Lauren Conrad: ‘I probably am pretty basic, but I’m also a pretty happy person’


As some of you may know already, I’m sort of a late-in-life Lauren Conrad fan. I had always felt simple ambivalence towards LC, but then I had a moment of realization at Kohl’s one day: LC actually has a decent brand. Like, her jewelry is really wearable, the clothing brand is full of cute stuff and as far as branded celebrities go, LC is harmless-to-good. Plus, she has rescue puppies and she’s not above publicly dog-shaming them when they’re b-a-d d-o-g-s. She’s a winner in my book! Anyway, LC covers the new issue of Cosmopolitan and it includes what is probably my favorite LC quote ever.

On fashion being her passion: “Television was just sort of an accident… I never felt really strongly about it. But fashion is something I feel passionate about. If I hadn’t done TV, I still would have ended up in the [fashion] industry, but I definitely wouldn’t be in the position I am now.”

On being basic: “I probably am pretty basic. But I’m also a pretty happy person, so that’s okay with me.”

On whether she has any thoughts on Heidi Montag proclaiming that she forgave Lauren for “trying to ruin [her] life”: “No… I’m not really involved in that anymore. I don’t think it has anything to do with me. You just have to focus on the good people in your life. Focusing on what you lose is only going to make you sad.”

On not being bitter about The Hills: “When I did television, scandal was always around me. And I think one of the best things [about that] for me is that your life becomes more big picture. You have to develop a thick skin really quickly. It toughened me up, which is good.”

On former flame Brody Jenner hosting his own sex and dating advice show: “My husband told me [about it]. I didn’t know!… He has a lot of experience… so sure, depending on what kind of advice you want.”

[From Cosmopolitan]

“I probably am pretty basic”!!! We’ve discussed LC’s basic-ness before, notably last year, when Allure called her out specifically for being “basic” and “unremarkable.” It was an interesting discussion because while you could make the case that LC is totally basic, you could also make the argument that her style (both personal and her brand) is classic and simple and there’s nothing wrong with that. I mean, there’s a reason why LC is a rich basic bitch: people DO think her clothes are cute. They think she has a good eye for staples. Well, at least LC owns that. She should start calling herself The Queen of Basic.


Photos courtesy of Eric Ray Davidson/Cosmo.

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  1. Bluebell says:

    I like her but I preferred her when she had the longer blonde hair (before she cut it), it was a really nice blondish-brown. Now it’s too bleached at the ends and I don’t like the cut so much.

    • Mar says:

      Actually she always has very long and believable hair extensions in. I saw something where she took them out one day, I was shocked because they looked so natural.

  2. Astrid says:

    I don’t know her or her merchandise but I wouldn’t buy what’s she’s wearing in the pics.

    • lana86 says:

      lol me too

    • SKF says:

      That’s what the mag styled her in, not her stuff (I don’t think). Her stuff is usually really nice, classic and wearable. Classic American style.

      • FLORC says:

        I’m a fan of her style. It’s more staples than basic imo. Classic looks are always basic staples.
        What’s on the cover is very much not the style she markets herself with.
        I like her fine. She’s maybe the only one from the Hills/Laguna Beach to get and be productive without seeking more reality.

    • TrustMOnThis says:

      Agreed! Enough with the “rompers!”

  3. Eleonor says:

    I like her, because she knows her place “basic”, and she does not pretend to be something else.

    • Loulou says:

      I like her too. She’s unpretentious.

    • michelleb says:

      I never watched her reality shows, but I love her line at Kohls. Cute, simple, elegant – you can mix and match things very easily and it’s not too trendy. And affordable too. I buy a lot of her stuff.

    • Kitten says:

      I really like her. Who knows what she’s like in real life but in interviews she always comes across as very relatable and grounded, which is cool considering how privileged her upbringing was. Also, I never go on celeb’s IG accounts but someone told me to check hers out and it’s really nice–very soothing, if that makes any sense.

    • teacakes says:

      Exactly. She knows what she is and is cool with it. Which is refreshing, in an age where everyone is trying to be more “edgy” than the next person.

      Also, it helps that what she does put out is mostly decent product. Even her website – thebeautydepartment – is pretty good. Basic (yes, that word again) but legitimately helpful.

    • JenniferJustice says:

      I like her. There is nothing wrong with basic, but she is definitely prettier than the average woman, so I don’t really consider her basic. She’s not outlandish or attention-seeking, so may in Hollywood, that equates to basic.

    • littlestar says:

      I like her a lot too. I watched the Hills right from the very beginning and loved that show (I know, shame!), so I have a soft spot for her. I’m impressed how she’s been the only one to make a successful career for herself.

      I liked Heidi once upon a time too, but who is she kidding with forgiving Lauren? She’s the one who destroyed their friendship in the first place.

