ysohawt1 says:

      I like Chelsy but I think any union with Harry and Chelsy would just end in divorce. Chelsy would not hang around in the Royal Family and be abused by the press, which is what they would do. The british press Hated Chelsy, with a passion when she dated Harry and barely mentioned she was in University or law school , because they were busy making her the bad Princess.

      The British press would just use Chelsy as Fergie and turn her into the bad Princess no matter what she did, no matter how educated she is and no matter how nice she is, the British press has an agenda and it is to have a good Princess, Bad Princess ,…Kate is their good Princess married to the heir, and now they use Princess Beatrice (Fergies daughter) as their Bad Princess. If Chelsy were back in the fold w Harry, they would lull her in with nice press ,for awhile then Devour her with old pictures of partying, drinking, and try to paint her as negatively as possible. IMO

      I have always liked Harry’s choices much better than William’s, I liked Chelsy and Cressida, both ladies seem to walk to their own beat and do their own things and have their own interests and neither seemed desperate to fall in line and stop their lives, just because they met a Prince,
      I hated that Kate engulfed her life around Williams, she had no goals outside of getting William.

      • Suze says:

        I agree completely.

        I think they were a good couple and very compatible in a lot of ways, but that was when they were young. Now they are older, Harry has to find a serious relationship and a wife who is willing to take on the royal job as well as being his wife.

        I really think it would all end in tears. And in a PR disaster.

      • Cricket says:

        But what if the tables were turned and Kate became the ‘bad’ princess and Chelsy the ‘good’ princess? Many years have past, W&K have two kids now so Harry is further down the chain and that may take some of the pressure off. They were so young when they were together it would be great to see them back now that they’ve had a chance to grow individually. I think Harry and Chelsy would be would be such a romantic couple and people would love them – as they love Harry now. He’s no longer the ‘party’ prince and with his good will and all he has done with wounded warriors, people will welcome Chelsy (or whomever he chose) with open arms.

        I wouldn’t be surprised if the Cambridges were the couple to keep the paps engaged as there is so much bitterness now with them. And the Middletons are forever going to be a target for bad press so that bucket is pretty full.

  6. Bess says:

    If Chelsy can’t imagine living in the royal fishbowl, then she owes it to herself and Harry to not get back together with him.

    • notasugarhere says:

      Or if he knows she doesn’t want that life, he should honor that. Why does it have to be all on Chelsy to be the grown up?

  7. littlemissnaughty says:

    If the Queen and the royal family have learned anything in the last few decades, they will let him choose whoever he wants to choose. The woman doesn’t have to be a working royal as long as he continues what he’s doing right now, which is making them all look pretty good. The Queen is beloved but she’s not getting younger. They need him if they want to survive because Lord knows that brother of his is not doing a great job.

    If it’s Chelsy, then so be it. But if not, he’s still not going to end up with the second coming of the Duchess of Laziness. He would die of boredom. Plus, if he threatened to “quit”, I bet he could get all kinds of concessions out of them.

    In any case, I wouldn’t wish this life on anyone.

  8. Talie says:

    It’s not talked about, but she has family baggage which disqualifies her as a major public figure. Her father’s connections, for one.

  9. Bridget says:

    No one ever really talks about it, but I thought the other big problem with Chelsy’s relationship with Harry was his rather casual attitude toward fidelity?

    • Ysohawt1 says:

      Another reason not to get not to get back together.

      Something was obviously missing.

    • Imo says:

      Oh Bridget, now you’ve done it! Perfect Harry has never put a ginger foot wrong. Any perceived exceptions were William throwing him under the bus or the meanie press guys picking on him because he’s the spare.

      • Suze says:

        Really? I thought his excessive drinking and wandering eye were discussed extensively here and other places.

        Granted, this was some time ago since for the last year and a half he’s been single. Excessive drinking and a wandering eye are perfectly acceptable in a single thirty year old.

      • bluhare says:

        I believe you and I may have discussed some of that, Suze! The other side of it, to be fair, is they are both older and hopefully more mature. That being said, if they broke up for reasons other than that, then that would be tough to get past. A basic conflict is a basic conflict however mature you are and one thing that won’t go away is the fact Harry’s a royal, brother to William, and he’s got all that attendant baggage.

      • Bridget says:

        @Suze: That’s new, because there tends to be a distinct tone of “Harry is the best ever!” around here. It’s like the Kardashians – sometimes folks forget that just because one party is odious doesn’t mean that anyone compared to them is automatically awesome in comparison. He seems nice enough and makes a great working royal, but he (just like the rest of us) is a flawed human being. Supposedly he and William share the same wandering eye, and I’d be surprised if he’s changed at all considering the lack of incentive to change.

      • Suze says:

        Well, things ebb and flow in royal comments around here Bridget. I was here when Kaiser started her royal beat, back in 2011, and I am remember things from that time period. Maybe, lately, there have been more positive Harry comments. I’ve popped back in the last couple of weeks, but I missed a lot.

      • bluhare says:

        He may not be the best ever, but I think he’s the best right now, Bridget. Plenty disagree with me, and that’s OK. But Harry gets out there and does things and for that he gets props from me.

      • Bridget says:

        I’ve been around for a while, but to be honest lately find myself frequently skipping the royals posts (or reading them much later in the day when I’m putting kids to bed) because it tends to be a lot of the same conversations over and over. Of course in fairness any topic that is regularly covered like that has a similar trend in its comment thread.

        Harry seems like a nice guy, but he’s not going to have luck finding a real partner unless he finds a girl that is okay with an untraditional view of fidelity (even more so than already in those fancy circles he runs in) and is okay with his partying. I actually think the press angle can be managed if they get the right person advising this theoretical girl.

