Jonah Hill’s significant weight gain has his friends worried about his health


These are photos of Jonah Hill from June 16th, although they were only released over the weekend. I’m not sure why it took so long for them to come out, but I do know that I sat on these photos for a few days because covering Jonah Hill’s significant weight gain makes me sad. Jonah’s always been a bigger guy, and it feels like his weight has yo-yo’d significantly over the past five years as he crash-diets and then quits. It also feels like this kind of weight gain would be a MAJOR story in gossip circles if this was a woman. Like, if this was a woman, the weight gain, the backlash and the reaction would probably make the cover of People Magazine.

In the photos, Jonah was in NYC. He’s spent much of the past three months or so in Miami, filming Arms & the Dude with Miles Teller. It was not a role where Jonah “needed” to gain weight to play a real person – the story is based on two real Miami guys, but neither of the guys is significantly overweight. I’m just saying, this doesn’t feel like “Oh, Jonah is super-Method.” It feels like “Jonah has some issues and he’s eating his feelings.”

OK! Magazine had a recent story about Jonah’s weight gain – which is weird because none of the other tabloids are running any stories about it – in which “insiders” say Jonah is now “well over 300 pounds” and his health is seriously struggling. An insider says, “He used to go to the gym regularly, but now he gets winded just walking down the street.” It does seem like – in these photos – Jonah had to sit down for a moment to catch his breath.

Anyway, I hope someone is saying the right things to Jonah. Who would that be, though? Would Leonardo DiCaprio be the one to say, “Man, I’m worried. Maybe you should see a nutritionist and a trainer”?



Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Abbott says:

    Maybe he’s been grief eating over the Bennifer 2.0 divorce rumors?

    • Tacos and TV says:

      I feel like I should not have laughed as hard as I did at this comment. But I did!

    • Bluebear says:

      Maybe he has health issues that cause weight gain. Thyroid disorders are all too common, and they are brutal (I know, I have an AI disease that affects my thyroid). Or perhaps he has another issue that has him on medications that cause weight gain, like prednisone. Stop the concern trolling. No one REALLY cares about a man they’ve never met and his weight. It’s just an excuse to shame him and pat your own backs for being so “healthy”. Concern trolling is sick.

      • sills says:

        LOL, project much? The fact that you’re incapable of feeling a surge of compassion for a stranger just from seeing a photo of him looking unhealthily heavy, doesn’t mean everyone else is. Do keep patting yourself on the back for rooting out “concern trolls,” though, we’ve got to strike down empathy wherever it may rear its ugly head.

      • li says:

        Endocrine issues (and that’s all the glands, including the thyroid) affect less than one percent of Americans.

      • Susiecue says:

        Aww. I care!

  2. lisa2 says:

    Yes something is going on to make him gain that much weight. Especially when you consider the job he has. He was thinner when he did 21 jump street.

    • Laura says:

      I think he’s coming off drugs. I bet he took cocaine for years when he went through his thinner phase and now he’s getting clean and his appetite is back with a vengeance.

      • piapia says:

        I agree. My impression is that he and Seth were on the same, er, weight loss “program.”

      • PunkyMomma says:

        Sadly, I agree with this idea. Addictions are demons and often one addiction is kicked to another. I wish him well. No snark.

      • Joan says:

        I have to agree as well with the drug reference. Something just isn’t “natural” about all this.
        I remember he was dating Dustin Hoffman’s daughter a few years back and they split kind of abruptly. He hasn’t seemed to the same since. I just don’t buy him hanging with Leo, in particular.

        I fully sympathise with Kaiser’s decision not to show these photos right away. His situation is kind of heart-breaking. Jonah’s really talented and it’s sad to see him having to live a public unveiling of his battle.

      • Talie says:

        Yes, this. His weight loss made him look really unhealthy, too. Like he dropped a ton and had a lollipop head. Like the Nicole Richies and Lohans of the early aughts.

      • Starrywonder says:

        taps nose. That is what is going on. He lost all of that weight due to drug use.

      • Katie says:

        That’s sad. I hope he gets help. Being that overweight is very unhealthy.

