Britney Spears dumped Charlie Ebersol because he didn’t want to marry her?


As we discussed yesterday, Britney Spears and Charlie Ebersol broke up. From the way it was reported initially, it sounded like Charlie sort of decided to end the relationship. It wasn’t that Britney did anything “wrong” per se, but it’s just a fact of life at this point that Britney’s dad still controls every aspect of her life, including approval over boyfriends and what kind of access those boyfriends get to Britney. What I’m saying is that Britney’s relationships aren’t really your standard dating situations that you would expect with a 33 year old woman. But! Sources tell Radar that Britney was the one to call things off because Charlie wasn’t interested in marriage and babies. Sure.

Britney Spears seemingly carefree romance with Charlie Ebersol ultimately failed because he just wasn’t ready to settle down, sources exclusively tell

“Britney had been pressuring Charlie for the last several months about getting married. She is at a point where she wants to have another child, and very much wants to be married again,” an insider reveals to Radar. “Charlie had been very honest about not being ready to get married.”

Eventually, the singer, 33, felt she had to pull the plug.

“She didn’t want to just keep dating him with no plans of getting married,” a source explains.

Meanwhile, the TV producer, 32, realized that their lives just weren’t compatible.

“Britney has a lot of issues, and it’s a lot for a young single bachelor to take on,” an insider says. “The fact that Britney is still under a conservatorship is obviously very telling. She can’t manage her own affairs. Charlie didn’t want to become a father figure in her life.”

“She was demanding it and made him feel trapped,” another source adds.

While Spears is saddened by the split, the insider says, her sons Jayden, 8, and Preston, 9, will ultimately be the ones to suffer.

“It is going to be so devastating to those kids because they have now witnessed their mother go through three really hard breakups,” the insider claims. “Britney and Charlie both told them that he was going to be their daddy.”

[From Radar]

Ugh, the part about Jayden and Sean Peston hurt my heart. Why were Britney and Charlie telling her sons that?! That’s just a bad idea all around. Anyway, it wouldn’t surprise me if most of this was true, although I doubt Britney was the one to pull the trigger on the breakup. I think she does want to remarry and she does want to have another kid. She’s got into her head that if she gets married and has another baby, maybe her life will be better or her life will be on her own terms somehow. Which makes me wonder if Jamie Spears really wants Britney to ever remarry or get pregnant ever again, right? And yes, I bet Britney starts conversations with “When we get married and I get pregnant” when she’s only been dating a guy for a few weeks. This whole situation is still so sad to me.


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  1. Jenna says:

    I feel like this is something that should have been established very early on in the relationship… “are you interested in marriage in general? no? ok, this won’t work out…”
    If she really wants to get married again and have another baby, she needs to stick to that and not date guys who just want to churn through “bachelor” relationships. Date an older guy who is ready.

    • Wiffie says:

      8 months into it IS early to establish that, I think, and that’s why they broke up. This is not a first date conversation or even a first month convo. But that’s just me.

      • Kiddo says:

        I agree. Plus things could have changed. Maybe there were too many issues to resolve to even make such a consideration. No one knows.

    • BlueDacnis says:

      I have to agree. After having my heart broken by someone who wasn’t interested in marriage at all, I decided to never go through that again. Before my husband and I stated dating we addressed whether marriage is something we wanted one day, that neither of us wanted kids, and other things. Once the big stuff was found to be agreeable we stated dating. I found it awesome to get into a relationship where I didn’t have to wonder about the big stuff like that. I think it is a sensible approach if you know that there are deal-breakers for you.

      • yellow says:

        I agree. The only thing to note is that sometimes people change thier minds or were never that sincere to begin with; nothing is set in stone. Pay attention to actions over words as well. Still, best to be as prepared as one can be from the outset.

  2. Wiffie says:

    I just really hope brit brit finds genuine love someday soon. Girl deserves it.

