Amal Clooney wore Stella McCartney for a dinner in Ibiza: cute or budget?


Well, it looks like Amal Clooney didn’t have to stay in London to stunt-barrister for very long. Amal met up with George Clooney in Ibiza over the weekend. They were joined by George’s BFFs Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber. Rande and Cindy usually only spend time with George’s girls in LA, Cabo and Como. Ibiza is new, I’m just saying. Ibiza has become the de facto playground for a lot of wealthy Brits, so I’m think this is where Amal really wanted to vacation.

This trip was somewhat work-related for Rande and George though – they were launching their Casamigos Tequila in Spain (the launch was on Sunday). According to People Magazine, the Gerbers and the Clooneys are staying at the same “private 12-bedroom villa.” These photos show the two couples out to eat on Saturday night at Es Torrent, “a high-end waterfront restaurant, where they enjoyed a dinner and Casamigos cocktails.” Of course People Magazine has a source to describe the scene: “The whole group was so excited to be together. George had the group laughing with tales of his early acting days and not-so-glamorous auditions.” God, how many times have Cindy and Rande heard those stories? I’m pretty sure I’ve heard those stories a million times and I don’t even vacation in Como. Do you think Cindy and Rande share a small eyeroll when George gets going on the same old story he’s told a million times?

Meanwhile, the Daily Mail had this story over the weekend about Amal making a new friend. Stella McCartney! Funny sidenote: Amal’s dress in these photos IS Stella McCartney. Hm.

Is Amal Clooney ‘sponsored by Stella’? In a previous life, when barrister Amal mainly socialised with lawyers, she was known for her impeccable wardrobe of tailored chic – albeit sensible – suits. But now she is Mrs Clooney, her wardrobe has had a Stella McCartney makeover which is rather out of character. Certainly, the sack-like beige cashmere she teamed with clumpy, vegan leather flats last week would have once been unthinkable.

Now, my fashion sources are suggesting that Amal is being styled as part of an agreement between the two women.

As one source explains: ‘Stella and Amal had a meeting in Notting Hill without George in June. She has worn whole Stella ensembles ever since.’

If so, Stella has won the support of the one model money can’t buy. But it could all end in tears. Vegetarian Stella refuses to use leather or fur in her creations, but Amal can’t resist leather accessories – she teamed the vegetarian beige Stella outfit with a smart leather handbag and leather luggage.

[From The Daily Mail]

“The one model money can’t buy…” LMAO. Amal Clooney can be bought. She can be bought with a Galliano-associated stylist. She can be bought with influence to Anna Wintour. And yes, she can be bought by a close association with “cool girl” Stella McCartney. Stella’s designs are almost always so terrible, so unflattering, so UN-stylish, I have to think that this is probably a perfect fit.

PS… Amal looks pretty with curly/wavy hair. We’ll have more photos from Ibiza later on!



Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Samtha says:

    Her hair looks super cute like that.

    • Emma - the JP Lover says:

      Agreed. Her hair looks incredibly beautiful. :)

    • Liv says:

      She’s so pretty! I just think she’s a bit too thin. And no, I don’t think that’s her natural body type.

      • lola says:

        Has no one seen pictures of Amal before she met Clooney, she was at least 30 pounds heavier, and most of that was in her legs. She’s proud of her legs because for the first time, they are thin.

        I don’t dislike Amal, nor do I like her, I have no idea who she really is, or why she’s relevant. She’s Clooney’s wife, she likes attention, she obviously doesn’t have much of a career as a barrister. She’s a Kim K wannabe, a celebrity, for the sake of being a celebrity.

      • Liv says:

        I wouldn’t go that far and compare her to a Kardashian. I think she’s smart and she’s pretty successful as a lawyer too. But you’re right, they both love the attention that comes along with his fame.

      • Wentworth Miller says:

        @Lola: U’ve expressed my exact sentiments. And I do remember what she looked like before they married and it wasn’t like a toothpick. All her accomplishments and it seems like she wants to be that famous for… thing.

