Jennifer Lawrence fangirled Bill Murray and ate all the food at Comic-Con

This photo of Jennifer Lawrence and Bill Murray at San Diego Comic-Con is everything. Two of my favorites standing next to each other! JLaw is wearing the same expression I would after spotting Bill, sort of. I’d probably pass out from sheer shock before getting too close. Never meet your heroes, you know.

Bill was on hand to promote Rock the Casbah while Jennifer attended the Mockingjay: Part 2 panel with Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth. Poor Liam. He’s probably the Taylor Lautner of the franchise, but I can see Josh taking the indie route after this franchise ends. This is the cast’s last Comic-Con together, and JLaw told Variety, “These movies changed my life. I feel like it will always be a part of me.” Then Jennifer talked about her true love, food:

She then proceeded to candidly discuss topics like sending drunk e-mails, and laugh her way through most of the audience’s questions. Then, at the end of the panel, she mouthed something inaudible to co-star Liam Hemsworth. It looked like she said, “I’m so hungry.”

Twenty minutes later at the press conference, Refinery29 asked Lawrence if that is indeed what she said. “I did say that I was hungry,” she told us. Then, in true JLaw fashion, she proceeded to list exactly how much she ate in that short span of time. “I ate a panini, and some crackers, and a wrap.”

It goes on. “Then, I tried to grab French fries and this stern lady literally swatted my hand away and went, ‘No!’” she told us, inciting a roomful of laughter. “I haven’t been talked to like that since the first movie came out,” she joked.

Lawrence also confirmed that she, Hemsworth, and Josh Hutcherson are on a group text together. She was exactly the brand of wildly uncensored actress we hoped to see today. “I’m starting this new thing — I’m trying to develop a filter,” she told us. “I’m working on it.”

[From Refinery 29]

The Dorito dust queen rides again. For some reason, I picture JLaw actually attacking a panini grill instead of simply eating a panini sandwich. Plus a wrap. She’s very serious about her eating. Here’s a clip of JLaw singing Cher’s “Believe” on last night’s Conan O’Brien episode. She also made a farty noise and joked around with Josh while Liam just sat there.

Jennifer Lawrence

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet & Getty

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  1. Akua says:

    Welcome jlaw,

    • pikny says:

      then did she puke and fake fall down some stairs

      • Jib says:

        LOL! And she grew hair faster than any other human in the history of the universe!

        Although I think her expression at meeting Bill Murray is genuine. Everything else is overdone and tiring.

  2. mark says:

    So random and real, not rehearsed at all.

    Hasn’t Liam just signed up for the independence day sequel? So his career isn’t in the pooper yet, but this site hates him because he doesn’t act like a buffon which is strange.

    And just because you go Indie doesn’t mean it’s good career move or you’re a real actor. Most actors and actresses don’t want to do indies, wheres the money?

    • Kickster says:

      I can’t remeber when was the last time I found someone so incredibly annoying the way I find her.

      Hasn’t she met Bill before?

      • MG says:

        It really surprises me that people don’t like her. I think she’s great. Yeah she can be a little too much at times but she seems 100% real to me. She’s talented and beautiful and appears genuinely nice. I’ll take her over the pretentious Gwyenths of the industry any day.

      • Kickster says:

        See, to me she doesn’t seem real at all. She did the first couple of years, but now she seems so forced, and she talks about the same things over and over and over.
        But maybe it’s me because I usually don’t click with such loud personalities.
        Her actting usually leaves me underwhelmed too.

      • KikiGee says:

        Yeah, there are photos of at least 4 different versions of this ‘spontaneous’ moment. She’s sooo real.

      • Belle Epoch says:

        I just read a “blind item revealed” that claims no one can STAND working with her and they don’t want to cast her in anything. Could this be true?

      • Nick says:

        i thought the actors she work(s)ed with really like her? Am i imagining that?

      • Alex says:

        @Belle I doubt it because people fight to secure her in movies. And I have yet to hear one bad thing about her from her costars

      • layla says:

        Add me to the list of people that can not stand this girl. So contrived.

      • Jecko says:

        I don’t get all the moaning about her being ‘contrived’ or ‘fake’ – she’s a natural clown, and I don’t see what’s wrong with that. She’s smart and witty – what’s the problem?