    • Sabrine says:

      Who cares about the adults? They’ll move on to other people. But it is horrible for the boys to have this revolving door of men they get attached to, only to have them ripped away from them with no notice, never to be seen again. This could leave them feeling very insecure and vulnerable when they’re older when it comes to relationships they might form with others. I don’t know why she takes the boys out to spend all these family outings with the latest piece when it’s all a farce.

  3. Helen says:

    That dude is super hot. That is all.

  4. ell says:

    what is it with britney and her obsession with marriage?? she’s been engaged to every boyfriend she had, and she has split from all of them. clearly the universe is trying to tell her something?
    let relationships grow at their own pace.

    she makes me sad btw. I was like 9 when her first album came out, and I crazy loved her.

    • qwerty says:

      I guess once she’s married the husband will take care of her and be her legal guardian or whatever, so her father will back off.

  5. Addison says:

    32 is not young…

    • ell says:


    • Beth says:

      Well you are partially right. Ebersole’s reservations about Britney’s problems shouldn’t be blamed on his age. The article should have truthfully stated that he just didn’t want to be with her, period. Wouldn’t be surprised if he married the next woman he gets with.

      That being said, 32 is still classified as young adulthood. I know some people act like 30 is old and basically middle age, but if you are living to at least 80, then it is ridiculous and defeatist to act like 30′s are young.

    • marie says:

      I’m 32…. I still think I’m young. But I suppose in my 60 year old father in now elderly I guess I practically have one foot in the grave.


  6. aims says:

    It bothers me that she can’t be single. She seems to jump from one relationship to another, and it’s never casual. They end up hot and heavy, then they end abruptly. I have said many times that it also bothers me greatly that her boys keep getting introduced to these men. It’s confusing to them and hurtful. They have a father and by all accounts,he seems like an involved dad as well.

    Why can’t she be single? I know she has mental health issues, but it really seems to me that this constant introduction of men would add stress and make life more difficult for her.

    • ell says:

      agree so much. I have real issues with people who can’t be single, I just don’t get them. and I don’t believe ti’s very healthy either, especially given britney has a mental condition and she should really learn to take care of herself by herself.

      • qwerty says:

        What is her mental condition?
        I always see people talk about her like she’s in a very bad state but really, what are the facts? Yes, I;m aware of her mental breakdown around 8 years ago and that she probably was on adderall back then, and some other stuff. But what’s her diagnosis? And what do people mean when they say she has “issues”? I see zero signs of that.

  7. meme says:

    I feel for Britney. I always root for her and wish she would find true love and happiness. She’s been through so much and those close to her keep using her as their personal ATM. It’s a shame.

    • FingerBinger says:

      Who is using her as a personal atm? This Ebersol has his own money. Her father is taking care of her business affairs. He isn’t living some extravagant lifestyle. Nobody is ripping her off.

      • Kitten says:

        A few commenters who knew him pointed out on the last Brit thread that he’s a really nice dude who’s been through some serious tragedy.

        I don’t know…I’m finding it difficult to see how folks can fault him in this situation.

  8. Darling says:

    What’s wrong with her dad controlling her life, she seems on track in every aspect except with guys I think her dad is doing a good job with Brittney, there hasn’t been any evidence or stories that shows him taking advantage of her so what’s the problem

    • TX says:

      the reality is she is not a complete adult. She has no control over her own life and if Jamie were to back away, she would probably completely fall apart again. I can see why someone wouldn’t want to marry her because of that.

    • chaine says:

      Her dad needs to screen the men better. he needs to find someone who’s willing to marry her. Some sort of payoff at the end of each year of marriage, some rules for their conduct by which they are willing to abide, etc. etc. There must be men out there that would do this.

  9. QQ says:

    on related note: wouldnt pregnancy screw too much with the hardcore meds she is supposedly on ?? Like we shade Jamie but maybe that is big part of why she doesn’t need to be pregnant etc… and to that end I’ll say again, wouldn’t it be good sense and good mental hygiene to teach Birtney some skills through therapy that both might help her on being more in control of her affairs and also help her on being alone and not always have the team Trolling for a new d!ck pacifier to “keep her busy” or whatever it is?? cause like what happens when Jamie dies? what happens after there are no more guys show up to the auditions?? ( and let’s face it the quality of men is going to decline, cause either they’ll have their own lives together or is some low rent sycophant that has been wrangled to be her escort around town)

    • Liberty says:

      QQ, all this. I couldn’t agree more.