      • Kitten says:

        Me too. and I are on a roll today, Littlestar! First Lena now The Hills? Shamester McShamesons!

  4. baby faced killer says:

    She looks like Kate Middleton

  5. Size Does Matter says:

    So basic = bad? Guess it depends on the tone.

    • Goats on the Roof says:

      Look at pictures of Lauren from five years ago, and you won’t find anything too trendy or embarrassing. Everything is classic and well-fitted and her makeup is never OTT. If that’s basic, sign me up.

    • megs283 says:

      According to the cool kids, it is. I’m down with being basic. :-)

    • whipmyhair says:

      I think the way it goes is you can be a basic bitch or a bad bitch.

      A lot of stereotypical white girl fashion falls into the basic category. So apparently I’m basic, i did a buzzfeed quiz and everything.

    • Wren says:

      I suppose, but eh, I’ve never thought so or cared much. By certain standards I’m basic but that’s fine. I like what I like because I like it, not because I’m supposed to like it or other people like it. I like Uggs and sweaters and pumpkin scented candles. So what?

  6. Birdix says:

    I have a soft spot for Laguna Beach (the town, not the show) and have always liked her. Of all the original Laguna Beach kids, she was the only one who turned her “celebrity” into any kind of lasting career, mostly because she was the sensible, focused, “basic” one.

    • snakecharmer says:

      i have a soft spot for laguna beach too, and if i was a really rich hippy i would go live there. it has good energy.

  7. LB says:

    I really like her. I’m so impressed with how she turned her reality show gig into something more sustainable in fashion. She’s never going to be revolutionary or cutting edge in the field (she has never claimed to be either) but I have a few clothes from her lines over the years that never go out of style. I also like her beauty blog. They have some nice, basic (lol) tips.

    It’s ten years later and she’s still on magazine covers (that apparently sell well every time she’s on them). Gotta respect the hustle.

    • here's Wilson says:

      I’ve liked some of her clothes but thought her blog was awful. I went online awhile back looking for home methods to remove gel nail polish and came across it. I honestly wondered if she was marketing to the preteen/teen set. Imo only someone 13 would enjoy it. I felt embarrassed reading it for tips as an adult.

  8. Bethie says:

    “Old flame” Brody literally admitted that they never actually dated and that it was just for the show.

    • Franca says:

      Has anyone seen his show? He’s such a douche. His poor girlfriend. And the comedian woman is not funny at all.

  9. Betsy says:

    That’s a cute quote.

    I don’t think being “basic” is shade-worthy.

  10. Lucy2 says:

    Wow, someone actually acknowledged their own privilege for once! So many others refuse to admit that fame or family connections help push them out the latter.
    I never watched all of those shows but she seems nice enough and smartly has moved on. Plus she’s actually doing something, which is more than can be said for most reality stars!

  11. Dash says:

    I can’t believe she’s still getting magazine covers – I looved Laguna Beach and The Hills and I think it’s amazing how well she’s done. Especially since the rest of the girls have had varying levels of success. But I’m still shocked to see her on the cover of Cosmo. Must be tied up in a promo deal for her line.

  12. Imo says:

    Sexist reporter: Lauren, what’s your favorite position?
    Lauren: CEO

    Love this woman!

    • Tiffany says:

      And for that she will never be basic. I like her.

    • Nik says:

      The reporter wasn’t sexist. It’s a game on radio station Sway in the Morning where the guest has to answer randomly selected questions. He didn’t ask her that intentionally because she’s a woman. It just so happened to be the question she got. After LC gave that answer, Sway even applauded and said good answer.

    • LeAnn Stinks says:

      Great line, good for her. I have always liked her as well, and think she is adorable.

    • Daria Morgendorffer says:

      @Imo, that is always my first thought when I read anything about her or see her. It totally changed my opinion of her–that was such an awesome response. She’s great. She just doesn’t get any respect from the media or even really any acknowledgment because she shows class and isn’t a ridiculous fool doing trashy things for attention. We live in a sad world where trolls like the Kardashian and Miley Cyrus are in the news every day. The media only acknowledges bad behavior. Lauren is too neutral for most people to care, and I love that about her.

    • islandwalker says:


  13. ldub says:

    i’ve always loved her for this reason, she is basic and owns it!
    her brand is so approachable that she still gets and more importantly sells covers.

    EVERYONE, has a basic top that they love and feel comfort with, but unlike the Aniston top, the LC top doesn’t become too tight around the neck……you get what i’m saying.

  14. Miss M says:

    I have always liked her. This interview is good. It shows she is humble, in touch with reality and smart for taking opportunities that will benefit her ttue interests.

  15. Nancy says:

    Don’t know too much about this girl except she was on the Hills….so I suspect she should be more appreciate of the television medium….otherwise nobody would know she exists and there would in all likelihood be no clothes line. Those teen fans are fickle.

