Demi Moore calls paparazzi photos “stealing”

Demi Moore and her adolescent-minded husband Ashton Kutcher are near the top of the “annoying self-obsessed celebrity Twitterers” pyramid, which also counts John Mayer among its members. (There’s a separate category for “celebrities who are fun to watch on Twitter,” and The Real Shaq and Will Wheaton are there.)

Moore tweeted (or twatted, pick your verb) yesterday that she was being accosted by a photographer who she tried to retaliate against by snapping her own photo. She likened the fact that someone was taking pictures of her and one of her daughters in public to “stealing,” clarifying that “If someone takes something without consent for profit it is theft!”

The photog stealing pics of me shopping sightseeing w/Scout squealed and ran like a little girl when I turned my camera & confronted hiim!!
about 15 hours ago from Tweetie

If it is so okay to stalk and chase then why did he run after hiding in a dressing room made of curtains all so I couldn’t take his photo?
about 15 hours ago from Tweetie

My iphone wasn’t moving as fast as I was unfortunately so only I got was blurry his time!! RT @Jomichael: Did you get a shot of him?
about 13 hours ago from TweetDeck

If someone takes something without consent for profit it is theft! RT @turbonancee: Don’t h8, but is it “stealing pics” when U’re in public?
about 13 hours ago from web

[From Demi Moore's Twitter via Gossip Rocks]

I guess we know now why Demi Moore is always covering her face when she’s confronted with photographers. She has a point that she shouldn’t have her photo taken if she doesn’t consent to it, but on the other hand if she’s so into her privacy why is she broadcasting her day to day activities and intimate text exchanges with her husband online? She’s using three different programs to tweet/twat, because she wants us to have a minute by minute account of her activities and thoughts.

Twitter is fun and can be a nice way for celebrities to connect with fans, but some of these people are taking it too far and they don’t even realize how they’re compromising their own privacy. These celebrities may be choosing to put this information out there, but if they ever regret it they can’t take any of it back. Once a tweet is made it can never be removed either. A while ago I made a stupid tweet criticizing a company I was working with. I deleted it within 10 minutes, but it got indexed by a Twitter search engine and the company found it over a week later. You can never delete a tweet/twat and that’s why I’m not really using it much at this point.

Kutcher bragged on Twitter last week that he enjoys controlling the television remotely from his computer and switching the channel to pr0n while his wife is watching it. He also posted a photo of Demi’s ass as she bent over in a bikini and made it seem like he did it without her knowledge. She doesn’t like her face photographed by strangers but she apparently has no problem with her husband putting her upturned butt online or bragging that they have adult channels on their home TV that he likes to make her watch.

If these people want privacy and they don’t want the additional attention from paparazzi they need to shut up already and stop broadcasting the minutia of their lives online.

Here are Demi Moore and Scout out in Nice, France yesterday, probably on the day in question. Credit: ELIOT PRESS/


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  1. JackieSA says:

    I’ve always been fascinated by the fact that Demi and Bruce are two really good looking people but their daughters are extremely odd looking. They seem to have “Jay Leno” chins!

  2. happymom says:

    You are so right! Talk about hypocrisy!

  3. my take says:

    I too find it so strange that they would tweet to eachother for thousands of fans to read.. but I do like that some celebs are demystifying themselves.. like now we know that Ashton and Demi are losers, and without twitter we just couldnt be sure.

  4. barneslr says:

    She should be grateful that anyone even wants to take a pic of her anymore…she is so over.

  5. N.D. says:

    >>>She has a point that she shouldn’t have her photo taken if she doesn’t consent to it, but on the other hand if she’s so into her privacy why is she broadcasting her day to day activities and intimate text exchanges with her husband online?

    Now compare this with “If she didn’t wanted to be sexually assaulted then why was she walking down the street in open top and miniscirt?” This logic is disgusting. Everyone has their right to privacy, and the fact that they voluntary give up some part of it does not excuse abusing this right completely.