      This is a sad situation being handled so poorly — it's like she is the weak-minded princess being tricked and used and emotionally toyed with by evil Disney movie palace courtiers. She needs help, therapy, true caring support, not more games and nonsense.

    • TX says:

      Agree. While this arrangement works on its face (she seems to have her mental health under control), it’s all very superficial. It seems to me that she hasn’t learned any life skills, but rather just has everything controlled for her, and in the long run it will not be the best for her.

      • QQ says:

        Right ^^^ and also it all sounds like it’s not based on any sort of Trust in her that she might could have learned any type of lesson, is like, we’re forcing you to medicate and that’s it? like in her clear mind surely she knows medicine is what is keeping her together and her kids accessible etc but time and time again i read reports of Jamie regulating her entourage, their diets so as to not mess hers up, her clothing options, her spending etc Like so if she is this badly off that things need to be this controlled why is the priority “get’ng her a man” versus her learning coping skills and testing out her own resolve/self control etc?

      • qwerty says:

        That would require time and patience. And for some reason, while she’s uncapable of making basic decisions for herself, she’s apparently fit enough to keep performing, make albums, design and promote lingerie etc etc…..

    • minx says:

      I can’t imagine how she could get pregnant and still be on the medications that she apparently needs to function.

    • Mixtape says:

      THIS. A conservatorship is serious business. Britney has been deemed incapable of being in charge of herself, including managing her own money or making decisions about her healthcare. These are not rights the courts take away lightly. She has been declared incompetent to provide testimony in her case with Sam Lufti. Until she has regained these abilities and rights, I don’t see how marriage and babies are in the cards. I don’t even think she can get married without Jamie essentially saying “I do” for her.

      Personally, I think the purpose of the relationship stream is not only to give her a sense of normalcy/keep her busy, but to give the public that sense as well. That will keep her in the news, keep them coming to the shows as long as possible, and help her save up the funds to provide for this level of care and lifestyle for the rest of her life, even after Jamie is gone. I’m sure there are many other families of incompetent persons who would give anything for such a long-term game plan.

      • QQ says:

        Mixtape another angle I’m wondering to this conservatorship business is: are they trying to run the clock on the statute of limitations of a lot of that Sam Lufty era sh!t??

        either way I agree with you it just seems to me so unconscionable that this is the way they keep the revenue going, the girl happy and productive, by you know essentially pairing her with a different Ken Doll every year ( and making said puppet part of the kids’ lives in the process)

    • Size Does Matter says:

      My sister has been on and off the Britney meds for close to 20 years. She got pregnant twice while on them and both times she stopped taking the meds (not sure whether it was on doctor’s advice or because it is what she thought would be better for the baby). Went completely off the rails both times and it took years to straighten out again. And each time she goes off the meds (which mentally ill people do on the regular, pregnant or not, because the meds make them feel more normal, so they think they don’t need the meds – terrible, terrible cycle) the meds seem less effective when she starts up again.

      • QQ says:

        WOW, Thanks for sharing, I was genuinely curious My heart goes out to you and your family

      • Ariel says:

        People come of medication for a variety of reasons, one of the most common being the associated side effects. While in some aspects they might be considered more “stable”, they don’t feel good. They feel numb. They feel mentally sluggish or lose their creativity. They’re having sexual side effects or much worse – e.g. tardive dykenesia, a common and often permanent side effect. In the case of antipsychotics, which are now being used for a couple different disorders aside from schizophrenia (e.g. bipolar, ptsd, personality disorders), they’re causing brain damage/shrinkage (see Nancy Andreasen’s study) which is certainly something “mentally ill people” who like anyone else desire a full, meaningful life not just some arbitrarily defined “stable” version, do not like. The “A Beautiful Mind” movie is deceptive, John Nash’s recovery was not due to medication and it’s doubtful he would have been able to accomplish all he did if remained on it. Withdrawal episodes can take years to straighten out because coming off these drugs can cause severe withdrawal symptoms and rebound issues, destablizing/damaging your system.

