Shia LaBeouf blamed girlfriend Mia Goth for his abusive behavior in video footage

Shia LaBeouf

Yesterday, we talked about how Shia LaBeouf reportedly had a “violent altercation with his girlfriend, Mia Goth, in Germany. Mia was said to have suffered a black eye, and the two fought on a sidewalk before bystanders broke the pair apart. Then the locals gave Shia a ride to the airport. The guys who gave Shia a lift took video of the incident and sold it to Entertainment Tonight, which made the clip unembeddable. You can see the full video here, and then we’ll discuss.

Shia freely spoke in front of his newfound buddies. To Mia, he said stuff like, “I don’t want to touch you. I don’t want to be aggressive” and “this is the kind of sh*t that makes a person abusive.” Then he explained, “I don’t want to hit a woman, but I’m getting pushed.” Those words will sound familiar to anyone who’s ever been in an abusive relationship. The abuser is very quick to place blame upon the victim. If only the victim didn’t push the buttons, the abuser wouldn’t feel “provoked.” This is a disgusting excuse, but abusers love to make their victims feel guilty. Often times, the tactic works all too well.

Once Shia hopped into the car, he started rambling like a bizarro man. He held up his phone and tried to Facetime Megan Fox, who didn’t answer his call. It’s almost as if Shia knew he was being recorded, and he knew Mia would see the video footage. He’s acting erratic, yet he should be held responsible for his behavior. Shia has all sorts of problems, but the way he pushed the blame onto Mia indicates an abusive pattern.

Shia LaBeouf

Shia LaBeouf

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  1. Jane says:

    She needs to press charges. PERIOD.

  2. Lilacflowers says:

    Run, Mia, and do not look back. Contact a support center immediately.

  3. Izzy says:

    Ugh. He is a classic abuser. I hope Mia has family and friends who can support her., and I hope she has the strength to stay away from this creep. Pity he didn’t get arrested.

  4. Goats on the Roof says:

    Ooh boy, she needs to steer clear of him. I hate to think of what would’ve happened had people not separated them in the street.

    Shia, get help before you do anymore harm.

    • senna says:

      This is how he’s acting towards her IN PUBLIC. Obviously it’s been going on for awhile if he feels entitled to say those things to her and act that way towards her in front of other people. He seems possibly high or drunk, but I’m thinking that it’s lowered his inhibitions rather than making him act in a way he never would otherwise. No one deserves to be in an abusive relationship, and I hope this gives her more incentive to leave his sorry ass behind.

      • Shambles says:

        Great point Senna, and it makes me shiver. If this is how he acts towards her in public, I can’t even bring myself to imagine what he does to her behind closed doors. Run, Mia.

      • qwerty says:

        Regardless is he hit her or not, he’s a mess and needs help. She’s too young to be dealing with this sh1t. She should be out partying and laughing with her friends, or something… not being responsible for a messed up alcoholic/drug addict.

    • senna says:

      Also, seconded that Shia needs help. He needs it yesterday.

    • jwoolman says:

      One of the guys asked if they could take him to a hospital. So they were seeing something off about his behavior.

  5. Grumf says:

    Textbook abusive behavior.

  6. Shambles says:

    She needs to get out. I hope she’s holed up in a hotel somewhere far, far away from this bacteria with a ponytail. I’m absolutely disgusted with him, to the point where it makes me cringe just to look at these photos of him. Ugh.

    “This is the kind of sh!t that makes a person abusive.”

    I just… I can’t even… Pond scum. He is pond scum. To enraged to think of anything wittier.

    • Kori says:

      Bacteria with a ponytail–great. I do think he has mental health issues but those are up to him to deal with. She needs to get the hell out of Dodge and other women need to avoid him. He has serious issues mental and addiction and there’s no way he can be in a healthy relationship. Since so much was caught on film, and thus a much easier case, I hope she does press charges. Would she have to do it in Europe though? I’m sure Carey Mulligan is thinking she dodged a major bullet. The only faint glimmer of hope I can see is that he at least seemed aware of his propensity for violence and realization of what he could do–perhaps he’ll get a wake up call that awareness of this issue isn’t enough and that he needs serious psychiatric help.

