Rose McGowan: ‘It’s embarrassing to be part of Hollywood sometimes’

Rose McGowan

Yesterday, I talked about how Rose McGowan posted a gross wardrobe note for an Adam Sandler movie. She was told to show off cleavage with “push-up bras encouraged.” Some of you called out Rose for capitalizing on her sultry image for years. I think it’s fair for an actress to change her mind, although it would be hard for Rose to explain away her NSFW 1998 VMA dress. She probably likes to forget that moment in history. Last year, Rose decided to (mostly) move behind the camera because she was tired of being sexualized. Now Rose tells Page Six about why she decided to tweet about the wardrobe note:

Rose McGowan, who revealed she was told to wear a “form-fitting tank that shows off cleavage” to meet for a part in an Adam Sandler movie, told us, “It’s embarrassing to be part of [Hollywood] sometimes.”

“These people have to get out of the wrong decade … or century. I didn’t take a vow of silence when I joined the industry. I wasn’t aware I joined the Mafia. I’m going to make fun of something stupid, and maybe somebody will learn something.”

[From Page Six]

Well, I’m glad someone is speaking out about the blunt stupidity of Adam Sandler movies. This guy has coasted for far too long, and Netflix gave him a four picture deal for him to do whatever he pleases. When he signed the deal, Sandler told Variety, “When these fine people came to me with an offer, I immediately said ‘yes’ for one reason and one reason only … Netflix rhymes with ‘wet chicks.’” The journo made sure to mention Sandler’s statement was “prepared,” not off the cuff. Rose is correct. Hollywood can be embarrassing.

Just after midnight, Rose added another remark to her wardrobe disgust.

Rose McGowan

Rose McGowan

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  1. KikiGee says:

    At the risk of being shallow, she’s looking the best she’s ever looked. Seems natural too.
    Go Rose!

    • Joan says:

      You are not shallow. She DOES look the best ever. Her haircut is simply amazing and she wears it well. Her fashion choices as of late are very vintagesque, so her whole style is really interesting and often quite lovely.

    • mkyarwood says:

      Yes, her face has settled and she looks great. I really hope she goes forward with her revamping. I much prefer the Screw You Tit Pushers persona to the Here Are My Tits For Pushing one.

  2. Grace says:

    She has made a career of being a side piece “hot girl” and now she is surprised that she is asked to look like one again? She’s as stupid as Adam Sandler

    • Gea says:

      This is exactly what I was thinking about. Back, when she was young, she didn’t mind going to extremes to be cast. She was infamous for being side hot piece and she kind of enjoyed her role. Perhaps, she should be more annoyed at herself because she participated in Hollywood fiascos of sexism.

      • Anni says:

        She said that she was part of the machine and became so involved in the whole thing that she just participated (which she regrets). And after her dad died and she needed to have surgery on her elbow from a stunt gone wrong and her and Rodriguez broke up and she had two nervous breakdowns and travelled for seven years, yes, she changed her mind. It’s only natural and right that people change their opinion and want to begin a new chapter in their lifes.

      • belle de jour says:

        Even in the Austin film community – which was more like a neighborhood bar and pretty laid back at the time – she certainly made a name for herself going after roles, shall we say. But it wouldn’t be surprising if that didn’t pan out the way she’d hoped, or if she’s changed her perspective since then.

    • Granger says:

      I don’t know much about Rose McGowan, but I agree with Bedhead that it’s all right for women to change their minds on how they want to be treated/perceived. According to imdb, McGowan is 41. So she was about 24 when she wore that crazy VMA dress. I think it’s safe to say that for many (not all, obviously) young women in Hollywood, the pressure to be “sexy” must be very intense. When MOST of the young women around you who are scoring roles in films are gorgeous, have great cleavage, and know how to show off their long slim legs in short skirts… well, I think it would be pretty hard not to play that game too.

      Let’s face it, most of the girls who move to Hollywood to “make it big” aren’t trying to be thespians. They want to be movie stars, and they want to be movie stars NOW. They don’t want to work for a living, to build up a resume of small, interesting roles. They’re hungry for fame and money, and the easiest way to get attention in Hollywood is by proving you’re the sexiest, riskiest chick on the block.

