‘I Am Cait’: Caitlyn Jenner meets with Scott Disick, who is totally fine with Cait


The I Am Cait promos are made of lies! I really thought last night’s episode of IAC would feature the tearful heart-to-heart between Caitlyn and Kris Jenner, and I was all geared up to analyze what went down. From the promo released last week, it seemed like I was surprisingly going to be on Team Kris. Alas, I think IAC is saving the big confrontation for the final episode of the show. Just FYI.

This week’s episode was a weird grab-bag of stuff. Caitlyn dealt with how the men in her life were dealing with her transition, plus her trans friends were encouraging her to start referring to the trans community as “us” versus “they.” I’ve been surprised by how much the show picks up when anyone from Caitlyn’s family shows up, and in this week’s episode, that person was… Scott Disick. I’m sure Scott has major issues, but he was absolutely lovely to Caitlyn and they seemed genuinely pleased to spend time with each other. It should be noted, this meeting apparently took place AFTER Scott and Kourtney broke up. Perhaps it wasn’t awkward for Caitlyn because (I’m assuming) she makes every situation about herself. Scott did say at one point: “I don’t know if every man in the world is going to be as comfortable as I am.” Meaning, he’s totally comfortable seeing and spending time with Cait.

Later, Caitlyn references Kourtney and Scott’s split in a vague way, saying that Kourtney will be fine. It doesn’t really feel like Caitlyn really gives a crap though, because she’s so wrapped up in her own journey:

Caitlyn, is seems, has really been missing some bro time with her old guy friends. When Candis Cayne (whom I’ve grown to love much more than Caitlyn) stopped by Cait’s Malibu home, Cait admitted that a lot of the men in her life thought the Vanity Fair cover was “too sexy” and they “don’t get the girl thing.”

Later in the episode, Cait invites her friend Sergio (they do model planes together) over to the house, and he says he’ll come by but then never shows up. So she goes to him. It’s awkward, but she makes the effort. What’s interesting is that… I would like to see her make that kind of effort with her children. Cait notes: “Friendship is a two-way street.” So is parenting.


Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet, ‘IAC’.

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  1. Shambles says:

    I feel like she gets more ‘toxed every time I see her. That’s really the only opinion I have on this situation anymore.

  2. MyHiddles says:

    I’m tired of hearing about Cait Kardashian. She is completely overexposed.

    • JudyK says:

      Agree. My sympathies have totally changed toward her.

      • C. says:

        Yeah, me too. She’s annoying me now. Enough with this “reality” thing. Rise and shine, go live your life! This family won’t go away 😟

    • Kelly says:

      I was going to post the he needs to change his last name to Kardashian, but ya’ beat to it. So self-involved.

      I still can’t get over that he let his oldest daughter know he wanted her aborted. Who gets over that?

      • Alarmjaguar says:


      • MCraw says:

        My mom said the same thing to me. On my wedding day.

        You don’t get over it.

      • JudyK says:

        O.M.G. MCraw! Who does that.

      • Kelly says:

        I am so sorry! My mom could be pretty toxic. There are lines no one should ever cross.

      • Amy Tennant says:

        One of my best friends in college said her mother told her she actually had made the appointment for the abortion. I don’t remember if the mother changed her mind, or if my friend was born prematurely before the appointment date. I don’t know how it affected their dynamic as my friend said she’d pretty much always known this, but she was an only child of a single mom and they were very close, so close that her mother was kind of a surrogate mom for all of us in the dorm suite.

    • Mauibound says:

      Yep, over it

  3. Elizabeth says:

    I really wanted to like I Am Cait but the show is so boring! Every week the is a visit from a Kardashian that seems like a complete set up. Then there’s always ten minutes of Caitlyn trying on clothes. Is that all she does now? It’s just not a very good show and I doubt there will be a second season.

    • FingerBinger says:

      The trans women Caitlyn hangs out with are more interesting than she is. E should do a show with them.

    • LadyMTL says:

      ITA, the show is boring. I think I’ve watched maybe 3 episodes total, and that’s bits and pieces, not an entire ep. I know that the ratings haven’t been great either, so perhaps we’re not alone in finding the series a total snooze-fest.

    • Daria Morgendorffer says:


      I defended Caitlyn and this show and I fully admit I was very wrong. It’s all a ploy for ratings and one giant showing of Caitlyn patting herself on the back. It contributes little to the transgender movement.

      • Kelly says:

        The show I am Jazz is about a transgender boy and how she deals with high school. That has merit as we aren’t talking about a wealthy celeb cocooned in his celebrity world that has already trolled for fame via the Kartrashian train.

  4. Tiffany says:

    How is it with his issues and douchtastic behavior, Scott Desick can still come out like a winner in this family.

    • MonicaQ says:

      Ironically in my brief knowledge of this family, Scott was my favorite because he was troll extraordinaire.

