Whitney Cummings gained 25 pounds: ‘people think I got a face lift’

Comedian Whitney Cummings was a guest on The Today Show yesterday, where she revealed that she’s gained 25 pounds. She looks great to me and younger, although she still doesn’t look like she’s 32 years old as she’s claiming to be. (I tried to google this, and one of the suggested search phrases was “Whitney Cummings lied her age.” Without spending more than five minutes, there isn’t much hard proof that she’s older, although many people suspect it.) Cummings made a lot of rude comments about how she looked before she gained the weight, saying that she looked like she was “passing away”. I guess as long as she’s saying that about herself it’s ok, but she was simply thin, she wasn’t deathly ill looking. US Magazine helpfully added an older explanation Whitney gave for why she looks older than “32″, late nights. Yeah, right.

The Whitney star, 32, then got serious, explaining, “I did this weird thing that nobody likes to do anymore where I gained weight.”

“I gained, like, 25 pounds, which I think I needed to,” the hilarious actress dished. “I was way too skinny before. Here’s the thing… when you’re on television, you get confused. I looked like I was passing away, like I was so skinny [that] it’s not attractive.”

Cummings, who is currently on her comedy tour, indeed looks better than ever. She seemed happy and healthy on Today, and sported a black jumpsuit that showed off her trim figure.

“I put on, like, 20 pounds and I think it filled [out my face],” she added to Kotb and Gifford. “People think I got a face-lift.”

Cummings previously touched on her feelings about her own appearance in a Reddit AMA session last year. Asked by a user if she’s ever been truly hurt by a joke, the star admitted that she has.

“I think anything appearance-based – because as a comedian, you don’t sign up to be judged on your appearance, you should just be judged on how funny you are,” she said. “I would get jokes about looking older than I am, which hurt my feelings because as a comedian you work such crazy hours, I just sleep less, I’m on the road constantly, so I think to work so hard, and then to have someone tell you you look older than you are, I wanted to say, ‘You’d look like this too if you had only two hours of a sleep a night.’”

[From US Magazine]

Remember when Whitney was supposed to be the next big thing but then her show got cancelled in 2013 after two seasons and then we didn’t hear much from her? She told Howard Stern a couple of years ago that she felt blacklisted by her fellow comedians and that she assumed it was because she was successful.

Here’s Whitney on The Today Show. She’s promoting her stand up tour and comedy special for HBO. She also claims that she’s been using an LED machine on her skin and an electronic machine called NuFace, which is supposed to reduce wrinkles. (I’ve heard of this and did some research into it a little while ago. Commenters on Amazon say not to use it around your neck or it will affect your thyroid.) I would think there are some injectables involved too, but it is true what she says: “your a** or your face“.

Celebrities outside the Ed Sullivan Theater for the Late Show with David Letterman

The Hollywood Reporter's Women In Entertainment Breakfast Honoring Oprah Winfrey

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  1. Teatimeiscoming says:

    She looks great.

    She’s still not funny, but she looks great.

    • Aussie girl says:

      Lol, your comment was gold and it cracked me up.

    • Mimz says:

      Yeah her show on E! was terrible. but she looks better. It’s refreshing to see a celebrity celebrating (ha!) her weight gain. That’s nice.

    • EC says:

      Yeah, she looks awesome. I saw her at a comedy club and her skin looked ahhhhmayzing. I basically wasn’t listening to her jokes (becuase, meh) but was gazing longingly/analyzing her face. Whatever she is doing looks great.

    • holly hobby says:

      Yup what you said. Not funny but she looks good. She always annoyed me. Her sitcom and the one she created – 2 broke girls. Annoying.

  2. MariaTR says:

    I have no opinion on her other than the fact that I think Two Broke Girls is a heinously offensive show. However, she does look great now and I love that she’s attributing it to weight gain. It’s crazy how women aging in the spotlight feel forced to stay stick skinny and then inject fat into their faces to counterbalance it. Good for her. (And no way she’s 32.)

    • Kiddo says:

      Two Broke Girls is completely, utterly unfunny, which makes it worse. I didn’t realize she was behind it. How it is still on the air is one of life’s great mysteries, like how three and a half men remained as long as it did.

      • funcakes says:

        The laugh track the Que with every bad joke is also a gut wrenching experience. How it made it to syndication is a mystery to me.

      • Kiddo says:

        Agreed. How it has never been canceled should be the first question, tho.

      • Cee says:

        The first 2 seasons were great, at least to me. I would laugh at some of the jokes. Compared to other shows out there with which I hardly laugh, 2 Broke Girls was different. But the last 2 seasons were awful. I didn’t bother finishing S04.