    • Santia says:

      Very cute! I wonder why she was wedded to the blow-out for so long.

      As for her job, are we going to keep pretending that Amal is going to continue being a barrister after marrying Clooney? With his lifestyle, there’s no way she can put the time and effort into a career in one place, like London, while he jet-sets all over the world.

    • mia girl says:

      I really like her hair like that as well.

    • Shambles says:

      *honks for the hair*
      Curly galz 4 eva

  2. Bishg says:

    That dress is actually quite in demand.
    Toni Garr was also wearing it a couple of days ago at an event in Greece (I am a celebrity stalker on Instagram!).

    • Sarah says:

      I think the dress is adorable, particularly for dinner out in Ibiza. And I love the curly hair. I bet her hair is naturally curly. Wonder what damage she has done straightening and processing over the years.

      • teacakes says:

        yeah the curls easily take about 5 years off her age, it just makes her look so much softer and prettier.

        As for hair damage, I don’t think she’s taken any more damage from straightening than most women who dye their hair lighter (more damaging because of bleach). And if she was lucky enough to have naturally wavy hair which can hold a blowout or curls, then she’s probably in luck and doesn’t have much hair damage at all.

  3. PunkyMomma says:

    Stella McCartney is not a great talent, certainly not an A list designer. I await Mrs. Clooney in a poorly-fitted red lace jumpsuit, ala Kristen Stewart at the Met Gala a few years back. One can only hope . . .

  4. Maya says:

    Before the Amal hate starts I am just going to say I think Amal looks nice and I love her curly hair.

  5. als says:

    How long does it take to curl a hair like Amal’s, so thick and long? I imagine hours, half a day. You lose hours of your time curling your hair when you could be doing something much more interesting.
    Anyway, I’m starting to like Amal more than Clooney, she loves clothes and curling and blowing her hair, all while being an occasional lawyer. Clooney is a fraud and he doesn’t age as good as he used to.

    • Emily says:

      I love her as well. I actually enjoy the fact that she’s obviously loving the attention. She’s a total famewhore, but she’s a fabulous famewhore!

    • Ivy says:

      I have similar hair and i would say 30 mn max .

    • Emma - the JP Lover says:

      @Als, who wrote: “How long does it take to curl a hair like Amal’s, so thick and long? I imagine hours, half a day. You lose hours of your time curling your hair when you could be doing something much more interesting.”

      Isn’t she Lebanese? I would think her hair would tend to be naturally curly than straight. She probably spends more time ‘blow drying’ her hair straight with a comb attachment than curling it.

      • SideEye Sally says:

        When you pose these questions, you’re speaking of her hairstylist, right?

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        I was thinking the same, Emma – that her hair curl looks pretty natural to me and maybe she just let it air dry. But I don’t know, of course.

    • noway says:

      +100% I find it funny people feel the need to defend Amal. What’s wrong with being married to George, working a bit, and running around like a fashionista? Sure it may shoot the he finally met a woman of intelligence and career status to marry PR bull. As far as her looks, well she isn’t your stereotypical media loved look, probably a few more people than most are not going to like it. I don’t think she needs her defenders. She seems perfectly happy and enjoying herself to me.

      • als says:

        @noway: I for one have NEVER defended or attacked people that spend their lives vacationing, launching tequila businesses around the globe, wearing high-fashion clothes or acting in exchange of millions of dollars (or performing any other overpayed disposable occupation) IN MY LIFE.
        Nothing personal, but LIFE defends them plenty, they don’t me to cheer and what would be the point in attacking them from my mere mortal condition.
        However, I express my likes and dislikes regarding their image freely as a form of entertainment.

        @Ivy and Emma – thank you, I thought it took hours

      • noway says:

        @ais In addition celebrities could be less public if the attention bothered them. George wears his Cassamigos shirt and carries a box of tequila around while
        Amal is wearing a different high end designer outfit every time. I think they want us to respond. How more obvious could he be?