      Again, I don’t really know much about McGowan because she’s never been on my radar, but I still think people can change/grow. Especially someone who’s “been there” and has the perspective to look back and realize how stupid the whole machine is, even if she was a willing participant in it.

      • littlemissnaughty says:

        I agree. That dress happened in 1998! That’s a whole different century even. From what I’ve seen of her work, she was never going to be Meryl Streep. She was, however quite sexy and had a rather unique look, very Snow White I always though. So she took what she had and used it within the system that is Hollywood. You can judge her for it but yes, I also agree that she has a right to change her mind. Maybe she’s just tired because she’s been doing this for nearly 2 decades and nothing has changed. Women still get wardrobe notes that ask them to push ‘em up and out. Sure she participated but I think for an actress to do that is not on the same level as someone with Adam Sandler’s power (HOW did this even happen?) to give notes like these.

    • Sugar says:

      There’s a difference between her choosing to sexualize herself and her job REQUIRING her to. It’s about agency. Sandler was denying her her agency to present herself as SHE chooses..

      • Otaku Fairy says:

        “There’s a difference between her choosing to sexualize herself and her job REQUIRING her to. It’s about agency.”

        Exactly. There are many things in life I could list where, just because we actually want to do it sometimes, doesn’t mean we want to do it all the time or have others pressuring us to do it or making it a job requirement for us. I think it’s beyond silly to criticize someone in 2015 for something they wore… in 1998. That’s 17 years! Throughout life, the things that we like, want, or are ok with for ourselves can change. That’s not hypocritical, that’s normal. (unless, after choosing to do it she came down to attack other women for wearing revealing clothes or sexualizing themselves. That would be hypocritical).

    • perplexed says:

      The casting note sounds like it was asking all women who show up for an audition to present themselves in a certain way. And she declined. I don’t think she’s dumb in this instance. She simply said no to what he was asking (and posted the note). And she has a right to do that no matter what she’s worn in the past.

      I don’t think you’re required to show up for table reads dressed up a certain way so I don’t think it was really necessary for him to ask all of these women to show up to the audition dressed a certain way either. I’m wondering if the audition thingy is even real or was just an excuse for the producers to ogle women under the guise of an audition.

      • ever says:


        i think its really sad that there are women picking her apart for clothing she wore almost 2o years ago. we as women seem to be our own worst critics, and if we are ever going to hope for any sort of change for how we are viewed and sexualized (and perhaps there are women who dont find anything wrong in that department) on a daily basis we’re going to have to start with how we treat each other. otherwise we might as well all just attend the ‘table reads’ and never read the script.

  3. Sue says:

    I thought maybe she was referring to when she helped (because it takes two) break up a marriage.

  4. Size Does Matter says:

    “Netflix rhymes with wet chicks.” Adam Sandler.

    Doesn’t he have a daughter? Gross.

  5. Migdalia says:

    She was in her teens and early 20s during of all that (VMAs, Maxim, etc). You’re gonna tell me someone doesn’t have a new view of something or grows out of something in their 30s/40s??? Sheesh cut her some slack. Love Rose!

    • Lord says:

      Sure, she can change her mind. But I wonder if she wasn’t 40 and still 20-something if she would want to change her image. I’m sure age had something to do with it. She can’t play in the hot girl zone anymore so she HAS to change her image.

  6. Mimz says:

    Well since we’re on topic (sort of), i’m a HUGE fan of Charmed, and honestly when she came in it became so much better. The show was too centered on Shannen before that. Anyway, if you watch that show today, you will probably come out thinking it was a pre-requisite for its actresses to be:
    - Bra-less
    - Super cleavage-y
    - half naked (even in work situations – Alyssa Milano’s Phoebe’s outfits were outrageous for work, a crop top??)
    - super bouncy with the boobs

    I mean, i love the show, it’s still one of my favorite of all time, but one has to wonder what that does to an actress’ self-esteem and perception of herself, to have a wardrobe that continuously has the same characteristics: push up (if there are bras involved), if not, super tight clothing, super revealing, and sometimes see-through?