      • Shambles says:

        Kori, ITA with your assessment. Thinking back to his Disney days, even the character he played was pretty erratic. It’s not a stretch to think that he’s had some long-standing mental health issues, maybe even issues that began when he was young.

      • qwerty says:

        His father is a vietnam vet who came back really messed up and pulled a gun on him when he was a kid among other thing iirc. He’s also a registered sex offender… his childhood sounds bad, especially his relationship with his father. This is not to excuse his behaviour, to me it’s just one of many many cases of troubled child stars who imo are not even troubled because of their fame but the stuff that happened at home, and they were pushed to castings and auditions from a young age cause their parents were hoping for an easy buck. It’s the same with Lohan, Bieber, etc – they would be a mess regardless of fame.

  7. Mia4S says:

    He’s going to get worse before he gets better. I thought his behaviour and arrest at the Caberat performance might be his rock bottom given what an utter humiliation that would be to almost anyone…nope!

    The rehab was likely lawyer-ordered to help the plea deal. If he has to go lower I just hope he goes down alone and doesn’t take anyone else with him.

  8. Nancypants says:

    Look how small and frail she is next to him and is that a USMC shirt he’s wearing?

    Some Marine needs to go kick his ass.

    • Shambles says:

      I’m not a marine, but I still want to kick his ass. I volunteer as tribute.

    • Goats on the Roof says:

      My brother, a proud Marine, has loathed this cat since Even Stevens. He would be thrilled to oblige! Hell, I’d even be happy to hold Shia down whilst he got a few swings in!

    • original kay says:

      Ironic, yes?

      Gotta love the internet.

  9. kri says:

    This fills me with rage! I’m thinking he needs jail. At this point, it’s the only thing that maybe can save him. Jail/rehab . And I mean rehab for a full year. No getting out, no leaving.

  10. Starrywonder says:

    Ugh Megan Fox is probably like yeah don’t call me.

    • Shambles says:

      She’s a wife and mom, for crying out loud. Like she even has a millisecond of time for this jacka$$.

  11. L&Mmommy says:

    I don’t think it’s just the substance abuse, I think there is some mental issues going on. Every time I see a photo of him, all I can think of is what those boots and his feet must smell like. Ewww.

    • ccinkissimmee says:

      I wanted to mention his filthy boots too but didn’t want to distract from the very serious topic… but GOSH! Those boots look just as damaged as the man wearing them.

    • Kitten says:

      I really think it’s both. He strikes me as a very dangerous individual. My impression (which is admittedly limited to the few details I know about this story) is that he is well-aware of how wrong violence is from his experiences growing up in an abusive home, but is struggling to refrain from engaging in the same behavior his father did. I also think it’s a bit late for him, if he’s already hit Mia. I agree with others that this is classic abuser pattern and victim-blaming.

      The one small sliver of hope I have for him is that he seems to have some level of awareness that this behavior is not ok. I might be hopelessly optimistic but to me saying “I don’t want to hit a woman” at least shows that he knows it’s wrong and is acknowledging that he’s out of control.

      Regardless, he should be in jail and/or rehab, therapy, medication…something. He seems to be spiraling very rapidly.

      • Kori says:

        I posted the same upthread. I totally agree. Hopefully he can take that flicker of awareness and finally get some help–especially since this is such a public event and not hidden behind closed doors or a he said/she said situation. Otherwise I don’t see his story ending well for him and possibly any future girlfriend/wife.

      • Hiddlesgirl85 says:

        @Kitten: Thank you for your comment. I would have to disagree that Shia’s statement, “I don’t want to hit a woman,” is acknowledging anything on his part. It is a manipulative statement to Mia that basically means, “You are pushing me and if I do anything violent, it is because you pushed me to do it.” He is an abuser and a manipulator, with no actual self-awareness it seems.

      • Kitten says:

        I think we’re on the exact same page, Kori. Sad that he’s perpetuating the cycle of abuse.

        @Hiddles-I think it’s both really. I think he’s placing that seed of doubt in her mind to make her think that maybe it’s her fault, and I also think it’s an awareness on his part, however deeply subconscious it may be.
        I mean really, this is a kid who knows DV very well–it’s familiar territory to him. I think it’s being a bit unfair to say that he’s incapable of seeing the inevitable aftermath of physical violence, when he himself suffered at the hands of his father. Sure, that alone is not enough to save him, but it’s something.