        It is just that some feel the need to defend her hours at her job, her style, her clothes and beauty routine. I think it takes her several hours to get ready for this, and she doesn’t really work that much or a full time job. What is wrong with that it would take me a week at least, and I don’t work full time either. Does that make me less?

      • Jib says:

        She has more free time than any “high-powered lawyer” I’ve ever seen. She’s a phony and she’s more hungry for fame than his previously supposedly “low class” girlfriends.

    • EN says:

      You could braid it while wet, it dries curly like that. Or put it on curlers and blow dry, I guess, that is more work but still under 1 hour.
      Her type of hair holds the shape well. Lucky girl.

    • Santia says:

      I imagine it takes very little time. Amal’s hair is probably naturally curly and she blow dries it straight (like Mariah Carey).

    • teacakes says:

      It really doesn’t take THAT long to style thick hair….we just have a bit more hair on our heads, we’re not exactly Cousin Itt!

      Air drying is the thing that takes all day, but a blow dry? 30-45 minutes, tops.

    • Jenna says:

      I have long, super thick hair. I wash and blow dry it once a week. Blow drying takes 30-45 min, if I start with really wet hair. Usually I let it air dry a bit and then finish it off in 15-20 min. It’s better for the hair to allow it some air-drying, as the heat from the dryer can be quite damaging. My hair “holds” a style really well so the blow dry effect lasts (to some extent) until mid-week, then I’ll start either putting my hair up, doing a quick blowout touch up, or putting in hot rollers and curling my hair. None of these takes more than 10 minutes, unless I decide to experiment with a new updo or something like that. If I do rollers, I start them heating when I hop in the shower, then put them in and let them go to work while I dress and put on makeup. Actually putting them in is 5-10 mins. NOT a big deal. Admittedly, Amal’s styling may be a bit more involved than mine and therefore take longer, but I doubt she is spending hours on her hair every day.

  6. Green says:

    She actually looks nice with that hair and in the dress. But still very smug and annoying. Sorry, but I’ll never find her mildly likeable as a public figure. She just likes it too much.

    • WinnieCoopersMom says:

      Agree. Her famewhoriness is too much. She loves every single second of it to the point where it’s annoying.

  7. Blue says:

    Who would have thought that Amal would turn out to be just another superficial, narcissistic attention loving famewhore. They do say birds of a feather flock together I don’t know why I ever thought she was too good for Clooney.

  8. cleveland girl says:

    I like the dress (what we can see of it) in these pics, but the sweater dress and flats shown on the DM are disgusting.

  9. snowflake says:

    She looks great!

  10. MrsBPitt says:

    George is really showing his age! Amal looks like she is taking her Father out to dinner!

  11. Luca76 says:

    Well I’ve never been to either place but somehow Ibiza sounds much more appealing than Cabo so good on her for making them change it up a bit.

    • Don't kill me I'm French says:

      Ibiza is the European Cabo ( just my opinion) .It is as authentic as a Trashdashian

  12. Imo says:

    Stella is the Kanye of fashion.

  13. Saywhatwhen says:

    Amal is still a thing?

    All the money and nothing sits right.

  14. Elizabeth says:

    Does Amal Clooney even work anymore? When George married her everyone made a huge deal that she was a very serious, educated woman and a successful lawyer. Now all she does is shop and get photographed. And George looks like her grandfather in those pics LOL.

    • Aiyanna says:

      “Does Amal Clooney even work anymore? “. Good question. I would say no. And he aged rapidly in last 2 years.

    • siri says:

      No, she doesn’t work much. They put her on cases to gain publicity, and after that, a more experienced team takes over (as for example in The Hooded Man case, Ireland). I believe she already made a choice to fully enjoy the jetset lifestyle, and for the rest takes on a couple of cases per year. And I think that that was her goal from the start. Otherwise, she would have to worry about compromising her ‘serious’ profile by now, but I truly believe she doesn’t care.