    • claire says:

      He’s the only one I like in this group and that says a lot about the others since he’s a drunk asshole. He just wins points because he doesn’t seem to take this stuff seriously, seems to recognize these people are idiots in many ways and trolls the hell out of them.

  5. meme says:

    I am tired of Cait. All Jenner seems to care about is clothes and appearance and herself. I think Jenner is a cross-dresser, not trans at all.

    • FingerBinger says:

      Caitlyn has breasts. She also takes or took hormones. Men that cross dress don’t do that. I believe she is trans.

      • meme says:

        He also has a penis

      • Illyra says:

        It’s a “feminine” penis!

      • Nancy says:

        With you FingerBinger. It appears the greatest thrill is the clothes, hair and makeup. If she didn’t know then, she has to know now….all the years Kris sent Bruce for plastic surgery he was on every worst list around. She does it herself and has cheek implants, a normal nose. If this was thirty years ago, she could have pulled it off…..maybe. Now it is just very disturbing and sad to watch. Also, poor Khloe needs therapy or something. The girl is an emotional mess.

      • Kelly says:

        What the hell is a “feminine” penis?

      • Illyra says:

        Well from what I hear, it’s the penis of a man who “identifies” as a woman. And if you disagree or are uncomfortable with this idea, you’re an ignorant bigot! (Again, from what I hear).

      • Kelly says:

        I am not agreeing or disagreeing so thanks for the “ignorant bigot” comment, oh enlightened one.

        As far as this post, I don’t have an objection to transgenders, I have an objection to another Kardashian hijacking an emotionally charged issue for more fame whoredom and money.

      • Illyra says:

        I was being sarcastic. Personally I think “feminine penis” and “masculine vagina” are two of the dumbest phrases I’ve ever heard, they remind me of Newspeak from 1984. If this opinion makes me an “ignorant bigot”, then so be it.

    • Nick says:

      why does it matter to you how Cait identifies?

    • justagirl says:

      They have addressed that in the show, that she’s in the ‘pink cloud’ which is common when a trans woman can finally be herself.

      Obsessed about clothes and look because they finally can be, and also because unfortunately everybody gets judged on how we present ourselves to others.

      Also being very self-focussed is apparently common…because this is a massive change for the psyche to process. She’s lived inside her head for decades & that can now be externalized, it must be exciting, frightening and bizarre at the same time.

      • Nancy says:

        I think age has something to do with hers and everyone else’s opinion (in her family). This was a 65 year old senior citizen who looked and acted the part. Three wives and three sets of kids. Grandchildren…..then to the world she presents herself as a woman. No matter your beliefs, it has to be shocking if you’re on the inside. One wonders what made her wait to the twilight years to become what she believes is the real her. Good for her I guess. I just looked at the faces of the youngest girls and saw fear, especially Kylie. May explain a lot about her current state of acting out. But like Kourtney said, she’ll call him mad….mom and dad. I didn’t mean to get so vested in this person’s life….call it a boring afternoon watching the Caitlyn marathon. Kind of like that train wreck you can’t take your eyes off of.

      • Kelly says:

        “Self focussed”! That is a pretty specific family trait for this crew.

  6. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    The whole idea of reality shows is weird, if you think about it. Is anyone’s day to day life interesting enough to make a tv show out of? Maybe some moments of some days, but they all end up manufacturing drama because real life, day to day, is only so fascinating. I can only look at someone making duck lips for so long.

    • swack says:

      So true about the day to day life of people. I have not watched this (or any of the KUWTK) but seems like this could have gone a whole different direction and really had some meaning to it. But as usual with reality shows, it sounds like it has all been scripted.

  7. sirsnarksalot says:

    Frigging narcissist. We all need to stop watching this person so they can maybe have some hope of waking up to the obligation they are neglecting….and I’m not talking about Caityn’s obligation to be her true self, but to be a PARENT. Ugh, she is the worst. I pity the trans community for having to be represented by this soulless being.

    • Chichi says:

      I wouldnt even hang out with a friends ex so immediately following his publicly humiliating my friend. And if for some reason I had to, I would ensure it wouldnt be thrust in my friends face. So I cant understand how a PARENT could be so oblivious. Cait is selfish beyond measure.

  8. Tilly says:

    This ‘show’ is so boring. Cait is very unlikable and self-absorbed … and sitting down for an hour watching someone air their ‘woe is me’ stories is very exhausting. Candace does seem very nice – she’s certainly incredibly attractive.

    I’m not surprised Scott came across well – he does actually seem like a good guy despite everything he’s gone through (I’m referring to the death of his parents; his not wanting anymore children but being with someone who obviously does want a big family; fighting addictions).

    To make reality TV a success, you need a storyline … this show doesn’t have that (well, it tries to but inevitably comes back to how Cait is feeling about things), so I doubt it’ll see a second series. Cait should’ve swallowed her pride and asked Satan’s home girl to lend a hand – she would’ve made it a hit.