      • bluhare says:

        I think you find the same conversations over and over no matter what post you go to (unless it’s a brand new topic) so yeah, the same things do get rehashed a bit.

        You might be right that Harry won’t be faithful and party himself into an early grave. But plenty of people settle down when they get married. I partied my life away when I was single too, but I didn’t after I got married. If he treats his wife like crap you won’t hear me making any excuses for him. He’s also 30 now. I read an article a while back that was saying the army was really good for Harry, and he’s matured a lot.

        We’ll see. I won’t give him any slack if it turns out not to be true, that’s for sure. On the other hand, I’m not going to tar him with a 10 year old brush either.

      • Imo says:

        You’re absolutely correct. I tend to comment against the grain so I can tell you that I have been dragged/piled on for bringing up Harry’s questionable choices in the past. The hue and cry is deafening and runs the gamut from it’s all William’s fault, I must be a William sugar to but Harry is everything good about the rf.
        And this is after I’ve taken pains to draw a sharp distinction between his past and present.
        I actually think his sketchy past makes his transformation into a caring, hardworking royal all the more admirable.

      • Suze says:

        @Bridget – I understand tiring of the same old same old, I did and took quite a long break.

        But I would suggest you avoid the Jolie/Pitt/Aniston threads. Now there is rehashing refined to high art!

      • Bridget says:

        @Suze: What, you don’t like talking about a decade old love triangle?!? For what it’s worth, I also now avoid Miley Cyrus and Trump threads as well :) . As far as I’m concerned, everyone is entitled to their opinions, and if it floats people’s boats to talk about this stuff every day then more power to them. I know I’ve gotten caught up in ridiculously small minutia about Game of Thrones posts (don’t worry, I’m appropriately embarrassed). It takes all types of people, and there wouldn’t be this many posts if some folks weren’t genuinely interested.

        More than anything, I find it interesting that as much as folks talk about Harry being thrown under the bus to make William look better, Harry has been afforded a ton of leeway over the years when it comes to his own press. Both men have had their partying and ‘wandering’ glossed over unless they’ve done something really flagrant.

  10. Citresse says:

    Chelsy and Harry look right together. I think they’re meant to be together but time will tell for sure.

    • Ysohawt1 says:

      Through how many breakups, four, five , they’ve brokered up that many times for a reason, They would be a divorce waiting to happen. IMO

      I hope he just marries someone he LOVES and wants to spend the rest of his life with and she’s is a hard worker for the Monarchy and his/her causes.
      She can be rich, poor, common, aristocrat, a Princess , a student, a ballerina, a waitress. As long as she works hard and is a decent person.

  11. Anon says:

    I definitely don’t have another round of these two in me. BUT, I would love nothing more than for Harry to become engaged to either a. an actual working humanitarian or b. an american. That would be both hilarious and actually sort of make sense for his personality.

    • Ysohawt1 says:

      I hope he just marries someone he LOVES and wants to spend the rest of his life with and she’s is a hard worker for the Monarchy and his/her causes.
      She can be rich, poor, common, aristocrat, a Princess , a student, a ballerina, a waitress. As long as she works hard and is a decent person.

    • Imo says:

      That’d be pretty cool, right? Then he and Guy Pelly could learn to say stuff like y’all and fixin’ :O

    • Bridget says:

      He’s pretty much dated the same girl over and over: blonde, artistocratic, beautiful. Even when his friends have found someone outside of their immediate social circle Harry hasn’t.

  12. BobaFelt says:

    My lady parts want to welcome him home, lol.

  13. mazzie says:

    Harry has a type and looks for that type in his circle of friends. He’s not going to marry someone who’s not in that circle. Problem is, the women in those circles are rich and have all the luxuries/privileges already so why would they give that up to live under the rules of the Firm? For a a title? Clearly it’s not worth it.

    • Ysohawt1 says:


      • Andrea says:

        He just needs to marry me then. I am an only child, due to inherit money soon, and I would love to do more charity work in my later years, so why not start now? I personally find Harry attractive, but to make Kate look really lazy would be a win-win. LOL In all honesty, i don’t get how she DOESN’t have time for charity work and I find it disgusting in her position why she does so little. I’d love to be in her position and help out local communities.

  14. wow says:

    I don’t know why some of the press think Chelsy and cressida are his only options in dating/marrying. Especially when most of the press treated them;poorly when they were his actual girlfriends during their times. It’s almost like they can’t wait for a new girlfriend to insult.

  15. WinnieCoopersMom says:

    Why can’t he meet someone normal/non-aristocratic through one of his charities? They would share a passion and hopefully her heart would be in the right place.

  16. anne_000 says:

    On Richard Palmer’s twitter, he retweeted Harry’s video message about rugby and schools.

    He tilted his head, reminding me of how Diana did that.

    Interesting how Harry has time to do a PSA for his charity, yet W&K are too ‘busy.’

    Palmer tweeted: “Sources have confirmed that the Cambridges have arrived at Balmoral for their annual summer stay. Nothing special planned tonight. #informal”

    So basically another vacation on top of getting an ivory medal for Kate.

  17. SavageGrace says:

    I didn’t think Chelsy would be able to handle royal life during their time together – and my view hasn’t changed on that at all over the years. Especially after seeing her partying all summer and the press & nasty comments that came with that. IMO, royal life would not end well with such a free spirit.

    And considering how often they broke up while together… and especially how poorly the British media seems to still treat her… I just really feel another go would be a bad idea; better to remain friends then end up divorced and bitter (especially divorced and bitter with children).

  18. TripleThreat says:

    I love him and his love of animals. Hurt like hell seeing him cry when his Polo pony had to be put down.

  19. kayvegas says:

    i dont know why people think that she is the one who got away. They broke up so many times, i thought their relationship was a joke then.