    I watched that show when i was about 18 and with very low self esteem, and while i didn’t realize it then, when i rewatched it recently, i wonder if that didn’t affect me for the worst?

    It’s been years and this use of a woman’s body will still be a staple in hollywood to sell even the shittiest movies – case in point, adam sandler’s stupid “movies”.

    Sorry I went a bit on a tangent, and while i did enjoy a few of Adam Sandler’s earlier movies (I have a soft spot for 50 First dates), he’s totally gross.

    I’m glad she put him on blast… and she’s totally unapologetic about it. Go Rose!! She looks great!

    • Anni says:

      Rose critized “Charmed” for that even when the show was still being filmed. I remember her saying in an interview that she told the producers that Paige was no hoe, after she had so many different guys in season 5. And there were producers who Rose said greeted her breasts every morning, even when she was there for a few yeary.
      So yeah, it’s a pretty f***ed up show in that point.

      • Mimz says:

        Yes, I admit it makes me sad, I had so much love for the show, and after so many years I finally re-watch it as an adult, and I was really disappointed. The only person they left out of the sexy train was Holly MCombs (she’s amazing and beautiful), for the whole 8 seasons she was the only one with modest-to-normal outfits.
        Alyssa was the worst though, who works in a newspaper with a cropped shirt, open button with the bra on full display? I love her I think she’s the sweetest but It’s sad these producers were such assholes. I can imagine the toll it took on these actresses self-esteem.
        And she had way more boyfriends than Rose McG, I think. Sometimes with gratuitous and pointless “steamy scenes”. She should have stuck with Cole of McSteamy ahahaha ok I digress…

    • Otaku Fairy says:

      Ah! So that’s who she is. I was trying to figure it. I’m sure the version of it we saw was just a rerun because it probably wasn’t still on the air in the mid-2000′s. My sister used to love that show, and watching it was a requirement before she’d let anyone else have a turn with the TV or before she’d move on to do any other activity.

      • Mimz says:

        it was on until 2006, and yes I was absolutely obsessed with it until they abrutly closed the channel that broadcast it here in my country, and I was heartbroken. This is why I decided i needed to watch it again. To get closure hahahaha

  7. Boston Green Eyes says:

    Who watches Adam Sandler movies anymore?

    And I agree with those who support her change if heart in regards to how she presents herself. Who here hasn’t done something in our 20s that we would now, as people over 40, cast a big side-eye at? It’s about growing up and moving on.

  8. kri says:

    Adam Sandler is awful. “Wet chicks”?! Oh my god. I think that quote of his sums up what 99% of Hollywood think of women and their place in the industry.

  9. tealily says:

    1.) Yes, the memo was stupid. 2.) I always assumed memos like that were commonplace. Seems pretty straightforward (and gross).

  10. nikzilla says:

    Did she lay off the fillers and plastic surgery? She looks much better now.

  11. JRenee says:

    She looks older than she is….wow

  12. Ava says:

    Rose had a car accident in 2007 that cut her face and was left with permanent injury to her right arm. She has had at least three surgeries to have face. I’m glad she is looking so good. It’s a lot to go through and you never look quite the same.

  13. JRenee says:

    Didn’t know about the car accident.

  14. Sparkly says:

    People were posting pics of a belly-button-cut jacket/bra ensemble she was just wearing a couple months ago. BUT, you know what, that “She’s asking for it” mentality is a huge part of our society’s giant rape culture. It seems to me that there’s a huge difference between being told to accent your breasts/body if you want a job and choosing to do so on your own for a red carpet/club/date/whatever event. Having your employment depend upon it is skeevy and discriminatory.

    Wanting to be hired for your skill *and* be able to dress however you like in your private life are not mutually exclusive. I mean, I get freaky, even sometimes ‘publicly’ (fetish groups and shows), in my personal extracurricular time, but if some dude told me to wear fetish attire if I wanted to be hired professionally, I’d sure be balking as well.