      • Vivianne says:

        @Belle Epoch
        “no one can STAND working with her and they don’t want to cast her in anything” LMAO but she’s working with the same people and studios offer her every role This is a bad BS

      • Rosie Mary says:

        @Belle Epoch
        That Blind Gossip is pure BS and a bad one. There has never been a person who sad bad things about her. Costars are alway praising her (even the women like Adams or Moore). Directors want work with her. Even Bill Murray yesterday said that he hope to make a movie with her. So no, Definitely isn’t JLaw in that blind gossip

      • Annarosa says:

        @Belle Epoch I doubt it was Lawrence in that blind gossip. I mean Donald Sutherland said that she’s like Jesus! Also Bradley Cooper seems in love with her

      • Jib says:

        Jecko, I think she’s contrived because it’s the same old shtick over and over: I eat all the time, I fall down, I make fart noises. Get some new lines if you want to look genuine, girl! And I’ve seen zero evidence of any burning intelligence coming from her, either.

    • Kiddo says:

      Why should it have to be random? Maybe she went up to him to be goofy. Bill loves goofy.

    • Alex says:

      Liam has starred in many movies and none of them have done well at all. I don’t count Expandables because that movie did not rely on him. So yes he is going down the Lautner path. He’s just not a good actor to me…and I’ve seen all of his movies. He has one expression…but he will continue to work because he’s attractive. So good for him I guess…he wouldn’t be the first. I’m curious to see if Independence Day will actually be a hit.

      As for indies I think they are good for building cred and relationships with other industry people. Josh has filmed two movies with Franco recently and even if you hate Franco (which sometimes I do lol) he’s actually a really good contact to have. I think Josh is transitioning into more adult roles which is why he’s trying to branch out. Not worried about his career because he’s been at it for a long time and he has talent. Just hoping he picks good roles consistently

      Same with Jen. She has said herself she wants to do more indie films and her first big break WAS an indie. She’s branching out with her next few projects as well. I’m ready for her to stop doing movies with the same people over and over. lol i cannot take another movie with her, Bradley and the rest of the DOR group. Plus I despise DOR so I want her away from him

      So of the three yea Liam is the weakest IMO. In talent and career prospects.

    • Juana says:

      @Belle Epoch, that blind item sounds like it’s obviously made up, given that Lawrence has worked repeatedly with the same people who seem keen on her – e.g. David O Russell, De Niro, Bradley Cooper, Francis Lawrence (who apparently wants her for the Dive film that James Cameron is co-producing).

  3. Blanca says:

    She looks even more beautiful. Amazing!

  4. kira says:

    She’s so comfortable in her own skin. Love her!

  5. Mia4S says:

    Murray!!!! That is all.

    Hey credit to Hemsworth, he’s in the Independence Day sequel which is supposed to lead to a trilogy. It may not be high art but it will keep the boy in mansions. Hutchinson is probably the more vulnerable sadly.

    • Kitten says:

      I think I’d poop my pants if I met The Murray.

      …which is why I must never meet him.

      • Shambles says:

        I think it would be totally worth keeping an extra pair of pants on deck. Follow your poopy-pants-Bill-Murray dreams Kitten.

      • Kiddo says:

        I would just laugh, unprovoked.

      • j.eyre says:

        I would try to be clever, miss terribly and probably end up having a staring match with door jamb in failed attempt to look uninterested as Mr. Murray walked right past me. This is usually how my star encounters go; either that or I run into something.

      • Liberty says:

        haha, Kitten, and everyone, I am with you. I would be speechless, stunned, sloppy. I’ve met other stars before re work, but he is like — all above that to me. He is the man and brilliant but I think his kindness and realness are his real charm.

        I met John Cleese once at a convention thing some years ago, and he talked with my brother and I for about an hour, bought us wine, hung out. My brother was clipping along about an interest they share, and I was all ‘———-’ with saucer eyes and looking like a fool gripping my glass, lol.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        I think I would be fine with sharing a flirty eyed smile with him across a room. He has such a feisty spirit, I love him.

  6. Dana says:

    She’s been looking fab in her recent appearances. Bless her stylist for putting her in the type of clothes she looks best in (i.e. form-fitting, non-fussy, minimalist designs with simple lines, etc.).

    Praying to the fashion gods that Dior finally gets the memo and gives her similarly streamlined red carpet outfits that actually flatter her.

  7. doofus says:

    well, it’s nice that she’s not sh*tting all over the franchise that catapulted her to where she is, unlike SOME people…

    I kind of like it when movie stars get starstruck like that and I have to say, Bill Murray looks pretty happy to have her as a fan…

    • JENNA says:

      Why would she sh*t on it? The novels are good for a YA franchise, the films have never been panned and there haven’t been think pieces on how the characters are bad role models. She also made a lot of money and it raised her status in Hollywood. Same reason you won’t see Fassbender complain about X-men.