      • KellyBee says:

        I disagree hes been seen drinking and partying alot more in the past two years which is around the time he started gaining the weight back, not all drugs make you thin.

      • phlyfiremama says:

        Considering all the blind items about the comedians who lost a bunch of weight with the help of cocaine, I think you might be right. I don’t feel any sorrier for HIM than I do for any other addict particularly~get it together, man. Dog knows you have ALL of the resources in the world at your disposal, unlike most addicts. He can HIRE chefs~trainers~nutritionists~sober companions~whatever he needs to get well, unlike most people. Save your sympathy for the addicts who CAN’T afford help, and who need it so desperately.

      • trishy says:

        Maybe he quit smoking??

      • kcarp says:

        That was my first thought too.

        I think quitting smoking you gain maybe 10-15 not 150lbs. I think he is over 300lbs.

        If this was a woman she would have already had to make a statement about how much she loves her curves, she is healthy, living life, and everyone goes up and down. It is really quite shocking how different this would be if it was a woman.

      • Bread and Circuses says:

        That was my first thought too, that this may be a sign of him prioritizing his health in terms of giving up the cocaine habit, rather than de-prioritizing it via a weight gain.

        I remember people getting judgey over Whitney Houston gaining weight too, and it sickened me, because she’d been judged just as harshly for being emaciated a few years prior to that. I kept thinking, “Are you SERIOUSLY criticizing this woman for no longer having the body of a crack addict?”

        I hope Jonah is doing well, whatever the truth may be.

      • Reeely?? says:

        It’s like the stopper came out and he inflated. I mean this as a metaphor for taking out substance and then the metabolism is sluggish plus the appetite is no longer suppressed. Typical if he’s trying to halt some type of amphetamine use.

    • Gea says:

      I feel bad for Jonah ongoing weight issues. For a while he looked unhealthy skinny and now it looks like, he just gave up. My gf went trough a cycle of dispare, after painfull journey she have found her midle ground. Where she have learn how to ménage her calories intake, plus workout routine, she feels and looks terrific six years and counting.

      • misery chick says:

        @ GEA-I’m so happy for your girlfriend’s success in finding (and actually doing it day in and day out) that elusive balance. You must be so very proud of her, and hopefully she’s proud of herself. Please don’t forget to keep reminding her of that, ok 😁

  3. Vampi says:

    It really IS/would be handled in the media differently for a man than a woman.
    *insert snark here*
    I need coffee.

  4. Div says:

    He looks like he’s lost a small amount of weight since the last photos I saw of him, but I bet he’s at least 300 or more pounds (and he’s not a tall guy, either). I hope one of his family members is helping him. I honestly feel for Jonah—I know people give him a lot of shit for being pompous at times, but he seems deeply insecure.

  5. Kiddo says:

    Was he the guy who lost a ton of weight, where he was unrecognizable? I wonder if there isn’t some level of ‘body revolt’ after extreme weight loss, that either physically/psychologically, the body wants to return to the previous long term status quo.

    • Div says:

      I wonder if he lost all that weight quickly on no-carb, and so his body couldn’t handle it when he went back to eating carbs and then he just kind of gave up? My bff lost twenty or so pounds on a strict no-carb diet, but she gained it back when she started eating carbs again and she was only eating like fruits and some whole grains (it wasn’t like she was eating white bread). I grew up in a family that adhered to a Mediterranean style diet, and as an adult I’ve followed the same path and I honestly think it’s the easiest, healthiest way to eat. None of us have ever had the slightest issue with our weight, either. I can’t imagine cutting out my fruits and some grains.

    • Esmom says:

      Yes, he was really thin for a bit there. And I tend to agree with the “body revolt” theory. I feel similarly about Chris Pratt’s new physique, too, that it might be fleeting. He even said about as much in a recent interview.

      • Mrs. Darcy says:

        I don’t think Pratt will re-gain significantly, plus he is tall and packed with muscle, it would take a while to lose all of that muscle, no workouts, six packs of beer, etc. He seems pretty happy with his lot in life as a movie star now so I’d be surprised. Plus Pratt wasn’t always chubby, he started out slim and packed on a few pounds in his late 20′s, whereas Jonah Hill was big his whole life and then lost a ton of weight probably eating in a way that was totally foreign to him.