  15. vauvert says:

    Love the dress (which is unusual if it’s a Stella, I just hate her designs) and love the curly hair which I think is her natural style.

  16. Nancy says:

    Pretty little slip dress and scads of curls. Pretty. George looks oldish but I guess time stands still for nobody.

  17. DanaG says:

    Amal has a gift of making expensive outfits look cheap and budget. She rarely get’s it right can’t wait for you to show the glittery gold number it’s so short it’s almost a top. I wouldn’t want anyone so wrapped up in themselves and their wardrobe defending me but then I’m not a tyrant so she wouldn’t take my case. Amal only has stunt cases these days which she never wins anyway. She is like the worst lawyer ever.

    • Saywhatwhen says:

      I think her firm uses her celebrity to bring in work from the despots. She may have made a brilliant lawyer but she is now distracted by the jetsetter life and appears less focused on her work.

      • siri says:

        I believe her/her family’s focus was primarily on her education, not so much on a career as a hardworking lawyer. And most clients will not want that kind of publicity for their cases. Their lawyer partying with famous folks all the time? No.

  18. Jas says:

    She looks like she’s gained about ten pounds, she looks so much healthier and prettier for it. She’s looking good and happier. She could benefit from a few more.

    Stella McCartney is the worst designer in the world, the majority is cheap and hideously unflattering, the least worst is just blah and unattractive. Nepotism shows strongly in every collection. No talent there.

    • EN says:

      Ditto. Stella is just a bad designer.
      Things that are designed well look good and classy regardless of who is wearing them.,

  19. BNA FN says:

    I know I’m going to get flack for saying this, but, what’s the different between Amal Clooney (AC), and CO, Ben’s former nanny. Apart from AC being very educated and has a great part-time job being a barrister, and CO being a former nanny? IMO, both women appears to love the spotlight and the camera. I know the commentors here like to say CO is thirsty and looking to better her standing in life by using her body, allegedly, IMO, AC is just as thirsty I have never seen her in the same dress, shoes, purse Ect.
    Now AC owns a $15m home because of her big catch in bagging
    the serial dater George C.

    I know OC slept with a married man and she should not get a pass for that but I put 90% of that on Ben Afflack, he was her employer, he was married and he was the one with a family. IMO, sometimes we should not be so hard on tge women and give them most of the blame, jmo.

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      Amal is educated, had her own career, her own money (certainly George had more, but she wasn’t on a nanny’s salary) and George wasn’t married and her boss. George courted her in a “respectable” way and married her because he loves her. I assume she loves George as well. CO tried to leverage a sleazy affair with her married boss into a career by tipping off the paps, causing Jennifer more pain than she already had. Just because a woman marries a successful man doesn’t mean she is “looking to better her standing by using her body.” That’s pretty insulting to lots of women. The situations are completely different.

      • Saywhatwhen says:

        Insulting to lots of women but I think it is fair to state she married George also in exchange for elevated status. And, I agree with a lot of what you say GNAT but don’t also sell us the fairytale version of Amalooney…not after that wedding fiasco….that courtship was more about us, the public, than them, the “loved-up” couple. Amal is not CO but I do see the nanny-thirst sometimes when I look at pics of Amal.

      • Saywhatwhen says:

        Insulting to lots of women but I think it is fair to state she married George also in exchange for elevated status. And, I agree with a lot of what you say GNAT but don’t also sell us the fairytale version of Amalooney…not after that wedding fiasco….that courtship was more about us, the public, than them, the “loved-up” couple. Amal is not CO but I do see the nanny-thirst sometimes when I look at pics of Amal.

      • noway says:

        Whereas, I agree there is a big difference, I don’t agree with everything you said. Nannies to celebrities or other high profile people can make a lot of money and some are very well educated too. It is entirely possible that a nanny for a celebrity would make more money than a junior barrister. $150K-$250K for range for this type of nanny whereas a junior barrister generally starts around 65,000 pound range or $100K. Think Elin Norengrin or Tiger Woods ex, she was a high end nanny too before she met Tiger. Elin is very well educated. Everyone thinks lawyers and barristers are paid tons, and some do, but most not that much.