  6. lola says:

    jackieSA, lol, you know i chalk their daughter’s looks (ugh!) up to the bad karma miles that Demi has earned herself in the pastic surgeon’s office. Quite ironically, there is nothing a plastic surgeon can do for theses girls, i’ve never heard of a chinreduction or a complete facial restructure/ facemelt.

  7. lara says:

    N.D., I was having the same thought. I’m no fan of Ashton or Demi, but just because they invite us into their homes (allegorically speaking) does not mean we have the right turn up whenever we want and demand to let us in.
    It seems illogical what they’re doing, but it’s still their lives.

  8. Gemma says:

    @my take “but I do like that some celebs are demystifying themselves.. like now we know that Ashton and Demi are losers, and without twitter we just couldnt be sure.”

    lol, you made my morning! And you are right.

  9. Bellatrix says:

    She “tweets” even when on holiday on la Côte d’Azur?

    The paparazzi laws in France (or more exactly the laws regarding the right to have a private life even when you’re using the public area) are quite strict. She was not a part of a public manifestation nor is she photographed as a member of a crowd… Thus, she could sue if those pictures got out in a French media. And if the photographer’s French, he could be in trouble for having sold those even to a foreign agency.
    This is why people like Johnny Depp is rarely seen in tabloids and his children almost never are…
    There are tabloid magazines in France too but they go to court on almost weekly basis and only the more shocking shots get a good financial settlement (topless on holiday, unblurred children’s faces, etc.).

    I have no love for Demi & Ashton but I feel very protective over the right to have a private life.
    You can argue that she decides to expose her life online but the facts she puts out through her numerous “communication” accounts are those she chooses to share. When your picture is snapped without your consent, you have no control or whatsoever over what got out and what it shows of you. There’s that difference between what you are willing to give away and what is taken away.

    I have no Twitter account, never liked la Moore but when your picture gets taken & published when you’re in a country where you’re supposed to be able to walk the streets freely without having to worry about that kind of situation, it does seem there’s a valid point in what she says.
    Then again, she doesn’t seem to mention anything about it being illegal here (I’m going to guess she doesn’t even know it). And should she publish the portrait of the running photographer, she could be sued too.

    I’ll retract what I just said: she doesn’t have much ground to stand on either since she’s taken his picture too.

  10. gia says:

    god, how hard is it to grin and bear it? It would be much better for her image to just smile and ignore them, also I bet the photographer would loose interest a lot faster. They enjoy pissing these Divas off. Some celebrities have managed the art of dealing with the paparazzi quite successfully and effortlessly, like Heidi Klum, Sally Fields, Tom Hanks, LIAM NEESON, (wow, such grace and class he has always shown even in the aftermath of his personal tragedy) , Ellen DeGeneres…

  11. Granger says:

    I don’t understand why anyone would be even remotely surprised that Demi and Ashton have decided to expose (at their own discretion) their personal lives, or talk incessantly about their daily doings, on Twitter. Fact is, they’re actors (or that’s what they call themselves, anyway), and most of the people who pursue a career in acting are narcissists who crave attention and admiration. They may not like having their photo taken by a papparazzi, but they sure as hell like being in the spotlight.

    And let’s face it, Demi isn’t exactly in-demand anymore. The more publicity she can generate through her own inane babbling on Twitter, the more she keeps herself “relevant.”

  12. Wif says:

    My brother worked on The Scarlett Letter with her which was filmed way out in the boonies. She would have her assistant drive in to Halifax EVERY day (which took hours to get there and back) to pick up the TABLOIDS so she could see what was being written about her and (of particular interest) the other Hollywood competition. So she has certainly enjoyed the paparrazi’s lens from the other side. Hypocritical behaviour. (Of course, that was many years ago, maybe she’s different now.)

  13. bittercup says:

    You can’t parade your children around on red carpet events (I suspect really an effort to “humanize” and “connect” or just get more coverage) and expect to be able to control what happens in public after that.