        Jonah is short, lost the weight too fast, and probably didn’t build up enough muscle/core fitness to sustain re-introducing carbs. (I think low carb diets are the worst btw and wreck your metabolism, speaking from exp.). Which probably depressed him so he went back to his old eating habits. I do hope he gets a hold of it though because being overweight is one thing but he’s actually become obese now quickly and that’s not healthy.

      • Esmom says:

        Mrs. Darcy, good points. I’m not familiar enough with Pratt to know what his “default” weight tends to be. I guess I assumed he was naturally chubby. And your assessment of Hill’s weight loss and re-gain sounds about right. Major weight loss can definitely be hard to sustain and old habits are really hard to break.

      • Mrs. Darcy says:

        Esmom – I can see why anyone might think that, esp. when someone has such a high profile weight loss transformation. I think he kind of fat shamed himself since losing the weight which is too bad, I don’t remember Jonah doing that? Jonah got so much negative flack for his thinner appearance though, maybe that got to him too. Pratt definitely piled on the pounds in Parks & Rec, I think he kind of alluded to him associating it with his character to a point but then it got out of hand. He played more of a jock character in the cheese-tastic but so good show Everwood like…wow 10 years ago!

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      It’s sad. I’ve never been obese, but I do struggle with my weight, and if he used extreme measures to get it off he probably couldn’t maintain that forever. It must seem so insurmountable now. He’s not my favorite, but im feel for him here.

      • Serenity says:

        Same here. I’m at a healthy weight but I’m one of those people who can pack on the pounds just by gazing at a piece of cake (or so it feels to me). I have to be so careful to always exercise and eat healthy. It can be tough though…..especially when I can practically hear chocolate calling my name :( :(

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        Me, too. I have to work really hard at it, and at times I’ve just said to myself that its just not worth it. It only takes a few weeks for me to seriously regret it. Ugh. Chocolate calls my name, too, often. Lol

    • Jen says:

      I think you’re thinking of Rob Lester- Billy Bob from Varsity Blues. He looks nothing like his former self.

      I’m going to throw this out there, I had to be on prednisone for 2 years for sarcoidosis. During that time, I developed a vicious case of pneumonia, gained a bunch of weight and my BP was out of control. I got winded VERY easily. I’m sure to the average outsider I just looked like a fat slug. It took a while to get things under control and I’m happy to report that I feel much better, have lost some but not all of the weight, and don’t get winded like that (knock on wood!!).

      So, I hope whatever it is, he gets help.

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        I’m glad you’re feeling better. I have gained weight due to medicine before, and that just stinks.

  6. hadlyB says:

    And if this was a woman she would not be working at all, and it wouldn’t be a concern piece it. We would be crucifying her over her weight gain.

    But men, they rule the world and can do whatever they want. Gain weight, lose weight, look old as fuck, be sloppy in public, not dye their grey hair, have wrinkles, etc and it doesn’t matter.

    • Snowflake says:

      Yep, pretty much, you got it. 😫

    • Hautie says:

      “And if this was a woman she would not be working at all, and it wouldn’t be a concern piece it. We would be crucifying her over her weight gain….”

      Amen. Just crucified. And not just in one article. It would be nationwide news. Until she was shamed into starving her self down. Look at what happen to Jessica Simpson. The girl was brutally attack for months. Over what 25 pounds?

      But here is Jonah. And it is all about the “poor Jonah” he needs a hug… ugh.

    • Kitten says:

      Yup. Even compare the comments here to the last thread we had about Tess Holiday, the overweight IG model.

      There was FAR less sympathy and boatloads of judgment and concern-trolling. Here it’s all “I feel bad for him and hope he gets better” but with her it was “This woman is extremely unhealthy and this is why insurance is skyrocketing.”

      Sad, especially when the subject of that post was her ignorant comments about black men, and not even about her weight. But often women are our own worst enemies when it comes to body criticism.

      • Stopitwithmondays says:

        100% disagree and in the minority here maybe. I was pretty harsh on Tess because I see her as glorifying and beautifying morbid obesity. Additionally, she lies about her side as well. She’s not a size 22 (Far from it) and it’s disingenuous to claim otherwise.