        I don’t know the Affleck’s nanny background story. She could be well educated and rich for all I know, but I am sure she was initially paid very well by the Affleck’s as a nanny. The obvious difference is George is not Amal’s married boss with kids. George was free to commit or not commit to anyone he wanted. I blame Ben for this fiasco as the employer.

        Also, the love and “respectable” way of courting are all told to us through publicist . Not belittling the marriage at all, but when you marry someone of George’s celebrity and money, even if it is a love romance, there is a large part that is a business merger. How much love versus business really no one knows, and frankly it shouldn’t matter, but we love to gossip and speculate. That is what makes sites like this so much fun, as long as we stay away from the really mean statements I am fine.

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        I’m not trying to sell anything. If you want to believe they don’t love each other, you have every right, of course, and some basis for the opinion that she loves the attention, admittedly. I do happen to think they love each other. Maybe that makes me terribly sappy or whatever, but I think they happen to be two people who love attention and each other.

        I had no idea that nannies made that much money, but even if they do, first year associates at my husband’s firm start at $185,000 and go up from there, so I doubt she made more than Amal. I didn’t mean to knock being a nanny, if that’s what you want to be, but most nannies I have met were doing that as a stop gap job until they decided on a career. I don’t think CO is particularly well educated except in how to manipulate and exploit situations to her advantage.

        Also, I agree with what you said about the business aspect of marrying someone of George’s celebrity. I don’t agree with your implication that this makes it less “respectable.” It’s just practical.

        Did you feel I was being harsh to my buddy BNAfan? Or taking the fun out of things? That wasn’t my intention. I just disagreed with the comparison. She has every right to her opinion, of course, but she asked what was the difference, and that’s what I thought the difference was.

      • noway says:

        @GNAT I think the initial comment was hyperbole. A famewh@re is a famewh@re. Not sure I believe Amal is a famewh@re, but I do see how some thinks she is. Still this is a crazy comment ignoring degrees and the situation.

        I was only talking about high end nannies for high profile clients. These nannies tend to be very well educated and discreet, which doesn’t appear that way with CO, but who knows I wouldn’t be entirely surprised if the truth was different.

        The “respectable” comment again was that I could see a scenario where Amal and George are all a business relationship for PR purposes, and some would think that is not respectable. It does raise both of their profiles, and even though he hasn’t had a big hit film in a while he is still considered A list by most when at his age and box office status it should be dying. Whether intended or not it seems to have worked. I guess I am just a bit cynical, but I think that people who lay it on so thick are selling me something. Plus it is fun to gossip and speculate.

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        Noway, I get it. I certainly think it’s possible that they are just a marriage of convenience – how would I know, right? Maybe I just want to believe they are in love. Idk. I often react the way you are doing when people try to lay it on too thick, so maybe for some reason I don’t even know myself I want to think this is real.

      • Jib says:

        They are both hungry for fame, was the point. BNA FN is 100% right about that. And so much for Amal’s “high-powered” career. She gave it all up to be married to a rich, old man.

    • Jen43 says:

      You are kidding, right? Amal is MARRIED to Clooney. The nanny is sleeping /slept with a married man who is in the middle of a divorce. That’s all that matters.

    • Ankhel says:

      Clooney was unattached, Amal hurt nobody. Christine, on the other hand, was thrilled to jump Affleck’s bones, even if she betrayed the interest and trust of the adorable kids she had looked after for months. The bit*h. Her happiness is too much.

    • boredblond says:

      Good point..and the only prior relationship Mrs. Klooney had (that hasn’t been scrubbed) was with some much older married guy. The nanny actually has pretty features and won’t require the surgeries to be camera ready. Two paths to K fame..yeah, I get that…

  20. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    I think she looks pretty and I like the dress for the situation. Her hair looks great curly. I think most people, myself included, look younger with curls as opposed to a really sleek blow out. Wonder why? The dress is a little short, I think, but I like the patterns and easy fit, even if it is Stella M, who makes awful clothes and somehow stays in business.