      • doofus says:

        because some young actresses/actors will bash a movie they did when they were younger as “garbage” and diminish or outright dismiss it’s significance in their career trajectory.

        I’M not bashing the movies or books at all, perhaps you misunderstood my intent.

      • Kitten says:

        Yeah, why would any celeb sh*t on the franchise that made them famous?
        Yet many still do…

        I think that’s what Doofus was saying.

      • Alex says:

        Many celebs do…look at Robert Pattinson. He sh*t on twilight WHILE twilight was still happening! I would too (because they suck) but geez lol

    • Shambles says:

      ITA, Doofus. CoughcoughBlakeLivelyCoughcough

  8. pretty says:

    she looks beautiful with long hair!!! and josh looks hot too!

  9. Naddie says:

    I don’t know who Bill Murray is, I just know him by name *shame*.
    But what I want to say is that she must eat. Eat like there’s no tomorrow. Because I don’t know about the others, but to me, eating is one of the best things in life. She can work her ass out in the gym later, but no food should be missed. And she looks damn good in these pics.

  10. Falula says:

    Maisie Williams also instagrammed a fangirl moment with Murray, first starring a bag of Cheetos.

  11. Alice says:

    I like her. I just really like her.

  12. kri says:

    Bill Murray is everything. Jlaw looks very healthy-you can tell she really does eat. I generally find her to be extra extra, but at least I can’t see her kidneys. It’s refreshing to have a young actress around who doesn’t look scary skinny so good on her.

  13. Kitten says:

    Ah, to be 24 and able to eat whatever the f*ck you want. Enjoy it now, girl, because it won’t last forever.

    • Mrs. Darcy says:

      I know, sigh… yet we still see numerous articles about how 20 somethings stay in shape and eat whatever they want like it’s some kind of miracle.

      • Franca says:

        It is for some of us who have been blessed with hormonal issues. I haven’t eaten what the f**k I want since I was ten. Am I jealous of other people my age? YES. SO MUCH YES:

  14. Tracy says:

    I just LOVE her. She is just as normal as can be, and both smart and funny. I would like her in real life. (And haters? So would you.)

  15. Crumpet says:

    She genuinely looks like she is having a ball. I love her – smart as heck, beautiful and just herself, all day every day. Never change JLaw!

    • Kickster says:

      She is beautiful, she maybe is herself even if her personality isn’t my cup of tea, but when did she come across as smart as hell? When did she say anything noteworthy that would show how smart she is? I’m really asking.

      • Jill says:

        She’s very witty in interviews – quick with the one-liners, and sharp in picking up potentially tricky questions and diverting the conservation elsewhere. She may not be ‘smart’ in the intellectual sense, but you don’t get to be that verbally quick off the mark without some brains.

      • Jib says:

        Yup. I’m amazed how fans assign characteristics to their idols when they’ve never shown any sign of that characteristic. Jen has never come across as very smart. I’m sorry, fart noises are not considered witty among people with any level of intelligence.

  16. Audrey says:

    Gosh i love her.

    I like that she acknowledged that people treated her differently after the first movie came out.

    She’s wonderfully down to earth, i like when we don’t hear from her for a bit cause the comments here aren’t pure hate

  17. Mrs. Darcy says:

    She’s such an innate show off, which is fine, I prefer her embracing it to faux emo starlet brats. Is it sometimes annoying? Sure, but I don’t find it particularly phony or otherwise unnatural for a very successful 24 year old to act the way she does. At least she’s having fun. What on earth she has in common with Chris Martin I still can’t wrap my head around.

  18. Juluho says:

    That would be my reaction if I ever meet Peter Vankman. I have his face on my car, it’s my favorite bumper sticker.

  19. Wren33 says:

    I love food and I’m always hungry. I don’t think she is fake, so much as there are certain parts of her personality (no filter, down-to-earth, goofy) that are “cute” in someone young that she has gotten a lot of positive reinforcement from, and she has probably started playing it up. Especially as she is constantly in front of cameras in interviews, needing to be entertaining and on. And someone that is really everywhere now, she runs the risk of people getting tired of her schtick, whereas if she only had a couple of appearances a year, it might be more refreshing.

  20. Chinoiserie says:

    She was very funny and endearing in the Hunger Games panel. I can not believe this franchise is almost over. This has really been perfect franchise for her, good books adapted to great films that have an important message, her character was great, the films made money and now it is over so she does not have to keep making these forever. I wish however that they could have gotten Elizabeth Banks, Woody Harrelson and Natalie Dormer there for the panel as well, Jennifer, Josh and the director Francis Lawrence were good but rest were a bit meh. Natalie is even coming for Game of Thrones panel so I though she could do both.