        I think HAES, fat acceptance and the “I’m not angel” campaign and the like are a plague on society (truly). This is not concern trolling. This is true and genuine concern. I have lost a significant amount of weight and kept it off over the last 4.5 years. It takes a fair amount of grit and discipline to do it in a long term, sustainable way. That being said, when I was losing weight, I wasn’t inundated with Tess Munster type of stuff (celebrating being 300+ lbs) but I suspect it would’ve messed with the mentality shift necessary to lose and keep weight off if I was encouraged to remain at my obese weight because it’s “beautiful” even though it was and would’ve become really unhealthy for me.

        Similarly, I’ve got aunts and a couple of cousins/nieces who spout this stuff (fat/body acceptance and random HAES tenets) and it drives me crazy because they should all be down atleast 25-40 lbs each. That is not concern trolling. That is me hoping a loved one loses the weight because a doctor has repeatedly asked them to. However, stimuli like Tess and putting her on the cover of people magazine as some sort of positive figure is irresponsible and dangerous. I don’t wish for my loved ones who are overweight and obese to receive affirmation from it.

        My criticism of Jonah hill is still pretty strong but I understand the difficulty of crash dieting and not being able to keep the weight off. It’s terrible and I want him to land on his feet. However, I reserve much less judgment for Hill precisely because he’s not asking anyone to celebrate his weight gain or claiming he’s healthy at his weight. My problem with women like Melissa McCarthy, rebel Wilson and Tess is that they seem to hold their obesity as a paragon of beauty, a desirable goal, and a healthy and fit body. It’s false, misleading, dangerous and damaging. It has nothing to do with their genders or that one set is female versus male and I hate when people just jump to that as a natural conclusion.

        I rail strongly against the ladies because they espouse a dangerous and unhealthy lifestyle. I still will champion them if they open admit to wanting to lose weight and are working towards it. Similarly, if I heard a public male obese figure such as Jonah hill or ceelo green talk about their obesity in positive terms and claim to be healthy and fit, I will equally rail against the men just as hard. It’s the messaging I have an inherent issue with; the gender of who’s saying it is wholly irrelevant as far as I’m concerned.

      • Kitten says:

        I appreciate your thoughtful response and I think it’s great that you lost a significant amount of weight and managed to keep it off. Truly. I’ve never had to fight that battle myself but it seems like a long and arduous road that requires a lot of dedication.

        However, the more important point that you’re missing is that Jonah Hill doesn’t proclaim to be a model of beauty and health because he doesn’t have to, because men are not defined by their stature. Men are allowed to be funny, talented, or intelligent FIRST, their physique being second to that. Men are not consistently devalued by a society that insists on holding them up to an unachievable standard.

        Yes, there is pressure on men, and of course Jonah Hill isn’t seen as a sex symbol but at least he’s treated like a human. People are here applauding him for his acting abilities and hoping that he gets better, not reducing him to just a fat body that is only worthy of shame and contempt.

        That’s what women like Tess or Wilson are trying to achieve. Sometimes it takes an extremist view to shift societal preconceptions of what is/is not beautiful. Saying “accept me” isn’t enough to make an impact, but saying “this is my body and I think I’m gorgeous” does. But mainly, I see it more as these women taking their bodies back and saying “I’m fine with me, even if you’re not.”

        Ultimately, as long as we continue to focus on women’s bodies instead of acknowledging and validating them as PEOPLE first then we continue this cycle. We get nowhere, we just perpetuate the problem. Shaming, concern-trolling, acting as if we have some sort of personal investment in other women’s bodies does NOT spur women (or men) to lose weight. It simply does not work. I agree that saying that obesity is healthy is not the answer either, but I do believe in accepting women who are overweight. If they’re ok with it then I’m ok with it, and if they’re NOT ok with it, no judgment on my part will change that. They have to want to lose the weight for themselves.

      • Bridget says:

        An actress’s first job responsibility is to be sexually appealing, no matter the role she plays.