      • Ariel says:

        *tardive dyskinesia

      • Size Does Matter says:

        Thanks, QQ

        My sister was originally diagnosed bipolar with psychosis. She had auditory and visual hallucinations and went on several different combinations of medications, the effectiveness of which tended to decrease over time. Definitely unpleasant side effects. She would get close to “normal” behavior but never quite there. Then the drug and alcohol use would start back up again and she would stop the meds and be involuntarily committed again. Sometimes she would commit herself when she was lucid enough to know something wasn’t right. I guess if the options are to either take the meds or get locked up, meds are preferable at least for a while.

      • Lisa says:

        The Britney meds? Also, The blanket statement you make about mentally ill people going off their meds is offensive and harmful. What you are describing is something that is known to happen to *some* ill people, normally those with Schizophrenia or Bipolar mania. It is a product of one losing touch with reality – a symptom that is not experienced by the majority of mentally ill people.

      • yellow says:

        l’ve dealt with this kind of thing with a family member too. It can be extremely rough.

  10. Kat says:

    Her grimace/smile is so sad. She looks so glassy and Real Housewife-y in the last pictures. Her wig looks terrible and her face looks changed, somehow. Such a dead eyed stare. Is she even really living anymore, or being posed and shuffled around?

  11. TeaAndSympathy says:

    How long does the conservatorship last? Is it like the “Power of Attorney” we have in Australia? Can Britney ever be a “fee agent”, making her own decisions about all aspects of her life? How is this determined, and by whom? I’ve always had a soft spot for Britney, even though I usually have no time for celebrities.

    One of my best friends is a woman who just can’t be single. When she and I became friends, she was pregnant with her second child, and had a 16 year old daughter from her first marriage. When her son was about 3, that relationship hit the rocks. For years she’d spend every evening at a friends’ houses, to avoid going home. After 10 years her partner started becoming violent, and she discovered he was seeing someone else. It took a while, but she finally extricated herself from that relationship. Within a week she was seeing someone else and married him within the year. She’s a huge flirt, and I know something happened with a guy she flirted with – a guy she kept running into at a set of traffic and a shopping cebtre. Can you v lurve it?? It wasn’t long before hubby got jack of her antics and the marriage ended. Before she’d moved all the stuff out of their house, she was already in touch with one of her husbamd’s music buddies… They live together now and she’s “never, ever, ever been in love or felt so loved before”… Yet she wonders why her son has suffered deep self-esteem issues, chronic insomnia, chronic and severe constipation requiring hospitalisation, severe shyness and other issues… I love her, but, maaaannn…..!

    • Marion says:

      Nice that you share your bff’s private business on a public website.

      • Snowflake says:

        Oh, cmon, that’s mean. It’s not like anyone knows her or her friend. And it’s a public website, not someone’s facebook.

      • TeaAndSympathy says:

        My apologies, Marion. I was following on from what a couple of people said upthread. Besides, my friend is very vocal to all and sundry about her escapades, so when I show her what I’ve written, she’ll laugh and say, “Gawd, I’m awful, aren’t I?”
        Cheers, Snowflake. ❄️

  12. Lama Bean says:

    I hate to be snarky….but that wig is so painful. Painful I tell you.

  13. Apple Tartin says:

    Nobody is the bad guy in this. Charlie is his own man and most likely wanted an adult relationship not a real doll to take photo ops with. I can’t imagine Britney having deep serious conversations that don’t involve what her favorite Starbucks coffee is. She just seems like a sweet simple minded girl that is a golden goose for a lot of people and was blessed with the ‘it factor’. That people are drawn to. I don’t think she is exploited that much for it. she needs a structure and her dad has done a good job of keeping her on the straight and narrow. I am sure some parasite will come along and suck her dry financially but Charlie isn’t that type.