      • Hiddlesgirl85 says:

        @Kitten: It’s manipulation. I have a family friend who would abuse his wife all the time and say the same things in front of other people. He understood the aftermath of the violence but still did it later on when everyone left. His making those statements was a way for him to manipulate both the observers and the victim. Abusers are very manipulative and often VERY smart individuals. That’s how they are able to go with their behaviors unnoticed for so long. It can be a confusing thing for many to understand.

        Again, as someone who has witnessed and lived these situations, I can tell you that Shia was simply trying to manipulate people with his statements. He knew he had an audience (victims and bystanders).

  12. Izzy says:

    Just watched the video. He was talking about guns with the German guys as they were driving. Nice.

    Girl, RUN.

    • jwoolman says:

      Yes, I heard another guy say “You can’t buy a gun anywhere”. I don’t know what Shia said before that, but Lord help her if Shia gets a gun.

  13. TeaAndSympathy says:

    How dare she provoke him to violence! How dare she render him incapable of walking away, going for a run around the block or driving away in an effort to calm the situation. How dare she push him to say such things! How dare she take away his ability to control himself and his violent behaviour. How dare she push his buttons! Just…just…how dare she!! She’s obviously some kind of sorceress.

    This guy needs a swift, hard kick up the arse. He’s had issues for quite some time now, and I’m sure plenty of people can see the patterns of an abuser. Having your issues is one thing, but trying to shove the blame for your behaviour onto someone else is quite another. Mia should run a mile and keep on running, because it doesn’t look like he’s going to voluntarily gseek help anytime soon. Whoever gets in his life is going to suffer the same fate – or worse – unless he gets himself, or is forced into, some kind of long-term rehab and therapy. Someone needs to give him a good shake and tell him to wake the phark up to himself.

    • Shambles says:

      Plus all the things. You nailed it.

    • I Choose Me says:

      Seconded. The look on his face in that video. *shudder*

    • Hiddlesgirl85 says:

      Thank you SO much for your comment! You’ve said it best!

    • FLORC says:

      Blame others for your actions or just don’t take ownership of your own actions.
      Like saying you frustrate them. And that frustration has to vent because it’s not healthy to keep it inside. How that gets vented is likely not healthy. And YOU are the root of the anger. Abuser logic makes my head hurt.

  14. American In Oz says:

    I hate him. I always kind of have, he’s like the weird friend of your brother that’s always hanging around.

    I hope she does what Charlize did to Sean Penn, ghost his ass. Stay out of old haunts for awhile, block him in any social media or just shut it down completely, change her number and surround yourself with family or friends that will tell him to go fuck himself/kick his ass if he happens to show up where she is.

    I had a physically abusive ex one time, years ago and it took him threatening to kill my three month old puppy (that was a gift from him) to see how truly sick and disgusting he was. Never mind him bashing my head into a brick wall. I thank god every day for that dog saving my life, best gift ever.

  15. INeedANap says:

    Wait, I don’t understand. He got a ride to the airport, and they left her on the sidewalk?

    Man, us women really are alone, aren’t we?

  16. Marigold says:

    He just entered Chris Brown territory for me.

    • The Other Katherine says:

      Agreed, although I find Shia more of a puzzle than Chris Brown because I can’t figure out how Shia still can find actresses willing to date him. Much as I despise the guy, Chris Brown is (somehow) very successful and famous, and even good-looking if you can overlook his personality and creepy dead eyes. Shia? Not so much. Dead career walking.

  17. Jayna says:

    Am I missing something? I watched the tape. It didn’t show her with a black eye nor hitting her. It showed them in the aftermath of what was it appeared a verbal altercation and not speaking as far as him blabbering how he wanted his bag and how he had to get away from her because he didn’t want to hit her, hurt her, whatever he said, murder her, and they went their separate ways. What he said was troubling, that he even thought in such ways and is a self-centered dickhead, but I never saw evidence he had abused her. He has mental issues, it’s clear.

    • sarah says:

      People say they saw her with a black eye the next day. There’s no proof (yet), but it wouldn’t be shocking if true.