      • Phoebe says:

        @stopitwithmondays- I”m sorry – but you are as bad as ex-smokers who get all up on their high horse about how disgusting and unhealthy it is to smoke, but who one year earlier where puffing away. Just because you lost weight doesn’t give you some special right to judge Jonah or Tess (or your aunts and nieces who I’m sure really appreciate the nagging). If anything, you should know how hard it is and if someone like Tess wants to feel beautiful in the body she has right now, or the body she intends to keep (her choice), then she has every right to.

        You make it sound as if overweight people don’t have the right to feel good about themselves, and if that’s how you feel then I feel sorry for you. Every single person on earth has the right to be happy with who they are, and it’s people like you that rob them of this right and make them feel bad about themselves. It’s not all about being unhealthy or eating McDonald’s for every meal. There are many thin people blessed with a high metabolism eat very poorly and are actually quite unhealthy but you can’t see it on a scale so people like you don’t judge them.

        The issue with Jonah is the yo-yo weight loss/gain, which is very dangerous and killed Luther Vandross among many others. The unhealthy pressure to lose weight as quickly as possible is dangerous and I hope he didn’t turn to drugs to lose it and hope he won’t again. I’m sure he’s someone who will struggle with weight his whole life. Being in the public eye doesn’t help. Neither does judgement from people like you.

      • littlemissnaughty says:

        @ Stopitwithmondays: I think there’s a flaw in your argument. You assume they’re advertising their weight/lifestyle. They’re not. It’s a defense mechanism and it’s our fault that these women feel the need to defend their looks and weight. Stop asking them about it, stop commenting on it. I bet a month’s salary that they wouldn’t say all these things that upset you so much. WHAT are they supposed to say? “Yes, I hate my body, shame on me.” Come on. I lost a lot of weight, it was hard as f*ck. I never proclaimed to be happy being overweight because nobody ever asked me. I don’t run around telling everyone they need to lose weight because I did. Why? Because I know how awful it is when people comment on your body like that. We are pushing these women into a corner and then we’re upset that they’re “advertising” their unhealthy lifestyle. Just let them be. Your comments won’t make them lose weight, they might actually have the opposite effect.

    • Jax says:

      We’ve witnessed this in Kirstie Alley and that other actress, Susanne Sugarbaker, not her real name, too lazy to look it up. They both got crucified for gaining weight and lost good roles because of it and basically never worked again. Hollywood must put out something really good for women to take such a beating to work there.

      • Hautie says:

        Susanne Sugarbaker = Delta Burke! Oh, how I loved her as Susanne Sugarbaker.

        But didn’t she ended up losing that job, over her weight gain. And refusing to starve her self back to skinny. The male producer was horrible to her about the weight …. it’s been too long ago. But Delta got raked over the coals for it…

    • DottieDot says:

      So true! And what is up about movies and TV shows casting gorgeous thin women with less attractive and/or fat men?

      • Liberty says:

        DottieDot: Yup. The male movie and Tv fantasy. You can be James Bond, or be hardly James Bond, or not even be able to pick up Bond’s cocktail shaker without grunting for a chair and a burger, and you can still get the hot girl.

        Let’s see, who’s the type of guy Harvey in charge in Weinstein of Hollywood? Who’s writing men many many men many men scripts men? Who has most of the men production men money in Hollywood men still today? I feel the answer will come to me if I think hard enough.

  7. GlimmerBunny says:

    I feel (super) bad for him. I really like him as an actor and I hope his health isn’t in danger.

  8. Emma says:

    a paper called him the Whale of Wallstreet, its not like he is treated like the sexiest guy alive. in the gossip world there generally is less interest in men, its mostly only very good looking men. they appear as romantic interests or scumbags treating their famous partners bad if not they are pretty much invisible generally.

  9. Louise177 says:

    Jonah looks a lot heavier now than any other time in his life. He lost a lot of weight over the last couple of years. Can weight loss/food be compared to drugs in that he fell of the wagon?

    • Jag says:

      Yes. It is possible to be addicted to food and/or sugar. In other articles he mentions that he can’t quite drinking beer, so that is a reason for his weight, too. (Alcohol converts to sugar in the body, if memory serves me.)

      He may also have an underlying thyroid problem that needs to be diagnosed, but if he’s a food addict or sugar addict like I am, he needs to get himself some help.