  9. MorninSunshii says:

    Caitlyn is SO vapid and annoying! All she cares about is clothes and make up. Gosh, she is so self absorbed. Candice is far more interesting. Caitlyn is too full of herself. It’s no wonder her children refused to be apart of this circus. Seems like they knew exactly how it would turn out.

  10. Franca says:

    Is Scott Disick really such a douche? Isn’t everything in their show completely scripted and it was just his persona? Is this split also just a show arc?

  11. Sam says:

    I watched this show for the first time this weekend (re-runs, not the episode referenced here) and what I couldn’t believe was how much trouble Caitlyn seems to have listening. So many times someone else would be talking and she would just talk over them, it was so rude. And she always brought it back to herself. Doesn’t really seem like she’s spending much time working on what’s on the inside.

    • Santia says:

      The problem with Caitlyn is that she still acts like Bruce. Bruce was also rude and self-absorbed. I remember watching an episode of KUWTK where he went to a yoga class with Kris and Kylie. He talked throughout the whole class before walking out and refused to take off his socks despite multiple requests by the instructor. Just a nasty human being. I don’t know why I expected Caitlyn to be better.

  12. Dirty Martini says:

    I haven’t seen the latest episode yet (I record practically everything so I can view later and FF thru commercials). But I have to agree that the show seems to have veered into the vapid. The first episode with her mom and sisters was pretty good, but its been downhill since then. I too have come to the conclusion that Cait is having such a privileged transition (and I happen to think the term “privilege” is overused of late, is all too often meant to smarmily diminish others, and is completely tone deaf to the reality that every one has their own journey–every one), but yes Cait’s privilege as it relates to how she is transitioning makes it all seem pretty annoying versus informative. I have gleamed that “going through a second adolescence” is part of transitioning, so I have been mentally trying to indulge Cait’s narcissism without too much judging. But one would hope that a 65 year old would be more mature than we are seeing……guess not.

  13. Nancy says:

    I watched a few episodes yesterday. Kim is hysterically unaware of her stupidity, She told Caitlyn to enjoy her new fame but to not bring the family down. Jealous of your step-person. Scott was fine, When not getting outrageous for the camera, he actually is quite funny. Bruce never liked him and didn’t seem at all appreciative in what looked to be a genuine attempt on Scott’s part to put him at ease. This is going to be a rough road for Caitlyn as so many of the other transgendered women featured commented on how unaware she is and how she is so focused on her appearance. How Kardashian of her.

  14. Daria Morgendorffer says:

    I watched the first two episode but stopped completely when I saw how superficial Caitlyn is. I also don’t appreciate the Kardashian special guests every episode in a ploy for ratings. I wish Candis and the other trans women would get a show without Cait because I really like them and find them interesting. I believe they could do a lot of good. Caitlyn remains as attention hungry and self serving as Bruce was.

    Since no longer watching, I catch tidbits through the media that absolutely BLOW MY MIND! For example: Up above in this post, the conversation between Candis and Caitlyn is mentioned, about Cait’s sons finding the Vanity Fair cover too sexy. Candis responds with “But you’ve been living the past 40 years taking care of them and not taking care of yourself.”

    I bet Burt, Cassandra, Brandon and Brody would beg to differ about how much time Bruce spent taking care of them before her transition seeing as how she was a deadbeat dad and couldn’t be bothered with them! What a bunch of bullsh-t.

    • Nancy says:

      Ah Ha…..I said the same thing to my husband…..who wasn’t watching but sat there while I did! Those Jenner boys had issues for years about his investment in raising the Kardashian girls and lack of anything to them. You don’t hear much about the two oldest Burt and Cassandra. I think the girl does everything in her power to be out of the loop. Burt is a big husky man’s man, who races cars and does manly things like Bruce did. He looks like a lost puppy. Who would have believed when Seacrest made a killing on Kim’s dirty work that this would still be going on with subchapter after subchapter. I watched yesterday and it bothered me on many levels I’ve posted too many times. But….alas, no more I Am Cait for me.

  15. Regina Phalange says:

    Candis is fabulous!

  16. Yoohoo says:

    I like Scott. He has demons yes, and he is not father of the year but he’s the most real person on these shows and he’s accepting of everyone.

  17. word says:

    The part of last night’s show that really made me cringe is when Candis was at the Gay Pride parade and she face-timed Caitlyn. The only thing Caitlyn wanted to know was “how many Team Caitlyn shirts have you seen”…lol and Candis said “none” !!! Seriously Caitlyn is wayyyy too into herself and is just as much addicted to fame as all the Kardashians are.

  18. claire says:

    I would watch a show about Chaz. He seems really interesting to me. I haven’t seen him in a ton of stuff but I like his appearances with his grandma on RuPaul’s Drag Race.

  19. Mrs Darcy says:

    The last picture looks like a slightly older Courtney Cox :|

  20. TOPgirl says:

    This guys is still on the news? He is just like so many selfish celebrities. Don’t bother about how much they hurt their families and children. I will never be convinced that Cait Jenner really actually want to become a woman. He/she is confused.