      • Kori says:

        A black eye wouldn’t be apparent right after the incident caught on film. So if she did have one, it would be seen later on. Hopefully there will be some proof and can be used as leverage to either get him in jail or rehab or both before something really awful happens. He strikes me as a very scary combination of Chris Brown and Charlie Sheen.

    • Jess says:

      I’m with you, I’m a little confused, yes some of what he’s saying is what classic abusers say, but some of it is also him trying to walk away from a situation that’s escalating. Part of me thinks he’s saying some of this because he knows he’s being filmed, he obviously has mental problems.

      • Kitten says:

        “but some of it is also him trying to walk away from a situation that’s escalating.”

        Yeah I noticed that as well.

      • Hiddlesgirl85 says:

        @ Jess and Kitten. LOL. With all due respect, there is no situation for Shia to “walk away from.” You’re telling me that anything Mia is saying is enough for Shia to become enraged and want to hit her? That speaks more to Shia’s issues. This seems like a case of Shia wanting to establish his power and control over Mia by making her seem like the unreasonable and crazy one in the relationship.

        As someone who has seen many relationships like this and been in a few myself, I can tell you that Shia was the unreasonable one in this situation. He was very clearly being manipulative to Mia (tone, word choices, etc.). If anything, Mia may have even been trying to calm Shia down because she was afraid of the consequences from him walking away and coming back home later to her, as an angrier, maybe even drunker Shia.

      • Kristen says:

        Erm, yeah, but he’s the one escalating the situation. Even if she doesn’t give him his backpack, hitting her is never, ever, ever going to be the right response to that.

      • Kitten says:

        @Hiddles-You’re extrapolating so much. No one is condoning anything.

        “With all due respect, there is no situation for Shia to ‘walk away from.’ ”

        The situation he was walking away from was an argument between the two of them. As someone who has experienced similar situations, you obviously know that verbal arguments can be the catalyst for an abuser that leads to physical violence. I don’t see how you could take that as some sort of a defense of Shia’s actions, that’s just the reality of an abusive situation. It starts with justifications like that (“you provoked me” “you pushed my buttons”) and escalates until the abuser doesn’t need a “reason” or an excuse to hit anymore, he/she just does it.


        I find it odd that you’ve never heard the expression “just walk away”. It’s something that is commonly taught to young men who may feel the urge to engage in violence against either men or women–the idea being that you walk away instead of getting physical.

      • Hiddlesgirl85 says:

        @ Kitten: I’s often difficult for people to notice how damaging their seemingly innocuous statements can be to others. I’ve certainly heard the expression before. It doesn’t apply in this situation.

        The following statement, “BUT some of it is also him trying to walk away from a situation that’s escalating,” is laying some blame on Mia for not “allowing” Shia to leave. Shia should have just walked away … full stop. There was no need to imply that Mia was creating some of the madness by stopping Shia from leaving. Period. Before this public blowup occurred, it’s likely happened in private before. Mia was in survivor mode. It’s so frustrating to me when victims are judged for their actions by outsiders. Their (survivors/victims) behaviors may seem quizzical to outsiders, but to them their actions allow them to survive. Shia should be fully blamed in this situation; none should be laid on Mia. Period.

      • Kitten says:

        @Hiddles-I can see this issue is a very personal one for you but I just disagree with the OP’s comment being seen as any sort of excuse or justification and I think you’re reading way too much into it.

        Not trying to personally offend and all the respect for what you’ve been through, but I find it hard to engage in an objective discussion with you on this matter. Understand that I’m simply trying to view the situation from a dispassionate and cogent standpoint and I disagree that it’s as simple and as straightforward as you make it sound. I think the dynamics of an abusive relationship as well as the motivations behind an abuser are complex and layered.

        FTR, I may not have been in an abusive situation but both my parents grew up in highly abusive households. My opinions and understanding of abusers is partially based on the experiences and observations that they’ve shared with me as well as the various articles and books that I’ve read on the subject matter. I’m fine agreeing to disagree.

    • Hiddlesgirl85 says:

      @Kitten: The OP’s comment was offensive (though clearly not intentionally) and this particular situation is pretty cut and dry. To quote Sam’s comment from below, “[Mia] had his bag? If [Shia] genuinely needed it and she absolutely refused to return it, call the police. Call a bodyguard. Call somebody who can neutralize the situation. That’s called being an adult.” Mia did not hold Shia captive. That is what the OP’s comment was insinuating.