      I don’t like him at all, so seeing him be knocked off of his smug pedestal makes me smile.

    • Nikki L. says:

      Yes. I was 350 pounds before weight loss surgery, food addiction issues are a problem for most of the people I’ve seen in the communities, even post-surgery.

  10. sills says:

    Poor guy, I feel bad for him. Yo-yo dieting is hell on your body, in the long run it can cause serious health problems. I’ve never seen him this big. I wonder if he’s an emotional eater, self-medicating for some personal problems? I truly wish him well and hope he’s able to find the psychological balance and happiness that will put these eating problems to rest for good.

    • Lori says:

      I’d bet it has a lot to do with emotional eating. The majority of this gain has come after that incident with the paps where he went into a rage and called one of them a F@gg!t. Right around when 22 Jumpstreet came out. HE even went on a bit of a “that’s not who I am, I love gay people” tour. I think he had a real hard time with the shame/guilt from that and went off the rails again.

  11. smcollins says:

    Weight fluctuations is one thing, but completely losing control is quite another. I hope he’s able to get himself back to a healthy weight/size before any real complications arise.
    And I completely agree that if this were a woman it would be splashed everywhere and the body shaming would be merciless. Such a crappy double standard, but isn’t that the unfortunate case when it comes to most things?

  12. Adrien says:

    He’s back to is Get Him to Greek weight. That movie was like 5 years ago. Jonah is older now which makes his weigh gain even worrisome.

    • LAK says:

      He is bigger than he was then.

      • StormsMama says:

        He looks as big as he was in Accepted.
        When I met him at that premiere he’d already lost a lot of that weight and tho he was still big he looked good. He has gorgeous eyes.
        I hope he’s ok

    • pinetree13 says:

      He looks bigger than that to me.

      LOVE THAT MOVIE! Sooo, sooo funny. “Just pet the furry wall” :D

  13. Louisa says:

    My best guess (an educated one, based on my personal experience in the field as well as observing his fluctuations over the years) is that he has an eating disorder – regardless if it’s pressure from fame, work, or personal, anyone who truly cares about him would NOT first tell him to go see a nutritionist and trainer. He needs to go into treatment for it and fix himself mentally before changing his body.

    I could be wrong, but looking at the evidence, anyone who gains such a significant amount of weight (I’d place it over 80 pounds, easily) in this short of a time did not do it with a healthy mindset. Binge Eating Disorder is a very real problem and I feel so bad for him that he has to go through it in the public eye.

    • Annie says:

      Agreed! This is why I hate this new “healthy at any size” movement, and the normalization/glorification of obesity. Nobody gets there accidentally. Nobody gets there by doing normal things. No disease makes you that big. It’s a serious eating disorder in which people cannot stop eating tons of unhealthy food. A young like him should not look like that. It’s not about aesthetics; it’s about health. Look at his face, he looks miserable. Chris Pratt also says he was very depressed when he gained so much weight.
      I hate this new movement that is trying to sell obesity as beautiful or normal. We need to stop kidding ourselves because nobody can possibly be happy being that big and addicted to food. And it’s scary how the population keeps getting fatter and fatter and people are like “It’s sex too! ^_^” No, it’s not. Get help. It’s the other side of the eating disorder coin. Just like anorexia.

      • FreeBird says:

        I mostly lurk here, but I had to log in just to say Amen to your comment, Annie. Thank you for asserting your argument again downtrend. I agree 100%. My BFF quit smoking and at first, slowly added pounds and then rapidly did so. Her weight gain was a vicious cycle, miserable because she was fat, so she ate, then miserable because she is a very active person and felt too fat to move, so she self medicated with food some more. We do not live by each other and met on vacation. She was so large, and wheezed, and talked about how unhappy she was. She was over 300. I had a deep fear I would never see her again, that she would die. She had a deep fear that diet + exercise would require perfection for 10 years to get the weight off, and she’d be unhealthy along the way, and also that the alternative, an operation, would make her go crazy and disrupt her life as she had seen happen in others. But she overcame her fear, gave up her excuses. She got an operation after many years of attempts at dieting. She did the nutrition work, did the gym work, and probably most importantly, did her head work. Now, she is a healthy weight after years of hard work at the table, the gym, and on the couch. She has mental health resources and constantly reaffirms her network of support. But is she “free” and has she been instantly gratified like American life seems to demand? No. No, she works her @ss off every damn day, and is deeply committed to herself. She needs, and asks for, encouragement from her friends and family. She has good days, and bad days, but she has her direction and her feet are on the road. Her struggle and commitment is what is beautiful. Life is not easy, things worth having are hard.