      • Liberty says:

        [Wearing the lobsterman's slicker, high boots, and goggles that I usually wear when I dare to write "I like JLaw and think she is talented" on other threads.]

        I like 2 Broke Girls. It makes me laugh, even at the dumb bits, because they are willfully dumb and awful and lines are delivered in that knowing manner by the actors, versus the way bad lines are earnestly delivered on some rancid sitcoms.

        I love the Sophie character, because Jennifer Coolidge is utterly amazing in all things, and also because though she is obviously supposed to be OTT, she is precisely, exactly like my next door neighbor Paulina when I lived in a high rise on the lakefront in Chicago for two years. Precisely. She is massively like a young version of an artist friend of my Polish grandmother, to an extent, modernized. Happy, out there, proud and smart and tough and a walking fashion cloud.

        I also love the show because as corny as it is, it shows two girls dealing with crap circumstances that do happen, reflecting sort of both post-2008 fallout, and the old sins of the parents thing, and yet smart, and trying to build a business. If this was a guy comedy, I swear it would be taken differently as bloke humor. IMO.

        Hand over my heart, my good friend from my Boston early days called me and said, “My god, this was our life.” That was so much the diner we moonlighted in after our regular 9-to-5 jobs, that was pretty much our gross hilarious cook, that was our toilet-paper-is-gold world. I love seeing Garrett Morris again so I wish to support anything that keeps him on the air. I loved the BF who lived in a modified elaborate Dumpster. I loved cake school — which again mirrored a friend’s life at what we called Bundt school almost weirdly exactly. I loved the secretory there.
        I recently did a stint with my design partner for a mid-sized city art museum (“let’s give back!” we chirped like caring morons) and we were treated like waitresses and paid about two dollars and imagined that living on that would be like this show, where a tampon would be like, a super Christmas gift.

        That said, they lean on some crap stereotypes for cheap laughs. and that sucks, and they should work harder maybe for better wider joke ranges — though I give one point back the knowing sort of delivery (“yeah this is AWFUL let’s laugh at how awful” mug to the camera and live audience — they shoot before a live audience, recall the Lohan episode discussion) is similar to really bad memes that get two million hits. A couple of theatre friends describe it as Chicago humor, and I kind of see what they mean — a bit raw-boned, goes there anyway, wjhat-the-hell humor.

        Anyway — something about it never fails to cheer me up after a long crappy Monday in meetings somewhere. So—I’ll leave now.

      • pinetree13 says:

        Liberty I agree and I love SOPHIE! Jennifer is such a fun actress; I love her!

    • Tifygodess24 says:

      I agree, there’s no way I believe she’s only 32. I mean look at the picture from 2013 – honestly that does not look like a 30 year old woman skinny or not. She is more than likely lying about her age which I kind of understand given her career. And before anyone says it- yes I get that people age differently but there are certain aspects of our faces that change with time that give it away- whether we have good genetics or not.

  3. MelissaManifesto says:

    I don’t want to comment on the plastic surgery/weight gain aspect of this article, but what I’m starting to realize now is that celebrities or even women in general get praised for looking younger and torn apart for looking older, as if the latter was a curse. Not everyone can look like a fresh-faced baby doll, people are built differently, they have different lifestyles, and a lot of other factors that can affect how they look.

    Iman is always described as ageless at 60, she gets praised as if she uses unicorn blood on her skin, Margot Robbie gets told that she looks older as an offense. Both of these women are beautiful and can carry their own, but we’re always so focused on how a woman looks that we cannot seem to appreciate them for who they are.

    • Liv says:

      Yep. What I find totally crazy is that aging is something everyone goes through. It’s not like some can avoid to age. Yet women are blamed when they get older. Look at Heidi Klum, there were pictures of her a few days ago on the beach and most people ripped her apart because she looked to old and skinny. I’m not into it, but it’s her job to stay skinny and probably work out and diet like hell. She got four kids, her body looks great, but people have so unrealistic standards nowadays. You always have to look skinny and healthy and young.

      • Bridget says:

        Just a handful of years ago people kept talking a out how amazing Heidi’s body is, and how incredible it was after having all those kids. You’re supposed to be thin but not too thin, try but not too hard, get ‘refreshed’ but not pulled… it’s absurd.