    I have no sympathy for those that seek to sell themselves and then cry foul when they reap the publicity harvest of appearance after appearance.

    I do feel for the kids though- they didn’t ask to be in the spotlight. But the parents often create the thirst for these pictures in the place.

    Tiger Woods could have exploited his kids and sold the pictures (proceeds going to charity or not) but instead he posted some photos of his own choosing and ended what would have been a circus for the “first picture”.. It’s called class and most famous folks don’t have it!

  14. geronimo says:

    @Gia – could not agree more. Interestingly, all those people you list have very successful careers, are very well liked and rarely (if never) get negative press…usually the people who complain loudest about press attention are the ones who most desire it.

  15. Ash says:

    I actually don’t think her daughters look that bad… there’s an odd beauty to them, especially Rumor. Maybe I’m just out of it this morning. But they’re worse things out there.

  16. snappyfish says:

    Demi will be the first one to shout ” hey, where are you going” when they stop taking pictures of her.

  17. Shib Leth says:

    “why is she broadcasting her day to day activities and intimate text exchanges with her husband online?”

    Uh, because she chooses to? Is that so hard for you idiot gossip harpies to understand? I posted an account of my vacation to Livejournal a few months back, does that give you the right to dig through my garbage?

    SHOCKER! Some people share certain aspects of their lives because they think others might find it interesting!

  18. Whatever says:

    Wif: I doubt they have changed. Ashton has posted a link on twitter to a gossip/tabloid type website MORE THAN ONCE that showed a picture of him – most recently a picture of him jogging in Miami, just last week. And he posted it before it hit the mainstream gossip sites/blogs.

  19. lilmoomoo says:

    Her kid dresses normal and nonskanky. Nice!

  20. Whatever says:

    Oh and I should add, he was *not* complaining about the picture or that the picture had been taken. He explained he was jogging because he was getting ready to film this movie (the one they are currently in France filming) and was self-conscious about having his shirt off.

  21. cosmo says:

    “SHOCKER! Some people share certain aspects of their lives because they think others might find it interesting!”

    Uh, Shib, do you really feel that the masses are finding Ashton’s pic of Demi’s ass interesting????
    She has the nerve to complain about her pic being taken in France, and her stupid husband posts that pic?!?!?!? Has she complained about that????
    Stupid twatwaffles.

  22. ladybug says:

    actually, one can get a chin reduction. it’s as horrific as it sounds. involves grinding down the bone, much the way they would in rhinoplasty, but clearly more involved.

  23. JenDiggity says:

    Here’s a solution: move out of L.A.
    It’s not like there aren’t a lot of surrounding cities you could live in and commute to work (?) from. Like normal people in Southern California do. I never see paparazzi milling around San Diego or Newport or anywhere in the IE. I hate people who PUT THEMSELVES INTO SITUATIONS and then complain.

  24. Cinderella says:

    So she can’t be photographed in a public place if she’s not getting a cut?

    It must be really expensive to be Demi Moore if she needs money that bad.

    Or she’s just a control freak.

  25. jarvie says:

    Haha she’s so hypocritical. Especially since she was ok with Ashton posting pictures of her in a bikini on twitter!

    Some celebrity tweets are hilarious though, Steve Buscemi is a freaking nutcase! Don’t have a twitter account but follow them here:

  26. sandy says:

    GET OVER YOURSELF, DEMI!!!! When was the last time you made a decent movie? 1986??? The only reason anyone is looking at you is because you married a 20 year old! And I agree with the rest, the daughter’s really are quite hideous looking.

  27. Jen says:

    Funny how celebrities don’t let a silly little thing called the Constitution (freedom of press) get in the way of their delusions. No Demi, they weren’t stealing pixs or your soul.

  28. kells says:

    lola, u r funny

  29. j. ferber says:

    I think the reason the girls are so unfortunate-looking is Bruce Willis. He is actually not good-looking at all. It’s his awful bone structure they inherited.