    • noway says:

      Agree wholeheartedly on Stella and this is one of the best dresses I have seen Stella design. I am not sure why a lot of celebrities flock to Stella, but one thing for sure Stella’s designs work better on women who are thin and tall too. Amal does look really good here.

    • BNA FN says:

      @GNAT, I like to stir the pot sometimes so I throw out an oppositing view and see what others have to say. I believe just because AC is highly educated does not mean she is not thirsty. Amal cached a big fish in GC and now she is his wife but that does not take away from her wanting to move in a more glamorous circle. I’m looking on how her job is coming in second to the glamourous wife and fashionesta. I gave her the side eye, at age 36 yo when IMO, a woman is in the prime of her life at that age. AC got married to someone who is 17 years her senior with a bad back and a drinking problem. See some of the pictures from Sat. He was obviously drunk at the restaurant. I had to deal with an alcoholic and believe me they are not fun I don’t care how funny they are. I’m not a fan of GC so I’m just making my observation. Btw, I don’t find AC is beautiful or pretty, I think she is quite attractive especially from afar, jmo.

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        Gotcha, BNA FN, you little pot stirrer. And you have a point. As I said above, I like to think they are in love but I have nothing to base that on, and she certainly doesn’t mind the attention. Maybe time will tell.

    • anotherrandom says:

      THANK YOU! For saying her dress is too short. I feel like she keeps getting a pass on that, but come on! She is supposed to be so elegant and whatever, but I really feel like she’s constantly in too short dresses.

  21. Jayna says:

    She looks pretty and happy. I love the dress and hair. I saw some other photos of them at another event there. She was in a gold mini dress. She looked very pretty there also and like she had put on a few pounds. I think George is really in love with her. She still loves the camera too much, though. But I’ve come to enjoy seeing what she will wear next.

  22. Danskins says:

    Amal looks so pretty! She has such thick, gorgeous curls.

  23. Kiddo says:

    Nice sundress.

  24. Eve says:

    She dresses like a 20 year old that really really wants people to look at her as sexy, it feels a little wrong seeing as she is this super serious barrister. Now I don’t think jobs like that should be dressed boring all the time but I just think Amal comes of as she I really loving the media attention and thinking she is am A list celebrity now, quite disappointed in that.

  25. GlimmerBunny says:

    She looks gorgeous here. Probably the prettiest she has ever looked – love the wavy hair.

    • Jonathan says:

      I agree, best she’s ever looked. I was shocked, no, SHOCKED when I saw these pics of her. The hair and the dress say “happy and carefree”.

      Clooney employee monitoring our responses to Amal’s outfit and hairstyles please take note: style her like this more often.

  26. Don't kill me I'm French says:

    Great beautiful curly hair

  27. Fallon says:

    “Stunt-barrister” might be my favorite term of all time.

  28. deph says:

    her nose looks different in these pictures & gold dress pictures.

    • SideEye Sally says:

      Contouring makeup?

    • Mrs.Krabapple says:

      That’s the first thing I thought, too — that she looks different. Nose job, probably. I guess after the weight loss and switch to trendier fashions, plastic surgery wasn’t too far behind.

  29. JudyK says:

    Love both her hair and the dress…at least what I can see of the dress.

  30. LO says:

    That’s great Shes educated but Amal is ridiculous. Every time she goes out, Every picture she is looking for the camera.. Such a fame whore. Look on Cindy Crawfords Instagram and Amal has the biggest, dumbest smile. Can’t stand Amal.

    • LeAnn Stinks says:

      Me neither. If she wasn’t married to Clooney:

      1. No one in the United States would have any clue who she was, nor care.
      2. She couldn’t afford all those top designer clothes, recent nips and tucks, and that stylist that Clooney once denied she had-LOL!
      3. She wouldn’t be in the gossip pages getting photographed for essentially doing nothing.