    • Rachel says:

      Just this morning on the news, they were discussing a study showing women are less likely to be supportive of other women and more likely to put other women down. They weren’t telling me anything I didn’t already know…

      • Andrea says:

        This is why feminism IMO is stuck and in some ways, we are further behind then we were in the 1970′s/1980′s because we constantly judge and tear women apart over personal choices and looks. In an ideal world, we would ban together, but I don’t see that happening anytime soon.

    • sienna says:

      Totally agree. The strangest thing to me is that they are hyper aware that their career longevity is tied to looking young yet so many of them smoke. It just wrecks your skin!

    • Algernon says:

      I thought Margot Robbie was older because she seems so mature and together. I was surprised not because she looks old, but just because she seems far more poised than I was at her age. That actually made me like her, because she doesn’t seem like your run of the mill Hollywood Blonde. There is more about her, or she’s doing a good job of convincing me there’s more to her.

      Sometimes she does wear too much makeup, though. Heavy makeup does age a girl, and I have seen some photos of Margot where she is wearing a beauty queen’s load of makeup. In other photos, with less/no makeup, she does look to be in her mid-twenties. To me it’s just a makeup issue.

  4. Tippipippi says:

    She looks at least 45 in the 2013 pics, no 30 year old looks like that unless they’re long term meth addicts. Her face looked old but her body didn’t look thin and her current body doesn’t look as if it’s gained more than a few pounds, def not 25. Her face looks plumper, maybe she got some fat injected into it.

    • Sabrine says:

      Her arms look a lot bigger so yes, I would say she gained the weight. I don’t know if she is lying about her age but maybe not. Thirties is not twenties, and by then a face is starting to show a little age, more or less depending on genetics and lifestyle.

    • polkasox says:

      Working in healthcare, I’ve seen a lot of people that do not take care of themselves AT ALL. Drinking, smoking, drugs, too little sleep, bad diet, too much sun, etc etc. It can and does age you quite a bit. I don’t know if I believe that she’s early 30s, but I wouldn’t say she’s 45 either. It can be really hard to tell sometimes – people surprise you!

      ETA – you can’t lie to your nurse about your age either.

  5. renee28 says:

    Her face has always looked off to me like she had some minor work done. The weight certainly softens that.

  6. OSTONE says:

    How long have you been 32, Whitney? 😂

  7. TeresaMaria says:

    She is 32?
    She has no work done to her face?
    Girl, please. Or were these statements part of her stand-up routine?

  8. boredblond says:

    She must have gained in all the right places..if I gained 25lbs, I’m pretty sure strangers would be asking when I’m due…😩

  9. Karen says:

    I’m not saying she got a face lift. But that face has seen plenty of surgeons knives and needles. Not natural at all. Both in the “before” and now pictures.

  10. Nan says:


    She looks older. MUCH. However ……above link!

    • MelissaManifesto says:

      If she’s lying about her age, then she’s lying on her official documents to because this proves that she is in fact 32.

      Totally off topic, but public records are so scary, so much information about someone can hand up in the wrong hands.

  11. Starrywonder says:

    She looks off somehow.

  12. kri says:

    She looks fine. it doesn’t look like she gained 25b lbs, tho…maybe 10 or 15. Which is awesome, because saying you gained weight in Hwood as a woman is the (Hersheys) kiss of death. It’s cool that she’s like “yeah, I wanted to gain some weight”. But she is still completely unfunny.


    • Norman Bates' Mother says:

      That Hollywood “logic” is completely ridiculous because she clearly looks much, much better now and there are many women who don’t look good skinny. But the important Hollywood people are all – you have to lose weight, even if it doesn’t suit you at all, because skinny is always better, we don’t know why but it is. And we get flooded with stories of previously gorgeous famous women, who felt the need to botox their faces into oblivion even at the young age, because they lost so much weight that their faces started looking harsh and sunken, so they decided to inject it with chemicals to make it look like it did before the weight-loss, but it never does and they end up looking like permanently surprised hamster/duck hybrids. A vicious circle of show-business insanity.

      • StormsMama says:

        I remember during the Friends heyday Courtney Cox talking about the pressure to stay thin. It’s been a “joke” born from truth for a long time for women in show business: your face suffers if you get too skinny- plus you look older. But if you get too “fat” your face looks young and amazing while your ass is…too big.
        Additionally I know I look ALOT older now at 38 than I did at 27, 32, 34…I can not imagine how hellish it would be to be told constantly how much older I look. Ugh.

  13. danielle says:

    She definitely looks better in the newer pictures.