  16. Yoohoo says:

    I like her and her clothes and I love her hair. She didn’t get sucked into the tacky fame of reality TV and made herself an actual career.

  17. HK9 says:

    Well…at least she knows. :-)

  18. Lucy says:

    She seems lovely, smart, simple and mature. Go LC!!

  19. Josefa says:

    I love Lauren Conrad too. She used reality TV to make an actual career for herself and is totally inoffensive and unpretentious. And I love that she admits to being basic, as a basic bitch myself. I admire people who wear edgy and quirky clothing – but I don’t have the ‘tude to wear them myself. Basic clothing ftw!

  20. Cee says:

    I don’t get the hate for Basic. I am rather Basic myself, and I love it. I don’t follow trends, I stick to style and that’s it. Are we all supposed to walk around wearing outrageous clothes if we feel uncomfortable in them?

  21. Whitney says:

    I like her, she seems to be a pretty chill, put together person. I’d rather be “basic” like her than an attention whore like Miley or a train wreck like Lindsay any day.

  22. Murphy says:


    Seriously, I am so boring and I LOVE it. Its predictable and inexpensive.

  23. Alex says:

    While I sometimes cannot STAND basic-ness (pumpkin spiced lattes, uggs, leggings with long t-shirts, etc) Lauren is very classic not basic. She’s ALWAYS been that way. She likes staple clothing to mix and match. I’m very similar in my manner of dress mostly because picking an outfit is too much energy some days lol (probably more out there with color though). I’ve always liked lauren and she didn’t change much the entire run of her tv life

    I miss the clusterf**k that is the early years of the Hills and LB

    • Hotpockets says:

      This has always been my definition of a basic biatch too!

      Just add a northface jacket and a messy pulled back bun to the look and we’re on the same page.

  24. nic says:

    Smart girl #basiclikeus

  25. Miller621 says:

    I have always liked her and that is one of the reasons. I agree with another comment that she is more classic than basic. I have always thought she was so naturally beautiful! I like her style and her clothing is one of the few affordable celebrity lines I actually think is cute. I do have to say the outfit in the cover is not doing it for me though.

  26. Asiyah says:

    It’s funny; I’ve always thought of the word “basic” in terms of personality, not fashion. To say a person’s fashion choices are “basic” is, in my opinion, inoffensive, and it’s good that she owns it. Nothing wrong with that!

    • Anastasia Beaverhausen says:

      Basic does have to do with personality. Someone who’s basic is a simpleton, obnoxious, fake, devoid of personality or thought process of their own. I think the definition changed when it crossed over to white mainstream.

  27. LadyK says:

    I adore her clothes – such cute styles and colors. Soft and feminine, but modern. I just wish she’d make them a little larger than 16 (although that’s probably kudo worthy considering the industry she’s in!).

  28. AlmondJoy says:

    I like her style! I have a few of her pieces.. Really cool and breezy and classic with flair. I don’t like using the term “basic” to describe someone, but technically I guess there really anything wrong with being basic.

  29. Illyra says:

    When I see “ugh, she’s so basic” written about anyone, I tend to roll my eyes—at the writer. In many cases it’s like saying “she’s so bland” or “he’s so boring” in a disgusted tone. Who cares? There are much worse things than being ordinary.

  30. kimbers says:

    She is classy

  31. FlipFlop says:

    I don’t find her basic….but can’t really articulate why she doesn’t appeal to me. The vibe I’ve always gotten from her is that she’s super snobby. That she plays the perpetual victim/woe is sweet, innocent LC card…but she feels very superior to everyone else. That’s just the vibe I’ve gotten from her, dating back to her Laguna Beach days.

  32. Katija says:

    On “The Hills,” you could tell that the “lines” were ad-libbed. Honestly, Lauren always spoke articulately while the other girls kinda just spat out nonsense with a lot of “likes” and “kays.” She knew things to say to drive the scene and memorable lines that would make the commercials. I think she is definitely smart. She’s a weird type of “actress,” in that she’s a really, really good “reality TV actress.” She could drive the “plot” while not embarrassing herself, and her “lines” sounded like things you’d hear in a scripted series. She’s obviously incredibly bright.

  33. Katie says:

    I could have written the first paragraph myself! I just discovered that I like her brand and now i like her even more.
    I dare say we are all pretty basic and being able to just be happy with who you are is actually pretty extraordinary.
    Thanks for giving me permission to say I like who I am even if someone else wants to turn their nose up at my boots and pumpkin spice latte.

  34. TopCat says:

    I’m not American so I don’t really understand ‘basic.’ She seems low maintenance, easy going and carefree. Pretty chilled. I like her and think she deserves what she’s got. She’s never sank low to be liked. She just has that easy breezy girl next door style that resonated with many girls and women.