  21. Happy21 says:

    She looks like she is sincerely having THE most fun! It’s so nice to see actors and/or actresses, genuinely enjoying what they have to do as part of the job instead of grumbling, being rude or treating people like sh*t. I cannot help but adore her.

  22. Saks says:

    She looks beautiful and I like most of her films but personally I don’t like her “cool girl” persona, she seems so fake to me.

    We are the same age and (except for a couple of boys) I don’t know anyone who still behaves like she does, at 24 you are not a teenager anymore.

    • Jecko says:

      @Saks – I actually know someone just like her – with a similar goofy sense of humour and a tendency to clown around – and, perhaps not coincidentally, she’s an actress as well. I suspect her public persona reflects her personality quite closely. She’s fairly offbeat, and that may be one reason why she’s very talented.

      • Saks says:

        Yes, she is in a profession which let her behave like that and it’s even endearing. I can’t imagine myself or any of my friends behaving like that at our works. As I said, I mostly enjoy her on screen, I do think she is a very good actress, but she as person seems to me either fake or immature.

  23. Dana says:

    she looks so cute, she was nervous doing interviews yesterday she said its been almost a year since she did any promo so I thought her hyperactivity understandable. I swear it won’t be a JLaw post if it didn’t have comments talking about her being fake, just give it up already she has been the same since she came into the scene check her old interviews and if she somehow has been supporting a fake character as loud as this and as consistent then she is even a better actress than I think.

  24. Jm says:

    Wow! Some people are so harsh and judgmental . She’s still pretty young and I think handling her success very well . She probably has repeated some things in interviews because she has had to do promotional work for a lot of films. She seems to try to have fun while doing it.i think it’s refreshing to see her laugh and not complain about how hard it is to lose her privacy and act like a tortured soul.

  25. Vivianne says:

    Yesterday you could feel how much she’s loved by people and media. I’ve never seen an actress being so beloved as she is. It’s amazing

  26. Jen43 says:

    She looks very pretty here. I have always thought that comic com should be great fun for actors. I guess, though, you have to have the right temperament for it, and she is perfect.

  27. Corrie says:

    I never rode the JLaw bus but i never understood the contrived BS about her in such negative ways. There are SO many worse examples of a young female actress and she isn’t one. I am actually starting to come around to her. She can be silly but i’d take that any day to dried snark half sentences. Its clear when she’s ON and when she’s Serious. That’s enough for me. Also, whoever said no one likes her or wants to work with her…they must not be a working actor/actress bc just today she signed another major film. Her rolodex is heavy. With the best of the best.

  28. Lamppost says:

    I like J Law. She seems like a fun grounded person. That said I am completely stumped by the hype. She might be the most overrated actress of all time.

    • korra says:

      Amen. She gets praised for such mediocre performances, it’s mind boggling. She’s not untalented by any means of the imagination. And yes to all her loonie fans I am considering Winter’s Bone to substantiate her talent, because she did a really good job in that movie. It’s her performances after that lead me to believe she’s not the messiah of acting like everyone says she is. She’s a fun person no doubt, but I often feel the love for her just translates into blowing up every little thing about her. That’s what’s exhausting about Jlaw. Her fans.

      Also after watching the recent promos and advertisements for these last movies, I will say the hunger games utterly disappoints me as films. I really feel like they could have taken the series to a whole other level, but they really didn’t take many risks with it.

  29. Tiffany says:

    The same way people are talking about how great JLaw is are some of the same traits that Anne H. have and she gets crucified for it.

  30. YeahYeahYeah says:

    Too cute!

  31. Jules says:

    Late to this post but, goodness gracious I adore Jennifer Lawrence!…incredibly talented, lovely and seems fun as can be.

    ETA: I just read Anne Thompson’s article about Jennifer Lawrence and her CC appearance…Thompson gives a glowing assessment of Lawrence as an actress as well as her public persona (“her instincts are flawless”)…so yeah, Jennifer Lawrence is well respected and much loved in the industry. I would love to see Lawrence and Murray in a film together which also seems to be the consensus among film journalists/critics.

    The bottom line is, Jennifer Lawrence is thankfully, here to stay folks.

  32. guest says:

    What is she on?

  33. A says:

    I will in my gee

  34. Kikuyu says:

    She looks so amazingly young. Hopefully she’s been allowed some time off and been able to relax recently.