        Joking that you wear a size “2″ because that is the first number on the label is sad. This “obese is wonderful” trend is a balm, a placebo. It gives yourself an out from what you are choosing (consciously or unconsciously). If that is what someone is looking for, they can have at it. But if you are my friend, I don’t want you out. I want you in. I want to love you for a long time. Now, back to working on my own battles with the bulge! I’ve got a good role model.

  14. Chinoiserie says:

    While woman would be treated more harshly it does not mean we should wish more attention to Jonah’s healt issues. And a part of why this is not that big deal is because used to be overweight and did not have a perfet body at any point and was not known for that. Melissa McCarthy recently lost 50 pounds, if she were to now gain 70 pounds I do not think there would be a big public reaction either.

  15. Jess says:

    Chris Pratt wasn’t fat pre-Parks and Rec So his current lean weight is closer to his ‘homeostasis’. Jonah was really fat, and lost weight. Studies have been done and you must be vigilant in maintaining your goal weight for 2 years before your body reaches a new ‘set point.’ Jonah needs to get help, stay a healthy weight for two years and hopefully that weight will stick forever and ever.

    • Crumpet says:

      Meh. The set-point theory has been pretty much debunked. It is about changing your eating and exercise habits in a sane, sustainable way. My guess is he has an eating disorder of some type and badly needs help. But you are right, in that losing weight is easy. Keeping it off is where 95% of people fail.

      • korra says:

        Your set point is behavioral apparently. So you do have a set point, but it’s obviously a matter of your behavior. So if you eat like crap one night or week of vacay and gain poundage, but are consistent the time you come off it then you can easily go back your set point. Even after two years of maintaining weight if you go back to eating badly and make it a consistent habit you gain weight. It doesn’t make sense for a set point to be just this internal thing inside of you that you have no control over. We’d be so screwed as a society if that were the case.

        The real issue is people not adopting a lifestyle change. That’s the hard part. On top of which when you reach a new weight and activity level your body requires a new caloric intake different from the previous one. Every time I drop ten pounds my calorie needs drop as well by 100 despite maintaining activity levels. So I increase that activity in order to eat that extra 100 calories again. I’m on a cut so it’s not much, but it could mean a bag of chips if I wanted to or not.

  16. LAK says:

    Oh that poor man.

  17. Tig says:

    For sure the comments would be crueler if this was happening to a woman (hello Kirstie Alley), but being called The Whale on Wall Street isn’t exactly kind! I hope he doesn’t go the way of Chris Farley.

  18. Mispronounced Name Dropper says:

    He just needs to meet the right girl and fall in love and then everything will be OK.

  19. Jessiebes says:

    I gained weight due depression, hormone imbalance and medical issues. I realise that I am fat now and that it isn’t healthy. But s**t does happen.

    My size doesn’t define who I am. It doesn’t chance that I am kind, smart, funny and Beautiful – that I own my house, have a good career & have friends who really love me.

    Sadly my parents don’t want to see me unless I lose weight. They don’t want to listen to reason. More sadly i have a big operation coming up (not weight related) and I don’t have my parents to help me.

    • Crumpet says:

      Time to lean on your friends! I am sorry about your parents – that sounds like a very toxic situation. I wish you the absolute best outcome for your operation.