    • K says:

      Dating somebody for an ego boost and a shot of fame isn’t vastly better than sucking someone dry financially.

  14. JenniferJustice says:

    I have a fondness for Brittney because she was thrust into the spotlight at such a young age and even though she wanted it, it did end up hurting her and then all the melt down stuff was just sad – she’s vulnerable. That said, I don’t think this latest guy did anything wrong. Who wants to talk about marriage from the git – that leads to misinterpretations as much as not talking about it. It’s too soon. I know we all love Brittney and want to protect her, but her wanting to get married already is really immature and is yet another sign that she is not healthy – she’s still very needy and insecure. Also, I’m shocked people are so supportive of her wanting to have more children. No! She can’t even take care of the ones she has. She can’t even take care of herself. She has no business having more children. She is also on meds which I doubt are healthy for an embrio/fetus. So, what does that mean? She goes off meds to have a baby? That’s even scarier. I feel for her, but I gotta be realistic.

  15. moo says:

    “Charlie had been very honest about not being ready to get married.”
    I don’t know the guy, but I am getting huge GAY vibes. May be wrong… but I think that’s why and maybe he needs to be honest about that fact and not this BS, “I’m not ready”, BS.

  16. Justine Maybury says:

    I don’t understand why 8 months is way to early to talk shop. They`re not 19 years old, he`s had plenty of time to sleep with hundreds of people. I don’t think the `not ready to settle down” argument means anything other than potentially three things: douchebag, using her for fame, or just carelessly curious on a perverse level. Some people – actually a lot – don`t really act out of love or come from love or even understand it. It takes mother nature 9 months to create the miracle of life, yet why do we take years just being able to stand each other enough to call it love? …Either that or he found out she’s nuts… But I’m not sure she is or ever was. She just has so many limp dicks around her.

  17. G says:

    If he wasn’t “ready” why be around her kids? I think his temp contract was up and renegotiated. I read his Mom was NOT happy with this coupling.

  18. Me too says:

    That. Wig. Omg! Other than that, I feel sorry for her and hope she finds true happiness and is able to overcome her conservator ship. Regardless, I cannot excuse the revolving door of men in her sons’ lives. Single parents – please take note. Don’t put your children through this and don’t introduce your lover to your kids until some kind of long term commitment is established. Although I am married now, if l ever faced life as a single parent, my child would always come first.

  19. Jackie Jormp Jomp says:

    Did she get fillers?

  20. JRenee says:

    I don’t think Brit Brit will ever be able to control her life again. I wonder if she has the ability to have more children, but is unaware. I think her dad has done the best that he could for Brit. Seems like these relationships are to help her feel as if she has some control over various aspects of her life, but I think the guys are vetted and sign non disclosure contracts to guard her privacy.
    It also seems like she wants to continue entertaining because it helps her feel like she has some control on her life. K Fed has been a lot of things, but he seems like a good dad so I’m not sure why the boys would be told anyone else would be their dad. If true, that’s cruel to the boys!
    I think this boyfriend thing will continue unless someone steps up to go full throttle and actually marries her, which is indeed a lot more complex than a conventional marriage.

  21. JESS says:

    On a side note…..why does Britney have a half wig on? :-/ Not even sure what it’s called.

  22. JenniferJustice says:

    Blinds say he’s stepping back because she just isn’t there intellectually. I’m sure he has a fondness for her and there may have even been some physical chemistry at the onset but I don’t know that I could/would stay in love with someone just because they’re cute and vulnerable. I don’t think it’s fair to assume he’s a famewhore because he didn’t put a ring on it. He worked with her closely – bonds happen, even attraction. Seemed gradual to me. And IMHO 8 months is NOT enough time to really know someone enough to have confidence that your relationship with endure. That’s not even a year and she has a hectic schedule even though she’s still doing the Vegas thing. I don’t think we really know anybody until we’ve seen them go through highs and lows and to see how they deal with challenges. Everybody can be easy going when things are going good. I want to see how people deal with loss, scary situations, disappointment, etc. because that’s when we see a person’s true character.