      It’s great to know that since I have very personal connections to DV, I am unable to see things objectively. LOL. It’s called passion. Now your comment was not mean to be offensive, eh? I can certainly see why many more people aren’t commenting on this DV-related story as have in the past. Survivors and advocates are seen as irrational when we see an abuser for what they are, while others want to add “BUT, the situation isn’t as “simple and as straightforward [as it seems]” in oblivious (and innocent) support of the perpetrator.

      • Kitten says:

        Again, I can’t have a calm and rational discussion with someone who insists on putting words in my mouth and glossing over everything I say in order to assert with righteous indignation how right they are.

        If what you got out of my comment is “support for the perpetrator” then that’s on you and you only. I’m not going to defend a standpoint that I never expressed, one that you eagerly and unfairly extrapolated from my comments.
        NO ONE here made any ignorant or unfair statements like “survivors are irrational” or showed anything other than empathy for abuse victims.

        My point was that you’re approaching things from a personal place, I’m approaching it from a more detached standpoint. I don’t know why you’d find that offensive–it’s just fact. It wasn’t like I was trying to invalidate what you’re saying, just saying that I have a slightly different perspective. I get it: to you, that means I’m wrong.

        Anyway, I guess you discounted the part of my comment where I talked about my parents being abuse survivors because it didn’t suit the point you are so intent on making: that I don’t have any understanding of abuser/victim dynamics.

        Finally, I tried to approach the topic peacefully and respectfully but that doesn’t seem to work for you so I’m disengaging from this conversation.

      • Lyla Lotus says:

        Hiddlesgirl I have nothing but respect for the way you handled this horrible to read exchange with someone so condescending about such a sensitive subject.

        Lots of love to you.

      • Hiddlesgirl85 says:

        @Lyla Lotus: LOTS of love to you! Thank you so much for your comment:) Comments like yours are awesome and give me energy. I’m glad to have your respect :)

        I’m not going to lie … it has been frustrating. Advocating has been tough. Having people understand not only DV, but also the heavy power of their words/actions to others has been tough. But, for me, it’s been a great thing to do because it may give someone, somewhere confidence and the support that they need in their own situations. I know I gained my confidence here in late 2013 by reading comments made on a Charlie Sheen thread by LadySlippers and paranormalgirl about DV, perpetrators, survivors, and the cycle of abuse. Those two women are awesome.

  18. Michelle says:

    I need someone to help me understand if Shia is crazy, if this is all an act, or if he is on drugs. I’ve never paid attention to him, but last night I noticed how there has been a rapid decline in his appearance and actions over the years and I’m confused by it all.

    I also read that he was quoted as saying he would marry his mom if he could and that she is the sexiest woman in the world.

    Also, he is dressed exactly like Kanye in that photo with the Marines sweatshirt. Shia gets regarded as homeless-looking, yet Kanye gets designated as “fashion god.”

    • Ronda says:

      “I need someone to help me understand if Shia is crazy, if this is all an act, or if he is on drugs.”

      Yes. All of it.

    • sarah says:

      he is crazy/on drugs/needs attention/is abusive/is general human garbage.

    • jwoolman says:

      He said something in the car about being homeless and that the bag was his home. I wonder what was in it? Maybe nothing important, but if he’s feeling homeless then that’s not a good sign.

      • Michelle says:

        @jwoolman – You know, it’s funny that you should mention that because just last night I watched a video of Shia chasing around a homeless man in the streets of NYC trying to get a McDonald’s bag from him. I immediately thought to myself that maybe there was drugs in the bag. Either way, Shia is creepy.

  19. The Eternal Side-Eye says:

    Ever since someone mentioned his predilections I can’t help but look at her and see it.

    He’s got mental issues, this isn’t drugs or alcohol. He’s got serious mental issues (his Father is schizophrenic correct?) and he’s not getting treatment. He’s only going to get worse and I hope she has the strength to avoid him, he seems like the type that could kill someone, have them lying there dead and he’d still be blathering on about how they made him do it.

    It’s not a safe space, move on girl.