      She is definitely one of those people, outside of LeAnn Rimes, that I wish gossip magazines and sites, would completely ignore.

    • Reb says:

      I agree with you both. She’s made a huge spectacle out of herself but I suppose it’s not so strange that, in the era of collapsing sales, all the mags have fallen over themselves to anoint a new fashion “icon” who will hopefully sell clicks.

      So she’ll continue to get massive coverage not only because of her marriage but because she draws out such divergent opinions from people.

      I find her so incredibly odd in how much she’s just a straight-out fame-lover, even with her education and exposure to “important” issues. That’s why I keep watching. Also her wardrobe slip-ups are fairly ridiculous. Get someone to vet your outfits before you go out, Amal.

  31. Dvr says:

    Ann(e) Hathaway vibe

  32. lola says:

    Al Pacino in drag meets Anne Hathaway after a very rough night. I think she is really unfortunate looking.

  33. Thick of it says:

    She starts reminding me of a stage-dressed show pony being paraded around in ridiculous outfits. Well, if she and George like it then there is nothing to complain about it.

    Well, I wish them all the best as I kind of like Clooney.

    • Mrs.Krabapple says:

      They both strike me as trashy people. I know I will get backlash for that, because she’s well-educated (as if smart people can’t be trashy), and he’s rich and liberal as if (wealthy liberal people can’t be trashy). but that’s how they appear to me.

  34. JH says:

    All I can look at are George’s HIDEOUS dad jeans. Why? They ruin everything.

  35. claire says:

    She looks really beautiful. I hate seeing articles here on her though. If she smiles, she’s smug and a famewhore. If she doesn’t smile, she’s not grateful for all that she’s now got. People spend hours ranting about idiots like the Kardashians, complaining about how vapid and pointless they are, yet a smart successful woman like Amal is on here, she gets ripped to shreds. Because how dare she care about how she looks, take a vacation with her husband, look like she enjoys spending time with friends or like fashion.

    • Jayna says:

      Yeah, this trip looked like they are all having a blast. They are in Spain, enjoying friends and there for the Spanish launch of their tequila line that he and Rande put a lot of time and effort into, which seems to be doing well. George looks the best he’s looked in a while healthwise. I think he and Amal are in love and happy. I actually think he’s crazy about Amal.

      She still looks for the camera, which is odd sometimes. But most of these photos are all for the paps. They are supposed to be posing for the cameras. It’s just a group of friends having fun and promoting business. I enjoyed the photos and her outfits, and George photobombing Rande and Cindy reminded me of why I always liked him. I’m envious they are all there having fun in Ibiza.

    • Jib says:

      Amal, a smart and educated woman, has chosen to become vapid and pointless, a clothes horse always preening for the cameras. Come on, she mostly gave up her job to be married to a rich, old famous man and do nothing – kind of like Kate Middleton. How is she more useful to the world than Kim K?

      • Adaven says:

        While in the town of Ibiza, They were just doing some sort of live commercial to sell tequila. Anyway, that’s my take. I don’t really think she cares if she looks “vapid”. Actually, we’re the vapid ones for making such vapid comments, secretly wishing we could have a taste of their lifestyle and living vicariously through them by clicking through image after image of them.

      • claire says:

        Vapid and pointless are your projections onto her because of ridiculous criteria. A woman may be smart and still appreciate fashion. It’s unfortunate you see women in such a negative light as to be unable to imagine these two things coexisting.

      • Adaven says:

        Well put, Claire. And any woman married to GC would be thrust into the spotlight. She is handling fame the way a smart woman would/should.

    • Reb says:

      I don’t think it’s that. She’s proven herself to be a massive fame-lover time and time again.

  36. LAK says:

    It’s terrible to age shame a person, but GC looks so old next to her. Old man clothing isn’t helping. His posture and colour are all so advanced age. Poor George.

  37. Sarah says:

    SMDH, basic as hell.