    • Annie says:

      Don’t give up and try to do something about it. You always can. Families can be harsh and mean. But try to see it from their perspective. Sometimes it’s hard seeing someone we love be unhealthy and unhappy. I know very smart girls who are trapped in anorexia. Watching them destroy their bodies, lose hair, teeth, be absolutely miserable. I’m sure it’s hard for your parents watching you now because it’s not what they are used to seeing. I can assure you it can be very shocking. And you are right, your size doesn’t define who you are or the great things you have accomplished. But it defines the quality of life that you have, and how you feel when you move, walk, do active things, run up the stairs, run in case of an emergency. It also dictates your future health, and as you grow older it will be much more difficult to deal with it. Don’t just say “I’m beautiful” how do you feel, *really*? We obsess on beauty and ~being beautiful~ so much that we neglect nasic health and just tell ourselves “I’m beautiful no matter what.” It’s not about that. It’s about how you feel every day, and how you will feel in the future. Treat your body with love and respect, the rest will take care of itself. It’s about having a quality of life, not *~beauty~*.

      • korra says:

        Or maybe their daughter’s weight wouldn’t be an issue if they were supportive parents. I get that parents care for us in ways we often don’t realize till much later, but jeezus her parents could be there for her in her time of need with a surgery no less. A supportive environment is FAR more helpful for her if she decides to lose the weight one day. Her parents could their temper tantrum aside and actually go see their doctor because it is also about her health. Yeah it’s a temper tantrum.

  20. Rhiley says:

    He lost a significant amount of weight during his Moneyball days, supposedly because Brad and Ang were encouraging him to do so.

  21. Murphy says:

    Dude, he’s doing TONS of drugs. He’s not a nice person either but I’m still worried he’s about to drop dead any moment.

  22. Biancaaa says:

    He looks miserable. Maybe he has an underlying health issue. I Struggle with my weight because of hypo and sometimes hyperthyroidism. I’ve been between 140 and 200 lbs over the last year and a half. I’ve had people ask if I was on drugs or if I had some terminal illness or even an eating disorder. But it was just my thyroid being difficult to control. I Hate getting dressed every day because my clothes range in size from 8/Medium to 16/XXL.

  23. Anon says:

    It was mostly shot in LA, not Miami. Even though it takes place in Miami. (My husband worked on the movie. )

    • skedaddle says:

      Ooh, I have to ask then, did your husband meet Miles? He’s one of my favorite new actors and I’m so curious about him. He seems very charming in way I can’t tell if would be insufferable in person or still fun.

  24. meme says:

    He is a horrible horrible person and therefore I do not care.

  25. Elfie says:

    I feel so bad for him, eating disorders are torture especially if you have one that makes it obvious on your body. He always seems so sweet in interviews and he’s so talented. He was really good looking with the weight off. I hope he gains control over this, I like watching him onscreen and it would be horrible to see anything happen to him.

  26. kri says:

    If he’s off coke and not doing any exercise and eating unhealthy amounts of junk food and drinking, he’s in big trouble. I won’t touch the stuff myself, but the “skinnypower” of coke is well-known. Also, once you go off it, weight gain is almost a given. He needs to go to a comprehensive facility for like, 6 months. Hanging around Garbage Pit Leo can’t be helping.

  27. Liz says:

    Couldn’t have happened to a more deserving asshole.

  28. DenverD says:

    Can ego bloat cause that much of a physical change? What pisses me off about this is a) it would never be acceptable for a woman to continue to have any movie career like this and b) he had so much potential and I can’t stand to listen to an interview or see a movie of his – he’s become insufferably pretentious and out of touch.

  29. Jess says:

    That’s a significant amount of weight in such a short time, damn, hope he’s ok.

  30. Tre says:

    Well its not like he gained it all by eating 2000 calories a day. He must be eaten and eaten whole day. Its sad.

  31. Nimbolicious says:

    I think there’s a lot of self-hate there, which might explain the drug theory, the eating disorder theory and/or the fact that multiple sources claim that he’s an utter douche. I personally think that he is an extremely talented actor and so fortunate to get all the roles he does (because how many 300-lb women are going to get to star alongside the likes of Channing or Leo), but as with so many of them, talent and the good fortune to be able to express it just ain’t enough. That’s just so….sad.

  32. Jilly says:

    It wasn’t until I saw my good friend balloon to over 400 lbs that I realized heavy drug users could be obese. (He’s clean & sober now, for over a year! And a ‘normal’ weight!)

    So it’s food & drugs, just like Rob Kardashian. Sad.