    • Bridget says:

      I disagree (aside from the very obvious substance issues). He cleaned up his act mighty fine when he filmed Fury – he had the ability to function and cut the crap when he needed to. He does this stuff because he can (and seems to enjoy seeing what he can get away with), and when he continues to work and be hired all it does is reinforce that his behavior is okay if he just does an occasional rehab stint. He’s got problems, but I wouldn’t be so quick with the armchair diagnosis.

      • Hiddlesgirl85 says:

        @Bridget: +1000

      • The Eternal Side-Eye says:

        Not for nothing but him being a functioning member of society half the time doesn’t mean he still doesn’t have genuine mental issues. Though I do agree with you that the armchair diagnoses are a bad idea and I shouldn’t have done it.

        Look at Amanda Bynes or even Britney Spears. Shia’s been doing a lot more self-harm and manic behavior than you see in your typical celeb tantrum. His careers hit a very public wall and he’s still being caught up in erratic behavior where he publicly gets into a blow out with his girlfriend and starts calling Megan Fox. It’s shades of Chris Brown as well. You can be abusive and have mental health issues (which Chris has as well).

      • jwoolman says:

        People with problems sometimes can pull it together under the right circumstances, giving the illusion that they’re okay. Then they lose it again when circumstances change. They also can act very differently in front of people whom they highly respect (making those less respected sound like a liar or “over-reacting when they tell a different story). It’s really hard to tell what’s going on with Shia except that he quite definitely isn’t okay. He might realize it, though, at least sometimes. That’s why his walking away could have been protective because he knew he was about to lose control, rather than just the usual manipulative “you made me do it” kind of thing. He’s had some rehab, maybe he learned a little bit from it. But he needs a lot of help.

  20. Bria says:

    I’ll never have sympathy for an abuser; but, I do have sympathy for someone with mental health issues. Shia’s behavior have gotten more erratic and has been back and forth btw aggressive verbal/physical outbursts, to being depressed and emotionally distant. I personally believe there is something mentally wrong with him and it’s unfortunate that’s he’s getting to a point where he has become too far gone and its only a matter of time before he hurts himself or someone else.

    • Jag says:

      He did hurt her. He gave her a black eye.

      She needs to leave him immediately and never look back.

  21. aenflex says:

    I was a horrible person to one of my exes. I would yell and push and say cutting things and try my hardest to hurt his feelings. And when he would try to leave I would physically block his way or use his possessions as collateral. I even hit him. He never hit me, but we certainly had lots of physical scuffles resulting from me trying to physically control him. He certainly said some things very similar to what Shia has said on this video. I’m sure my behavior changed his personality, at least for the duration of our relationship.
    I’m not at all saying this is the case in this particular situation, or with many abusive situations. Just that sometimes there are two sides to a story.
    And why was she holding onto his bag and not letting him have it? I would assume that if she wanted him gone she would not have been trying to hold him back in any way?

    • sarah says:

      1) I sure hope you got help for your abusive behavior, since that is what you are.

      2) Shia has a history of being violent, with both women and men.

    • Hiddlesgirl85 says:

      @aenflex: Thank you for sharing your story. I hope that you have been able to get help for your abusive inclinations. I wish you the very best and appreciate your honesty.

      I would say that in this case, Mia was behaving like a victim and didn’t want Shia to leave because she felt guilty or was afraid of possible repercussions from his leaving. It could be that this has happened before, and that whenever he would leave and come back, things would get much worse for her than if she had made him stay with her.

    • Dena says:

      When I date a new guy, I always ask ‘so, what are you going to make me pay for that your last girlfriend did or didn’t do?’ Not judging but I learned early that everyone has back story.

    • Sam says:

      Um, no. And let’s call it what it is: you committed domestic violence. Let’s be really clear about that.

      The only instance in which physical force is permissible against your partner is self-defense. That’s it. Anger is not an excuse. Rage is not an excuse. Mental illness is not an excuse. Drugs are not an excuse. None of it is an excuse. If you put your hands on a partner to hurt them, that’s DV. She had his bag? If he genuinely needed it and she absolutely refused to return it, call the police. Call a bodyguard. Call somebody who can neutralize the situation. That’s called being an adult.