  14. funcakes says:

    She looks ten years younger.
    I heard on a radio show discussing how stressed out she was filming her sitcom.
    Instead of being praised for her achievements she was being eviscerated by her comedy peers. It seems like a case of jealousy by her mail counterparts.
    Plus she was writing for her other show which really was adding more stress to the situation.

    • Bridget says:

      Running and acting in a show is notoriously difficult. It definitely takes a physical toll. But unfortunately for Whitney, her show was dead in the water before it even aired, because the buzz around it was so bad. So I don’t really agree with her statements about people turning on her; she delivered a terrible product, and one she probably wouldn’t have even gotten had she not been a pretty woman. Sometimes there are embarrassing, high profile duds. Though I’d be interested to hear of John Mulaney got much heat for his dud.

  15. fleurthefrenchy says:

    Well, Lindsay Lohan is 27…

    • Sabrine says:

      Right and she looks 37. I think Whitney Cummings is the age she states.

      • Ankhel says:

        Yup, I agree. I have a friend who’s in her early thirties but looks 45 – she partied hard for many years, then became a single mum, working shifts. Your lifestyle will catch up to you – which is why it’s good to be a little laid back!

    • Bishg says:

      Lindsay is actually 29.
      But she does look 37 (to say the least…)

  16. platypus says:

    I’m guessing the reason she feels “blacklisted” has more to do with her being a terrible comedian…

    And yeah, she looks better and younger now. She looked way too old for her part in “Whitney”.

    • Algernon says:

      Yeah, she’s just not funny. And there have been rumors forever that she’s not pleasant to deal with. I work for a company that makes commercials, and we use a lot of comedians in our spots, and when they start sh-t talking each other, she inevitably comes up. The feeling is she got a break because she’s telegenic, end of story.

  17. MinnFinn says:

    She’s claiming 25 pound weight gain to try to cover for her facial fillers and new breast implants. Ten pound weight gain max.

    • QQ says:

      and There it is!

    • minx says:

      That’s what I think, too. About 10 pounds and facial fillers.

    • BooBooLaRue says:

      uh thank you, was waiting for someone to say this!

    • Sam says:

      Agreed. However, my weight has fluctuated as much as 25 lbs. before and I do look like a different person. People have even commented on it (rude, right?). However, in her case, I think she is older than 32, has put on a few pounds, maybe 10 lbs., and has had injectables. She is right about Hollywood and the importance of appearance, which is why so many entertainers give in to the pressure. I live in LA and feel it, and although I only did a brief stint in the Entertainment Industry years ago, and now work in a different industry where looks shouldn’t matter, I still find that aging really bothers me. I started a facelift fund when I was 35, and you can bet I will do everything I can to look as good as possible for my age, within reason. What was it Bette Davis said? Something about “aging is not for sissies.” I agree with that 100%!

      I hope Whitney doesn’t go overboard, like so many people in the Industry do. She looks good now. I hope she doesn’t do anything else, believing it will help her career. By their nature, actors tend to be insecure and listen to those who don’t always give the best advice.

    • Lucy2 says:

      I thought the same. She does look good though, so whatever she gained is flattering to her, but I don’t see 25 lbs.

      As for the age thing, I recently saw a photo of a friend of a friend on FB, and thought the woman was 55-60, with bad platic surgery, including the worst lip enhancement I’ve ever seen. Turns out she’s only 39. I was truly stunned!

  18. Juliet says:

    Honestly if she’s lying about her age I can’t shade her for it. In Hollywood women have expiration dates. I don’t blame her for wanting to postpone it.

  19. Seraphina says:

    She’s not the first to say “your ass or your face” it was stated years ago by a famous French actress

    • pinetree13 says:

      I think that saying might be even older…I remember hearing at a much younger age that “When you get older you get to choose…your body or your face” My friend who is Korean said that in Korea if you are told “You look so good for your age; so few wrinkles” it’s actually considered an insult as it means that person feels you are too fat!

  20. Talie says:

    Apparently, Chelsea Handler was telling the truth about her age — I just think they both live hard. I mean, it’s so tough to lie about your age these days with records being so readily available.

  21. OrigialTessa says:

    She has one of those faces that looks old in her 30′s, but is going to look exactly the same in her 40′s and into her 50′s… She isn’t going to age much in the next ten years.

    • Liberty says:

      Yup. I have seen this before, numerous times, and I call it genetic mature face.

      God’s truth, when I was 6 and my mom was part of the parent carpool, one of the kids we picked up was Small Rochelle. (Not kidding, everyone called her that.) She was maybe two inches shorter than us, no big deal at age six, but she also looked like she was 45. I clocked this at AGE SIX. I am not making this up. As an adult, I can tell you that she looked precisely, exactly like the character the amazing Lily Tomlin played in Steve Martin’s Pink Panther movie, right to the clothes. Here, for reference: scroll down to find the shot of Lily as “Mrs. Berenger” —


      The other things Small Rochelle was famous for was falling out of the unhinged door of her mom’s slowly moving car, rolling gently into a ditch and laying there reading a book until someone noticed and raced around and found her. Again, not making this up. In high school she looked like the sister of our 60 year old gym teacher. She looked like her mom and brothers, by the way — all looked older.

      I saw Small Rochelle again once when we were both about, hmm, 27. She still looked 45 — and then I noticed she was a thin sort of haggard person. She was then beginning her financial career. I saw a FB picture of a group of old friends a few ago and she’d gained a little weight and suddenly looked about 20, and she was 35. Everyone was talking about it. For the first time in her life, she didn’t look like Mrs. Berenger.

      I also have friends whose first baby looked like Winston Churchill. Not the way PGTips does — I mean, like a old smoking-too much Winston Churchill. He was angry. banged his spoon and waved it in rage from his high chair, etc. The doctors said, He’s fine! That’s just him. It was. He was a healthy smart and sporty kid and last time I saw him, at age 9, he still looked Winston Churchill on a bad day, batting a homer at Little League.

      • MariaTR says:

        Small Rochelle! That is such a great story. I am dying to see pictures.

      • elle says:

        Love this story!

      • LizzyFizzy says:

        This is a great story! I believe you–that adorable redheaded boy on Ellen (the one who became famous for doing a news bit at the fair) looks like a baby Churchill, too. Tiny Churchills are cute!

        I’ve always felt like I looked older, too. I have photos of myself at 14 where I think I look the same as I did in my 20s, because my face is very angular and I’ve been wearing the same short Winona Ryder (read: grown-up) haircut since I was that age. And I’ve had forehead lines since forever.

    • Willow says:

      Yep. She just has a more mature face. I do think she got breast implants, though. I wish more of these celebs would be honest about what they get done.

  22. shannon says:

    I would say she gained a little weight, but her face looks waxy/filled to me.

  23. Rainbow says:

    32 no, 45 with botox yes.
    Weight gain is the code for plastic surgery and implants.

  24. Ronda says:

    Oh i can understand her fellow comedians. if someone that unfunny gets succesful of course you are going to be mad. no one likes talentless hacks getting promoted.

  25. Mop top says:

    Child please. In the picture of her outside, you can see (very startlingly) the silhouette of the fillers in her face and lips. And she got a boob job. I’m sorry she thinks I’m too dumb to know what she’s doing.

  26. cakecakecake says:

    she looks much better.

  27. KinChicago says:

    I enjoyed the first season of her show Whitney- it took a conventional sitcom format and bravely played with income disparity, which was very funny and can be so, so intimidating in a relationship/marriage/friendship.

    • Pandy says:

      I liked Whitney as well. I thought she was too thin on that show – despite the camera/10 [pounds – but she looks great with her +25. Much better than I do with my +20 unfortunately! Not sure she’s doing fillers but I think she looks great.

  28. Juluho says:

    I can believe it. A little fat in your face makes a difference in wrinkles. Think about the people who get the stomach band things and lose all that weight, their faces always age 10 years.

  29. capepopsie says:

    She looks great!

  30. Andrea says:

    This is refreshing.. I liked her first season of the show, but found it dragged on after awhile and I stopped watching at the second season. She did look too skinny in it and this tells me she felt pressure to be thin (from tv, by execs?) sad about the industry, but no great surprise either.

  31. Cinderella says:

    I’m thinking home stretch to 40 and perky, new bewbs.

  32. JenniferJustice says:

    She has definitely had plastic surgery. see http://surgerybeforeafter.com/whitney-cummings-plastic-surgery/

    just own it. Why lie?

    • Andrea says:

      I don’t know, I am thinking what changed her face was weight loss and possibly bad eating/sleeping habits.

  33. PennyLane says:

    Cigarettes, booze, and stress can easily add ten years to your face once you’re past 30.

  34. familard says:

    Whitney’s tall though, 5’10″. An extra 20-25lbs probably means she’s 160-ish, which is appropriate.

  35. EN says:

    Not to be smarty pants but I’d say she first got face lift and then gained 20 pounds.
    My mom had one years ago and I remember that for whatever reason she was had to lose weight before. So that they would get all extra skin, I guess. So if one gains weight after that the skin will be really tight.