      I hate this “there’s two sides to every story” crap. Unless it’s self-defense, No, there are not two sides. There is the abuser and the victim. Can a person be both? Yes, I know that. But very few DV situations are “mutual combat” types of things between equally matched opponents. Spare me that argument. A victim cannot induce an abuser to hit them. They cannot provoke them. They cannot force them.

      I hope you got some intensive therapy for yourself, but frankly it sounds like you’re still making excuses for it.

    • Aren says:

      I want to say that it takes a lot of courage to recognize yourself as an abuser and get help and you have at least done the first thing so congratulations on that.

      What you’re saying is that perhaps she is the abuser and yes, some men and women abuse in that way, by provoking, and perhaps it’s the case with Shia but more likely they’re both abusing one another, he’s not a victim.

      I hope you get help and can eventually be in a good and stable relationship.

    • Ange says:

      Why couldn’t he just leave his bag there? With someone as notably erratic as Shia she may have even been trying to keep him around to calm him down and protect him in a twisted way.

  22. OhDear says:

    I hope she’s safe.

  23. Bea says:

    I only recently saw a video she did for Vogue, and she’s such a sweet slip of a thing. Unfortunately I can see why a predator like him would go after her. I hope she can get out of this abusive relationship before that a*hole harms her irrevocably.

  24. Heat says:

    It seems like there is a lot going on, here. I think that Shia has some serious mental health issues, and from the video, it would seem that he is either drunk or on something, or both, which often exacerbates the underlying issues. He needs to get some help. From what I understand, a person cannot be involuntarily committed for treatment, unless that person is a threat to themselves or to others. Is this not grounds for having him committed to treatment???

  25. Suzy from Ontario says:

    Abusers always blame other people for “making” them do it. He is seriously in need of intervention and counselling for violence. He’s been racing towards something tragic happening for a while now, and it’s only sheer luck that something really horrible hasn’t happened (although punching your gf and giving her a black eye is pretty horrible). I could see him ending up in jail. I really think something is mentally not right with him. A lot of mental illnesses begin to manifest in the early twenties.

  26. Jag says:

    He also apparently said to the people who drove him to the airport that if they hadn’t stepped in, he would have killed her.

    She needs to press charges, get a restraining order, and RUN as fast as she can away from him.

    He’s a disgusting pig and needs to be in jail!

  27. Nimbolicious says:

    Sounds like the perfect running mate for Trump.

  28. Cinderella says:

    Unfortunately, he will be rewarded with many more high-paying acting gigs because he is so “intense”, and that is so messed up.

  29. Citresse says:

    He was probably sexually abused as a child. It’s no excuse, but the majority of the anger goes unresolved in most cases. I don’t know when he got his start in Hollywood, but that industry is full of pedophiles so it may have happened early in his career.

  30. minx says:


  31. slacker says:

    Shia is a classic abuser with a drug and alcohol problem, Mia if you know whats good for you, you run away just as fast as you can and don’t look back. Men like that do not change and no one deserves that treatment. A black eye today could be a concussion next time and even death, these relationships always escalate just as these men don’t change.

  32. Dorky says:

    What a piece of Shi(a)t.

  33. Ravensdaughter says:

    Shia: Go to rehab and/ or voluntarily commit yourself to a psychiatric institution. Even aside from all your bizarre behavior and your past substance abuse issues, remember, you were sexually assaulted during that exhibition last year. Let that be the reason. Let other issues from the past be your reason. JUST GO.
    Mia: This guy is NOT a keeper. Time to just…let…go. It sounds like you gave the relationship your best shot, now it’s time to move on. In this case, “ghosting” would be the plan, especially since you are tucked safely away in Germany.

  34. unicorn says:

    Not sure if I’ve watched a different video than most of you but in the video I watched I saw Shia asked for his bag repeatedly, as if he did not want to get into an altercation, and never once did he hit the woman. Yes I saw him say his bag was “his home”, maybe he felt that way or maybe he was intoxicated or on drugs, who knows. But if this is supposed to be cutting edge proof of a domestic violence incident it failed. Period. Who hasn’t gotten into a heated argument with a spouse/gf/bf and insisted on leaving so as to not have it escalate?? Who are these people that filmed this and why are they selling this footage for money and better question yet, why is someone buying this?? wow. slow day in the media.